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Visualizations show downtown Honolulu under water in future

Samoa News - Sun, 17/10/2021 - 19:46
Graphic show possible extent of flooding as climate change advances Source: Climate Central

Honolulu, HAWAII — Dramatic new visualizations show the potential impacts of rising sea levels on cities worldwide, including Downtown Honolulu, with much of Oahu’s urban core underwater if the world continues on its “current carbon path” and sees 3 degrees Celsius in global warming.

The visualizations were put together by Climate Central, a research organization focused on climate change. The group concludes major cities “will need to mount globally unprecedented defenses or lose most of their populated areas to unremitting sea level rise lasting hundreds of years.”

The visualizations show that even if the globe sharply cuts carbon pollution but sees 1.5 degrees Celsius in global warming, Downtown Honolulu will see major impacts from sea level rise.

One visualization shows Iolani Palace inundated by floodwaters in a worst-case scenario.

Climate Central said 3 degrees Celsius in global warming would have dire impacts for worldwide.

In fact, their research concluded in that future scenario the high tide line could creep above land that’s now occupied by about 10% of the globe’s population or over 800 million people.


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New Zealand Pacific community makes super vaccination effort

Samoa News - Sun, 17/10/2021 - 19:06
Woman with mask waving Samoan flag By RNZ Pacific staff

Auckland, NEW ZEALAND — There was a street festival vibe to many Pasifika-organized Vaxathon events around New Zealand on Saturday.

Thousands of Pacific people have taken the chance to be vaccinated against Covid-19 - with organisers going out of their way to make many events as much fun as possible.

In Onehunga at the Langimalie Supervax Event long queues of cars held occupants waited to be vaccinated, while outside people danced in the streets, waving Tongan flags, and brightening the mood of all those around them.

The Tongan Health Society chief executive, Dr Glenn Doherty, said they were giving 100 vaccine doses per hour at the event.

In Ōtara, while the vibe was more chill, long lines still snaked slowly around the MIT carpark as large numbers waited for their doses.

The Samoan flags were waving at the Super Saturday vaccination event at the Browns Road netball courts in Manurewa, with those turning up getting a dose of Siva Samoa with their vaccine.

The Samoan community there gave out food parcels, sanitary products and petrol vouchers.

In Māngere, at the LDS church on Robertson Road, it was all about Kuki Airani culture.

The 'Do it 4 the East' youth-led vaccination event in East Porirua's Cannons Creek featured live music and performances, raffles, food and basketball.

In the South Island, members of the Nelson Tasman Pasifika Community Trust were at the whānau day at Nelson Intermediate School.

Around 100 people there had received the Covid-19 jab by midday.

Nelson Tasman Pasifika Community Trust chair Sonny Alesana said reaching out on social media is helping to boost the number of Pasifika vaccinated in the top of the South Island.

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Property management directed to inventory assets

Samoa News - Sun, 17/10/2021 - 18:53
 Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga By Samoa News

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Through an executive order, Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga has directed the ASG Office of Property Management, which was established in 1998, to inventory certain government assets.

According to the order, ASG is in need of an inventory in connection with its U.S Department of Education “High Risk Corrective Action Plan”, which requires a semiannual report next due on Oct. 31st this year.

The governor directed that Property Management shall complete an inventory of:

• tangible assets intended for use of a period greater than one year from date of purchase, that is, Fixed Assets, with a value of $5,000 or more;

• all computers and portable electronic devices; and

• all land and anything growing on, affixed to, or build upon land that is “Real Property”.

Property Management shall complete this inventory by Oct. 31st and provide updates to the ASG Compliance Review Committee twice a week until the inventory is completed, according to the order.

The governor directed all ASG departments, offices and other agencies to give Property Management their full support and cooperation; respond to Property Management’s inquiries without delay; and Property Management shall provide an update on its progress to the Chief of Staff and Compliance Committee twice weekly until the final inventory is complete.

Furthermore, the ASG Road Marshals shall assist Property Management upon request from its director. And upon the request of Property Management, the governor may attach additional resources and manpower to Property Management to complete the inventory.

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4 month old baby dies of COVID in Guam

Samoa News - Sat, 16/10/2021 - 18:44
Samoa Coronavirus advisory logo Source: RNZ Pacific

Hagåtña, GUAM — A four-month-old baby boy was among the three Covid-related deaths reported on Guam.

The boy was pronounced dead on arrival at the U.S Naval Hospital Guam on Wednesday.

He is the youngest Covid-related fatality on Guam.

The two other related covid deaths were a 64 year old man, and a 21 year old woman.

Meanwhile, the Samoa government has decided to increase the quarantine period for incoming passengers from 14 days to 21 days because of the spike in community cases of the Covid-19 Delta variant in New Zealand.

This was confirmed by the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Leausa Dr Take Naseri, at a news conference, where he added that the Delta variant has an incubation period of 28 days and it can transmit on the first or the last day.

Some 249 passengers who arrived on September 30, and are due to be released next week, will be asked to self isolate in their homes for a further seven days.

