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Milne Bay’s notorious 11

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The 11 suspects apprehended a week ago following the mayhem in Alotau have been repatriated to Port Moresby.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki confirmed as of last night that the 11 were at an undisclosed location in Port Moresby. The 11 are expected to be charged over various crimes committed while in the company of Papua New Guinea’s most wanted fugitive Tommy Maeva Baker, their gang leader

The 11 remained in police custody after being apprehended and were awaiting a magistrate to be brought in, however this is now not the case with the 11 now expected to face court in NCD. Commissioner Baki said their interviews took time as police tried to establish which crime each men were involved in.

According to the police they were collecting witness statements and the statements of the men who were apprehended last night.

The men with the youngest at 19 years old and the oldest at 36 years old were apprehended at Maiwara village in the Alotau district and at various locations in Alotau town a week ago.Four high powered firearms were confiscated with 93 various sizes of ammunition of also collected. The firearms and ammunition have also been brought into Port Moresby for ballistics testing.


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‘Butuka Academy not built on customary land’

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BUTUKA Academy is not built on customary land.

It is built on state land, this was confirmed yesterday by the acting Lands and Physical Planning Secretary Oswald Tolopa.

“Allotments 17 and 18 Section 128 Matirogo encompasses are under a certificate authorising occupancy under the Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs for education purposes. The process of transfer to the National Capital District under a special purpose lease for education/institutional purpose has begun and will be completed very soon,” Mr Tolopa said.

Butuka Academy at Horse Camp was located on State land, he reiterated. According to local landowners from neighbouring Kira Kira village, the school was built on customary land and belonged to the village people. They claimed that 95 per cent of their children were turned away by the school’s administration in the past three weeks. Village representative Reverend Hoge Rabura said that all children in 2017 and 2018 were neglected by the new school administration. However, the Lands and Physical Planning Department pointed out that the school was on State land and not customary land as claimed by the village. Since the school year started last month, Butuka Academy had seen a rush by parents hoping for a space for their child.


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Supreme Court cancels K140,000 award claim

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THE Supreme Court has quashed a decision by the National Court in 2015 which ordered Telikom PNG Limited to pay K140,000 to 14 then Post & Telecommunication Corporation (PTC) security guards who were retrenched in 1995.

According to the decision on April 30, 2015, the National Court had found Telikom PNG Limited (as the successor to PTC) liable for a breach of contract after PTC had allegedly short-changed 14 of its employees who were retrenched as part of a redundancy exercise. Following this ruling, the National Court awarded each of the 14 former employees K500 for each year since the breach, for a total of 20 years from 1995 to 2015 which amounted to K10,000 each.

However, during his delivery of the Supreme Court decision yesterday, Justice Derek Hartshorn determined that the trial judge had erred in making the awards, on account that the 14 plaintiffs had failed to establish a sufficient cause of action against Telikom PNG. Justice Hartshorn said that as respondents to the current review, the 14 former PTC employees had conceded in their pleadings that they had been retrenched according to government policy, as well as the relevant clauses of their employment contracts.

Their concession therefore defeated any claims of a breach of contract by PTC (and therefore any liability of a breach of contract by Telikom PNG). The Supreme Court also found that the original 14 plaintiffs had received and accepted earlier payments from the PTC following their retrenchment, although no complaints were raised until almost six years later, after the money had already been used. Justice Hartshorn further highlighted the fact that the various awards for damages were made on claims which the respondents did not plead or request in their statement of claim as highly improper.

Due to the fact that the standard in any ordinary civil claim is that the pleadings drive the evidence and the outcome of the proceedings.


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Opposition files court reference on O’Neill’s election as PM

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THE Opposition has filed a Supreme Court application to interpret the law on whether the election of Peter O’Neill as Prime Minister after the election was constitutional.

Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch and shadow minister for justice and attorney-general Kerenga Kua announced this after constitutional lawyer Loani Henao filed a Supreme Court reference yesterday afternoon.

Mr Pruaitch told a media conference that the reference had two different questions which the Supreme Court must interpret:

 That section 63 of the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates, under which the Governor-General has relied upon to invite the People’s National Congress Party to form government, following the 2017 general election, is unconstitutional because the provision was not authorised by the Constitution. The ensuing election of Peter O’Neill as Prime Minister is therefore claimed to be unconstitutional and invalid; and

That the election of Peter O’Neill as Prime Minister should have taken place “on the next sitting day” after notice of his nomination was given on August 2, 2017, to parliament, being the first sitting day of Parliament after the general election.

