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Uwelu Road: Edo govt assures completion of road projects

Nigerian Observer - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 11:01pm

… says contractors engaged through irrevocable standing payment orders, can’t abandon projects

The Edo State Government has said all road construction projects across the state are ongoing, noting that the pace of work at the various construction sites have been slowed down by daily torrential rainfall.

In a statement, Special Adviser to the Governor on Media Projects, Crusoe Osagie, called for calm among residents, reassuring that work will be accelerated on all major and inner-city road projects once the rain recedes, in line with the government’s urban renewal and infrastructural development drive.

Osagie said the government has adopted a unique payment system, the Irrevocable Standing Payment Order (ISPO) system, to ensure that contractors complete and deliver all construction projects to Edo people.

On the status of road projects in the Uwelu axis of Benin City, he said, “There is an existing contract under the Uwelu-West section of the stormwater masterplan. The drainage has to be completed. The project is not moving as fast as planned because we are at the heart of the rainy season. Unless the project is completed, whatever palliative we embark on will amount to naught.

“Roads are constructed with a plan to ensure a sustainable means to drain the water out of the area. When the rains subside in September, we expect that the contractors will deploy fully to site and ensure that the drains are completed in good time. We have to conclude the Uwelu-West aspect of the masterplan to be able to permanently solve the issue of the flooding in the area and the condition of the road, with a proper drain. The contract is active on that road.

He noted: “The Governor Godwin Obaseki-led state government remains committed to its urban renewal and infrastructural development programme and will spare no resources at ensuring programmes and projects to improve the livelihood of residents and achieve economic prosperity for the state.”

Osagie continued: “The construction and rehabilitation of roads are currently ongoing across the state, even though our contractors are grappling with the impact of the rainy season which has slowed the pace of work on various construction sites in the state.
“We have ensured that the contractors working on these roads stay on site to work on the portions of the road that could be done during the rainy season but the daily torrential downpour has hugely affected the extent to which they can perform.

“The Governor in his innovative way of proffering solutions to societal problems has adopted Irrevocable Standing Payment Order (ISPO) system to ensure that payment to contractors is not stalled and construction projects are completed and delivered to the Edo people.

“We urge residents to remain calm and patients as work will be accelerated on all construction sites across the state once the rain recedes.”

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Edo CP commends Obaseki on donation of 15 operational vehicles, improved security

Nigerian Observer - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 10:46pm

The Edo State Commissioner of Police, Abutu Yaro, has commended Governor Godwin Obaseki for donating 15 operational vehicles to the Police Command and for improving security in the state.

Addressing journalists at the State Command Headquarters, Ogbadu said the provision of equipment to the Police has helped in curbing crime in Edo.

He said, “The governor has equally denoted 15 new operational vehicles to the police command, an elaborate CCTV camera system that covers almost every strategic place in the state capital has been emplaced.

“Edo state remains top in terms of logistics and preparedness to confront criminality. The Edo Security Network has been re-organized under the able leadership of Mr Godwin Obaseki as he has substantially rehabilitated part of Ogida Police Training School to provide the training space for members of Edo Security Network”.

Abutu reassured that the security agencies in the state are not going to relent in operationalising the new security configuration, noting, “We will use all measurable apparatus of power to dominate and frustrate and terminate kidnappers. Our main objective is basically to ensure that kidnapping is curbed.

Abutu Yaro said the state has the anti-grazing law that allows for open grazing of cattle and other livestocks, adding, “this law was signed by the executive state Governor of Edo state on the 27th of May 2022, and as a lead agency internal security it behooves on us to enforce it.”

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Edo charges local communities on securing oil, gas installations

Nigerian Observer - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 10:44pm

The Edo State Government has charged local communities on protecting oil and gas installations in the state.

Speaking at the official commissioning of the Efe Field OML152 in Orhionmwon Local Government Area, the Edo State Commissioner for Mining, Oil and Gas, Hon. Ethan Uzamere, said the asset will boost Edo State’s contribution to the nation’s ability to meet its oil production allocation by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

“On behalf of Edo State Government, I want to specially congratulate Newcross Petroleum Limited for this feat as you have secured the start-up and stabilization of production from the Efe field – OML152.

“I know it gives your management a sense of fulfilment as today serves as a landmark for your success story ever since you showed interest in this asset. I know that ever since you fulfilled all regulatory requirements for the conversion of the asset here from an Oil Prospecting Licence (OPL) phase to an Oil Mining License (OML) phase, you have not relented in your pursuit that has led you to this commissioning. I am impressed with the level of work and commitment you have put into achieving this milestone.”

He noted that “For us as a government, this commissioning will boost Edo State’s contribution to the nation’s ability to meet its oil production allocation by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and make Edo one step ahead in cementing our place as a force to reckon with in the oil and gas industry.

“Edo today is leading in the Ease of doing business in Nigeria and you may want to know why? His Excellency, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, the Executive Governor of Edo State has made lofty efforts to make Edo an investment haven as security infrastructure is being prioritized and invested in.

“We have a security architecture that is community based. Some of the infrastructure we have very close here in Orhionmwon built by Governor Godwin Obaseki include the Abudu Township Road with three adjoining streets and a bridge. Others are Ugo Skill Acquisition Center in Niyekorhionmwon and the Town Hall in Obazogbe-Nugu. We have also completed the new Police Area Command Office in Urhomehe. There are more to come in our efforts as a government to improve and protect the well-being of our residents.

According to the commissioner, “As you may very well know, we now have two modular refineries which will start operations very soon. The first being a 6600 barrels per day modular refinery established by Edo Refinery and Petrochemical Limited and AIPCC Energy Limited.

“The second was established by Duport Midstream Company Limited. We are not stopping here. We are poised to attract more investments to Edo. The third may just be established by Newcross Petroleum Limited because I believe in your capacity as a forthright industry player.

“We urge you to explore collaboration with us along this line in the downstream sector, especially in areas of oil and gas parks and refineries. We want to make Edo State the energy hub of Nigeria.”

He said the state oil and gas ministry has a robust and active collaboration with security agencies to protect investments in oil and gas across the state, adding, “We will deepen our collaboration with you to help secure this facility. This is critical as attacks on this installation or others will affect revenue targets from the oil sector. According to research, oil bunkering, theft, and other maladies are due to the absence of critical community partnerships. I will implore you to take your role as a corporate citizen in Edo State seriously and be active in many projects that promote health, education and socio-economic development.

Uzamere urged the management of Newcross Petroleum Limited to take necessary measures to ensure that all safety and environmental steps in line with global best practices to safeguard lives and the environment are put in place in this facility.

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Nigeria’s inflation rate increases to 19.64% in July 2022 — NBS

Nigerian Observer - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 10:39pm

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), says Nigeria’s headline inflation rate increased to 19.64 per cent on a year-on-year basis in July.

