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14 updates. Including a (* Security fix *)!

Mon Mar 20 18:26:23 UTC 2023
a/coreutils-9.2-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
a/elilo-3.16-i586-14.txz: Rebuilt.
eliloconfig: check first for /sys/firmware/efi/efivars, and then check for
the older /sys/firmware/efi/vars directory. We should be able to install an
EFI menu entry if either one is present. Thanks to AlleyTrotter.
a/xz-5.4.2-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
ap/mpg123-1.31.3-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
ap/squashfs-tools-4.6-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
ap/vim-9.0.1418-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
Fixed security issues:
NULL pointer dereference issue in utfc_ptr2len.
Incorrect Calculation of Buffer Size.
Heap-based Buffer Overflow.
Thanks to marav for the heads-up.
For more information, see:
(* Security fix *)
l/imagemagick-7.1.1_4-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
l/libsigc++-2.12.0-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
l/netpbm-11.01.01-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
n/curl-8.0.1-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
This update fixes security issues:
SSH connection too eager reuse still.
HSTS double-free.
GSS delegation too eager connection re-use.
FTP too eager connection reuse.
SFTP path ~ resolving discrepancy.
TELNET option IAC injection.
For more information, see:
(* Security fix *)
x/fcitx5-gtk-5.0.23-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
x/libva-utils-2.18.0-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
xap/vim-gvim-9.0.1418-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
xfce/xfce4-screensaver-4.18.0-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.