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8 /8-Stream / 9-Stream - Security Support • Re: CVE-2023-38408 in 8-Stream

Centos Stream 8 is dead in May 2024. So Stream 8 seem to be a zombie instead. Which is far more dangerous than dead.

I'll think about a migration. It will definitely not be RHEL.
If one would believe Magnus ... nus-glantz then CentOS Stream is "ok";
it should still yield a peek into RHEL 8.9 and 8.10 for a while. However, IMHO that "ok" does have a context. "Ok" as preview, not so ok for production.

AFAIK, AlmaLinux does now forage CentOS Stream as one source for the sources. Use of sources is not the same as use of binaries (compiled directly from those sources).

IMHO it is also better, if one can "migrate" by fresh installs & transfer of user data.

Statistics: Posted by jlehtone — 2023/08/25 11:56:10