Prince Semiu Adeniran, the Statistician-General of the Federation and Chief Executive Officer, National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said this in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for July 2022 released by the bureau in Abuja on Monday.

Giving a breakdown of the report in a statement, Adeniran said that the CPI measures the average change over time in the prices of goods and services consumed by people for day-to-day living.

According to him, it is a core macroeconomic indicator used in the derivation of the inflation rate for policy, planning, and monitoring of an economy.

Adeniran said the report showed that in July 2022, on a year–on–year basis, the headline inflation rate was 19.64 per cent.

“This is 2.27 per cent points higher compared to the rate recorded in July 2021, which was 17.38 per cent.

“This shows that the headline inflation rate increased in July 2022 when compared to the same month in the previous year of July 2021.
“This means that in July 2022, the general price level was 2.26 per cent higher than in July 2021.’’

He said increases were recorded in all Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose (COICOP) divisions that yielded the Headline index.

Adeniran said the increase in inflation was caused by an increase in food index attributed to the disruption in the supply of food products.

The statistician-general also said the increase in inflation was caused by an increase in the cost of transportation arising from the higher cost of energy.

According to him, the increase in the inflation rate was also due to an increase in import costs as a result of currency depreciation, as well as a general increase in the cost of production.

He said on a month-on-month basis, the headline inflation rate in July 2022 was 1.817 per cent, which was higher than the rate recorded in June 2022 at 1.816 per cent.

“The percentage change in the average CPI for the twelve months ending July 2022 over the average of the CPI for the previous twelve months period was 16.75 per cent.

“This is showing a 0.46 per cent increase compared to 16.30 per cent recorded in July 2021.’’

Adeniran said the composite food index on a year-on-year basis was 22.02 per cent in July 2022, showing a rise compared to 21.03 per cent in July 2021.

He said the rise in the food index was caused by increases in prices of Bread and cereals, Food products, potatoes, yam, and other tubers, meat, fish, oil, and fat.

The statistician-general said on a month-on-month basis, the food sub-index in July 2022 was 2.04 per cent lower than the 2.05 per cent recorded in June 2022.

“The index for all items less farm produce (Core inflation), which excludes the prices of volatile agricultural produce stood at 16.26 per cent in July 2022 on a year-on-year basis.

“This was higher when compared to 13.72 per cent recorded in July 2021. On a month-on-month basis, the core sub-index was 1.75 per cent in July 2022 higher when compared to 1.56 per cent recorded in June 2022.

He said the highest increases were recorded in prices of gas, liquid fuel, solid fuel, passenger transport by road, passenger transport by air, garments, cleaning, repair and hire of clothing.

Adeniran said on a year-on-year basis, in July 2022, the urban inflation rate was 20.09 per cent, 2.08 per cent higher compared to 18.01 per cent recorded in July 2021.

He said on a month-on-month basis the urban inflation rate was 1.82 per cent in July 2022, showing a decline compared to June 2022 at 1.82 per cent.
Adeniran said the rural inflation rate in July 2022 was 19.22 per cent on a year-on-year basis, which were 2.47 per cent higher compared to the 16.75 per cent recorded in July 2021.

“On a month-on-month basis, the rural inflation rate in July 2022 was 1.811 per cent, which was higher compared to June 2022 at 1.809 per cent.’’
Adeniran said all Items Inflation for the states in July 2022 on a year-on-year basis was highest in Akwa Ibom with 22.88 per cent, followed by Ebonyi with 22.51 per cent, and Kogi with 22.08 per cent.

The statistician-general said the slowest rise was recorded in Jigawa with 16.62 per cent, followed by Kaduna State with 17.04 per cent and Borno with 18.04 per cent.

Adeniran said on a month-on-month basis, July 2022 recorded the highest increase in Adamawa with 2.87 per cent, followed by Abuja with 2.84 per cent, and Oyo State with 2.77 per cent.

“While Bauchi recorded the slowest rise on month-on-month inflation with 0.82 per cent, followed by Kano State with 0.83 per cent and Niger State with 1.03 per cent.’’

He said Food Sub-index Inflation for the states in July 2022 on a year-on-year basis was highest in Kwara with 29.28 per cent, followed by Akwa Ibom with 27.22 per cent, and Kogi with 26.08 per cent.

The statistician-general said Kaduna State recorded the slowest rise in food inflation year-on-year with 17.16 per cent, followed by Jigawa with 17.46 per cent and Anambra with 19.25 per cent.

Adeniran said on a month-on-month basis, the food inflation sub-index was highest in Kwara with 3.90 per cent, followed by Delta with 3.61 per cent, and Benue with 2.94 per cent.

While he said Taraba, Gombe, and Niger recorded the slowest rise on a month-on-month inflation with 0.14 per cent, 0.94 per cent, and 1.13 per cent respectively. (NAN)

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Smuggling: Customs to deploy drones to borders

Nigerian Observer - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 10:36pm

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), says plans are ongoing to deploy drones and other technologically advanced facilities to the country’s borders in its bid to curb smuggling.

The Public Relations Officer of Customs, Deputy Comptroller Timi Bomodi, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that technology would help tackle the menace.

He said one of the major efforts in that regard was deploying “technology like drones, non intriusic inspection at the borders and a lot of other things that are in the pipeline.”

Bomodi said progress had been made with regard to the concession agreement or modernisation agreement with Huawei company and other technical partners in that regard.

According to him, the development will enhance the process of accessing potential danger as well as how to tackle them.

On calls in some quartres for deployment of more manpower at the borders, the Customs spokesperson said the borders were too large to be fully covered by manpower.

“if you take everybody that presently works in the military and paramilitary to hold hands across all the borders in Nigeria, you will not be able to come up to ten per cent of our borders.

“That is how huge this country is and how tough the terrain which we operate is.

“However, we do know that when you introduce technology into the scheme of things, you are going to achieve a lot more.”

According to him, there is no doubt that the service has plans to keep expanding its staff base but it is not the individuals that will make the impact that we all desire.

“It is the technology that will be deployed to support these individuals that will make the kind of impact we know will go a very long way.”

On funding of the service to deliver on its mandate, Bomodi said there was the need for more funding to expand its strategies to curb crime and generate more revenue.

“We are talking about innovation in the kind of service that we provide and it cost a lot of money.

“We are talking about the welfare of officers which comprises the provision of adequate accommodation, adequate transportation, proper offices and a myriad of other things.

“Even vehicles that help them operate under all kinds of terrains in all kinds of environment.

“All these things cost money and we cannot say no to that becuase the more we can get the more we will achieve,” he said.

NAN reports that Nigeria with a landmass of more than 900,000 square kilometres, shares boundaries with 15 countries.

Some of the countries are the Republic of Niger, Cameroon, the Republic of Benin and the Chad Republic.

Meanwhile, the NCS is an independent body under the supervisory oversight of the Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget, and National Planning.