Mr Pruaitch said he and Mr Kua jointly filed the Supreme Court application in relation to the claims.

He said that the people were entitled to know whether the election of the Prime Minister on August 2, 2017, was in accordance with the Constitution.

But first the applicants would have to convince the Supreme Court that they had standing to make this application.

The two argued that both were citizens of PNG, Members of Paliament with Pruaitch the Opposition Leader and Kua the shadow attorney-general.

The application is expected to go before the Supreme Court on March 4.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill through Twivey Lawyers stated in a response late last night saying:

“This Supreme Court Reference by Patrick Pruaitch and Kerenga Kua is completely contrived and a publicity stunt.

“The main question they raise in this case is whether Section 63 of the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates (OLIPPAC) is unconstitutional and invalid.

Pruaitch and Kua allege that – if – and only if – then the election of Peter O’Neill as Prime Minister is invalid.

“The plain fact is that the constitutionality of Section 63 of OLIPPAC was tested previously – with Section 63 found to be valid and constitutional in the seminal Supreme Court case of Special Reference By Fly River Provincial Executive Council; Re Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates [2010] PGSC 3; SC1057 (7 July 2010).

“This Court Case is therefore completely spurious and vexatious.

“Additionally it is a matter of record that Peter O’Neill was elected by a majority of the Parliament to be Prime Minister.

“The litigants and their lawyers should be charged with contempt of court for initiating such a fabricated and fictitious case.”


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Recount ready to begin today

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AFTER much delay due to issues surrounding the venue all is now set for the judicial recount for Chimbu Provincial seat to start today.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed yesterday that containers containing ballot boxes for the Chimbu Provincial seat arrived in Goroka yesterday.

“The containers were successfully retrieved from Kundiawa after some minor resistance and were transported safely to Goroka in Eastern Highlands with the support of police mobile units from Mt Hagen.”

“Training of counting officials on electronic verification of ballot papers has been completed yesterday and the recount venue at National Sport Institute in Goroka is all set for the returning officer Kila Ralai to commence the recount.”

Mr Gamato gave assurance that the Chimbu judicial recount was a completely different activity apart from the Goroka Open election petition matter and interested parties should not worry.

He was responding to comments by Chimbu Governor Michael Dua in the media expressing concerns over the recount being conducted in Goroka.

Whilst the National Court has ordered a by-election for Goroka Open.

“Electoral Commission has joined in filing an appeal in the Supreme Court for the high court do a judicial review of the National Court’s decision on February 7 ordering a by-election for Goroka Open.

“Until such time the Supreme Court determines the appeal, a by-election for Goroka Open would not be conducted as ordered by the National Court.”

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission would join in filing an appeal in the Supreme Court on grounds of breach of natural justice against National Court decision regarding the Southern Highlands Provincial seat matter (EP79).


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Ballot papers for Chimbu seat arrive in Goroka

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THE ballot papers for the Chimbu regional seat recount have arrived in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.

More than 15 police vehicles escorted the ballot papers from Kundiawa to Goroka accompanied by Electoral Commission officials, while supporters of Michael Dua and Noah Kool followed close behind.

The ballot papers were kept at the Goroka Police Station where police have issued a warning to supporters.

They urge the supporters are urged not to congregate in front of the police station.

The recount will be held at the National Sports Institute where already a large crowd is building up.

Police have informed supporters not to interfere with the recount process and disturb the public peace. The National Court last year ordered a recount after an election dispute matter was taken up by former Chimbu Governor Noah Kool.

TOP: More than 15 police vehicles escorted the ballot papers to the Goroka Police Station yesterday.



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Former National Forest Service MD wins hefty payout for breach of contract

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UPON the delivery of a decision yesterday, former managing director of National Forest Services, David Nelson, has been granted an award for damages after the defence was dismantled on a technicality.

The National Commercial Court made a ruling yesterday on an assessment of damages after Mr Nelson successfully challenged his termination by judicial review, wherein his termination was quashed, but his application for reinstatement was refused.Subsequently, the judicial review also ordered that the State pay Mr Nelson (plaintiff) all his entitlements under the contract of employment until its expiry on May 24, 2006 (his contract was for May 23, 2002, to May 24, 2006, but he was sacked after the first 18 months) which would amount to about K4 million.

Justice Derek Hartshorn highlighted that the defence (Patrick Pruaitch as Minister for Forests, National Forest Board of PNG Forest Authority, NEC, and the State) maintained in their submissions that the plaintiff was not entitled to any damages.

