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8 /8-Stream / 9-Stream - General Support • Re: Unable to update httpd in Centos 8 Linux

All of the other rebuilds of RHEL 8 offer migration scripts from CentOS 8 to themselves. I ran on my one and only CentOS 8 VM about 2 years ago and it takes some time as it has to reinstall every package there is with the Rocky equivalent. From start to finish it was probably done in less than 15 minutes even given that work.

There will never be any more fixes for CentOS Linux 8 so you need to migrate to something else. If you are uncomfortable with the risk of an in-place migration - and it does have some risks - then I'd suggest installing a new machine and migrating services over to it.

Also the package you are trying to update to is already ancient, out of date and superceded. The current EL8 httpd is 2.4.37-56.module+el8.8.0+1456+d0a01c5e.7 (ignore everything after the .module+el8.8.8+ as that is a random string generated at build time and will differ even if the same package is rebuilt twice).

Statistics: Posted by TrevorH — 2023/10/18 16:10:46