It is saddled with the responsibility of collecting customs revenue, facilitation of national and international trade as well as curtailing smuggling activities. (NAN)

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Oke-Aroma Ewuare Is Under Ogheghe Osemwende Village- Oba of Benin

Nigerian Observer - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 10:33pm

BENIN CITY- The Oba of Benin Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare II, has pronounced that Oke-Aroma Ewuare is not an independent Village nor Community in Benin Kingdom, Edo State.

According to the statement as released by Mr. Frank Irabor, Secretary, Benin Traditional Council, dated August 8, 2022 and made available to The NIGERIAN OBSERVER in Benin City, the Oba clarified that Oke-Aroma is a Quarter under the Community administration of Ogheghe Osemwende Village in Benin Kingdom.

The statement read: “This is to inform the general public that His Royal Majesty, Omo N’Oba N’Edo, Uku Akpolokpolo, Ewuare II, Oba of Benin has pronounced that there is no independent village or community known as Oke-Aroma Ewuare along Benin Sapele Road.

“The purported independent Oke-Aroma Ewuare is a quarter and part and parcel of Ogheghe Osemwende Village along Benin-Sapele Road, Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State.

The general public especially Believers Love World Ministry (Christ Embassy) should please take note”, the statement posited

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Why we’re committed to worship of Osun goddess — Foreign devotees

Nigerian Observer - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 10:25pm

Some foreign devotees at the just concluded Osun-Osogbo festival have expressed belief in the sanctity of the Osun deity, saying the annual fiesta offers opportunity for worship through the sacred grove.

The tourists, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines of the grand finale of the festival in Osogbo, said the event gave them joy and a sense of belonging in the worship of the Osun goddess.

A Brazilian, Mrs Regina Alberto, said she was in Osun specifically for the Osun-Osogbo festival as a devotee of the Yoruba Orisa worship.

NAN reports that Alberto is a member of the Odudua Worldwide Group, a Diaspora socio-cultural organisation committed to the promotion of Yoruba culture, tradition and worship.

NAN also reports that no fewer than 50 members of the group were sighted at the sacred grove during Friday’s grand finale.

Alberto, who said this was her second outing at the festival, however, said that her group had been coming for the festival since 2011.

“I am from Brazil. I am with Odudua Brazil, which is part of Odudua Worldwide Group.

“This is my second year of coming for the festival, but my group had been coming since 2011.

“The Osun-Osogbo festival is very important to us because in Brazil we praise Orisa diety and being here and seeing everyone praying and worshipping, just like we try to do is so emotional.

“The energy is so powerful , it is really hard not to cry, ” she said.

Alberto said the understanding of her group that the source and worship point of the Osun goddess was located at the Osun-Osogbo grove spurred its interest in the festival.

She said the festival gave members of the visiting devotees joy to be in company of indigenous devotees and others from around the world to celebrate the Osun goddess.

Also speaking with NAN, a German, Johnnnes Wollbold, said he was in Osun to study Yoruba culture and take part in the Osun-Osogbo festival.

Wollbold said the study would give him a comprehensive report on the lives and nature of Osogbo people.

Wollbold, who said he came from Weimer Germany, said he was working in partnership with Jungle Communication Centre(JCC) to study African philosophy vis-a-vis Yoruba culture.

He said he had been to Nigeria three times in the 90s but took part in Osun-Osogbo festival in 1995.

“I am here to study Yoruba /West African culture, the music, drumming, dancing and African philosophy.

“The Yoruba culture is not individualistic, often the Yoruba celebrate together and the Osun festival brings people together.

“The festival afforded me the opportunity to understand how the Yoruba people mix together, their contact with nature and harmony between nature and humans, and not forgetting their roots.

“The Osun festival is joy of life. I see people in their everyday life, joyful and I love the celebration.

” I like the Yoruba people. They are friendly. They are not individualistic . As a German-European , I will, however, like them to stay peaceful.

“There is a senseless war in Europe between Russia and Ukraine which is crazy, so I will advise Nigerians to learn to settle their differences and stay peaceful,” he said. (NAN

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NCDC reports 60 suspected monkeypox cases

Nigerian Observer - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 10:21pm

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has reported 60 new suspected cases of monkeypox in its latest situation report covering Aug. 1 to Aug. 7 in 18 states of the federation and Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

In its epidemiological report made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Abuja, the centre
stated that in the same week, the country recorded 15 confirmed new cases.

NAN reports that Monkeypox is a virus similar to smallpox, but symptoms are less severe. It was discovered in 1958
after outbreaks occurred in monkeys kept for research.

The virus is primarily found in parts of Central and West Africa, but recently spread to dozens of countries and has
infected tens of thousands of people, overwhelmingly men who have sex with men.

The NCDC listed the affected states as: Ebonyi, FCT, Abia, Adamawa, Ondo, Taraba, Imo and Lagos.

Others are Ogun, Edo, Anambra, Gombe, Kwara, Rivers, Cross River, Oyo, Kano, Nasarawa and Niger states.

The centre added that in the breakdown of the 15 additional confirmed cases, Imo topped with three cases, followed
by the FCT with two, Ondo with two, and Rivers, Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Edo, Ogun, and Nasarawa states with one case each.

The public health agency stated that from Jan. 1 to Aug. 7, there were 473 suspected cases with 172 confirmed cases (115 males, 57 females) from 27 states.

It added that “overall, since the re-emergence of monkeypox in September 2017, a total of 985 suspected cases have been reported from 35 states in the country.

“Of the 985 suspected cases, 398 (40.4 per cent) were confirmed, 263 males, 135 females from 30 states.

“Also, 12 deaths have been recorded since September 2017 in nine states.”

The NCDC said that there were ongoing efforts to strengthen surveillance at national and sub-national levels
to increase awareness, and to promptly detect and respond to any outbreak.

NAN recalls that before the current global outbreak, most cases occurred in countries where the virus is endemic.

But the majority of the recent cases have been detected in gay, bisexual or other men who have sex with men, particularly in non-endemic countries.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said anyone can contract the virus and that there is currently no evidence that monkeypox is a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

The world body, however, said that “human-to-human transmission can result from close contact with respiratory secretions, skin
lesions of an infected person or recently contaminated objects.

“The common symptoms associated with monkeypox are swollen lymph nodes, fever, headache, fatigue and muscle aches.”

However, health experts recommend that people should avoid intimate physical contact with individuals who have a rash that looks like monkeypox and consider minimising sex with multiple or anonymous partners.

Meanwhile, Prof Sunday Omilabu, the Director of the Centre for Human and Zoonotic Virology, Lagos State University, has urged the Federal Government to put measures
in place to acquire smallpox vaccines in the fight against monkeypox.

Omilabu said research had shown that the smallpox vaccine is effective against the monkeypox virus.

He said that monkeypox, which is a zoonotic disease, is a virus transferred from animals to humans.

According to him, government should negotiate for smallpox vaccine as other European countries are doing to check the spread of the virus.