Leausa said about 50 people who lived outside of New Zealand had travelled to Samoa on a flight two weeks ago.

They included a family from Mongolia and others from England, Austria and the USA.

Samoans who had travelled to New Zealand for medical treatment under the government medical treatment scheme were also on the flight.

Leausa said that so far there was good news with all the passengers receiving negative tests upon arrival and similar results on their second test five days later.

Several passengers on the same flight wanted to leave the quarantine in order to attend family funerals but were not allowed to leave.

On Friday, sixty-five new community cases of Covid-19 were reported in New Zealand.

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Samoa's opposition leader says members have not been paid

Samoa News - Sat, 16/10/2021 - 18:35
Samoa's opposition leader, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi Source: RNZ Pacific

Apia, SAMOA — Samoa's opposition leader, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, has called on the FAST government to stop withholding salaries for the Human Rights Protection Party parliamentarians.

TV1Samoa reports that Tuilaepa made the call at a news conference saying none of them had been paid since July 2021.

"We have been duly sworn in so we should be paid," he said.

It's been three months since the FAST government took office and all 18 HRPP members have yet to be paid.

"This is not becoming of a supposed just government who like to promote the rule of law," he said.

Tuilaepa also said that the 7 HRPP members who lost their seats as a result of election petitions are entitled to be paid.

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Las Vegas family gathering photo & caption

Samoa News - Sat, 16/10/2021 - 17:52
U.S. Army soldier with children and her mother

Le ata o le Ulufale atu i Las Vegas mo se matamataga, Oketopa 13, 2021. Le tamaitai Tautua i le USArmy Lehualani ma lona tina ma le fanau. [ata: Leua Aiono Frost]


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Samoan RSE workers enter NZ on quarantine-free travel

Talamua - Sat, 16/10/2021 - 11:46
By Talaia Mika APIA, SAMOA – 16 OCTOBER 2021: One hundred fifty Samoan workers entered New Zealand today under the special Arrangement to facilitate a one-way quarantine-free travel Arrangement from Samoa to New Zealand. The workers are recruited under the Recognized Seasonal Employment (RSE) Scheme and departed from Faleolo International
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SENESE Helps Youth with Hearing & Speech Impediments

Talamua - Sat, 16/10/2021 - 11:25
APIA, SAMOA – 16 OCTBER 2021: The Australian Government in its on-going partnership with the Government of Samoa through the Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) provided SAT$173,000 to SENESE’s Inclusive Education Support Services to strengthen its support services under Hearing Services, Speech & Language Therapy and Vocational Life Long Learning.
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Samoan corrections officer in California tragically killed in the line of duty

Samoa News - Fri, 15/10/2021 - 20:08
Toamalama Scanlan

Paramount, CALIFORNIA — It is with deep sorrow it is announced that Toamalama Scanlan passed away on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, at Kindred Hospital in Paramount, California. He was 46 years old.

On September 3, 2016, Officer Scanlan sustained gun shot wounds while responding to an active shooter in the main jail lobby. Since that date, Officer Scanlan has been hospitalized and ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

Toamalama Scanlan began his career with Fresno County Probation on June 29, 1998, before joining the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office on April 10, 2006. Toamalama promoted to Correctional Officer IV on August 20, 2012. At the time of his injury he was assigned to Population Management and he was a SERT team member.

Toamalama leaves behind his wife, Tepatasi, and five children.

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Samoa police inspector accused of amending police records

Samoa News - Fri, 15/10/2021 - 19:52
Acting Police Commissioner, Auapaau Source: RNZ Pacific

Apia, SAMOA — A Samoa Police Inspector, Kenneth Komiti, has been suspended, as an investigation looks into claims he allegedly altered police documents.

Mr Komiti, a Commanding Officer for the Police Prosecution, has been accused of amending police records in relation to a businessman who appeared in court for a charge of drunk driving.

The suspension of Mr Komiti was confirmed in an internal memorandum, endorsed by Acting Police Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo.

"Suspension from official duties. Pursuant to Section 42 of the Police Service Act 2009, I hereby suspend Inspector Kenneth Komiti from official duties pending the results of the investigation against him.

The suspension took effect on Wednesday 13 October, 2021," said Auapaau in the internal memorandum.

Mr Komiti said he was unaware of any investigation into him.

"I am not aware of any investigation against me, and therefore I will not say anything at the moment," said Komiti.

At the conclusion of the Police internal memorandum, the Human Resources Management and Finance to proceed with necessary documents to effect the decision immediately.

Efforts were also made to get comments from the Acting Police Commissioner, Auapaau and Minister of Police and Prisons, Faualo Harry Schuster, but there has been no response as of press time.

Last year, Komiti was suspended in relation to his handling of a firearm at the center of a criminal case pending in Court. In the case, the defendant faced a charge of being armed with a dangerous weapon.

However he was reinstated a month later.