As they insisted that there was no breach of contract.

However, Justice Hartshorn highlighted that the current proceeding was only concerned with the assessment of damages.

As the primary judge had already determined that the NEC had acted ultra vires (outside of its authority) in ordering Mr Nelson’s termination of employment.

And had therefore breached his contract.


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Police union warn of industrial action

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THE police union has warned of industrial action if the government does not make any attempt to settle their outstanding claims.

The claims include delayed payments of service allowances, outstanding insurance premium, APEC allowances and the 3 per cent pay rise award.

Concerned executives of the Police Association of PNG including the national president Lowa Tambua and PNG Trade Union Congress general secretary Clemence Kanau called their first media conference for the year at the PNGTUC headquarters at Korobosea, to voice their grievances.

“Enough is enough. To date government owes us over K90 million in outstanding allowances and another K35,000 in APEC allowances, the government must now respond positively,” police union president Mr Tambua said.

“Please make an attempt to settle us. The warning signals are clear. We have not made a public statement on these issue for over two years now. If the government does not pay attention to our claims then we will resort to industrial action,” Mr Kanau said.

More than 3000 policemen and women are members of the police union and are owed their service allowances and tension is fast brewing,” the union leaders said.

There is so much distrust towards the government prevailing currently among the security forces, including Police, CIS and Defence Forces. All police personnel throughout the country are now advised to prepare for the next course of action that the union will take whether industrial or legal.

They claim their service allowance as per the enterprise-based agreements, which were legally binding through Department of Personnel Management, the Police Department and PNG Police Association, was paid progressively until a new agreement supersedes.

“Dialogue and negotiations have been established and pursued with the national government and its agencies to no avail through meetings and correspondences,” they said.

“The PNG Police Association is also very concerned about its outstanding insurance premium where their members have not been accorded a decent burial, not funded repatriated costs or made available quality medical facilities.

“The state is to allocate K5 million annually through the RPNGC’s budget appropriation however the fund have been omitted.”


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Widows want their husbands’ insurance paid out

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THREE widows have asked for the police headquarters to pay outstanding insurance money owed to their families.

Representing about 54 widowers and widows who lost their husbands and wives between 2014 and April of 2016, the three – Rose Jack, Tabitha Winke and Esmee Taria – said that the years had gone and their husbands efforts in maintain law and order in their respective jobs had not been recognised.

“We have waited long enough, we need to get on with our lives too, we have children to support and this has taken too long,” Ms Jack said.

“We front up at the Police Headquarters and it’s embarrassing, we shouldn’t be turning up to ask for the insurance payout of our husbands.”

The women have been told numerous times by the office of the Human Resource at Police Headquarters that their husbands were under a different insurance broker.

“It’s the same excuse they give, your husband was under a different insurance broker or the department has no money that’s another excuse they give,” Ms Jack said.

Ms Jack, who is from the Gulf Province, met her husband Senior Constable Dunstan Baure from Tufi while he was serving in the province; he died in the line of duty in 2015 when trying to arrest a drunken suspect. Mrs Winke, from East Sepik Province, said her husband Winke Naki Singaio was working at the police headquarters in the ICT division and became sick and died in March, 2014.

For Mrs Taria her husband Sergeant Florian Taria served at Boroko as a public safety officer and died in November, 2015.

“We did everything we could and for me I had to leave the village and move to the city to follow up with the payment for my husband,” Ms Jack said.

“We want to return to our respective villages and live out our lives back home, city life is hard and caring for children is hard as well,” she said. “We just want a good answer from the Commissioner of Police, get the money owed to our husbands and leave,” Mrs Winke said.

When contacted, Police Commissioner Gari Baki confirmed that the period between 2014 and April of 2016, the police insurance broker was different.

“We are currently in a legal battle with the company but I can say we will pay what is owed.

“Our HR office is always in a constant meeting with the Department of Treasury and we have paid some of the money owed, and we will still pay.”

However, the women have said that three to four years of waiting was too long and they needed to move on with their lives and look after their families.


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‘Aust must resolve refugee issue’

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OPPOSITION Leader Patrick Pruaitch has called on the Australian Government to quickly resolve the problem of refugees who have been stranded in Papua New Guinea and Nauru for the past six years.

Mr Pruaitch said details that have emerged about the K1 billion (A$423 million) security contract that was awarded to the Paladin Group highlighted the callous way the offshore refugee situation is being treated.

He said the Paladin security contract was awarded in 2017, a year after the PNG Supreme Court declared that it was unconstitutional and illegal for refugees to be held in a PNG detention centre and after the virtual prison was subsequently shut down.