The director added that “people above 60 years are lucky because they got a shot of the smallpox vaccine sometime ago but people who are presently below 50 years did not get the shot.”

The public health expert said that the capacity and structure used for COVID-19 should not be discarded, noting that it had helped in case detection of the virus.

“We have a laboratory to detect this virus and this is as a result of the structure put in place during COVID-19.

“This structures should be highly maintained,” he said.

Omilabu also called for more enlightenment to educate people on monkeypox, adding that health workers should be well protected.

He said “monkeypox is not as deadly as COVID-19, but it is very scary when you see people infected with the virus.

“People should be enlightened about the causes and how the virus is spread from animals to humans.”

Meanwhile, WHO recently classified the different variants of monkeypox as Clades l, llA and llB to avoid social, and cultural offence. (NAN)

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Auchi Poly ASUP elects new Executives

Nigerian Observer - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 10:10pm

The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP), Auchi Chapters has elected its new Executives members to pilot the affairs of the union for the next two years.

The Zonal Coordinator, ASUP South South, Mr Precious Nwakodo on Monday administered the oath of allegiance and office to the newly elected Executive members after an election held in Auchi, Edo with Mr Bamidele Osamudiamen emerging the chairman with 312 votes to defeat his rival Mr Okodugha Aluyah who scored 243 votes.

Other members elected are Vice Chairman, Sado Emmanuel; Secretary General, Ogedengbe Emmanuel; Asst Gen Sec, Sule Monday; Financial Secretary, Monday Olade; Treasurer, Momodu Oshone; Publicity secretary, Ofunne Anthony; Internal Auditor, Oshiole Samuel and Welfare officer Salami Oyanna.

In his acceptance speech, the newly elected Chairman, Com Osamudiamen said his administration would focus more on welfare of its members.

Comrade Osamudiamen pledged to work with the management of the polytechnic to move the institution forward.

The new chairman, however, commended the immediate past leadership of the union for successfully running the affairs of the union in the past four years, appreciated the electoral committee for its mission to usher in a new Exco.

“Our doors are always open to meaningful suggestions and contributions towards improving the welfare of our members,” he said.

While congratulating other members of the executive for their victories during the election, urged them to see their victory as a call to service to see how best the union could be move forward

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2022 Party Primaries, The Youth And Future of Nigeria – An Evaluation: Notes for a better country(2)

Nigerian Observer - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 10:08pm

History and cultural values and justice matter in nation building especially in the introduction of change. But during the last primaries in Nigeria,these were were side – lined.Basically history is the “study of past events particularly in human affairs” and it affords us the opportunity to learn useful lessons from past experience. It has been observed that those who failed to learn useful lessons of history are bound to repeat its mistakes.

Cultural values can be understood as “the value which people have given to items through their association with those items”. It is “about shared perception of how people routinely behave in a culture” – their “shared ideals” Cultural values can be “aesthetic, social, symbolic, spiritual and educational”. Violated cultural values can lead to injured feeling and crisis in the polity.Justice can be simply taken to mean “just behavior” or just treatment”. History shows that injustice has been a major cause of most disagreements disaffections and social and political crisis in the world. In the interest of peace, harmony, Justice and unity, it is always good to respect shared cultural values, practice, convention and to guided by history.

There is a legal doctrine that is relevant here to show why history, cultural values and Justice should be respected in nation building. It is what the lawyers call “Stare -decisis”. Stare -decisis is a Latin word which means:” to stand by things decided”. In. Law, it is about making reference to precedents in delivering judgements. According to legal sources, it is following “the precedent set by previous cases with similar circumstances in deciding current cases in order to ensure continuity and uniformity in the law”. The purpose of ” standing by things decided is to ensure that justice is served equally (https://legal, job>blog>stare- decisis). It is to prevent arbitrary actions such as changing the rule of the game midway after the game has taken off.

It is true the Political parties are charged with the constitutional responsibility of organizing primaries and of presenting candidates for the general election. Did the primaries meet the demands of history, Justice , conventional practice, precedent etc? Our answer is No. As we observed in the first part of this exercise, the 2022 primaries produced candidates for the 2023 general elections quite alright but parties especially the major ones fell short of public expectations. For instance, they failed to show moral sense and patriotism in some critical areas of general concern such as power shift. In other words, on the surface, there was attempt at power shift, zoning of offices but it was done in a haphazard, half hearted manner.

Thus as typified by the two leading parties, it ended wrong place.The wrong power shift took place. Narrow individual and party interest held sway over national interest especially the need for equitable Justice, fair play and assured opportunity for maximum participation and inclusion by all sections of the country. Rather than power shift in the national interest as was understood before the primaries,parties’ winnability became the dominant values.

Consequently the PDP shifted base from the north west to North East thereby re-igniting the fear of perpetual northern domination, re-awaking and deepening the hostility and heightening the north /south tensions. The APC turned to the South West for its presidential candidate thereby worsening the age long distrust between the South West and South East.

We are worried because we know that injustice including a strong feeling of exclusion, marginalization without hope of positive change in the horizon has been the major cause of crisis leading at times to disintegration. The political parties ought to be more futuristic, patriotic, morally conscious and to appreciate the fact that there is life after the primaries. Nigeria deserves to live as one country in unity, peace and harmony after the 2023 elections.To this extent the primaries failed the moral test of rightness as opposed to wrongness.

This point is important to note because the fear of domination and perpetual, anger with injustice, exclusion and wanton corruption led to the cancerous crisis of the 1960s in one of the regions that would spread across the country to end the first republic. History also shows that when a zone which was once denied the presidency won byChiefMKO Abiola was later pacified through political solution deliberately worked by military and political elite to redress the injustice of exclusion associated with the annulment of the June12. The solution ensured that the presidency was zoned to the South West geo political. General O Obasanjo is a product of that negotiated solution. He was released from the prisons unconditionally, contested for the presidency against another Yoruba – Chief Olu Falae and won. The group was pacified and Nigeria moved on.
Ever since power rotation, power shift and zoning of political offices power, and federal character became part of our political cultural lexicon and cherished shared values.Over time, these measures have become strong part of our shared values that had kept our collective hope for national unity and development alive through anticipated citizenry maximum participation and equal access to political power in the country. They have been accepted as part of our democratic practice and cultural values. Even one of the conditions for registering a political party in Nigeria are national spread, the federal character of structure etc.

The measures might not have been the best approach but they received general acceptance as insurance against perpetual exclusion from power and marginalization , offered great prospect of breaking the monopoly of power by some ethnic groups and hope of effective citizenry participation.Above all,they have remained in our collective consciousness as solution to some of our problems that threaten our collective existence. And they have helped in keeping the faith strong in fatherland in the belief that no matter how long it takes, political power will go round every zone of the country. This culture of hope, this progressive march towards national unity, stability,and these cherished shared values for positive nation building are what the 2022 primaries disrupted to our collective disadvantage and dismay.

