'I'm not ready': COVID-19 forces 'gutted' Masoe out of UK hospital bed

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The former Rooster and Panthers NRL star is 'gutted' that his recovery from a spinal injury in England has been compromised.
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Queensland farmers still get guns as massage parlour fined under tough rules

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The restrictions will stop the sale of ammunition and guns for recreational and sport shooters, however farmers, vets and shark control contractors will be exempt. 
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Sobering reality of how we pay for what's on 'the other side'

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The size of the economic packages is gobsmacking but underlines the severity of the coronavirus crisis. What awaits us once the crisis has passed is far from clear.
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Six Qantas baggage handlers test positive to coronavirus

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The airline cancelled seven flights on Tuesday afternoon, including the QF741 which was turned back to Sydney mid-flight.
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Leigh Matthews backs best of three grand final series in 'survival' year

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AFL great Leigh Matthews is backing a best of three grand final series this year as a way of maximising revenue amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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LIVE Coronavirus updates: Three babies and toddler among 96 new cases in Victoria, Fitzroy bar cops $10,000 fine as police crack down on St Kilda skaters

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If you suspect you or a family member has coronavirus you should call (not visit) your GP or ring the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.
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Coronavirus silences NZ's Radio Sport

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Country's only dedicated sports radio station taken off air indefinitely with virtually all local, national and international events cancelled.
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Helping children manage coronavirus anxiety

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A Queensland mother says her heart is breaking watching her special needs children try to deal with the impact of the coronavirus.
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NRL players will agree to 75 per cent pay cut but want answers on missing millions

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The RLPA is seeking a guarantee, explanation and timeline on how the NRL plans to stump up $10 million for the retirement fund.
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Stop mandatory drug reporting scheme in face of coronavirus: doctors

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The government has refused to delay the scheme's implementation, saying it would still be mandatory from April 1.
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'Couldn't pick a worse time': A-League could be left in lurch amid tough market conditions

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Contingency planning is under way for a world without Fox Sports for the A-League, but the broadcast landscape has changed dramatically, according to industry experts.
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Rubbish idea nets $2 million in crowdsourcing

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It's rare that entrepreneurs hope their product becomes redundant, but for Seabin Project co-founder Australian Pete Ceglinski, that's the goal.
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Desperation as hundreds of cruise passengers remain stranded

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While most cruise passengers have been repatriated, hundreds are still adrift with no prospect of returning home to Australia.
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Newnham happy to be the meat in the sandwich of dominant stables

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Mark Newnham is hoping quality over quantity can help him land the Doncaster and the Derby.
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Bailout for Virgin is Alan Joyce's worst nightmare

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Alan Joyce, who has been singing loudly that the well capitalised Qantas doesn’t need any assistance, is now putting up his hand for a $4.2 billion loan.
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'Tensions are rising': More flights on the way to rescue stranded Aussies

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More flights are being organised to rescue stranded Australian travellers overseas before major airports completely shut down.
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Plan to quarantine prisoners infected with coronavirus in private hospitals

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Prisoners infected with the deadly coronavirus will be moved into private hospitals as part of a deal to keep the private sector afloat.
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Rebels make staff cuts as club prepares for months without play

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Melbourne Rebels have placed all their staff on either temporary stand down or reduced hours as they grapple with the financial losses from Super Rugby being forced to suspend its season due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Ask the experts: Should we be testing more people for COVID-19?

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A global biosecurity expert says people without symptoms of COVID-19 in high-risk groups should also be tested.
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'An outbreak in backpackers': NSW to search for undetected COVID-19 cases in Sydney's east

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Health authorities are increasingly concerned about the community transmission of coronavirus in the city's eastern suburbs.
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