“These refugees came to Manus after perilous boat trips that have taken many lives and 600 of them have been left to languish on the island for the past six years.

“Following a visit there, the Catholic Bishops of PNG have said the mental health of most refugees has deteriorated severely and many are suicidal.” Mr Pruaitch said the government had acted in good faith to allow the Australian Government to set up the detention centre as a temporary solution and as a deterrent to other refugees that might attempt to travel to Australia by boat.

“The Australian Government has shown scant regard for the local and national problems created in PNG by the ongoing refugee crisis. By its actions it has also shown scant regard for the plight of these refugees, a stance that has been condemned by the United Nations.”


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SVS disposes cartons of fake detergent

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The team at Super Value Stores has disposed a total of 320 cartons of counterfeit So Klin 35 grams detergent at Malahang Industrial Center in Lae.
SVS is the main distributor of the laundry powder detergent and is warning consumers in to indentify the fake product (as pictured right) which is packaged and passed off as being PNG Made, which is not the case as the product is manufactured in Indonesia.
In a statement from SVS, it stated the 320 counterfeit SoKlin detergent boxes were imported into the country and were identified by PNG Customs.
“It was prohibited and was placed at the Swift Agency yard at Malahang Industrial Center.
“It is going to be disposed today (yesterday) February 20, because this fake product is harmful to people’s health.
“The original SoKlin detergent is made worldwide by PT.SAYAP MAS UTAMA, JAKATRA – INDONESIA, with the label WINGS on it.
“It contains white powder with active ingredients consist of blue, pink, and purple particles when opening the packet.
“While the fake one is false labelled with PNG MADE with white plain powder only and smells like bleach.”
The fake SoKlin comes is being packaged in 35g sachets, while the original SoKlin comes in 30g.
“We highly appreciate and thank the PNG Customs team for a well-done job that they have done, especially to Ian Hering with the assistance from Swift Agency Freda Kisiani and the team.
“These are the people that keep our country safe from any counterfeit product that is being imported in,” SVS stated.
Owners of the PNG MADE logo, the Manufacturers Council of PNG, when contacted late yesterday, CEO Chey Scovel, praised the efforts of Customs and the shipping agency for being vigilant in identifying the illicit products.
“We again thank Customs for their increased vigilance on the board and management. We recognise their work and as we stated before this is just the tip of the iceberg.
“It is sending a very clear signal to all of these people that Papua New Guinea is no longer going to be a welcome place for illicit traders and a dumping ground for cheap nonsense.
“They are illegally using the PNG made logo because it is a trusted icon and trusted brand. It is very important that they (customers) look out for these fake products.
“We have already advertised who the genuine PNG Made logo holders are,” Mr Scovel added.

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K100 million loan portfolio on 2019 NCSL radar

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NASFUND Contributors Savings and Loans Society (NCSL) is looking forward to hit K100 million for its loan portfolio before the end of this year.
This is after the society achieved a large loan portfolio growth and was able to bring down its loan delinquencies to a very low level.
General manager Vari Lahui said in an interview with the Post-Courier yesterday.
Mr Lahui said the society now has a very healthy loan portfolio and hopes to hit the K100 million mark on the portfolio well before end of this year.
He said growth of its loan book has also become the number one generator of the society’s revenue unlike in the past where they have a lot of monies invest in the government bonds which generated mist of the revenue.
“That has been taken over by loans and that’s very good because we are generating majority of the revenue from our core business,” Mr Lahui said.
“We have started 2019 with a bang with the loan portfolio continuing the growth trend with large volumes of loansin January and this is mainly due to the festive period and also leading up to the parents applying for school fees.
Hopefully when the February results come through, it’s also going to reflect another good month for 2019,” Mr Lahui said.
He said interim yearend accounts for 2018show NCSL recording the best financial results since inception in 2003 and now awaits the finalsation of the audit of the accounts before the Board makes a declaration on the additional interest to be paid to members.
He also advised there was good growth in member deposits and pointed out that another thriving product is the Kids savings account which is growing really well.
“It’s good to see that parents are putting aside some money for their children and hopefully the children can continue this and get into the habit of saving as they grow older.
“We want to create a savings culture.
“Because when we get money, we just want to spend it today and not thinking about tomorrow and it’s a pleasing trend that we are seeing so we want to continue encouraging that with our members,” Mr Lahui said.
NCSL has paid an average of more than 5 per cent in interest on funds under management over the last five years and is looking to continue this in the years to come.

