Employees challenge Hawaiian Airlines vaccine mandate

Samoa News - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 19:58
Hawaiian Airlines plane on the HNL reef runway Source: Honolulu Civil Beat

Honolulu, HAWAII — A group of Hawaiian Airlines employees has challenged the company’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate, saying the company violated federal law by failing to accommodate their religious beliefs and medical conditions.

The lawsuit, filed this week in federal district court in Honolulu, asks the court to order Hawaiian to stop terminating or placing on unpaid leave “any employee who has a religious or medical basis for seeking an accommodation and does not wish to be terminated, placed on unpaid leave, or forced into retirement from the company.”

Hawaiian spokesman Alex DaSilva declined to comment on the specifics of the suit. However, Hawaiian issued a statement saying that approximately 270 of the company’s more than 6,000 employees had opted to take unpaid leave or leave the company rather than getting vaccinated by Wednesday’s deadline to do so.

To date, “96% of our 6,600-plus U.S.-based teammates are immunized, and a limited number of employees received reasonable accommodations,” the company said Friday. “We know that our vaccine requirement has been a challenging topic, but we have a responsibility to our fellow teammates, guests, and communities to keep each other safe – and vaccines are the most effective protection against the virus.”

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are pilots Robert Anthony Espinosa and Ronald Lum, flight attendants Riki O’Hailpin and Nina Arizumi, aircraft technician Erwin Young, management instructor Puanani Badiang, and customer service agent Sabrina Franks.

Read more at Civil Beat

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Samoan students at UH raise COVID awareness among Pacific Islanders

Samoa News - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 19:03
The Fealofani O Samoa Student Club at UH Mānoa compiled by Samoa News staff

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Fealofani O Samoa Student Club is raising awareness within the Pacific Islander (PI) community with a new public service announcement (PSA) to encourage COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.

A University of Hawaii News  press release says the video includes student testimonials about its importance with an infographic on different ways to say “protecting life” in 10 Pacific Islander languages.

The PSA is collaboration with PEʻA Inc, a recently established non-profit organization to increase college representation of Pacific Islanders in Hawaiʻi, and the John A. Burns School of Medicine. It is part of the Puipuia le Ola project, which aims to increase the reach and uptake of COVID-19 testing and vaccinations among Pacific Islanders in Hawaiʻi and on Guam.

“The students are our young advocates in the Pacific Islander community who understand the significance of “tautua” [support], said project co-investigator and club advisor Tina Tauasosi-Posiulai with the Office of Vice Provost for Student Success. “Samoan students are natural actors and were adamant to do the PSA as their contribution to our efforts to protect the community from being disproportionately affected by the coronavirus.”

According to the Hawaiʻi Department of Health in May 2021, Pacific Islanders made up 4% of the state’s population but since the onset of the pandemic, they have accounted for 20% of cases and deaths and 30% of hospitalizations.

The students encourage community members to “spread awareness, not COVID” and to “protect yourselves so you can protect each other.” The PSA will air on ʻŌlelo TV and social media channels.

See the video at and the Samoa News Facebook page.

(Source: University of Hawaii News)

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Fiji braces for cyclone

Samoa News - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 17:48
Projected path

Nadi, FIJI — The Tropical Disturbance TD03F was expected to become a low by midnight Saturday and attain a category 1 cyclone status by midday Sunday (local time).

In a threat map issued by the Nadi weather office, the category one cyclone will have an effect on the whole of Fiji's main island Viti Levu.

Fiji Met Service manager Stephen Meke said residents living on the western half of Viti Levu, Yasawa and Mamanuca group could expect strong northwest to northeasterly winds of up to 55km/hr.

"Tropical Disturbance 03F has intensified to a depression stage which simply means it is very close to tropical cyclone stage.

"So for now we are looking at TD03F to possibly become a tropical cyclone in the next 24 hours."

For the rest of Fiji, Meke said there would be moderate to fresh northerly to easterly winds, becoming predominantly northerly from Sunday.

Tropical Disturbance 03F has intensified into a depression at midday on Saturday and its center was located about 470km west-southwest of Viwa and 515km west of Nadi.

The depression is currently slow moving, Meke said adding it was likely to intensify further into a category one tropical cyclone by Sunday.

"TD03F is expected to move towards the east-southeast at about 10km per hour and the centre should pass about 260km west-southwest of Viwa at midday Sunday.

"Sea conditions will be extremely dangerous for sea travel especially for small crafts and not suitable for coastal activities."

Fiji has been experiencing heavy rain since Thursday with flash-floods expected in low-lying areas.

