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Former England striker Eni Aluko retires from football at the age of 32

The Guardian UK - Dom, 14/01/2029 - 23:16

• Aluko won 102 caps, five FA Cups and three English league titles
• ‘I feel like I’m ending on a high. I feel very excited’

The former England international striker Eni Aluko has announced her retirement from football at the age of 32, six weeks after she left Juventus 18 months into a two-year contract to return to England.

Aluko won five FA Cups and three English league titles while at Birmingham, Charlton and Chelsea, represented the American sides Saint Louis Athletics, Atlanta Beat and Sky Blue FC, and won the league and domestic cup in Italy.

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Democratic primaries: How and when will Trump's challenger for US President be decided?

Evening Standard - Mer, 02/12/2020 - 12:18
America will go to the polls in November to vote for the next president of the United States.
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Paris Men's Fashion Week: Must-see video showcases from Dior, Louis Vuitton, Y/Project and more

Evening Standard - 1 ora 4 min fa
Our men's style editor Geoff K. Cooper picks his highlights
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Online fashion giant Asos dropped Leicester clothing factories two years ago

Daily Mail - 1 ora 19 min fa
Asos stopped production in its Leicester factories two years ago after concerns were were raised over 'illegal wages', 'poor health and safety standards' and the employment of vulnerable employees.
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Amazon removes balcony barbecues from website after they're linked to lockdown flat fires in London

Daily Mail - 1 ora 20 min fa
Retail giant Amazon is no longer selling the 'balcony barbecues' after the London Fire Brigade branded the product 'irresponsible' and urged people to stop using them.
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Viewers accuse BBC of pandering to 'cancel culture' as broadcaster AXES Andrew Neil

Daily Mail - 1 ora 22 min fa
The BBC today revealed The Andrew Neil Show will end as it slashes a further 70 jobs in BBC News, taking the total number of redundancies to 520.
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Phone notification catches intruder breaking into woman's home

Daily Mail - 1 ora 22 min fa
Businesswoman Kanjanat Kitjapool, 44, watched CCTV footage from her home in horror as the thief broke in. She called police, neighbours, and her brother who lives near the home in central Thailand.
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Before and after photos how crack cocaine has affected dealers

Daily Mail - 1 ora 25 min fa
Before and after photos of crack dealers Rhys Watkins, 33, and Rachel Heywood, 39, from south Wales, were revealed after both were sent to prison yesterday.
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Face masks may have to be worn in ALL public places including offices and other workplaces

Daily Mail - 1 ora 27 min fa
Downing Street added to the bafflement by indicating that sandwich shops will not be covered, as the system would only apply in 'shops and supermarkets' after July 24.
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Asos says to REPAY UK Government for cost of furloughing

Daily Mail - 1 ora 29 min fa
Asos also said that it would not be taking advantage of Chancellor Rishi Sunak's £1,000 per employee bonus scheme for bringing back staff from furlough.
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Middlesbrough police continue search for missing sex worker

Daily Mail - 1 ora 30 min fa
Cleveland Police officers working with a specialist search dog have asked residents in around 1,300 homes for permission to go into the front and rear gardens of their properties in central Middlesbrough.
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Scientists end the 'century-long' search for microbe that eats metal

Daily Mail - 1 ora 33 min fa
US microbiologists discovered bacteria that feed on manganese and use the metal as their source of calories.
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Heavily pregnant woman punched in stomach by man over litter

Daily Mail - 1 ora 35 min fa
The man struck the expectant mother on the head outside a takeaway on Crewe Road in Alsager, Cheshire (pictured), at around 10.30pm on Sunday.
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'I was angry' – Mike Hodges on his lost film Black Rainbow, rescued after 31 years

The Guardian UK - 1 ora 38 min fa

As his supernatural thriller about murder and corruption in the Bible belt hits screens after three decades in limbo, the director talks about smash hits and on-set anarchy

‘If you make films that don’t fit into a particular slot, distributors and publicity people just don’t know what to do with them,” muses Mike Hodges from his Dorset farm. It’s the story of his career. Hodges, who turns 88 this month, made two of the best-known British movies ever: definitive gangster thriller Get Carter and sci-fi romp Flash Gordon. But many of his other films, through no fault of his own, barely saw the light of day. His 1974 sci-fi thriller The Terminal Man never got a UK release; he was fired from Damien: Omen II; Mickey Rourke IRA thriller A Prayer for the Dying was re-edited behind his back.

And then there’s supernatural thriller Black Rainbow, that Hodges wrote and directed in 1989. It is one of his best films, but its distributors fell into financial difficulties, so it never got a full cinema release. “By the time I made Black Rainbow I’d got kind of used to it,” Hodges laughs. “I was pretty angry of course, but there we go. One of those things.”

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UK coronavirus deaths jump by 85 as official total creeps over 45,000

Evening Standard - 1 ora 38 min fa
A further 85 people have died with coronavirus in the UK.
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Tory MPs urge Boris Johnson to ditch 'blanket' work from home guidance

Daily Mail - 1 ora 38 min fa
Tory MPs today urged Boris Johnson to ditch the Government's 'blanket' work from home guidance to encourage more people to return to their offices.
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Dancer in a bikini films 'Karen' telling her to 'cover up' because her sons were 'staring'

Daily Mail - 1 ora 39 min fa
Aurea Miranda, who is from Mexico but now lives in New York City, was enjoying a sunny day at a beach area near Freedom Lake in Dutchess County.
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Police search gardens for missing sex worker Natalie Jenkins in murder probe

Mirror - 1 ora 39 min fa
Natalie Jenkins, 32, from Middlesbrough, was last seen in December, and detectives have launched a major search operation which involves searching the gardens of 1,300 homes
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Manhattan tech millionaire's murder was 'financially' motivated

Daily Mail - 1 ora 40 min fa
Saleh's sister arrived at his apartment on East Houston in Manhattan's Lower East Side on Tuesday afternoon and found her brother's remains in plastic bags.
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UK companies stockpile ahead of Brexit potential cliff edge

Financial Times - 1 ora 41 min fa
If no agreement is ratified this year, the UK and EU will trade on WTO terms
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