Thus from the point of view of historical experiences, cultural value perspective and Justice angle, the 2022 primaries were a disappointment to many citizens largely because because Justice was not well served and cherished values and shared beliefs and conventions were violated or set aside without due consideration of the future well being of the country.They did not make due reference to History which helps in pointing out issues that had been settled or not and how things were done or could be done. They did not respect commonly shared values and conventional practice. And they did not address the question of historical injustice done to some some ethnic groups as implied in cries of marginalization, exclusion and ineffective participation. They were not truly concerned about the future of the country- her fate after the 2023 elections.

Rather ,the political leaders were at their best doing dirty, anti national unity work including shifting the goal post to suit their whims and caprices. By their unwise action of setting aside traditions, breaking with convention, shattering of shared values, halting a progressive historical trend of significant proportion towards national unity and by thwarting collective aspiration for selfish reasons, the 2022 primaries laid very poor foundation for the unity and greatness of the country after 2023. In other words, by not zoning their presidential ticket to the South East Geo-politicalZone, the political elite especially of the two big political parties – the ruling party and the leading opposition party raised serious moral question and laid a dangerous trap for our collective future.

Unwittingly perhaps, the political elite through the presidential primaries returned the country to its darker, cantankerous,hateful and hurtful era that was characterized by inter ethnic treachery, high inter regional tensions, inter religious animosity, acute state of disunity, political domination by a region and the big tribe, cries of marginalization and neglect,wrong visioning and general mismanagement of diversity which saw the emergence of three countries in one country in the name of regionalism. It is needless to remind us that such Negative developments gave rise to military intervention and the subsequent death of the first republic. It is important to draw attention to the lapses in order to check or avoid them in the future.

Apart from the fact that it is wise and helpful to do postmortem examination of a project,either in stages or as a whole, we undertake this exercise to identify gaps to be filled in future.For instance there are unmet ageless strong desires, frustrations and complaints to address. There is the fear of the negative effect of injured feeling and disappointed expectation to deal to tackle. Generslly, the willful violation of a people’s culture, commonly shared values and cherished culture and beliefs had been known to cause crisis of serious proportion- at times war, sharp divisions and disintegration.The concern here is significant in the face of some shared strong desire for peace, harmony, unity development,etc collective aspiration for greatness, maximum citizenry participation, respect for the rule of the game,conventions.

Are the cries about injustice, exclusion, arbitrary change of the rule of the game etc justified today? The answer is yes. History shows that the the three regional structure created was largely unjust because of its lopsided nature in which one region – the north was bigger than the other two- eastern and western regions combined. This created earliest fear of domination, exclusion and inter- regional tensions and the need for opportunity for maximum participation in the national development process by all members of the Union. This is one of the justifications for the creation of more regions but called states in 1967. Among others it was to promote citizenry participation and correct some historical structural. Injustice.

Though the creation of more states had some salutary effect on the polity, yet it did not eliminate the need for Justice, FairPlay and the feeling of exclusion and marginalization. The search for better way to address these issues in nation building thus continued. Consequently many more efforts had been made ever since in response to complaints of injustice, marginalization etc. History shows that for a long time since independence – more so since 1999 leading to immediate time before the 2022 presidential primaries, there had been sustained complain of exclusion and extreme marginalization from across both at the national and state levels. The most persistent complaints with compelling and convincing evidence had come from the South East Geo-Political zone.For instance, based on recent historical development, they say none of their own members has been president of Nigeria since 1999. It would be helpful to recall that the group was one of the three legs upon which Nigeria reportedly stood in the first republic.

There was serious value conflict during the primaries. The overall picture of the exercise is a mixed – grill of hope and eagerness for a limited few and hopelessness, disappointment and bewilderment for the vast majority of well informed Nigerians. It shows too the perfidy,hypocrisy and unreliability of the Nigerian political elite and the unreadiness of the political elite to make sacrifice in the national interest. The Nigerian political elite are still dominated by selfish greed -what Senator Oyofo calls the” me, me and only me or nobody else syndrome. They are very ready to sacrifice national interest for a mess of pottage.

It was clear that values such as Nationalism,patriotism, altruism, power shift, zoning, morality and national survival do not mean anything much to the Nigerian political elite.During the primaries these core values took the back stage while their personal and party interests occupied the front row.We witnessed the crash of common hope and aspiration,and the promotion of party interest above national interest in order to accommodate some individual interests. The exercise revealed the political elite as unwilling to do the needful such as correcting historical injustice as exemplified by marginalization of some groups in the national interest.

Every nation must find solution to her peculiar problems. Nigeria is multi-cultural country that must ensure equitable Justice and fair treatment of her citizens before the law. Thus power shift, power rotation zoning , federal character etc are products of necessity created to promote Justice, equity, participation, inclusiveness,national unity and development.As already indicated ,the strong desire for national unity and equitable Justice has been with the country since its cradle. Political power is so vital and critical to successful nation building or human existence that it should not allowed to be monopolized by one family, community, ethnic group or region in a multi cultural country such as Nigeria.

The rotation of power is the beginning of wisdom in Nigeria.Among others it would serve as the basis of equitable Justice, national unity, stability and reduction of ethnic tensions and agitations. It will give lasting assurance for citizenry participation, inclusion and equal treatment of all before the law at the highest level.We know the benefits of power shift power rotation but we have been most reluctant to do the needful for purely selfish reasons. However,it was only around 1999 that a more positive attitude was developed in this direction. A generally accepted formulae could be said to have been reached on how best to achieve the nation objective of unity, peaceful coexistence and development for a better country. Power shift, rotation and zoning of political offices were placed on the table for experiment. And they were deployed by the military and civilian leaders alike and found worthwhile.

Within the present democratic dispensation, power shift had been in full force since 1999 when General Abdul Sallam Abubakar- a Muslim Northerner handed power over to General Olusegun Obasanjo — Southerner from the South West. A careful review of presidential succession since then will show the injustice and unfairness unfairness of the U- turn made by by the major political parties during the last primaries. Take a uncle look: General Olusegun Obasanjo( SW) who took over power from General AbdulSallam handed power over to President Yar’Adua, a Fulani – Hausa from theNorth .Dr Jonathan from the South – South who was a Vice President to president Yar’Adua became president upon the death of Yar’Adua in office and he handed power over to President Buhari -a Fulani Hausa from the North. . So far, only two zones – the North East and SouthEast had not produced a president since 1999. But because the out going president is from the North, the general expectation before the 2022 primaries was that the next president would come from the South East zone. The failure by the two big political parties thus smacks of injustice and unfairness.