The Nadi weather office was earlier this week monitoring a low-pressure system which was set to develop into a tropical cyclone between Vanuatu and Fiji.

A series of alerts and warnings linked to active low-pressure systems were expected to affect both countries this week.

The Fiji Met Service is urging residents to prepare for possible flash flooding, lightning strikes, landslides, and reduced visibility on roads and at sea.

Strong wind warning were in place for the Lau Group and a heavy rain alert was in force for Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Lomaiviti and nearby smaller islands.

The Fiji Met said a strong wind warning also remained in force for Lau Waters and Northern Vanua Levu Waters.

The Pacific cyclone season is from November to April.

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One of Am Samoa's Olympic hopefuls photo & caption

Samoa News - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 17:36
Nathan Crumpton running

American Samoa Track and Field Association's Olympic sprinter, NATHAN CRUMPTON working hard to qualify for the February 2022 Winter Olympics in the sport of Skeleton. He is representing American Samoa. This first week of January 2022 began a series of qualifying competitions for NATHAN, beginning with the Intercontinental Cup Race Series, held in Altenberg, Germany. He came in 8th place.  [courtesy photos]

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Samoa News - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 10:11

[ata: foa'i] By Leua Aiono Frost





Ua to’ia fo’i se tasi o Kalapu aoga i le atunuu, “ Boys & Girls Club Amreican Samoa [BGCAS]” i le foa’i a le Fa’alapotopotoga agaga foa’i a Lealaifuaneva Peter E. Reid i le latou foa’i fa’aletausaga e $8,000. ma ua fesoasoani fo’i i le fa’atautaiga o le polokalama o lo’o fa’atautaia a i latou “Money Matters: Make It Count”.


O le polokalama fa’apitoa lea ua faatautaia e le BGCAS ina ia iloa lelei e le fanau a’o talavou i latou, le aoga o le tupe i so’o se mea e manatu le tagata e fa’atautaia i lona aiga, i lona olaga ma lana a’oga foi. E le gata i lea, ae o le a silafia ai fo’i e le fanau, e ao ina faia le latou vaega ina ia fa’aititiia le fa’aalu sese o tupe i totonu o latou aiga, so’o se fa’alapotopotoga e auai ai i latou, ia fa’asoasoa ma fa’aaoga tatau le tupe i mea e aoga ma fa’atuputeleina mai ai atili le tamaoaiga tausi o se aiga ma se fa’alapotopotoga.


E talu mai le tausaga e 2017, e faia lava le foa’i lenei a le Lealaifuaneva Peter E. Reid Faoundation i le BGCAS, o se latou toe fa’afo’i lea i le mamalu lautele o le atunuu, e tusa ai fo’i ma le fesoasoani tau fefa’ataua’iga a le atunuu i a latou tautua eseese o lo’o fa’atautaia pea lava i le atunuu.


Ole tamaitai Taitaifono, o le  Lealaifuaneva Peter E. Reid Foundation, Olivia Reid sa avea ma sui o le fa’alapotopotoga loto foa’i, e fa’ao’o atu le foa’i taua i le fa’atina poo le taitaifono o le BGCAS, Maryann Tulafono ma le latou aufaigaluega atoa, o a’otauina le fanau talavou i le latou Kalapu i Tafuna.


O polokalama uma o lo’o fa’atautaia i le BGCAS ua fa’atutu lea i le taumafaiga e aotauina le fanau talavou, ia lava saunia ai e ulufale atu i kolisi ma Iunivesite ma ua matele a latou aoaoga fa’apitoa i mataupu ma galuega fa’atino a le STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics. Ua i ai fo’i polokalama fa’apitoa ua fa’atautaia e i latou e fa’alautele atili ai le silafia e le fanau talavou ona fa’aaogaina o so’o se ituaiga o masini laiti se’ia o’o lava i Komipiuta ma isi mea faigaluega i totonu o Ofisa ta’itasi e fa’aaogaina ai so’otaga o le Initeneti, ia fa’ata’alise so’otaga mo le fa’aaogaina i fa’amaumauga ma sailiga o fa’amaumauga aoga i a’oa’oga.


O le faletua o Maryann Tulafono e faigaluega fo’i lava o ia e le totogia mo lea lava Kalapu, e mafai fo’i ona ia fa’afaigaluegaina so’o se tasi o fia fa’aaoga lana taleni ma le silafia i nisi o polokalama fa’atautaia i lea Kalapu aoga mo le fa’amasani a’ia’i o fanau i le soifua a’oa’oina fa’apitoa i ni kosi eseese e tau sailia ai latou fa’ailoga maualuluga i kolisi ma iunivesite i fafo.


