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Nigeria: Soyinka, business leaders and top musical artists rally for children's rights

The Patriotic Vanguard - Sab, 14/12/2019 - 22:10

Leaders from Nigeria's private sector and entertainment industry Thursday December 5 joined Nobel Laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka (photo) for a reading of his poem The Child Before a Mirror of Strangers, dedicated to children around the world in commemoration of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which celebrates a milestone 30th anniversary this year.

“There is one common bond among all of us — and that bond is childhood,” said Prof. Soyinka. “We have the responsibility to protect and preserve the integrity of that sole common bond, which is pertinent to all humanity.”

The event, a collaboration between UNICEF and the British Deputy High Commission, brought key leaders and influencers from Nigeria's private sector and entertainment industry together to discuss how these sectors can help advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the realization of children's rights.

“Achieving the SDGs and achieving child rights go hand-in-hand,” said Peter Hawkins, UNICEF Nigeria Representative.

“Both will only be achieved if all sectors of business are fully engaged. Child rights and the SDGs need to be integrated into business principles, strategies and plans, which, in turn, can contribute to more robust and inclusive economic growth and improved employment of young people. That is good for children, good for business and good for Nigeria.”

With a population close to 200 million people and an ever-increasing youth bulge, Nigeria is experiencing increasing demands on schools and health facilities, and growing challenges for young people to find work, amongst other challenges.

In an appeal directly to children, musician, producer and songwriter Cobhams Asuquo said, "You are all that is right in Nigeria because you are the chance to rewrite all of wrongs that generations before you have done. You have a chance and a clean state to make this country the place we all dream of."

A strong push will need to be made by all if Nigeria is to meet the SDGs by 2030. The private sector could be a critical key in unlocking opportunities for young people, and also addressing poverty, combatting inequality and tackling environmental problems.

“We are pleased to work with UNICEF, the private sector, and young people themselves on ideas that will contribute to a better Nigeria for current and future generations of children,” said Harriet Thompson, British Deputy High Commissioner in Nigeria.

“With the anniversary of the CRC this year, the 30th anniversary of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child next year and only 10 years left to achieve the SDGs, we must work together and with urgency to scale-up solutions in Nigeria that will improve our planet and all people's lives, especially our children.”

Source: UNICEF-Nigeria

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Poetry: Please Boss

The Patriotic Vanguard - Sab, 14/12/2019 - 20:58

Please Boss

By Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva, Kampala, Uganda

Please Boss

Please if we must
Then not on the desk

You're the boss
You deserve the plush Persian carpet

The desk has too much of me
Cluttered clips
Torn trash
Memorised minutes

If we must
Then not on the desk

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President Bio praises First Lady's Hands Off campaign

The Patriotic Vanguard - Sab, 14/12/2019 - 20:03

His Excellency President Dr Julius Maada Bio has commended Her Excellency the First Lady, Madam Fatima Maada Bio, for her determined public advocacy and activism in protecting and promoting the rights of women and girls in the country through her “Hands off our Girls” campaign.

Delivering the keynote address during the Western Area sensitisation event at the National Stadium, President Bio said thanked the First Lady for her tenacity, dedication, and commitment to changing the outcomes and for standing up for the girl child. He also thanked development and other partners who had collectively supported the national campaign.

“As a nation, we cannot achieve our goal of sustainable and inclusive human capital development if we exclude women or forever hamper the chances of over half of our population. There is a huge economic, health and social cost when families and the nation deprive girls of access to opportunity.

“The First Lady's national campaign has been a coordinated pushback at the motives, attitudes, and justifications for discriminating against our girls and women. We will continue to invest in persistent civic education in order to change the old ways of thinking about this clear and present danger to our women and girls. It demonstrates our political commitment at the highest level,” he said.

President Bio also noted that his government had worked very hard to address the deficits and silences in law and policy and to enforce existing laws and policies without fear or favour. He mentioned that Parliament recently passed a tougher Sexual Offences Act 2019 and they had implemented institutional and policy changes in the judiciary, Police, and among sector ministries to address rape, sexual and gender-based violence, child rights, and access to safe-spaces.

In her statement, the First Lady thanked the President for providing her with the space to champion a national campaign of that nature, saying that that was indicative of his commitment to protecting the wellbeing of women and girls in the country. She commended the government for the free quality education programme, adding that it would provide a platform for development in the country.

She also called on parents and guardians to provide the required leadership that would enable children to become productive citizens in society. She said early marriage and teenage pregnancy were detrimental to the growth of girls for which she frowned at parents and guardians who had encouraged such practices.

Gender Specialist from the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, UNFPA, Betty Alpha, congratulated the First Lady on the successful launch of the “Hands off our Girls'' across the country, adding that that was a sign of her determination to empower women and girls. She said they were fully in support of the initiative and assured of their continued support to its implementation.

Mayor of Makeni City, Sunkarie Kabba-Kamara, commended the First Lady for introducing the initiative. She said it was well-received by her people. The mayor also thanked the President for introducing the free quality education programme, noting that that was an investment into the future of Sierra Leone and assured that they would work to support the government in its successful implementation.

Chairman Council of Paramount Chiefs, Sheku Sonsiama Fasuluku (seen shaking the hand of the First Lady in photo), said that they fully supported the initiative and commended the First Lady for such a laudable venture. He encouraged his colleague Paramount Chiefs to take the message to their subjects at the various chiefdom levels

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