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Uifa'atali Amata calls Am Samoa an anchor in Australia-U.S. security pact

Samoa News - Fri, 15/10/2021 - 18:50
New Hospital to Be the Beacon Anchor map Source: Congresswoman Uifa’atali Amata's Office- Washington D.C

Washington, D.C. — In a letter to Senator Zed Seselja, Australia’s Minister for International Development and the Pacific, following a recent video conference call with members of the Congressional Pacific Islands Caucus, Congresswoman Uifa'atali Amata called American Samoa one of the three anchors of the new AUKUS Indo-Pacific security pact pledging the three signatories, Australia, the United Kingdom and the U.S, to a joint effort to check Chinese expansion into the Pacific region. 

The consultation took place shortly before Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrived in Washington separately for a late September summit of the Quad (Australia, U.S., India and Japan) grouping, a separate alignment with many of the same goals.

"My priority in Congress is to secure funding for a new, state-of-the-art hospital that can make maximum use of internet and other modern communications technology to provide quality health care through telemedicine not only to our people but to our part of the region," explained Uifa'atali, "reducing the need for long travel to such metropolitan centers as Auckland, Sydney and Honolulu for specialized treatment that could be provided in American Samoa." 

She said the territorial government says it will set aside a major portion of the $479 million, potentially upwards of $300 million, in recently granted stimulus funds from the federal government toward such a facility, but that additional authorization legislation from Congress will be required to enable American Samoa, and other territories or states to use those funds for critical healthcare infrastructure.

A new facility would be on the western side of Tutuila convenient to the airport, whose main runway already has the capacity to handle the largest aircraft flying anywhere in the world today. The VA alone spends millions of dollars each year just to fly military retirees to Honolulu for checkups and treatment because the department has judged American Samoa's only hospital below minimum VA standards for treatment of veterans.

In a GAO study mandated by Congress three years ago, the watchdog agency gave American Samoa's half-century-old Lyndon B. Johnson Tropical Medical Center a failing grade. The study said the project could reach $900 million and take up to 10 years to complete depending on decisions in scope. Congresswoman Amata has been successful in having $2.5 million for initial planning and design work added to this year's Interior budget, which is still pending in Congress but likely to pass at the end of the year.

Finally, there is also pending proposed legislation passed out of the House Energy and Commerce Committee as part of the $3.5 trillion proposed stimulus plan that could grant American Samoa up to $150 million over 10 years towards development of the hospital. This funding is dependent upon final passage of new stimulus funds and subject to modifications or reductions in negotiation of the overall package. Additional funding will be pursued from other agencies as well, including the Department of Interior, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and Department of Defense.

Applauding Hawaii Congressman Ed Case's leadership in the bipartisan Pacific caucus, Uifa'atali commended the Minister for the briefing and urged regular communication with American Samoa Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga in the future on Australia's activities in the region. 

“People familiar with World War II history think of places like Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Peleliu and Tinian but are less aware that while American Samoa thankfully was not a front-line battleground,” noted the four-term congresswoman, “the territory served as a vital staging area for the U.S. armed services in the Pacific theater.” 

The military also recruited many Samoans for service in the war effort, including her own father, the late Governor Peter Tali Coleman, who served in Solomon Islands and after the war was inducted into the U.S. Army Infantry Hall of Fame at Fort Benning, Georgia.

“We are proud to be able once again to serve our country's security needs in the challenging period that lies ahead and believe our new hospital would be a critical component of regional security and a tangible demonstration of American soft power. Just as Hawaii is the northern anchor of AUKUS, American Samoa is proud to be the southern anchor along with Australia,” Uifa'atali  concluded.

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Progress on Governor's Mansion road photo & caption

Samoa News - Fri, 15/10/2021 - 18:20
Road to Mauga-o-Alii

This Samoa News photo taken Wednesday afternoon shows the construction crew continuing their work on expanding and improving the road goings up to the national historical site, the Governor’s Mansion on Mauga-o-Alii. [photo: FS]

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Speaker unaware by-election dates have changed

Talamua - Fri, 15/10/2021 - 10:25
By Lagi Keresoma APIA, SAMOA -15 OCTOBER 2021: Parliament Speaker, Papali’i Li’o Ta’eu Masipa’u was surprised when asked why the dates for the seven by-elections had been changed from 12 to 26 November 2021. Speaking to Talamua today, Papali’i said he did not know of any changes and as far
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Samoa News - Fri, 15/10/2021 - 10:04

Le susuga le Malu o le Malo Toamalama Scanlan i Fresno Police Department, California. [ata: foa’i] By Leua Aiono Frost





Ua faailoa le tu’ua o le Malo e le susuga le ali’i malu o le malo sa galue i Fresno Police Department i Kalefonia.


Talu mai ona a’afia le soifua maloloina o le ali’i Malu o le Malo ona o se fa’alavelave na tupu ma fa’amanu’alia ai o ia, na amata mai ai ona fa’ataotolia Toamalama Scanlan mo togafitiga, ua i’u ai nei fo’i lona soifua, ona o a’afiaga o lona ola mai ia lava manu’aga ogaoga.


