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For completeness:
But i am not sure this is right because as you can see we have destionation ports in our iptables rules but i cannot find "a destination port configuration" for a firewalld service. By the way my default zone is public right now. So eth1 interface zone is public. I am not even sure it needs to be public. As you can see, I'm quite confused. I need some help converting these rules. Thank you for your help ... rvice.html says that "port" is destination port, and "source-port" is source port, so that part looks ok?

The FirewallD is around concept of "zone". A zone is a set of remote machines, clients. Each zone has its own set of rules.
If same rules are applied to all machines that connect this host, then they are all in same zone. One just has to give right rules for that zone.

The ... _on_source does also show that "source port" can be part of definition of zone, rather than of rule.

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