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Chamber welcomes plans for petroleum authority

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The PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum has welcomed the announcement by the Petroleum Minister, Dr Fabian Pok, that he will table a Bill on the proposed National Petroleum Authority (NPA) in Parliament this year.
Chamber president Gerea Aopi, said it has been many years since the PNG government agreed to establish a National Petroleum Authority and it was commendable that Dr Pok has undertaken to finalise preparation of this Bill.
The NPA will play an important role in regulating PNG’s oil and gas sector, which has grown in importance since commencement of LNG exports in May 2014.
Mr Aopi said: “In the coming decade LNG exports from this country will double, reinforcing the role of the oil and gas sector as the largest contributor to the PNG economy and a significant player in international markets.
“Establishment of the NPA would contribute to significant skills development among Papua New Guineans who will be able to regulate a wide range of petroleum industry activities, from exploration to project sanction and development as well as the operational phase.”
He said the industry and the chamber are looking forward to the consultation process before the Bill is tabled.
Mr Aopi said a similar transformation has occurred in PNG’s mineral sector with the passage of the Minerals Resources
Authority Act 2005.
In the ensuring years MRA has developed inhouse expertise to monitor and regulate all aspects of mineral exploration and development, including safety and health issues, in a structure that is run and managed by highly qualified Papua New Guineans.
He said: “The national government has been aware of the shortcomings of the current Department of Petroleum, which is poorly funded and understaffed, particularly through recent findings of the government-led Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.
“The establishment of a strong, robust and efficient regulator that is financially autonomous will have the capacity to promote increased oil and gas exploration and assist the government in regulating petroleum industry activities.’’
Mr Aopi said Petroleum Development Agreements for two multi-billion-dollar LNG ventures – the P’nynag gas project and Papua LNG – are anticipated to be signed in the coming month. In addition, Twinza Oil’s Pasca project, involving PNG’s first offshore condensate-gas project, is expected to go through various approval processes in the coming year.
“We are fully supportive of this initiative and thank Dr Pok for his commitment and leadership in deciding to make this authority a reality,” Mr Aopi said.

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Cocoa group makes revenue from production

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The Nganalaka Cocoa Farmers Cooperative in the Kokopo Vunamami Urban LLG in East Britain has earned more than K48,000 from cocoa production last year.
Group production manager Blasius Vovore highlighted this recently when thanking the Cocoa Board of PNG for their assistance to buy a motor bike for the group.
Nganalaka is among four pioneer farmer groups in ENB that are producing, processing, and selling cocoa and are members of the PNG Agriculture Company.
Mr Vovore said the group was established in 2014 and over the four years they have seen a big progress in the project where the number of group members increased to 114.
He said in 2014, cocoa board supplied 300 to 625 cocoa seedlings each to the registered members depending on their block hectares and in 2016 a fermentry was built by cocoa board in their area for them to ferment their wet bean cocoas to sell as dry beans.
The group has already sold three rounds of dry beans. The first quarter for last year saw 20 bags receiving K9000, second quarter 45 bags worth K19,350, the third quarter was 49 bags getting K20,580 and the first production for this year is still underway and ready for export. They are expecting 45-50 bags for sale.
“We usually sell cocoa beans to exporter Outspan Limited.
“We have a cooperative account and money received from our sales we deposit them straight to our account.
“This is to benefit the members and further develop the group in the future.”
Mr Vovore said the outlook for this year looks promising for their cocoa production as last year was the first year for them to export and this year they expect to see an increase in production.

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SP Brewery launches export ‘can art series’

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The people of PNG, particularly consumers of the PNG’s renowned number one brewer, will now be able to buy brand new local art designs featured on its South Pacific Export Lager brand.
South Pacific Brewery ran a competition since last year called the “export can art series” giving opportunities for the local PNG artists and designers to come up with a design that best suits and will feature on the export lager white cans.
The competition drew about 500 entries throughout the country and only 22 winning designs from each province were selected.
The winners receiving a token of K1000 each as prize money for their artwork.
Each of the 22 wining designs will be featured on the famous South Pacific export lager white can this year.
However, the export can art series competition was part of the Export Lager’s best of PNG campaign to celebrate and promote PNG’s unique varied cultural art and its people.
From the 22 selected designs, the first five designs featuring the art designs from NCD, Morobe, Northern, Eastern Highlands, and Western New Britain provinces.
SP Brewery marketing manager Josh Wheeler said they are excited and glad to officially launch the first five from the successful 2018 export art series competition.
He said export lager aims to build a platform that inspires positivity and empowers Papua New Guineans to do better through celebrating the best of PNG through our great culture, land, agriculture, people especially the indigenous arts and designs.
“SP Brewery is an important part of PNG community and through its export brand we are proud to showcase and support local artists showcase their designs from all the 22 provinces,” he added.
Meanwhile, a second set of five export can series designs will feature East Sepik, Central, Western Highlands, Madang and Enga provinces. And the other 17 designs from the other provinces will be launched in the next coming couple of months.
A pleased NCD design winner Joseph Iava was present at the launch at the SP Brewery’s Brew Kettle, to see his design featured on the famous export lager white can.
Mr Iava a graphic designer from Vabukori village in NCD said it’s a very good platform as a graphic designer and it enable him to showcase its talents and provide the opportunity to showcase his culture as well through arts and design which is based on the Hiri trade that had a long history.