“Ua le gata i lea taumafaiga ae ua fa’apea fo’i ona matua tima’ia e le BGCAS le fanau i ala e mafai ai ona latou fa’ataututu ma fa’afitauli e alia’i mai a’o aumau i fafo ma taumafai e saili ai le atamai mo tusi pasi maualuluga, o ala e mafai ai ona latou fa’aauau pea a’oga pe a tutupu mai la aafiaga e pei o faamai fita i lenei vaitau o le Covid-19, ia iloa pea fa’aauau a’oa’oga ae tumau i le soifua ia saogalemu mai pea i na fa’ama’i fita, ma isi fo’i fa’auilavea o le soifua talavou.”


“E ala i le polokalama Money Matters poo le “Taua le Tupe” ua faata’ita’ia, fa’ailoa ma tima’ia atili i latou, ina ia iloa lelei fa’asoa le seleni, faatau na’o mea e mo’omia ae le o mea e fia maua. E taua le iloa taofiofi mai ou mana’oga sese, e le aga’i ai oe i le alatonu e oo atu i lau sini na mafua ai ona alu malaga e tausaili. Ole soifua usita’i e taua, e le se ese ai mai lou fa’amoemoe maualuga na tu’ua ai aiga.”


“E matou te fa’afetaia tele lava ile agalelei ma le lotofoa’i o le Lealaifuaneva Peter E. Reid Foundation mo lenei foa’i e faifaipea, ma ua fesoasoani atili i le fanau ua aofia i lenei Kalapu i tausaga ta’itasi. Ia fa’amanuia le Atua i pisinisi uma ona o la outou foa’i e to’ia ai pea i matou uma i le BGCAS i lenei tele o tausaga,” o se tala lea a Tulafono e tusa ai o le foa’i.


O lenei foa’i sa fa’ataunuuina lea i le Nofoaga fa’apitoa o le Boys & Girls Club i Tafuna ia Tesema 30, 2021. 




O lo ua mae’a fa’alauiloa fa’alaua’itele le fanoga o le Taylor Farms Northwest Company i Kent, Washington, lea o lo’o gasolo i ai le toatele o e fia maua ni avanoa faigaluega i le setete o Washington i Amerika, ma ua latou fa’ailoa mai ai, “O lo’o sasi le fa’asalalauga muamua na fa’apea ai mo le masina o Tesema ma Ianuari e fia maua le 25 tagata faigaluega, e leai, o le sa’oga o lea mana’oga, e fia maua le to’a 25 o sui faigaluega e malaga mai e faigaluega i masina ta’itasi. O lona uiga o va’alele a le Hawaiian Air e malaga atu i Hawaii i masina ta’itasi e ao ina atoa le 25 o sui e fia faigaluega i lea Kamupani e malaga atu ai i fafo.”


O lo ua matauina e le’i muta la le avanoa lea, peita’i ua filifilia le matutua o i latou e talia le talosaga e amata i le 25 tausaga e aga’i i luga, ona o a’afiaga ua feagai ma le Kamupani lea talu ai e talavou tele nisi o le fanau na malaga atu muamua, ma ua fa’apea fo’i ona le mautonu lelei a latou fa’aiuga tau le soifua tausailia le lumana’i manuia.


“O le aumalaga muamua lava sa to’atele i le fanau fa’ato’a atoa le 18 tausaga ma le 20 tausaga le matutua, ua o mai e le o mautu a latou fa’aiuga fai i le soifua tau sailia ai o se lumana’i mo se aiga manuia i aiga i Samoa poo i latou lava i le si’itaga ua i ai nei. E to’atele ua fa’ama’amulu aua e le fia nonofo i fale o  mautotogi ma galulue, e fia tafafao i o latou aiga ma fa’amalie tafaoga masani o le olaga talavou. Ua fa’amatuu ese atu fo’i i latou na e o i o latou aiga ua filifili ai, ma ia faia lava le mea o manatu i ai le tagata ia e sa’oloto ma fiafia ai lona olaga.”


“Peita’i o le isi vaega lea ua matua lelei a le latou taumafaiga, ua tulituli e i latou manu o le tai taeao seia matua fa’amalie ai latou tapenaga mo nai o latou aiga e fa’amautu mulimuli mai i Amerika ma nonofo lelei ai. O le vaega lea ua iloga ai le galulue malosi o tatou tagata Samoa ma isi malo o le pasefika. O i latou na ua tatala ai pea le avanoa lenei, ona ua iloga, e malolosi ma agava’a tele o tatou tagata e faigaluega malosi ma fa’amaoni,” o se tala malamalama mai lea a Vladiva Diaz, le pule sili o lea fale faigaluega atoa i Kent.


