Geburt eines Naturparks

2 giorni 15 ore ago
Vor 20 Jahren wurde der Naturparkverein gegründet, vor 15 Jahren wurde der Naturpark Kaunergrat offiziell unter Schutz gestellt. Beide Jubiläen werden heuer gefeiert.
Wenzel Helmut

US-Budgetnotstand am ersten Jahrestag von Trumps Amtsantritt

2 giorni 15 ore ago
In den USA steht seit Mitternacht die Regierungstätigkeit still, nachdem eine Budgetsperre in Kraft getreten ist. Der Senat hatte sich zuvor bis zum Auslaufen der Frist nicht auf eine Übergangsfinanzierung von Regierung und Bundeseinrichtungen verständigen können. Damit beginnt der erste Jahrestag von Präsident Donald Trump im Amt mit einem sogenannten Government Shutdown.

Yields rise amid shutdown threat

2 giorni 15 ore ago
World equity markets climbed to a record yesterday as the US dollar languished near three-year lows and a US government shutdown loomed, while US Treasury yields continued their steady rise to hit their highest levels since 2014. President Donald Trump postponed plans to leave Washington while the US Congress faced a deadline to come up with funding legislation to avoid the shutdown. Legislation to stave off an imminent federal government shutdown encountered obstacles in the Senate on Thursday night, despite the passage of a month-long funding bill by the House of Representatives hours earlier. Without an infusion of new money, no matter how temporary, hundreds of thousands of “non-essential” federal workers may be put on furlough, while “essential” employees, dealing with public safety and national security, would continue working. “The expectation is they will do something to keep the government open even for a short time but even if they don’t, life goes on,” said David Joy, chief market strategist at Ameriprise Financial in Boston. Shares of Wall Street were slightly higher, with each of the major Wall Street indexes on track for their third straight weekly gain. The Dow...

Prayers venue

2 giorni 15 ore ago

I refer to the article ‘Still praying for a place to pray’ (January 15). In my opinion, Bader Zina is expecting the authorities to give him a government property, where he will have no Planning Authority problems, or some kind of miracle. All he has to do is search for the right property, if possible in the outskirts of a town or village where parking will not be a problem for the residents, do the promise of sale, apply for the required permit at the Planning Authority and if the permit is not granted cancel the sale and continue searching for another property. If his demands are not met, I advise him not to resort to provocation, as in the case in Msida (photo) and in front of the Preluna Hotel, in Sliema, when a group of Muslims were evicted from a block of flats after they turned a rented flat into a mosque.
Alfred Gauci, Sliema

‘Iedere sport heeft een klootzak nodig’

2 giorni 15 ore ago
Lionel Messi, Ayrton Senna, Michael Jordan en Roger Federer, stuk voor stuk topsporters die qua niveau hun eigen sport bijna ontgroeid zijn. Er is nauwelijks vergelijkingsmateriaal. Dit soort iconen vormen dan ook een ‘league of their own’. Ze zijn eigenlijk alleen nog met elkaar te vergelijken. Messi is de Jordan van het voetbal en andersom, net als Federer de Senna van het tennis is en andersom.
Sander Schomaker

Food Network whisks away 12-year-old N Carolina baking pro

2 giorni 15 ore ago

CARY, N.C. (AP) - For generations, kids learned their way in the kitchen at the hem of their mother's apron. Today, food television is often the teacher.

For 12-year-old Aditya Pillutla of Cary, it's been a bit of both. The budding baker is one of 12 contestants in season four ...


Lander lecture recalls Oakland shooting, 30 years later

2 giorni 15 ore ago

GREENWOOD, S.C. (AP) - Palsy Higginbotham couldn't hear the gunshots from inside her classroom.

No one in the third-grade Oakland Elementary School classroom could hear the chaos outside their closed door on Sept. 26, 1988.

This past Tuesday evening, Lander University hosted a fine arts lecture, presenting perspectives from people ...


Lawmaker pushes for high school football game replays

2 giorni 15 ore ago

ATLANTA (AP) - A Butler lawmaker wants to force the use of instant replays for reviews of calls in high school football playoff and championship games.

State Rep. Patty James Bentley said she filed the bill because of what happened with the Peach County High School football team back in ...


Dégâts des eaux à Démbéni

2 giorni 15 ore ago
Dégât des eaux De fortes pluies continuent de tomber Mayotte. A Démbéni des maisons ont été envahies par les eaux et la boue. Kalathoumi Abdil Hadi
Kalathoumi Abdil Hadi