Ua maliu nei o ia ma ua fa’ailoa mai fo’i fa’amaisega mai le Matagaluega o Leoleo sa galue ai o ia i Kalefonia mo le faletua ma le fanau loto fa’avauvau.


Na maliu o ia Oketopa 12, 2021 a’o fa’ataotolia i Kindred Hospital i Paramount, Kalefonia. Ua atoa ai fo’i le 46 tausaga o lona soifua.


O le fa’alavelave sa a’afia ai lea alo Leoleo mai Amerika Samoa, Toamalama Scanlan sa tupu lea ia Setema 03, 2016 lea sa ao taumafai i latou e fa’afilemu se tasi o vevesi na tupu lava i le Ofisa o Leoleo ina ua sofa’i atu se tasi ma tafana nisi i le nofoaga o saisaitia ai nisi. E afua mai lea aso na lavea ai o ia, sa fa’ata’otolia lava o ia i le falema’i mo ona togafitiga, ma ua i’u ai nei lana taumafaiga ina ia toe manuia mai, peita’i, ua maliu lemu atu ai o ia.


E manatuaina pea e le Ofisa o Leoleo i Fresno lana auaunaga ae maise o ona uiga tausa’afia a’o latou galulue fa’atasi e tausia le filemu ma puipuia le mamalu lautele mai nisi e fa’atupu fa’alavelave pe a’afia ai latou olaga saogalemu.


Na amata le tautua a Toamalama Scanlan i le Matagaluega o Leoleo ia Iuni 29, 1998 ma i’u ai ina avea o ia ma se tasi o ali’i malu o le Malo ia Aperila 10, 2006, fa’amanu’alia ia Setema 2016, ae o lea ua maliu nei ia Oketopa 2021, o lo’o fa’aauau pea lava.


Na siitia lona tofiga e avea ma Leoleo o le Falepuipui IV ia Aukuso 20, 2012. I le taimi ua fa’ataotolia ai o ia ona o ona manu’aga, ua siitia ai lona tulaga i le Population Management ma ua avea ai o ia ma sui totino o le SERT.


Ua soifua mai pea o i lona faletua o Tepatasi ma le to’alima o la’ua alo ua alaala tumau pea i Fresno, Kalefonia.


Fa’amaise le Atua i le tina ma le fanau ma aiga loto fa’avauvau.




Ua fa’ailoa le fa’amalo ma fa’amanuiaga a le tatou Faipule i le Konekeresi, Uifa’atali Amata Radewagen i le mamalu o le au faifa’ato’aga i le atunuu, aua o lo ua avea le aso 12 Oketopa ma aso faapitoa mo le Au Fa’ato’aga i le Iunaite Setete uma lava.


“Ou te momoli atu le fa’amalo ma le fa’afetai tele ona o lo outou sao i le fagaina o le atunuu. E leai se faigofie i la outou galuega i lo outou olooloia ma le gapatia e toto fa’aeleeleaga aoga mo le atunuu. Ua iloga lo outou sao, e matele fo’i ina lape ma ua le lava le matou sao e fesoasoani ia te outou, ae ua iloga lo outou sao i le atunuu lautele. E ese mai oloa gaosi tau mea taumafa, ma oloa mai fafo, o outou e mau i ai le toovae a le Malo i tulaga tau mea taumafa paleni mo le tausiga o le soifua maloloina lelei o le atunuu. E leai lava nisi e mafaia ona toe fa’afo’ia i tatou uma i tua i taumafa o matai’ai a le atunuu pele, ma ua tatou fa’ananau i ai i aso uma mo le tausiga o le tino malosi lelei. Fa’afetai tele mo lo outou galulue malosi i fa’ato’aga ma lafu manu,” o se fa’afetai ma le fa’amalo lea mai le afioga Uifa’atali Amata i le aufaifa’ato’aga.


“Ua mautinoa fo’i le i ai o nisi o fesoasoani ua taulimaina e le Malo e fa’afaigofieina ai la outou matafaioi tausi i le atunuu, peita’i, afai e lape nei tautua, e fa’amaulalo atu ia te outou uma. E leai lava se mea e mafai ona sao a’ia’i e leai ni fa’aletonu, ae o le agaga maualuga ia tofu maua e outou alamanuia tutusa ma isi uma faifa’ato’aga i le Iunaite Setete atoa.”


“O lo’o nofo i Uosigitone nei le tino, a’o le agaga ua tumau lea ma momo’o atu i mea taumafa uma o lo’o outou folasia i le Maketi i Fagatogo ma isi uma Maketi i le alatele i so’o se alaalafaga ua fa’atutuina ai. O lo’o ua momo’o i se esi pula suamalie ma se Niu malu e tali a’i le galala mai galuega fai o le aso. A’ se fa’i pula suamalie mai folasaga i le Maketi i Fagatogo ma se ‘ato talo aua le toona’i o le Sapati.”


O se toe fa’aopoopo mai lea a le tamaitai Faipule e tusa o fua o fa’aeleeleaga o lo’o folasia i aso ta’itasi e le aufaifa’ato’aga.