“Ona o le tulaga e le tasi se falefaigaluega a lenei Kamupani o lo’o fia maua lava ni aufaigaluega agava’a ma le galulue malosi, o lea, ua matou fa’amaonia nei mea uma mo se aufaigaluega matutua lea sa mua’i fa’ato’ai mai. E moomia ai pea ona tatala le avanoa, o nisi ua taumafai i Samoa e faia latou visa e mafai ai ona ulufale mai, lea ua talia mana’oga sa fa’ailoa mai, e le vave lea taumafaiga ma e maua a le avanoa mo le tausaga fo’i lenei ua tatou savalia,” o se tala fiafia lea a le ali’i pule o le Taylor Farms.


O le peresetene o le Taylor Farms Northwest David Lawerence, sa ia fa’ailoa, “E matou te le manana’o e avatu fua matou tagata ua fa’afaigaluega mai i nisi o matou lala, peita’i ona o i matou lea ua ta’imua i lea faiga fou mo ni tagata faigaluega malolosi ma agaga i le galuega, o lea ua fa’avasega ai fa’apea le taumafaiga ina ia mafai ona fesoasoani atu i nisi o matou lala, pe a o’o ina tutumu uma avanoa i le matou lava lala i Kent nei.”


“Ua mafua fo’i ona gaua’i mai le matou pulega aoao o le Taylor Farms Northwest i le Iunaite Setete atoa, ona o lo’o le maua e isi lala o le kamupani aoao le matatia tau oloa fa’atau atu ma le alumia i tagata, ma le polofiti fa’aletausaga fo’i o lo’o matou maua. O le isi lava lea mea, ua mafai ai ona fa’amatu’u mai le fanoga e sailia ai e i matou lava, matou tagata faigaluega mai lea faiga ua sootaga ai ma Amerika Samoa.” O se tala lea a Lawerence.


I le kamupani aoao a le Taulor Farms e 29 ona lala ma e silia ma le 22,000 ona tagata faigaluega e aofia ai le pulega ma e i ai lala i le Iunaite Setete, Mexico ma Kanata. 


O e uma la ua talileleia a latou talosaga ua mafai ona maua avanoa i le Ofisa o Mooney Wieland i Nuuuli ma e fa’atalanoa ai sou avanoa e te malaga mai ai ma faigaluega i Kent Washington.

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Biden urges America to see the truth of Jan. 6 – and understand its place in history

Samoa News - Ven, 07/01/2022 - 18:48
Pres. Joe Biden with head bowed By John M. Murphy for The ConversationReprinted with permission

Urbana-Champaign, ILLIONIS — President Joe Biden closed his speech commemorating and deploring the events of Jan. 6, 2021, by asking God to “bless those who stand watch over democracy.”

To “stand watch” is to stand guard, but as a metaphor, it runs deeper. To stand watch on a ship is to keep out a weather eye – to keep an eye on the sea and sky for potential danger. In this larger sense, Biden’s address called on Americans to see the plain truth, to bear witness to the violence of Jan. 6 and survey the coming threats.

As a scholar of presidential rhetoric, I pay attention to metaphors because they often reveal a lot about the ideas, values and beliefs of particular chief executives and, indeed, of the nation as a whole.


Biden’s speech of Jan. 6, 2022, is of interest not only because of the circumstances that led to its being necessary, but also because of the visual language it employed.

The speech expressed a powerful faith in the plain truth. It asked Americans to believe their own eyes. That reflects a long philosophical tradition in Western culture equating sight or light with the truth. Yet there’s always been a countertradition, one that assumes real power lies in the shadows, conspires behind the curtains.

Former President Donald Trump’s fondness for conspiracies is well known – it was evident in his pushing of the Obama “birther” lie and his reluctance to disavow the QAnon conspiracy.

It has also shaped the view of many in his party that the 2020 election was somehow “stolen.”

In his speech, President Biden sought to disinfect the body politic with the light of truth. He did so in several ways.

Biden shaped the nation’s memory of Jan. 6 by what Americans saw that day. It was a violent attack, he said, an effort to overturn a fair election and overthrow American democracy.

To make that definition vivid, he repeatedly urged audience members, “Close your eyes,” asking them to see again what people saw that day. A mob dragging, stomping, attacking police officers. Rioters using flagpoles as spears. Confederate flags in Statuary Hall. A gallows on the Capitol lawn, readied for the vice president of the United States.

