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Schools unsure of legal rights during emergency lockdowns

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Principals worry they'll break the law if they stop parents collecting children during emergency lockdowns.
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Tentative Tall Blacks thumped by red-hot Canada in World Cup warmup clash

Stuff - 3 ore 18 min fa
Paul Henare's NZ men's basketballers received a reality check at the hands of an impressive opponent in Sydney.
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Northland's Ngawha prison taken to task by chief ombudsman over conditions

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Ombudsman criticises "degrading" conditions behind bars at Northland prison.
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Former Taranaki cop jailed for fleecing nearly $500,000 from hapū, stalling marae plans

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He not only stole hundreds of thousands from his hapū, but also their hopes and dreams.
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Japan's Emperor Hirohito had deep regrets over WWII

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Japan's wartime emperor tried unsuccessfully to express his remorse.
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Power cut caused by bad weather at Mairangi Bay on Auckland's North Shore

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Power was cut for over an hour for residents in Mairangi Bay on Auckland's North Shore, amid bad weather.
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How the rise of petrol discount schemes left motorists paying more for fuel

Stuff - 5 ore 14 min fa
Rising petrol discount schemes could be a "symptom of high margins", Commerce Commission says.
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Four injured in crash near Wesley College

Stuff - 5 ore 18 min fa
Four people have been injured, one seriously, after a car crash on State Highway 22 near Pukekohe.
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Glum Steve Smith out of third test

Stuff - 5 ore 22 min fa
The Australian batsman cuts a dejected figure after talks with coach Justin Langer.
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Missing Petone woman Jennifer McIlroy found safe

Stuff - 5 ore 24 min fa
A missing 73-year-old has been found safe and well.
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Rugby World Cup: Opening game poised to break record for domestic rugby audience

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World Cup opener between Japan and Russia is set to smash the record for a domestic rugby audience.
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US man smuggled $17 million of sex pills

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Californian John Lee made 5.5 million pills, they contained 14 times the active ingredient of a Cialis tablet.
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Alan Jones team threatens Media Watch with complaint after airing 2GB audio

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Australian broadcaster Alan Jones says he is a victim of a ruthless social media campaign.
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Dunsandel house badly damaged in fire

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Firefighters battled for more than an hour to douse a blaze that badly damaged a Canterbury house.
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Christchurch motorists support Jacinda Ardern's 'fleeced at the pump' call

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Canterbury drivers are feeling pain at the pump while fuel companies make "excess returns".
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Southland farms taken off Aussie animal rights website

Otago Daily Times - 6 ore 9 min fa
Sheep grazing on swedes on a farm in New Zealand. PHOTO: STEPHEN JAQUIERY Federated Farmer's national president is relieved an Australian animal rights website has now removed the addresses of hundreds of Southland farms.
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Post-truth politics

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ANALYSIS: National's skirting dangerously close to disputing the need for facts in politics.
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My lesson in not believing the online hype of new technology

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I tried Allbirds but my toes kept pointing to the fact that maybe they're not for me.
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Celebrity Treasure Island: At camp Kahu, the women are fighting back

Stuff - 6 ore 34 min fa
RECAP: Olympic rower Eric Murray tries to claim that "the men have to do all the work to provide for the females."
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The Block NZ: Ribz must go on without Lisa and the teams get their hands on power tools

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RECAP: The teams feel the pressure as site foreman Peter Wolfkamp cracks down on compliance.
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