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Forestry hosts drone workshop

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Sixteen staff of the National Forest Authority (NFA) are currently attending a drone usage for forest monitoring training workshop in Port Moresby.
The two-week workshop started on Monday, and will end on Friday, March 1, 2019.
The workshop participants are from the Southern region office based in Port Moresby, Area West Regional office in West New Britain Province, Eastern Highlands, Bulolo forest plantation in Morobe Province, Kuriva forestry project outside Port Moresby, and within headquarters, Port Moresby.
The training is being held under the PNGFA-Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) project titled: Capacity Development for Operationalization of PNG Forest Resource Information Management System (PNGFRIM) for addressing climate change.
Workshop facilitators are therefore from both the NFA and JICA.
PNG is blessed with a wide expanse of forest which would support human life through its wise use in harmony with environmental benefits; however, logistical limitations hinder NFA from fully managing the forest.
The training is aimed at addressing manpower and technology constraints with the participants handpicked from the different forestry locations to learn and upon their return, share their knowledge; increasing NFA’s capacity in the long run.
The training has a week of theory exercises followed by hands-on training using the drone at Kupiano; four hours’ drive out of Port Moresby.

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Cyber attacks start with you

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Forget sequences from blockbuster films of gangs breaking into secure buildings, avoiding guards to attach a “tap” to a blinking server. Real hackers walk through the front door by sending you an email.
“Ninety per cent of cyber attacks worldwide begin with an email. Most organisations don’t really look at their email security that carefully,” said Michael Connory, chief executive of Security In Depth.
“Everybody is vulnerable. Australian organisations have no idea how vulnerable they are.”
After a cyber breach of the Federal Parliament’s computer network and a warning from one of Australia’s most senior military figures that the threat of similar attacks is on the rise, experts are pleading with Australian businesses to take the threat seriously.
“The easiest way for an attacker to get into an organisation is by phishing, by email,” Mr Connory explained.
It’s simple. Somebody in an organisation opens an email and are directed to click on a link, usually something that requires an action such as: “You need to update your details”.
When the person logs in, they inadvertently give their username and password to a hacker.
The information is then used to get into the broader computer systems of an organisation.

Consumers hit
Consumers feel the impact of breaches through the potential for identity theft.
Vast amounts of personally identifying detail is available online, and criminals don’t need much to get you in trouble.
“Your Tax File Number, your driver’s licence number, date of birth … from that small amount of information they could begin to set up companies, obtain credit, start to obtain loans, run up huge debts,” Mr Connory noted.
“A vast array of damage.”
For businesses, the danger goes beyond losing important data or confidential files.
Almost half of data breaches in Australia are in health and finance, where organisations risk losing the vital trust of customers and their ongoing business.

Patch, patch, patch
Cyber security expert Dr Suelette Dreyfus from the School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne said Australian businesses could easily trim their exposure in two simple ways.
“Patch, patch patch! Upload all of those security updates from the operating system, and set it to auto-update,” Dr Dreyfus said.
“The other is to set up two-factor authentication … for all of your accounts; your Google, your Facebook, your Twitter, because now those things are your outward view to the world.”
Two-factor authentication is common in online banking products.
Entering your username and password on the website prompts a text message to your smartphone that includes a four or six digit code. Without submitting the code, you can’t get in to your accounts.
“The vast majority of threat that Australian businesses face, in a cybersecurity sense, is from criminal elements,” Dr Dreyfus added.
“But there’s also the risk of industrial espionage, stolen IP (intellectual property). This stuff matters”.