Recognize that violence for what it was, Biden urged. Ignore the excuses that have been made since. See the truth.


Not only did the president ask the nation to see Jan. 6 clearly, he also asked us to understand its place in history.

 Biden asked the audience to look at Statuary Hall, the chamber within the U.S. Capitol from which Biden spoke. It wasn’t just a convenient backdrop for his address. It is a record of history, symbolized by the statue of Clio, the classical muse of history, who stood watch over the Capitol and recorded all that happened there.

History saw Confederate flags and knew they had never appeared before in this sacred space. History saw police dying in defense of the Capitol and knew that had never happened before in this space. History saw, in Biden’s words, “a dagger at the throat” of democracy – a powerful visual image.

History saw the facts – they were plain and clear for all to see. The former president was defeated. He lost by millions of votes. Republican judges and politicians rejected his conspiracies.

This is the visual language of democracy. Democracies, Biden asserted, face their problems and recognize reality. They do not fall victim to shadows or what Biden described as Trump’s “big lie.” The truth is right there for all Americans to see, plain and clear.

John M. Murphy is Professor of Communication, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSection: Features

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Tuilaepa calls for inquiry into Office of the Electoral Commission after drug raid

Samoa News - Ven, 07/01/2022 - 18:30
Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi By RNZ Pacific staff

Apia, SAMOA — The leader of the Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) in Samoa has called for a Commission of Inquiry into the Office of the Electoral Commission.

Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi made the comment during a press conference with the media at the HRPP headquarters.

The call follows the arrest of the assistant Electoral Commissioner Afualo Darryl Mapu after a drug raid at his house.

Four illegal pistols, including a revolver, two rifles, $2,900 tālā cash, methamphetamine and several laptops were confiscated during the raid.

Tuilaepa said the recent drug raid raises suspicions whether the election results were fixed, hence the importance of having a Commission of Inquiry to assure the public the results were conducted accordingly.

He said following the police raid, they were sceptical and started to question the results, whether any alleged deceptive decisions were made and if any, may have an impact on the defeat of their political party.

As it stands, the HRPP have 20 seats while the FAST party has 32 seats.

Radio Polynesia reached out to the Minister of Electoral Commission Faualo Harry Schuster on his views to the call by Tuilaepa, which were not answered when this story was broadcast.


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Medicaid Office staff takes a small break photo & caption

Samoa News - Ven, 07/01/2022 - 17:49
Some Medicaid staff members and Sandra King Young

This photo posted to the ASG Medicaid Office Facebook page shows director Sandra King-Young (far right) with some of her staff during a holiday get together last week. King-Young publicly thanked her staff for their hard work.  [photo: ASG Medicaid Office Facebook]

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Molia umia o fualaau fa’asaia se ali’i sa fa’ao’olima lana uo tamaitai

Samoa News - Ven, 07/01/2022 - 13:41

[ata: SN] By Ausage



O le ali’i lea na pu’e faapagota e Leoleo i le masina na te’a nei, e mafua mai i le fa’alavelave lea na tuuaia ai o ia i lona fasi faamo’amo’aina lea o lana uo tamaitai i le tausaga na te’a nei, ua molia nei o ia i le umia o fualaau fa’asaina, ina ua maua e Leoleo fualaau fa’asaina ia te ia i le taimi na pu’e faapagota ai o ia.


E ui e le o manino mai i le taimi nei le mafua’aga na tuai ai ona molia e le malo le susuga a Tesimale Ugapo ona o le fa’alavelave na tula’i mai i le tausaga na te’a nei, peita’i o le itu mautinoa, o lea ua taofia nei o ia i totonu o le Toese i Tafuna i le taimi nei a o faagasolo ai taualumaga o lana mataupu.


O loo taua e le malo i le latou tagi e faapea, o le taeao o le aso 25 o Setema 2021 na talosagaina ai e se Tina se fesoasoani mai le Ofisa o Leoleo i Tafuna, i se ali’i na taumafai e ave faamalosi lana uo tamaitai i totonu o se ta’avale ma ia faaoolima i ai. Na taua atili e lea Tina i Leoleo, e le i faatagaina e le latou aiga le ali’i lenei e alu atu i le latou fanua, ae na ia ulufale faamalosi atu lava i totonu o le lotoa ma faatino ai lenei solitulafono.


O le ali’i ua molia e 40 tausaga le matua, ae o le tamaitai na aafia e 33 tausaga lona matua, ma ua lata i le 5 tausaga o le la mafutaga faaleuo, e pei ona taua i faamaumauga a le Fa’amasinoga.