The Primaries endorsed and entrenched age long injustice in the country understood in terms of low or inequitable citizenry participation,exclusion from power and marginalization of some groups of Nigerians from the development and political process.You do not do the wrong thing and expect the right outcome. It is against the law of nature which expects one to reap what one has sowed.Why change the rule of the game in the middle of play especially when the existing rules were serving the cause of the majority citizens and national interest? This is one of the questions on the lips of many concerned citizens. Dr Onu a former Minister of Technology spoke to this problem at the 2022 APC presidential primary election where asked the members of his political party: where is the Justice in not zoning the presidency to the South East Zone being the only geo- political zone in the south that had not produced a president since 1999 when democracy was restored especially when the party zoned it to the Southern states? It is a simple question that raises deeper question of Justice, fair- play and the collective good of the country. And this is one of the avoidable burdens which will weigh down the country severely and precipitate series of crisis after the general elections next year. To this extent, the 2022 primaries serve as poor foundation for the unity, peaceful coexistence and greatness of the country after 2023.


Prof. John Imonbhio Abhuere @ Centre for ChildCare and Youth Development Abuja(

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Trade Union frown at recent brutal murder of member in Nasarawa

The Sun News - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 7:45pm

From Abel Leonard, Nasarawa

Trade Union Congress (TUC) has debunked the purported publication made by BUDGIT claiming that the Nasarawa State government is owing 4months salary areas to civil servants in the state.

This was disclosed by the chairman of the Union, Comrade Muhammed Umar Doma in a press briefing at their office in Lafia the Nasarawa state capital saying the TUC arising from an emergency meeting held Monday 15th August 2022 having dismissed extensively on issues, particularly the BUDGIT publication.

The TUC in session found out that the publication is baseless, malicious and aimed at tarnishing the good image of the present administration which has been labour friend from inception and up to date in the payment of monthly salary to civil servant in the state.

The TUC frowned at the recent brutal murder of their member, a teacher at the government science secondary school Nasarawa Eggon, a few days ago.

The TUC is calling on the state government and the security agencies to step up security apparatus to secure the lives and properties of the people of the state.

The TUC also in a session kicked against any form of planned privatisation of government institutions particularly the hospitals while also appealing to the state government to fast-track the ongoing promotion process from 2018 to date and release the same to deserving civil servants.

Adding that the Trade Union Congress remained committed and loyal to the present administration of Governor Abdullahi Sule.

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Osun records 2 suspected cases of Monkeypox

The Sun News - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 7:40pm

From Lateef Dada, Osogbo

Osun State has recorded two suspected cases of Monkeypox, the Commissioner for Health, Rafiu Isamotu, has confirmed.

He said the state has commenced sensitisation to enlighten the people about precautions against the disease.

According to Isamotu, “there are suspected cases of monkeypox which have not been confirmed. We have taken samples for tests in a laboratory.

“There was one recorded at Atakumosa last two weeks and one today (Monday).

“We have embarked on a sensitisation programme to educate the citizens on monkeypox,” he added.

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Pay pushes Venezuelan teachers to protest, consider quitting

The Sun News - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 7:30pm


Public school teachers across Venezuela had planned to use their annual vacation bonus to buy uniforms for their children, waterproof leaky roofs, get new prescription glasses or fix the pair barely held together by adhesive tape.

Some expected to get $100, while others calculated a little more or less depending on their years of service and advanced degrees, though only a small number thought they would get around $200.

The government, however, paid them only a tiny fraction of that.

So, a few days into their long break, teachers have been marching by the thousands around the country, threatening to strike when school resumes or possibly even to abandon their profession.

“Right now, I don’t even have a pencil for my children to start classes in September,” said Florena Delgado, who teaches first and fifth grades at two schools in one of the lowest-income neighborhoods of the capital, Caracas.

She also makes cake toppers, creates balloon decorations and sells clothes to supplement her government pay. Unless something changes, “I don’t plan to join classes, and well, let it be what God wants,” she says.

In response to the unrest, the government announced Friday through a lawmaker that it will pay the bonus in full this week. But Venezuela’s teachers are long accustomed to seeing televised economic promises that aren’t kept, so they are waiting until they get their money before changing course.

Elementary and high school educators in the crisis-wrecked country on average earn about $50 a month, ranking among the lowest paid in Latin America. The government pays them a vacation bonus in a single payment at the end of every school year in July.

The National Budget Office based this year’s bonus on the $1.52 monthly minimum wage of 2021 instead of the $30 rate that took effect in April. The government also paid teachers only 25% of the unexpectedly low bonus and did not set a date to disburse the rest.

The budget office defended the calculation, arguing that a new labor agreement has not been signed. But by Friday, National Assembly member Orlando Pérez, who is president of one of the country’s teachers unions, said the government will pay teachers their full bonus as required by Venezuela’s labor law, which sets them based on the latest salaries.

Outside the offices of the Ministry of Education, teachers and college professors, who also earn meager wages and feel short-changed over their vacation bonus, have demanded the dismissal of the agency’s leader. Some teachers said they didn’t even get the 25% payment.

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Protesting teachers have been joined by other workers, including the traditionally government loyalists at the state-owned oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela. Red T-shirts long associated with the governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela were in abundance at one protest, in which workers from the health, cement and electric sectors expressed support for the teachers’ demands.

President Nicolás Maduro has not commented on the teachers’ complaints, angering some of them.

“He is a worker; he was a worker. He should remember that he comes from the very bottom” of the social ladder, elementary school teacher Leinni Carreño said of Maduro, who once was a bus driver and union member.

Teachers and professors work two, three or even four jobs, but their multiple paychecks sometimes are not enough to cover the basic food basket, which last month cost $392. Many teach under borderline hazardous conditions as pests, mold, filth and mosquito-attracting standing water are ever-present at schools.

Physics, chemistry and biology labs are long gone, and thieves took advantage of unsupervised schools during the pandemic to strip the buildings of copper wires and steal computers and other equipment.

Sociology professor Erly Ruiz earns about $90 a month. So, he also delivers goods around Caracas on his bike, works at a facility that produces blackberry wine and rents sound equipment. If his side hustles go well, his total income can reach about $400. He had earmarked his expected vacation bonus for an electrical home repair.

His budget is so tight, his friends gave him their leftovers from his birthday celebration last month.

“For a week straight, I was able to eat protein every day at least once a day,” Ruiz said after biking to deliver cat litter to a customer. “That week was the only week this entire year that I was able to eat protein regularly.”

Professors and teachers alike have abandoned the teaching ranks since the country’s economic and political crisis began last decade. The Venezuelan Federation of Teachers estimates 50% of the country’s 370,000 teachers have left classrooms since 2017. They are among the more than 6 million Venezuelans who have migrated to other countries.

Even those who are still teaching don’t always fulfill their duties due to transportation, health, pay and other challenges. Some live so far away from the schools they are assigned to that their commute by public transportation eats up their salary.

Call center supervisor Jonás Nuñez sympathizes with the education workers. He was an elementary school teacher for 14 years but quit in 2020.

“The economic situation was what led to everything changing because I have a daughter, I have a family. So (the salary) no longer covered the expenses,” Ruiz said. “I miss it because you learned a lot from the children who were with you.”