Few defences
Major General Marcus Thompson told AM the threat of cyber attacks on the military is on the rise, but it was the broader capacity for the Australian Government to respond to a big fight in cyber space that kept him up at night.
“I have a concern, and I know this concern is shared by many of my colleagues and mates throughout the national security community, that in the event of a significant incident on Australia in cyber space, the resources that would be required to respond might not exist at the scale that might be required,” Major General Thompson said.
Major General Thompson leads the Information Warfare Division, which was set up in mid-2017 with the aim of providing both defensive and offensive cyber capabilities.
The threat isn’t hypothetical. Organisations as varied as global shipping giant Maersk and the United Kingdom’s National Health Service have suffered losses and disruption from cyber attacks.
In Australia, our biggest banks are currently trying to contact 100,000 customers, whose personal data may have been affected by a major breach at valuation firm, LandMark White.
The breach, revealed in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, could include birthdates, personal contact information and property valuations.
As a result, the Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and NAB have suspended use of the stock exchange listed firm.
In January, the details of 30,000 Victorian public servants and contractors were stolen in a data breach, after a Victorian Government staff directory was downloaded by an unknown party.
Easy access
Mr Connory, who describes himself as an “ethical hacker”, says tens of thousands — if not hundreds of thousands — of people have the skills to break into an organisation (recently his 14-year-old daughter, having watched a YouTube video, gave it a go).
“It’s simple,” he said.
“It takes us about 22 minutes to get access inside a company.”
Security In Depth recently researched 119 organisations, and found that for more than third, usernames and passwords that would give a hacker access were available on the dark net — an anonymised network only accessible using specific software.
“Most of the time a hacker will just sit there, watching,” Mr Connory said.
“In Australia, on average, a hacker will stay in an organisation for eight months before they’re even found. They’ve got access to emails, financial statements, to confidential company IP (intellectual property), they’ve got access to customer databases.
“By staying ‘in’ an organisation for such a long time they can start to see and read and be privy to a huge range of sensitive information.”
You might be the problem, but you’re also part of the solution.
Dr Dreyfus said companies need to train staff better in cybersecurity, to acknowledge that most problems begin through a seemingly innocuous email, and that a system is only as strong as its weakest link.
“They need to train their employees to understand, ‘Ah! This is the risk to the profitability of the whole company if we don’t come together and behave in better cybersecurity ways’,” she said.
“Herd immunity’ matters. If you can get your entire company up a little more, in their posture, it will be much better off as a whole.”


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The move to establish a National Petroleum Authority

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The mining and petroleum sector has already thrown its weight in support of the establishment of the proposed authority of which Parliament is yet to pass a bill to enact.
The State and the industry need this entity which will play an important role in regulating PNG’s oil and gas sector, which has grown in importance since commencement of LNG exports in May 2014.
The PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum has come out clear in its support of Petroleum Minister Fabian Pok who is finalising the required bill to be tabled in Parliament.
Elsewhere in the petroleum producing nations of the world there are similar set ups that regulate the industry in all aspects and covers both sea and land based resources.
And generally their functions require them to explore for petroleum and petroliferous minerals, recover petroleum and petroliferous minerals, refine petroleum in-country or elsewhere, manufacture petroleum products and petrochemicals, buy and sell petroleum, petroliferous minerals, petroleum products and transport them for markets.
As regulator the rules are very specific right down to the most minute of details due to the nature of the industry which produces highly combustible products and by-products.
It also has its own specific legal regimes which govern development of petroleum, agreements, sales and marketing and taxes.
Chamber president Gerea Aopi is emphatic of the role of the proposed National Petroleum Authority which will be tasked to regulate a wide range of petroleum industry activities spanning from exploration to project sanction and development as well as the operational phase.
For these it would require only highly skilled and specialised personnel which will include Papua New Guineans.
Unfortunately there is a shortage of skilled and specialised Papua New Guineans in most fields of the industry and hopefully the new entity will be addressing this shortfall on the long term.
It is not a secret also that there has been a permanent shortcoming facing the Department of Petroleum all these years which is poor funding and under-staffing.
And as Mr Aopi says the establishment of a strong, robust and efficient regulator that is financially autonomous will have the capacity to promote increased oil and gas exploration and assist the government in regulating petroleum industry activities.
He adds that in carrying out its functions in a professional manner, the NPA will enhance PNG’s competitiveness as an investment destination and improve training and employment opportunities for young Papua New Guineans and also ensure greater transparency in the issuance of licences.