Na maua le avanoa e fesiligia ai e Leoleo le tamaitai na aafia i lenei mataupu atoa ai ma molimau sa i ai i le taimi o le fa’alavelave, i le mafua’aga na tula’i mai ai le faalavelave e pei ona tu’uaia ai Ugapo.


Na taua e le tamaitai na aafia e faapea, talu mai le 5 tausaga o le la mafutaga ma Ugapo, e le o se taimi muamua lenei ua fasi ai e le ua molia o ia. O nisi taimi e matua tigaina ai lava i le fasiga o ia, e le mafai fo’i ona toe fealua’i ona o manu’a e aafia ai ona foliga, peita’i, e le mana’o lava e faailoa i se tasi faafitauli i lo la va ona o lona alofa naunau ina ia mautu ma lelei le la mafutaga.


O le 2 tausaga talu ai na tuua ai loa e le tamaitai na aafia ia le fale sa la nonofo ai ma Ugapo ae nofo i le fale a lona aunty i Iliili, ona ua le lava i le fasi soo o ia. O le faaiuga o le vaiaso lea na sosoo ma le aso Gafua na tula’i mai ai le fa’alavelave, na moe ai le tamaitai na aafia i le fale o lana uo tamaitai, ma sa latou mafuta faatasi ai fo’i ma isi ana uo tamaita’i e to’atolu.


Ina ua malama le taeao o le aso Gafua, na toe momoli ai loa le tamaitai na aafia i le latou fale i Iliili. A o aga’i atu le tamaitai na aafia i totonu o le lotoa o le fanua e aga’i atu i le fale, ae faalogo ua valaau atu se tagata i lona igoa. Na faigofie ona ia lagona, o le leo lea o Ugapo.


Na ia faliu i tua ma ia iloa atu ai Ugapo o loo tu mai i le faitoto’a o le pa, o loo valaau atu ia te ia e alu atu. Na vaaia e le tamaitai na aafia foliga ita o Ugapo, ae ona o lona manatu e tausi le filemu, na mafua ai ona savali i le vaega o loo tu mai ai Ugapo.


Na ita Ugapo ma fesili atu ia te ia poo fea sa i ai i le weekend, ae na tali atu i ai, na eva i le fale o lana uo teine i Tafuna. E le i talitonu Ugapo i lana tali. Na tago atu Ugapo ma toso mai lona uso atoa ai ma lona aveese o lana telefoni mai lona lima. 


Na sosoo lava gaioiga ia a Ugapo ma lona tago atu loa ua toso le tamaitai na aafia aga’i i le vaega sa tu mai ai lana pikiapu i le isi itu o le auala. Na ee le tamaitai na aafia ma fai atu ia Ugapo e tu’u o ia ae sa faaauau pea ona toso e Ugapo lana uo tamaitai, tatala le faitoto’a o le ta’avale ae una’i ai o ia i totonu ma fa’aauau ai pea ona ia faaoolima ia te ia e ala i lona ta tu’i ona foliga ma titina lona ua.


Na iloa mai e tausoga e to’alua a le tamaitai na aafia le faalavelave ua tupu, ma la tamomo’e mai ai loa e fesoasoani, peita’i na faigata ona la fesoasoani ona ua loka e Ugapo le faitoto’a o le ta’avale. 


Na tu’i e le tausoga a le tamaitai na aafia le faitoto’a o le ta’avale ma tae’a ai le tioata, ma mafai ai loa ona la tatala le faitoto’a ae taumafai e toso mai i fafo le tamaitai na a’afia, ae o loo toso atu fo’i e Ugapo le lima o le tamaitai ma taumafai e taofi i totonu o le ta’avale. 


E le i se taimi na faia ai finauga a le vaega lenei ae mafai ona loa toso i fafo mai le ta’avale le tamaitai na aafia ma latou tamomo’e ai loa i le fale, ae o le taimi fo’i lea na faaola ai le ta’avale a Ugapo ma alu ese loa. 


Na fesiligia e Leoleo tausoga e to’alua a le tamaitai na aafia, ma la faamaonia ai faamatalaga uma na tuuina atu e le na aafia i Leoleo.


Na taua e le tausoga alii a le tamaitai na aafia e faapea, ana leai le ma’a na ia fa’aaoga e tu’i ai le tioata o le ta’avale ma mafai ai loa ona tatala ae aumai i fafo le tamaitai na aafia ma latou tamomo’e loa i totonu o le lotoa ma loka le pa o le fanua. 