O nisi o polokalama o lo’o fa’aauau pea lava ona maua mo le aufaifa’ato’aga ua aofia ai ma le nisi o fa’atupega mai le Block Grant o alagatupe fa’auia mai e le USDA mo le Malo, ma ua aoga fo’i le SLP mo le aufai fa’ato’aga e sapalaia ai le Polokalama o Me’ai a le Fanau A’oga i le atunuu. Talu mai le 2020, ua fa’ateleina atili tinoitupe fa’aagaaga mo nei polokalama e le Konekeresi ona o lo ua a’afia fo’i le atunuu i le. Covid-19 ma ona alamanuia. Ua fa’aopoopo fo’i le CARES Act.


Ua ese mai lea ua toe faaulu atu se isi talosaga mai le tatou Faipule i le Konekeresi, ona o le a’afiaga o le aganuu a Samoa i le tautuaina o latou matua matutua e ala i le Polokalama a le TAOA lea e fagaina ai le atunuu e ala i mea’ai vela.


Ua toe fafagua ai nisi o manatu o ta’ita’i ua i ai nei, le ta’ita’ifono o Jim McGovern , ma ua toe talanoaina ai lea faiga o lea polokalama, atonu o le a toe fesuia’i ai se faiga e tusa o lea alamanuia mo Tama ma Tina Matutua, ae tapena mai ai nisi o meataumafa e naunau i ai tatou matua matutua e mautinoa lava e agava’a ai le aufaifa’ato’aga e sapalaia lea itu o le tautua.


I le 2020, na auai Uifa’atali Amata i le taumafaiga e toe fa’ailoa atu i le USDA, ina ia aofia ai ma faifa’ato’aga laiti e pei o fai fa’ato’aga i Amerika Samoa i alamanuia o lo’o ua agavaa i ai faifa’ato’aga tetetle i Amerika. E le gata i lea, ia aofia ai ma ituaiga o la’au toto i fa’ato’aga i le atu terapika i nei alamanuia, o ituaiga meatoto nei olo’o faato’a e o tatou faifa’ato’aga.




Ua mae’a nei ona faia uma suega mulimuli a le aumalaga sa nonofo va’ava’aia i le faletalimalo a le Sadies by the Sea ma le faletalimalo o le Tradewinds, ae leai ma se tasi na toe maua se suega o lo’o fa’amaonia mai o maua i le Coronavirus. I le taimi nei ua tatala uma i latou i tua ma ua oo fo’i i latou i o latou aiga. O i latou na sa o mai i le malaga a le Hawaiian Air mai Honolulu ia Setema 27, 2021. O le umi o le latou nofo va’ava’aia e 14 aso i faletalimalo nei e lua.


Peita’i e to’alua sui mai lea aumalaga, lea na ulufale atu lava, ae maua mai fa’aiuga o suega e a’afia i la’ua i le Covid-19 ma o i la’ua la na sa fa’anofoia faapitoa loa i le falema’i na fausia lelei mo le fa’amoemoe e fa’anofoia ai i latou e suesuea fa’apitoa i le Covid-19.


O le toalua lea ma le isi to’atolu o nisi sa feso’ota’i ma i la’ua nei ua fa’anofoia pea i latou i le falema’i o Covid-19.


Ua fa’ailoa mai o le aso Lulu o le vaiaso nei sa mafai ai ona o i latou uma e kilia mai le fa’ama’i i o latou aiga. O lea fo’i le fa’amatalaga faapitoa sa fa’ailoa atu i nisi o le fono faitulafono sa latou fia iloa se tala mai le tulaga o i ai nei sui o lo’o ua a’afia, ae maise le aumalaga sa latou malaga fa’atasi mai i le atunuu.


O lo’o ua tumau pea lava le aiaiga ina ia faia le lua suega a sui uma e fia malaga mai i le teritori i Honolulu faato’a tu’ua ai lea setete mo Amerika Samoa.


O le isi malaga ua fa’atulaga ona to’ai mai i le atunuu o le malaga lea ia Oketopa 14, 2021 ma ua fa’atulaga lava lea malaga mo le masina atoa o Oketopa, ona fa’ato’a toe sau lea o le isi malaga ia Novema 01, 2021.

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$5m Stimulus Package for Tourism sector

Talamua - Thu, 14/10/2021 - 22:09
By Talaia Mika APIA, SAMOA – 15 OCTOBER 2021: A $5million tala Stimulus Package has been approved by Cabinet for the tourism sector to assist with the impact of Covid-19 lockdown on these businesses. The $5million included in the budget passed last month and will be for the hotels and
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Prime Minister & Cabinet visit some manufacturers

Talamua - Thu, 14/10/2021 - 22:02
By Talaia Mika APIA, SAMOA – 15 OCTOBER 2021: A site visit of various manufacturing businesses by the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour discovered that some companies have had their licenses revoked and income taxes in arrears. The Ministers included the Deputy Prime
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OIA grants $8.5M for energy initiatives in the U.S. territories

Samoa News - Thu, 14/10/2021 - 19:09
DOI-IA logo Source: DOI Office of Insular Affairs press release

WASHINGTON —  The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs (OIA) announced $8,500,000 in grant awards provided through the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs’ Energizing Insular Communities program to support energy initiatives in the U.S. territories.