Teachers have threatened strikes in the past, but this time anger accumulated throughout the pandemic as they were forced to attempt to educate students with limited or no internet access, had to cope with a collapsed health care system and saw prices for basic goods soar amid Venezuela’s unrelenting runaway inflation.

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who is recognized by the U.S. and several other nations as Venezuela’s legitimate leader, has expressed support for the teachers and professors. But he and the opposition parties have little impact on Maduro, whose regime controls all government institutions.

Delgado, who works a shift at one school in the morning and another shift at a different school in the afternoon, wants to keep teaching to be a role model for her students, but the discontent over the vacation bonus and regular pay is growing.

“There are many children who really need someone to guide them, to be there for them, who can really help them,” Delgado said. “It’s hard when you walk into a classroom and see that there are children who go to school just because they give them food.

“At school, you see that there are children who don’t have notebooks, who don’t have pencils because their parents are in the same situation as the teachers looking for a living, and they work day and night.”

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Conditional Cash: Sule agrees to disburse 7-month transfer in 3 instalments to 3, 800 beneficiaries

The Sun News - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 7:26pm

From Abel Leonard, Nasarawa

Nasarawa State Governor Abdullahi Sule has made known his intention to transfer 7 months’ payments in three instalments to 3, 800 beneficiaries across the state.

Sule made this known during the payment of the 13-14 cycle of the programme, which took place at the secretariat of Lafia Local Government Area, on Monday.

According to the governor, the gesture is aimed at providing sufficient capital for the beneficiaries to enable them to engage in meaningful economic activities that will impact their households.

Sule announced that, after the beneficiaries receive their 13th and 14th payment, the state government will pay them another two months’ instalments by the end of August. Also, beneficiaries will receive another three months’ payments by the end of next month.

He said that the initiative was the domestication of the conditional cash transfer started in 2013 by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, where beneficiaries receive a monthly transfer of N10, 000 to enable them to engage in economic ventures to better their lives.

The governor added that the scheme which is expected to last for 24 months, has so far identified 3, 800 beneficiaries who receive N5000 monthly.

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While assuring the beneficiaries of completing the payments for the remaining duration, he however urged them to utilise the opportunity by using the accumulated payments as capital to start a business.

He further disclosed that, at the event, 700 beneficiaries from Lafia Local Government Area, will receive their outstanding two monthly payments, just like every other beneficiary in the state.

“This is not a decision taken because of politics but our determination to impact on the lives of the less privileged members of the society. We are all aware of the harsh economic situation and we are doing this with the fear of God,” he stated.

Earlier, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Humanitarian Affairs/ Focal Person Social Investment Programme (SIP), Hon Imran Usman Jibrin, said his agency is determined to impact on the lives of less privileged members of society.

The SSA told the governor that the agency is up to date in its monthly transfer of N5000 each to the 3, 800 beneficiaries spread across the 13 local government areas of the state.

He thanked Governor Sule for reaching out to assist the less privileged in society, with the gesture meant to cushion the effect of poverty in the state.

Also, in a welcome address, Chairman, Lafia Local Government Area, Hon Aminu Muazu Maifata, appreciated governor Sule for embarking on a project that is impacting positively on the lives of the less privileged members of the council.

He however requested for the number of beneficiaries from Lafia Local Government Area to be increased so that the benefits of the scheme, would reach a maximum number of people.

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Gombe gov mourns LG boss, Musa Abubakar

The Punch - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 7:26pm

The Nafada Local Government Chairman, Musa Abubakar, popularly known as Babawuro, reportedly died on Monday in an auto crash along Kano road. Our correspondent reports that Abubakar was one of the 11 local council bosses elected under the platform of the All Progressives Congress in December 2020 in an election conducted under the Inuwa Yahaya-led

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PM Modi pledges to make India developed country in 25 years

The Sun News - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 7:20pm


Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged to raise millions out of poverty and turn India into a developed country in the next quarter-century as he marked 75 years since independence from British rule.

Wearing a flowing, cream-colored turban printed with small stripes of orange, white and green, the colors of the country’s flag, Modi addressed the country Monday from New Delhi’s 17th-century Mughal-era Red Fort, saying the world was looking toward India to help resolve global issues.

Modi said the journey of the past 75 years had seen ups and downs with India battling against all odds with resilience and perseverance. He asked people to remove any trace of colonial mindset.

Modi said India will be guided by the ideals of self-reliance and the spirit of international partnership to attain excellence in science and technology, establish industries, and attain food and energy security. He said billions of dollars in investment were flowing into the country, turning it into a manufacturing hub.

Modi said millions of people across the country were commemorating the 75th anniversary of independence by hoisting national flags at their homes and businesses for three days as part of a government campaign “of awakening the spirit of patriotism in every heart.” India’s Parliament, the presidential palace, national monuments and other government offices blazed with multi-colored lighting.

The main opposition Congress party accused the Modi government of leaving opposition parties out of the celebrations.

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“There were special functions in Parliament’s historic Central Hall to mark the 25th, 50th and 60th anniversary of India’s independence,” said Jairam Ramesh, an India National Congress party spokesperson. “Sadly, nothing like that has been organized for the 75th anniversary, which has been reduced to an occasion to glorify the Sarvagyaani,” a term meaning “a person who knows all” in reference to Modi.

U.S. President Joe Biden, in a statement celebrating Indian Independence Day, said the two countries are indispensable partners grounded in a shared commitment to the rule of law and the promotion of human freedom and dignity.

Biden said he was confident that “the two countries will continue to stand together to defend the rules-based order; foster greater peace, prosperity and security for our people; advance a free and open Indo-Pacific; and together address the challenges we face around the world.”

India and the United States have been expanding their security partnership, underscoring their mutual concerns over China’s growing influence in the region. They are both part of the regional Quad alliance that also includes Japan and Australia and focuses on China’s growing economic and military strength. China has called the Quad an attempt to contain its ambitions.

In his 80-minute speech, Modi made no reference to India’s tense ties with immediate neighbors Pakistan and China, or any steps to improve relations.

He called for unity to move forward but didn’t respond to experts and critics who say the country has been gradually departing from some commitments and argue the backsliding has accelerated since Modi came to power in 2014. They accuse his populist government of using unbridled political power to undermine democratic freedoms and preoccupying itself with pursuing a Hindu nationalist agenda.

Modi pledged to fight political corruption and nepotism, which he said were acting as termites eating away the gains of development.

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Kebbi govt approves N556.7m for 2022 WAEC fee of 30,922 candidates

The Sun News - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 7:17pm

From Olanrewaju Lawal, Birnin Kebbi

The Kebbi State government has approved the sum of N556,596.000 for the payment of the 2022 West African Examination Council (WAEC) fee for the 30,922 candidates of the state.

Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, Alhaji Muhammadu Magawata Aliero confirmed this at a press conference in Birnin Kebbi.