E atoa le vaiaso talu ona mae’a le fa’alavelave o taumafai Leoleo e saili ia Ugapo ua le mafai ona maua o ia. Na asia le fale a lona uso matua ma lona to’alua sa nofo ai o ia, peita’i na fa’aalia e lona aiga, na pau lava le faamatalaga na latou maua, o Ugapo o loo nofo i le fale o lana uo tamaitai i Iliili.


Ua aga’i atu i le 2 masina talu ona saili e Leoleo ia Ugapo ae ua le mafai lava ona maua. E ui ua mae’a ona sainia e le Faamasinoga lana poloaiga e pu’e faapagota ai Ugapo, ae ua le mafai lava e Leoleo ona maua o ia.


Ae i le masina na te’a nei, na pu’e faapagota ai e Leoleo ni ali’i se to’alua mai Ottoville ona o tu’uaiga i le faatupu vevesi i nofoaga faitele atoa ai ma le onana le mafaufau i luga o le alatele. O se tasi o i laua na pu’e faapagota e Leoleo, o le susuga lea a Tesimale Ugapo, le ali’i o loo tau sailia i lenei mataupu.


Ina ua mae’a ona fesiligia e Leoleo ia Ugapo e tusa ai o le mataupu na tulai mai i Ottoville, na faailoa atu loa e Leoleo ia Ugapo le tusi saisai mai le Faamasinoga e pu’e faapagota ai o ia, e mafua mai i le fa’alavelave lea na tula’i mai i le masina o Iulai o le tausaga na te’a nei, lea na ia faaoolima ai i lana uo tamaitai.


Ao le auina atu Ugapo i le Ofisa o Leoleo i Tafuna mo suesuega, na saili e Leoleo lona tino mo ni aupega, ae maua ai fualaau faasaina ia te ia. I totonu o le taga o le ofu a Ualesi sa laei i le po lea na maua ai e Leoleo se paipa tioata o loo i ai vaega o le pauta faasaina, atoa ai ma se tama’i taga pepa iila e tumu i lau mamago o le mariuana.


Na malie Ualesi e tuuina atu sana faamatalaga i Leoleo e tusa ai o le mataupu na tula’i mai i le va o ia ma lana uo tamaitai. I lana faamatalaga i Leoleo, na te lei fasia lana uo tamaitai e pei ona tu’uaia ai o ia, ae sa la tau upu ma misa e pei ona la masani ai. Sa ia teena tu’uaiga i lona toso faamalosi o ia i totonu o le ta’avale ma fasi ia te ia.


I tulaga o fualaau fa’asaina, na ioe Ugapo i Leoleo, o mea na maua i lana taga, o fualaau fa’asaina a ia.


O le masina na te’a nei na tula’i ai Ugapo i luma o le Fa’amasinoga Faaitumalo. E 2 tagi a le malo ua faila faasaga ia te ia. 


I le tagi muamua, ua tu’uaia ai o ia i le moliaga o le taofia faapagota o se tagata atoa ai ma lona taumafai e ave faamalosi se tagata i ni gaioiga e aofia ai sauaga i totonu o aiga, o le vaega C lea o solitulafono mamafa, lea e faasala ai se tasi i le Toese mo le umi e oo atu i le 7 tausaga, pe faasala i le salatupe e $5,000.


I le tali lona lua a le malo, o lo o tu’uaia ai Ualesi i lona umia faasolitulafono o mariuana atoa ai ma le moliaga o lona umia faasolitulafono o vaega o le pauta faasaina o le aisa, o solitulafono mamafa uma. O loo tu’uaia fo’i o ia i le moliaga mama o le faatupu vevesi i nofoaga faitele.


E $20,000 le vaega tupe lea ua faatulaga e tatala ai Ugapo i tua mai le Toese i Tafuna.

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"He messed with the wrong family" Teen takes down mugger

Samoa News - Gio, 06/01/2022 - 19:15
Masina Tupea Source: Hawaii News Now

Honolulu, HAWAII — The high school athlete has been called a hero countless times, but Masina Tupea says it’s what she learned growing up in Hawaii. 

Hawaii News Now (HNN) in Honolulu is reporting Masina Tupea and her family had just arrived in New Orleans last Tuesday and were on their way to dinner when they encountered trouble.

 “That’s when this guy just comes running and he punches my mom right in the face and she drops immediately. My dad yelled to me to go after the guy,” Tupea told HNN.

Adrenaline pumping, the Punahou graduate, who set a national deadlifting record of nearly 320 pounds, went after him.

 “I don’t think he was anticipating me going after him,” Tupea said.

Masina says they struggled and the man punched her in the face.