 “Energy costs in the territories are among the highest in the nation,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary Keone Nakoa, “we are pleased to provide support for these initiatives that help drive down the costs and promote cleaner energy options, a priority in the Biden-Harris administration.”

The Energizing Insular Communities grants for fiscal year 2021 total $8,500,000 and have been awarded to various projects in each of the U.S. territories as follows:


  • o    American Samoa Shipyard Services Authority - $360,000 for solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery energy storage system
  • o    American Samoa Telecommunications Authority - $670,000 for an energy-efficient chilled water HVAC system at the central office
  • o    American Samoa Medical Center Authority - $1,000,000 for microgrid, cooling tower, and LED lighting retrofit projects


  • o    Guam Power Authority (GPA) - $154,526 for LED lighting upgrades at the Tamuning Elementary School
  • o    GPA - $1,291,938 for LED lighting upgrades, HVAC central control upgrades, and a solar PV system at the University of Guam
  • o    University of Guam - $274,587 for 2023 Guam Strategy Energy and Action Plan
  • o    Guam Community College - $475,200 for a 100-kW solar panel system


  • o    CNMI Department of Public Works, Division of Energy - $215,336 for the residential rebate program for Energy Efficient/Energy Star appliances in the CNMI, second year of program
  • o    CNMI Ports Authority - $260,500 for cool roof and LED lighting upgrades at the Saipan International Airport
  • o    Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC) - $299,996 for a pilot project exploring automated electrical power distribution
  • o    CNMI, Tinian local government - $328,236 for the installation of solar-powered light systems on public buildings and pathways
  • o    CNMI Energy Task Force - $370,680 for planning and coordinating technical assistance
  • o    CUC - $645,000 for a 2.5MW solar PV and battery storage integrated facility design


  • o    Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority - $1,000,000 for the procurement of hybrid and electric utility fleet vehicles and equipment.
  • o    Virgin Islands Energy Office - $1,154,000 for the Government Operations Fleet Electrification and Energy Efficient Transition project

The Office of Insular Affairs’ (OIA) Energizing Insular Communities program is made available each year by Congress to support energy priorities in the U.S. territories. For more information on grant assistance provided through OIA, please visit:

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Lava fountain inside Kilauea reaches nearly 100 feet high

Samoa News - Thu, 14/10/2021 - 18:45
Kilauea volcano Source: Hawaii Tribune Herald

Volcanoes Nat'l Park, HAWAII — Kilauea volcano continues putting on a show. The western vent inside Halemaʻumaʻu crater in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park had sustained lava fountain heights of 33-49 feet (10-15 meters) on Tuesday, with variable heights up to 98 feet (30 meters), according to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

Since the volcano began erupting on Sept. 29, the lava lake inside the crater has risen about 138 feet. It rose about 7 feet on Tuesday.

The total volume of lava since the beginning of the eruption was estimated to be about 4.2 billion gallons on Oct. 8.

All lava activity is confined within the crater, and seismicity and volcanic gas emission rates remain elevated.

No unusual activity has been noted in the East Rift Zone. Ground deformation motion suggests that the upper East Rift Zone — between the summit and PuʻuʻOʻo — has been steadily refilling with magma over the past year.

Read more at Hawaii Tribune Herald

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Tafuna vs Samoana ASHSAA football photo & caption

Samoa News - Thu, 14/10/2021 - 18:01
Tafuna High School’s powerback is gang-tackled by three Samoana defenders

Tafuna High School’s powerback is gang-tackled by three Samoana defenders at mid field while still refusing to go down during the second quarter of their varsity match up last Saturday morning at the Veterans Memorial Stadium – Tafuna won 36 - 34. More football photos in slideshows. Coverage of ASHSAA Football is proudly sponsored and brought to you by Congresswoman Uifa’atali Aumua Amata. [photo: Tony Gasu]


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Molia se alii i le umia o fualaau faasaina ma le faia o sau’aga i lona aiga

Samoa News - Thu, 14/10/2021 - 10:56

[ata: SN] By Ausage



Ua tu’uaia nei e le malo se ali’i e 46 tausaga le matua i lona umia o fualaau faasaina ma le faamoemoe e tulei ma faatau atu i isi tagata, ina ua taofia faapagota o ia i lona faia o ni gaioiga e save’u ai le nonofo filemu i totonu o le latou aiga aemaise ai le va o ia ma lona To’alua, ae maua ai e Leoleo fualaau faasaina i totonu o se tama’i ato lanuuliuli sa fusi i lona sulugatiti.


O le masina na te’a nei na tula’i ai le susuga a Reupena Afitu i luma o le Fa’amasinoga Faaitumalo mo lana ulua’i iloiloga.


