Alberta Labour inspectors find no infractions at Lethbridge Burger King

2 ore 44 minuti ago
LETHBRIDGE, Alta. — Alberta Labour says it found no violations at a Lethbridge Burger King where an earlier public health inspection found evidence of foreign workers sleeping in the restaurant. Last week, Alberta Health Services ordered the franchise to remove all mattresses and furnishings and no longer let people stay, live or sleep on the […]
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Women will march again with aim to become a political force

2 ore 48 minuti ago
A year after more than 1 million people rallied at women’s marches worldwide with a message of female empowerment and protest against President Donald Trump, activists will return to the streets this weekend in hopes of converting anger and enthusiasm into political force. The 2017 rally in Washington, D.C., and hundreds of similar marches created […]
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Finnish company raises red flags over federal negotiations for Davie icebreakers

2 ore 50 minuti ago
OTTAWA — A Finnish company is questioning the Trudeau government’s decision to launch negotiations with Quebec shipyard Davie for the lease of four icebreakers without conducting a formal competition. Helsinki-based Arctia Ltd. says it had expected a competition after the federal government asked shipowners in late 2016 to provide information about the icebreakers they had […]
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Meteorite hunters find first fragments of Michigan meteor

2 ore 54 minuti ago
DETROIT — Meteorite hunters who flocked to Detroit from across the U.S. after a meteor exploded are finding the fragments. The 6-foot-wide meteor broke apart Tuesday about 20 miles over Earth, NASA scientists said. Most of the fragments landed in Hamburg Township. The first fragments were located Thursday by professional hunters Larry Atkins and Robert […]
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Chief of staff for ex-Ontario premier McGuinty found guilty in gas plants trial

2 ore 58 minuti ago
TORONTO — A former top political aide in Ontario has been found guilty of illegally destroying documents related to a controversial government decision to cancel two gas plants before a provincial election. David Livingston, who was chief of staff for ex-Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty, was charged with attempted mischief and illegal use of a computer. […]
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2 ore 28 minuti ago
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