 “I got up. I’m stumbling. I can’t see out of my left eye and I tackled him and he tries to tackle me into this car first ... but I essentially threw him under the car and pinned him to the ground,” said Tupea. “He asked me to let him go, but I kept telling him that he messed with the wrong family.”

Police arrested and charged 36-year-old Augustus Taylor, a career criminal.


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Christmas & New Years on the Waterfront

Talamua - Ven, 31/12/2021 - 13:47
Christmas on the Waterfront Programme Eleele Fou, Apia, Samoa Opening of the Christmas on the Waterfront Programme Scenes from during the programme Hon. Toeolesulusulu Cedric Schuster, Minister of Tourism with the Opening Speech Hon. Fiame Naomi Mata’afa Prime Minister’s New Years Eve Speech Fireworks Closing: Scenes from around Apia
Categorie: Samoa

Court of Appeal orders to Restore & Reregister Caveat on Tuloto Land

Talamua - Mer, 22/12/2021 - 21:49
By Lagi Keresoma APIA, SAMOA – 23 DECEMBER 2021: The Court of Appeal has set aside the orders made by Justice Vui Clarence Nelson to remove the caveat from a land at Tuloto Apia. They also ruled that the Land Registrar must re-register the caveat. This is the latest twist
Categorie: Samoa

Former HRPP MP press charges against former PM & Others

Talamua - Mer, 22/12/2021 - 13:21
By Talaia Mika APIA, SAMOA – 23 DECEMBER 2021: The former HRPP Member of Parliament, Maualaivao Pat Ah Him has lodged a complaint with police against the former Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi; former Police Commissioner, Fuiavailiili Egon Keil; former Attorney General, Savalenoa Mareva Betham and Deputy Police Commissioner, Auapaau
Categorie: Samoa

Change of Attitude Best Christmas Present for Family

Talamua - Mer, 22/12/2021 - 13:05
By Lagi Keresoma APIA, SAMOA – 23 DECEMBER 2021: There is no better gift to give to a family in the festive season than a change of attitude and perspective towards life and how it’s should not be taken for granted. This was the testimony of Aneti Poutasi of Tanugamanono
Categorie: Samoa

Local Bee Keepers to take the Honey Industry to a new level

Talamua - Mer, 22/12/2021 - 12:55
APIA, SAMOA – 23 DECEMBER 2021: A newly formed group, known as the Samoa Apiculture Organization (SAO), was formed this week at the request of the Samoa Government, under the facilitation of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Small Grants Progamme (SGP) office in
Categorie: Samoa

Tamauli Band – Pe Aisea (2004)

Talamua - Mar, 21/12/2021 - 08:01
Song Description: With so much beauty God has given us in the world, there is so much pain and suffering at the same time. Why? Artist: Tamauli Band Song: Pe Aisea Lyrics & Music: Lance Polu Album: Sua Sua Mai le Tai Released: 2004 Recording Studio: Samms Studio, Alamagoto
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Samoa Ports Authority returns $3.182 million talā dividend

Talamua - Lun, 20/12/2021 - 21:08
APIA, SAMOA – 21 DECEMBER 2021: The Samoa Ports Authority today presented a dividend cheque of $3,182,748 for the financial year ending 30 June 2021. The cheque was presented on behalf of the Chairman and the Board of Directors, the Management and Staff by the Minister of Works, Transport and
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Police arrest two females and six males in drug raid

Talamua - Lun, 20/12/2021 - 20:55
By Talaia Mika APIA, SAMOA – 21 DECEMBER 2021: Police have arrested two females and six males after seizing 19 grams of methamphetamine in a raid at Ma’ali Street, Vaitele in the weekend. The Deputy Commissioner of Police, ‘Au’apa’au Logoitino Filipo said the eight people involved were previously released on
Categorie: Samoa

Christmas on the Waterfront

Talamua - Dom, 19/12/2021 - 22:07
By Lagi Keresoma APIA, SAMOA – 20 DECEMBER 2021: The Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) and the Church of Latter Days Saints have combined efforts to give the country a colourful Christmas starting Monday 20th December 2021 through to New Years Day, 01 January 2022. As there is no emphasis on
Categorie: Samoa

Committee investigates how an Act signed into law was different from that passed by Parliament

Talamua - Dom, 19/12/2021 - 20:43
By Lagi Keresoma APIA, SAMOA – 19 DECEMBER 2021: A Special Committee appointed by Cabinet has launched an investigation into how the Head of State signed a certain Bill into law that was different from the version passed by Parliament. Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mataafa confirmed the investigation saying research
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