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42 leagues confirmed for PNGRFL AGM

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Forty-two leagues from around PNG are eligible to attend the sixth PNG Rugby Football League annual general meeting in Lae next Tuesday (February 26).
PNGRFL chief executive officer Reatau Rau said the 42 leagues comprising of 18 from Southern, five from the New Guinea Islands, 12 from the Highlands and seven from Northern confederates have met all affiliation criteria for 2018 and complied with the PNGRFL constitutional requirements.
“The 42 leagues have fulfilled and met all constitutional requirements and their presidents are qualified and eligible to attend the AGM set for Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 8am at the Lae International Hotel,” Rau said.
He said apart from the normal order of business where the annual reports including the audited finance report will be presented, a general meeting will follow to discuss other league matters.
The affiliated leagues to attend are: Southern – Port Moresby (PRL), Moresby South, POM Suburban, Motu Koita, Rigo, Kiunga, Popondetta, Tei Kariko (Gulf), Kerema, Central Province Premier League (CPPL), Alotau, Koiari, Tabubil, Hiri West, Hiri East, Tauruba, Ihu and UPNG.
The New Guinea Islands has Kavieng, Rabaul, Gazelle, Kokopo City and Kimbe while the Highlands will see Goroka, Mt Hagen, Kundiawa, Mendi, Wabag, Nondugl, Pangia, Porgera, Banz, Minj, Kimil and Kudjip attending.
Northern will see Wewak, Maprik, Madang, Walium, Ramu, Kainantu and Lae.
Rau said the AGM will discuss and report on all matters and events held in 2018.
“We will deal with reports and matters that happened in 2018,” he said.
Rau said that the PNGRFL will pay the presidents/delegates return travel and accommodation costs.
“For those confederates and affiliates travelling by air, the presidents are asked to meet at a certain location from where the PNGRFL will pay the fares,” Rau said.
“NGI presidents will meet at Kimbe, Southern presidents will assemble in Port Moresby while the Wewak and Maprik presidents will fly out of Wewak.” He said confederates will be responsible for getting their presidents to these locations.
“PNGRFL will pay the return airfares from Kimbe, Port Moresby and Wewak,” he said.
“Highlands and the other Northern confederate presidents will travel by road into Lae.”
He said meals and other incidental costs will be the responsibility of respective confederates. “PNGRFL will pay for accommodation only,” Rau said.
He said all league presidents or their nominated delegates are scheduled to travel into Lae by Monday (February 25) and leave on Wednesday (February 27).

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Toti City to focus on their defence

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Toti City FC will have to work extra hard for the knockout stages of the OFC Champions League that is expected to be held in Tahiti in April.
The Lae champions finished as runners-up in their Group A stage of the champions league behind New Caledonia’s Hienghene Sport FC on 7 points followed by PNG’s Toti City FC on 5, Tahiti’s AS Tefana 2 and Vanuatu’s Malampa Revivors 1 at the recent campaign in New Caledonia.
Toti City players and their coach Peter Gunemba arrived in Port Moresby yesterday before heading to Lae late in the afternoon.
Gunemba said their main objective now is work on their defensive structure and patterns before heading back for the knockout stages.
“I think the main area is the defense, we got a big problem with the defense, from the three games the boys played, and scored the goals first, they came from behind to win the second game and drew in the last match,” he said.
“We were aiming to finish first but we finished second in the pool at least we achieved something.
“The boys were good compared to last year’s match, they just need to be focused and prepare themselves for the quarterfinals,” coach Gunemba added.
However, ball possessions on the field required more skills to be mastered by these young players.
Toti city FC captain Raymond Gunemba said in the first match they struggled a bit because their biggest problem was they played only one game in the Kumul Petroleum Holdings National Soccer League before they went and had lacked match fitness during the first match.
“I want to thank God for the trip to New Caledonia, our stay there and return without God we would not achieve this result,” Gunemba said.
“We worked and corrected our mistakes and the outcome of the result was a good one was an improvement in the second match,” he said.
Gunemba said in the last game, we gave our very best, compared to the three games we played, the last game was tough, but the boys performed and really stood their grounds despite they had the home ground advantage, the boys stood out a great
Gunemba highlighted few things they needed to polish up on in preparation for the quarterfinals; need to furnish on the frontline with scoring opportunities, and communication between the defense need to be fixed and a little bit on
finishing off.
Gunemba scored one and assisted one through forward Nigel Dabinyaba, settled for a hatrick in the second match however did not participate in the final match due to hem string and calf muscle injury.
Toti City FC gets back into camp by tomorrow to team up for the round five of the KPHL national Soccer league match on Saturday between Markham United

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