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8 /8-Stream / 9-Stream - General Support • [SOLVED] Debian 12.1 in spare space - grub isues

I went into the laptop BIOS, got brave, and un-checked PTT in the security section. BINGO!

I knew there was an issue with the BIOS 'handing off' to (any) operating system because, after the Dell Logo - it 'hung' unless I pressed either [F2} Setup or [F12] Boot Menu before the logo timed out.

Now, all three O.S.s (Win 10, RHEL 8, Debian 12) show up in grub and boot normally. 'Happy Guy'! :D

[I didn't really want to wipe RHEL 8 and re-install if I didn't have to - it wouldn't have helped anyway, now that I know this!]

Statistics: Posted by lightman47 — 2023/08/18 17:33:22