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It Just Got Harder to Get Birth Control in America

NY Times - 1 ora 40 min fa
Title X made sure poor women could have access to health care. The Trump administration has compromised that.

How the N.Y.P.D. Commissioner Grappled With the Eric Garner Decision

NY Times - 2 ore 26 min fa
Commissioner James O’Neill described the “split-second, life-and-death choices” facing officers.

Clerk Convicted of Murder for Shooting Memphis Teenager Who Stole ‘$2 Beer’

NY Times - 2 ore 26 min fa
A clerk at a store in Memphis, Anwar Ghazali, 29, was found guilty of fatally shooting Dorian Harris, 17, as he ran out last year.

Jill Biden, Stressing Trump Matchup, Makes a Blunt Case for Her Husband

NY Times - 2 ore 26 min fa
“You may like another candidate better, but you have to look at who is going to win,” she said, while campaigning for Joe Biden in New Hampshire.

As Taliban Talk Peace, ISIS Is Ready to Play the Spoiler in Afghanistan

NY Times - 2 ore 40 min fa
The Islamic State, which killed 63 people at a wedding last weekend, has positioned itself to thrive if a peace deal is reached.

ISIS Is Regaining Strength in Iraq and Syria

NY Times - 3 ore 21 min fa
Five months after its territorial defeat, the Islamic State is conducting guerrilla attacks as defense officials acknowledge that the terrorist group is here to stay.

A Teen Pretends to Be Trans, and Some Viewers Object to the Deception

NY Times - 3 ore 26 min fa
The indie film “Adam” centers on the 17-year-old title character passing as transgender to win the affection of a lesbian. Is the boy problematic? Or is the whole film vexing?

The Best and Easiest Vacation Meal

NY Times - 3 ore 26 min fa
Brothy, herby and served with garlicky pieces of a baguette, these clams are dead simple and perfect for your summer trip.

Midway Through His Year, Our 52 Places Traveler Answers Readers Questions

NY Times - 3 ore 26 min fa
Milestones lend themselves to reflection, so we took the opportunity to slow down and tap you, fellow travelers, for questions you might have about my journey.

A Teenage NASCAR Driver Is Content to Go Slow for Now

NY Times - 3 ore 26 min fa
Hailie Deegan, 18, has high hopes for her racing career, and the confidence that success will come in good time.

Ransomware Attack Hits 23 Texas Towns, Authorities Say

NY Times - 3 ore 34 min fa
The state declined to say which towns were affected by the coordinated cyberattack. But one expert said it could signal more such attacks in the future.

El Paso, Two Weeks Later

NY Times - 3 ore 37 min fa
The residents of this city have shown the kind of grace we need from people in power.

Harvesting Irony in Alaska

NY Times - 3 ore 37 min fa
Global warming, budget cuts and musical instruments carved from ancient trees: A summer in Sitka is an exercise in extremes.

Industrial Policy Isn’t Boring. It’s Big, and It Has United the Left and Right.

NY Times - 3 ore 37 min fa
Many Republicans and Democrats agree: Governments should intervene to help the industries and technologies of the future.

A Measure of Justice for Eric Garner, and for Daniel Pantaleo

NY Times - 3 ore 37 min fa
The police commissioner sent a valuable message by firing the New York City officer who put Mr. Garner in a chokehold that turned fatal.

Eric Garner and Our Justified Fear of Police

NY Times - 3 ore 37 min fa
Daniel Pantaleo has been fired. Black and brown people are still afraid for our lives.

The City Just Sweated Through Its 10th-Hottest July Ever

NY Times - 3 ore 57 min fa
Tuesday: Last month, 26 of 31 days had temperatures that were above average.

Economy, China, Planned Parenthood: Your Tuesday Briefing

NY Times - 4 ore 3 min fa
Here’s what you need to know.

‘Tasting Funny for Years’: Lead in the Water and a City in Crisis

NY Times - 4 ore 9 min fa
Newark officials began distributing free bottled water after new tests showed dangerously high levels of lead.

Stephen Curry to Bankroll Golf’s Return to Howard University

NY Times - 4 ore 9 min fa
The basketball star will donate a seven-figure sum to fund men’s and women’s Division I golf at the university for at least six years.