E 5 moliaga ua tu’uaia ai e le malo le susuga a Afitu. 


O ia moliaga e aofia ai moliaga mamafa e 3 o lona taofia faappagota o lona aiga i se auala fa’asolitulafono; fa’aaoga fa’asolitulafono o se a’upega; faapea ai ma le umia fa’asolitulafono o vaega o le pauta fa’asaina o le aisa, o le vaega D lea o solitulafono mamafa, lea e mafai ona fa’asala ai se tasi i le toese mo le umi e le silia i le 5 tausaga, pe fa’asala fo’i i le salatupe e le silia i le $5,000, poo le fa’asala fo’i i fa’asalaga uma ia e lua; faapea ai ma moliaga mama e 2, le moliaga o le faaoolima i le tulaga tolu, atoa ai ma le faia o gaioiga e ono lamatia ai le saogalemu o fanau laiti, o le vaega A lea o solitulafono mama, lea e mafai ona fa’asala ai se tasi i le toese mo le umi e le silia i le tasi le tausaga, pe fa’asala i le salatupe e le silia i le $1,000, poo le fa’asala fo’i i fa’asalaga uma ia e lua.


E $25,000 le vaega tupe lea ua fa’atulaga e le afioga i le tamaitai Faamasino ia Gwen Tauiliili-Langkilde e totogi ona faatoa mafai lea ona tatala Afitu i tua mai le Toese i Tafuna 


Afai ae mafai e le ua molia ona totogi le tupe ua fa’atulaga e tatala ai o ia i tua, ua fautuaina o ia e le Fa’amasinoga ina ia fesoota’i vava lalata ma lana loia, auai i soo se taimi e valaau ai lana mataupu, ma ia tausisi i tulafono uma a le malo.


E le mafai ona ia tuua le atunu’u pe taumafai fo’i e tuua faamalosi le atunu’u e aunoa ma se fa’atanaga a le Fa’amasinoga, ua poloaina fo’i le tuuina atu o lona tusi folau e taofi e le malo se’i vagana ua mae’a taualumaga o lana mataupu.


E mafai ona ia taumafai e faafesoota’i molimau a le malo i soo se auala, aemaise ai fo’i lona to’alua ma lana fanau. Afai latou te fetaui i soo se nofoaga, o lona tiute o lona tula’i lea ma alu ese mai ai.


Na teena e le Faamasinoga le talosaga a le ali’i Loia Fautua sa tula’i mo le alii ua molia, mo se avanoa e faaitiitia ai le tupe e tatala ai i tua o ia e faatalitali ai taualumaga o lana mataupu. 


Na taua e le alii Loia Fautua e fa’apea, e mana’omia le faigaluega o le ua molia e tausi ai lana fanau, e le o ia o se tagata e masalomia lona sola ese ma le atunu’u, ae o ia o se tagata e galue malosi mo le manuia o lona aiga.


Na talosaga atili le Loia Fautua i le Fa’amasinoga ina ia faaitiitia i le $5,000 le tupe e tatala ai i tua le ua molia. 


Na tete’e malosi i ai le itu a le malo i lea talosaga. Na taua e le Loia a le malo e fa’apea, o le tupe lea ua mae’a ona fa’atulaga e tatala ai i tua le ua molia, ua talafeagai lelei ma le matuia o le solitulafono ua tu’uaia ai o ia.


Na taua e le loia a le malo e fa’apea, e le gata na fa’afefe e le ua molia lona to’alua i se a’upega malosi, ae na ia taofia faapagota fo’i le Tina ma le fanau mo se taimi umi. Ae sili ai i lo lena, na maua ai e Leoleo fualaau fa’asaina ina ua pu’e fa’apagota o ia mai le nofoaga o lo o faigaluega ai.


E talitonu le malo, afai ae tatala i tua le ua molia, e ono tele se avanoa e sola ese ai o ia mai le atunu’u. 


I le mae’a ai ona fa’afofoga o le Fa’amasinoga i fa’afinauga a itu e lua i uiga i le talosaga a le itu tete’e, na teena ai loa e Patea le talosaga ina ia faaitiitia le tupe e tatala ai le ua molia. Na taua e le Faamasinoga e fa’apea, o le tupe ua mae’a ona fa’atulaga, ua talafeagai ma le mamafa o le solitulafono o lo o tu’uaia ai le ua molia.


O le vaiaso nei lea na tula’i ai le ua molia i luma o le Fa’amasinoga Maualuga mo lana ulua’i iloiloga, ma ia teena ai tu’uaiga fa’asaga ia te ia. 


O le masina o Tesema lea ua fa’atulaga e faia ai le ulua’i iloiloga o le mataupu a Faapu’e i luma o le Fa’amasinoga Maualuga. O le taimi nei, o lo o taofia pea o ia i le toese i Tafuna ina ua le mafai ona ia totogi le tupe sa fa’atulaga e tatala ai o ia i tua.