According to him, “the Kebbi State government has approved the payment ofN456,596,000 to West African Examination Council (WAEC) for 2022 West African School Certificate Examination. This is in addition to N100,000.000 paid to WAEC in April 2022 being deposit; thus bringing the total payment to N556,596,000.

“It may be recalled that Kebbi State Government sponsored 30,922 candidates for the 2022 WAEC at a registration fee of N18,000 per candidate.

“Furthermore, the State Government approved N2,645,600 being the cost of materials and extra Supervisors”, he said.

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Energy Transition: Africa should leverage on its gas reserves – NGA spokesman

The Sun News - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 7:13pm

From Femi Folaranmi, Yenagoa

The spokesman of the Nigerian Gas Association (NGA), Mr Odianosen Masade, has urged the African continent to adopt a diversified approach to the energy transition quest and leverage on its abundant gas reserves.

Masade, an energy expert, in an interview on Monday in Yenagoa, amidst rising global energy costs and increased calls for the replacement of fossil fuels, noted that the African continent should adopt a diversified approach to the energy transition.

While noting that Africa currently accounts for the least share of global greenhouse gas emissions, at just 3.8 per cent in contrast to 23 per cent in China, 19 per cent in the US, and 13 per cent in the European Union, added that Africa is the least industrialized of all the continents in the world, yet one of the most vulnerable to climate change.

According to him, it was regrettable that whilst the developed economies responsible for the challenges posed by climate change took over a century to reposition for fossil transition, Africa is expected to transition over a few decades.

Masade commended the recent transformation of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) into a commercially and profit-oriented business entity in line with several calls by experts to increase its efficiency and separate its regulatory, revenue-generating, and oil production components.

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“The idea is for the entity to become profitable. With privatization, the NNPC will be relieved of all the burdens of government control and become autonomous.

“The NNPC can now be listed on the Stock Exchange, secure investments and generate more revenue for the country,” he said.

Masade lamented the challenges inhibiting Nigeria from maximizing the opportunities presented by the conflict in Ukraine, which has reduced the global supply of gas.

According to him, lack of political will and lack of investments in critical infrastructure are some of the greatest reasons for Nigeria’s disadvantaged position.

He listed one of such infrastructures that would have generated significant income for the country as the Trans-Saharan gas pipeline, which will traverse Nigeria, Niger and Algeria across the Sahara Desert to Europe.

Masade disclosed that it is estimated that once completed, the $13 billion pipeline would transport up to 30 billion cubic meters (1 trillion cubic feet) of natural gas per annum from Warri in Nigeria through Niger and Algeria onto Europe.

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Norway bridge collapses, drivers of 2 vehicles rescued

The Sun News - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 7:07pm


A wooden bridge over a river in southern Norway collapsed early Monday, with a car plunging into the water and a truck getting stuck on a raised section. The drivers of both vehicles were rescued and doing well, police said.

Police were alerted shortly after 7:30 a.m. (0530 GMT; 1:30 a.m. EDT) that the bridge had collapsed as a truck and a car were crossing over it. The cause wasn’t immediately known.

The car plunged into the river while the truck remained on the bridge in a nearly vertical position on a section that was raised at a steep angle out of the water.

A helicopter assisted in the rescue operation and pulled out the truck driver, police said. The driver of the car managed to get out of his vehicle by himself.

The nearly 150-meter-long (500-foot-long) bridge connects the west bank of the Gudbrandsdalslaagen River and the village of Tretten. The bridge opened in 2012.

“It is completely catastrophic, completely unreal,” local mayor Jon Halvor Midtmageli told the Dabgladet newspaper. “It is also a fairly new bridge.”

“It is completely destroyed, everything has fallen down,” he added.

The Norwegian Automobile Federation said the bridge was checked in 2021, raising concern about the safety of such bridges.

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“We who travel on the roads must be able to trust that the bridges are safe to drive on,” the organization’s spokeswoman, Ingunn Handagard, told the Norwegian news agency NTB.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration said Monday it wanted an independent investigation into the collapse.

“It must be safe to drive on Norwegian roads. That is why it is important to get to the bottom of this case,” said the administration’s head, Ingrid Dahl Hovland.

Atle Formo, who lives by the Tretten bridge, said he heard “an intense crash.”

“The whole house was shaking. I was rolling up the blinds in the bedroom and looked right at a bridge laying in the river,” he told Norwegian broadcaster TV2.

A similar nearby bridge in Sjoa in the Gudbrand valley, also made of glued laminated timber, collapsed in 2016. The driver of a truck who was crossing the bridge at the time of the collapse was slightly injured.

Following that collapse, 11 similar bridges, including the one in Tretten, were temporarily closed by the government body that is in charge Norway’s infrastructure. The agency said in a report about the 2016 collapse that “the direct cause of the bridge collapse is a defective joint in the framework.”

Norwegian transportation minister Jon-Ivar Nygård was due to visit the site of the latest bridge collapse later Monday.

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Nigeria, India to partner in fintech, AI, scientific development, solar energy – Envoy

The Sun News - Lun, 15/08/2022 - 7:07pm

From Aidoghie Paulinus, Abuja

Newly appointed Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria Gangadharan Balasubramanian has said that India and Nigeria are moving from traditional areas of cooperation in terms of business to new areas.

Balasubramanian who noted that the trade and economic relations between India and Nigeria are already strong with over 135 Indian companies in Nigeria, disclosed that both countries are moving to various new areas, including fintech, artificial intelligence, scientific development and solar energy.

Speaking during the 76th independence day of India in Abuja, Balasubramanian also said that they were new areas that India and Nigeria will be looking at in improving the bilateral ties between both countries.

He recalled the establishment of diplomatic ties between India and Nigeria in 1958 prior to Nigeria’s independence, saying that India-Nigeria relations are one of the best.

“Since then, our relationship has developed in multi various ways, almost in all places.

“Human capacity development is one of the most important areas on which we are concentrating and we are very happy that with the assistance and cooperation of successive Nigerian governments, we can now say that our relationship is very strong and very cordial,” Balasubramanian said.

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On the security challenges bedevilling Nigeria, the envoy further recalled the military and defence cooperation between India and Nigeria whereby many of the defence training of Nigerian military officers took place in military installations and training institutes in India.

Balasubramanian added that India will be happy to continue with the partnership and in cooperation with the Federal Government, India is ready to assist in that direction.

Speaking on the volume of trade between both countries, the Indian High Commissioner said the trade volume was $14.95 billion in 2021.

He said the trade volume has increased substantially after COVID-19 on both ways, noting that India is a major importer of oil from Nigeria.

“Nearly about $10 billion worth of oil is being imported from Nigeria. India also exports various issues from agricultural products, to petroleum products, to pharmaceuticals, to textiles.

“So, there is a large possibility of increasing this trade and economic cooperation between our two countries,” he concluded.

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