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Tourists can now 'take a trip to MARS' and stay inside a cave designed to mimic the Martian surface

Daily Mail - 54 min 20 sec fa
The adventure involves spending three days and nights in the confines of Ares Station, a 60 meter-high, 1.5km long cave, deep in the Canatabrian mountains.
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Great Saling: Woman is stabbed to death in picturesque Essex village

Daily Mail - 56 min 41 sec fa
The 41-year-old was found with stab wounds in Great Saling, near Braintree, on Monday afternoon and died at the scene.
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Footballer filmed repeatedly punching woman outside London nightclub jailed

Mirror - 1 ora 1 min fa
WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT Andrew Akingbaje, 24, was branded 'dangerous to women' as he was jailed for the shocking New Year attack outside Lotus in Clapham
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Inside Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s posh private jet paid for by Sir Elton

Mirror - 1 ora 4 min fa
Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, travelled in style during their summer getaway to Sir Elton John's Nice mansion with son Archie
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Proposal in mustard is slammed by Facebook users

Daily Mail - 1 ora 4 min fa
The unusual US-based proposal was shared in Facebook shaming group 'That's it, I'm proposal shaming' , and showed the words 'I love Will you Marry Me', written over four slices of bread.
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Robots at conference in China can fly, swim and even do brain surgery

Daily Mail - 1 ora 5 min fa
Cutting-edge robots are on display at the 2019 World Robot Conference in Beijing, running from August 20 to 25, are expected to attract nearly 200 guests from 22 countries.
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Aldi unveil brand new budget skincare range including a hydrating Miracle Oil

Mirror - 1 ora 6 min fa
Revamp your beauty regime with Aldi's newest autumn skincare saviours that are set to hit shelves next week
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Female hen harrier misses as mate drops a dead vole to her during mid-air food pass

Daily Mail - 1 ora 10 min fa
Professional wildlife photographer Dean Eades, 50, waited four hours in his car in Scotland to capture the moment a male harrier dropped food down to its mate over their nest.
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Southampton woman died after she inhaled too much laughing gas which she used to manage chronic pain

Daily Mail - 1 ora 10 min fa
Sarah Dudley suffered from CPRS and diabetes and couldn't leave her home. Carers who attended Ms Dudley's Southampton home raised concerns about her use of laughing gas.
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Neighbours' Scott McGregor denies calling stripper 'dirty s**g' before he was 'glassed'

Mirror - 1 ora 11 min fa
Neighbours star Scott McGregor is in court to testify against stripper Danielle Lee after he was allegedly glassed in a nightclub
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Marcus Rashford identifies how Man Utd can continue to improve after Wolves draw

Mirror - 1 ora 14 min fa
The Manchester United striker believes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's men are "a million miles" better than last term
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Asylum seekers crammed into rat-infested rooms

The Guardian UK - 1 ora 16 min fa

‘Guest houses’ provided by Home Office contractor unfit for habitation, say lawyers

Hundreds of asylum seekers have been crammed into a network of “guest houses” provided by a Home Office contractor overrun by cockroaches, rats and mice, the Guardian has learned.

Lawyers shown footage recorded by the Guardian – which reveals that families of four are sharing small double beds and are being crammed into spaces so small that they are barely able to walk around their rooms – said that the conditions could constitute statutory overcrowding and an environment unfit for human habitation.

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Charles Manson raped male classmate and got schoolgirls to beat up his bully

Mirror - 1 ora 16 min fa
The cult leader is one of the terrifying killers featured in the new series of Netflix's Mindhunter and is now
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Parents of Nick Knowles' new girlfriend Emily Hallinan say they'll never meet him

Mirror - 1 ora 17 min fa
Nick Knowles and his new girlfriend Emily Hallinan have been dating for months - but her mum and dad say they won't be meeting the DIY SOS host
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Driver, 48, wins two-year battle over £165 fine for £2 charge that he already PAID

Daily Mail - 1 ora 18 min fa
Shane Hatherall paid £2 by text message to use the parking spot at Clarence House in Newport, Wales. Parking Eye claimed they didn't receive it and sent him a letter fining him and summoned him to court.
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Forget the Louvre, here's our loo: people who turn their homes into art galleries

The Guardian UK - 1 ora 19 min fa

With exhibition space squeezed, artists are turning to their own domestic spaces to put on shows between the pots and pans in the kitchen, their bedrooms – and even the smallest room

Two months after Isobel Atacus moved into her new home in Walthamstow, London, she made an unusual decision: she would turn her living space into an art gallery. Since then, exhibitions have happened in every room, even the loo.

“Last year we exhibited a work that was a kind of ecosystem, stretched out over the floor of our living room,” she says. “There was was a block of ice melting through an unfired clay disc into a bowl below and the sediment water was pumped into a tank. It was a beautiful piece to live with for a few days.”

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Love Island stars warned 'don't believe your own bulls**t' or face working in Primark

Mirror - 1 ora 20 min fa
EXCLUSIVE: Caprice, 47, has warned the Love Island stars to curb their egos or risk losing out on fame and fortune
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Curtis Pritchard is surrounded by a bevy of beauties but Maura is nowhere to be seen

Mirror - 1 ora 21 min fa
The 23-year-old ballroom dancer looked in high spirits as he showed off his moves during a personal appearance at Gringos Bingo but Maura Higgins remained in the UK
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Game of Thrones star Kit Harington says he was 'p****d off' by Night King's death

Mirror - 1 ora 23 min fa
The Jon Snow actor revealed he wanted to be the one to wield the knife rather than his character's younger sister Arya
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Toddler injured after falling from hotel window in Blackpool

The Guardian UK - 1 ora 25 min fa

Two-year-old girl in serious condition at Alder Hey children’s hospital

A toddler has sustained multiple fractures after falling from the second floor of a hotel in Blackpool.

Emergency services were called to the Rooms Inn hotel, in the town centre, shortly before 9am on Tuesday to reports of a baby having fallen from a window.

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