O lo o taua e le malo i le latou tagi e faapea, o le po o le aso 24 o le masina o Setema na te’a nei na talosagaina ai e se Tina mai se vaega o Tafuna le fesoasoani a Leoleo, mo se avanoa e taofia ai lona to’alua i le Falepuipui ona ua ova le ‘ona ma ua amata fo’i ona ia faia gaioiga e save’u ai le nonofo filemu o le aiga.


Na taua e le Tina i Leoleo e faapea, e le o se taimi muamua lea ua faia ai e lona to’alua uiga faapenei ia te ia.


Na taunuu Leoleo i le fale o le aiga ma latou aveese mai le Tina ma lana fanau to’atolu ma aga’i atu loa i le Ofisa o Leoleo i Tafuna mo suesuega. Na toe aga’i atu Leoleo e saili mai le ua molia peita’i latou te lei maua le susuga a Fitu i le po lea. 


Na taua e le to’alua a le ua molia i Leoleo e faapea, sa faia se inugapia a lona to’alua ma nisi o alii i tua o le fale, ma faafuase’i ai ona ulufale atu lona toalua i totonu o le fale ma fesili atu ia te ia i se mea’ai. Na tali le Tina o le aiga (to’alua a le ua molia), e vaai le mea’ai o loo i luga o le laulau.


E lei fiafia le ua molia i le auala na tali atu ai lona to’alua ia te ia, o le mafua’aga lea na ia liliu atu ai loa ma le faamoemoe o le a faaoolima ia te ia, peita’i na oso ese le fafine ma tamo’e i totonu o le potu o loo momoe ai lana fanau.


Na faateia le fafine ina ua kiki atu e le tagata le faitoto’a o le potu ma malepe ai. Na manino i le vaai a le Tina, o le tagata na ia kikiina le faitoto’a, o le ua molia. Na avea le pao leotele o le taimi na kiki ai le faitoto’a ma auala na feala ai lana fanau sa momoe.


Na ona ulufale faamalosi atu lava o le ua molia i totonu o le fale, ona aapa atu loa lea i lana telefoni feavea’i ua fao faamalosi ese mai i ona lima ae togi i lalo o le fola o le fale. O le taimi lea na faaoolima ai loa le ua molia i lona to’alua ae matamata i ai lana fanau. Na folafola foi e le ua molia lona fasiotia o lona toalua i se a’upega o loo ia te ia, peita’i, e lei vaai lona thalia i se a’upega.


O le taimi lea na faatonu ai loa e le ua molia lona to’alua ma lana fanau, e leai se isi e mafai ona toe alu ese ma le fale, e le mafai fo’i e se tasi ona vili i se isi lava tagata.


Ae i le taeao o le aso Sa na sosoo ai, na mafai ai loa e le Tina ona tapena lana fanau e momoli i le Aoga Aso Sa, ae maua ai fo’i ma le avanoa e sauni ai fo’i mo lana galuega. Sa na o le tama teine a le Tina na mafai ona alu ma ave, ae o le tama na nonofo ma lona Tama i le fale.


A o le i tuua e le Tina le fale, na valaau ane i ai le ua molia e fa’apea, “aua e te faia se mea ou te alu atu ai loa i lou fale faigaluega, ona e le fiafia lea i se mea e tula’i mai ai.”


O le fefe tele o le Tina atoa ai ma lona popole i le saogalemu mo ia ma lana fanau, na mafua ai loa ona ia talosagaina se fesoasoani a Leoleo e uiga i lenei mataupu, ma maua ai fo’i ma le avanoa na te fa’aleoina ai i Leoleo mea uma sa tupu i le po ua mavae.


Na aga’i atu Leoleo i le fale o le Tina e saili mai ai le ua molia peita’i e lei maua ai o ia, ae ina ua aga’i atu Leoleo i le Fale Faigaluega a le ua molia, sa latou maua atu ai loa o ia, ma pu’e faapagota mai ai loa o ia.


A o le i taofia faapagota e Leoleo le ua molia, na maua le avanoa e saili ai lona tino ina ia mautinoa na te le o umia se a’upega. Ina ua sailia e Leoleo le tino a le ua molia, sa latou maua i ai se tama’i pepa iila o lo o i ai vaega o le pauta fa’asaina o le aisa.


Na faailoa e le ua molia i Leoleo e fa’apea, o le tele o faafitauli o lo o tutupu i lona olaga ma lona aiga, ua mafua ai ona ia tagofia fualaau fa’asaina. Na ta’utino le ua molia i Leoleo, e moni ma faamaoni tu’uaiga uma na faailoa atu e lona to’alua faasaga ia te ia. Sa ia faatoese i Leoleo e tusa ai o lana solitulafono, ma ia ta’utino ai, na te le toe faia lenei solitulafono.


Na sailia fo’i e Leoleo le fale o le Tina na a’afia pe maua ai le a’upega lea na fjlafola e le ua molia na te faaoo ai le maliu i lona to’alua. E leai se mea na maua i le fale.

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