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At a School for Suicide Bombers’ Children, Dancing, Drawing and Deradicalization

NY Times - 1 ora 14 min fa
Amid fears of an ISIS renewal, Indonesia is trying to keep extremism from being passed to the next generation.

European Union’s Message to U.K.: Just Leave Already

NY Times - 1 ora 23 min fa
Showing unusual flexibility but keeping its red lines, Brussels agreed to a quick Brexit deal with Boris Johnson, and hopes he can pass it at home.

Taiwan Urges Hong Kong to Investigate Killing That Helped Stir Protests

NY Times - 2 ore 8 min fa
A suspect in a Taiwan murder could be released in days. The case led to the extradition bill that set off Hong Kong’s protest movement.

Get Ready for NASA’s First All-Female Spacewalk

NY Times - 5 ore 3 min fa
Two women on Earth, Jessica Bennet and Mary Robinette Kowal, had a chat about two women astronauts in medium-sized spacesuits.

A Memory Card Led to His Arrest in One Killing. Now, He’s Charged in Another.

NY Times - 5 ore 9 min fa
An Anchorage man was charged with murder after a digital memory card containing images of a brutal attack was found. Officials say he has confessed to an earlier killing.

Trump Will Host Next G7 Summit at His Doral Resort

NY Times - 5 ore 28 min fa
“It’s almost like they built this facility to host this type of event,” the acting White House chief of staff said, dismissing questions over the propriety of the president’s picking his own hotel.

A Scotch Maker’s Challenge: First Brexit. Now Tariffs.

NY Times - 5 ore 45 min fa
The 25 percent U.S. tariffs to be imposed Friday are causing headaches for single malt distilleries, already struggling with Brexit.

Trump Compares Turks and Kurds to ‘Two Kids’ Fighting

NY Times - 6 ore 3 min fa
Hours after his vice president and secretary of state brokered a cease-fire, President Trump said he was right to let Turkey attack America’s Kurdish allies because it eventually led to a deal.

China’s Economic Growth Slows as Challenges Mount

NY Times - 6 ore 22 min fa
The U.S. trade war is only part of the problem, as Beijing grapples with weakening investment and increasingly pessimistic consumers.

Street Battles Break Out in Culiacán, Mexico, After Arrest of El Chapo’s Son

NY Times - 6 ore 22 min fa
The government of Sinaloa State warned residents to stay off the streets and be on high alert after the arrest of the son of the infamous drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera.

‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ Review: Sleep, Sleep, My Lovelies

NY Times - 7 ore 16 min fa
Angelina Jolie returns as the powerful, dangerous fairy in this tame, disappointing follow-up to the 2014 revisionist hit.

Turkey Agrees to Pause Fighting, but Not to Withdraw Forces From Northern Syria

NY Times - 7 ore 18 min fa
After talks in Ankara, Vice President Mike Pence said the agreement would ‘‘save lives,’’ while Turkey said ‘‘we got what we wanted.’’

Elijah Cummings, Powerful Democrat Who Investigated Trump, Dies at 68

NY Times - 7 ore 41 min fa
A son of sharecroppers, he fought tirelessly for his hometown, Baltimore, and became a key figure in the impeachment investigation of President Trump.

Stephen Colbert Signs a New ‘Late Show’ Deal Through 2023

NY Times - 7 ore 56 min fa
The contract extension for the late-night leader keeps him on the job beyond the next election.

Yankees Take 1-0 Lead vs. Astros: Live Score and Updates

NY Times - 8 ore 17 min fa
Both teams got an extra day of rest when the game was rained out on Wednesday, allowing Zack Greinke to start for Houston and Masahiro Tanaka to take the mound for the Yankees.

Cummings’s Death Leaves Void at Helm of Crucial Committee

NY Times - 8 ore 21 min fa
Democrats named Carolyn B. Maloney of New York to helm the Oversight and Reform Committee, but the chairman’s death set off a contest for a permanent successor.

In ‘Cave-in,’ Trump Cease-Fire Cements Turkey’s Gains in Syria

NY Times - 8 ore 26 min fa
The agreement, announced by Vice President Mike Pence, may stop the killing in the Kurdish enclave in northern Syria. But the cost to American influence is expected to be high.

Gordon Sondland, E.U. Envoy, Testifies Trump Delegated Ukraine Policy to Giuliani

NY Times - 8 ore 32 min fa
Mr. Sondland said in his testimony to House impeachment investigators that he was disappointed the president involved his personal lawyer in diplomacy with Kiev.

Lakers’ JaVale McGee opens up about viral ‘possum play’ for dunk against Warriors

Daily News - 8 ore 40 min fa

EL SEGUNDO — Leave it to JaVale McGee to innovate head-scratching highlights.

The 31-year-old Lakers center of “Shaqtin’ A Fool” fame got another clip added to his collection Wednesday night as he got open for a dunk via an unconventional method: limping near the baseline.

McGee bumped knees with his former teammate Draymond Green, and staggered out of bounds briefly. But when he saw Green move over to double-team Anthony Davis, he could smell an opportunity.

“I was like, ‘Forget the pain. I’m going to go get these buckets,’” McGee said, recapping the play after Thursday’s practice. “So I just ran back in and got a dunk.”

Did @JaValeMcGee fake a limp here to get open for the dunk? Real slick play lol

— Kevin O'Connor (@KevinOConnorNBA) October 17, 2019

It was one of the six baskets McGee got in a 12-point night against the Warriors, who he’s thoroughly annihilated throughout the preseason. The possible favorite to start at center next week, McGee received three assists from Davis, who he said he’s built chemistry with throughout the preseason.

Even within the Lakers organization, though, what Coach Frank Vogel called McGee’s “possum” play got special attention.

“We watched that in film this morning and everybody had a good laugh over it,” Vogel said. “Great play by JaVale. … There’s a lot of ways to get open in this league, right? That’s a new one.”

McGee emphasized that he didn’t fake his limp after bumping against Green – he felt real pain. But he also couldn’t keep himself from laughing either as he talked about what he called “a cool play.”

“I didn’t fake it,” he said. “I just want everybody to know that. I really did hit my knee. But I sucked it up like the real man I am.”


The Lakers feel comfortable enough with their stars to wrap them up until the regular season begins.

Vogel said after Thursday’s practice that LeBron James and Anthony Davis will sit out Friday’s last preseason game against Golden State at Chase Center. It wraps up a relatively impressive four-game performance by the Lakers duo, who both played more than 25 minutes on Wednesday.

“I was prepared to play those guys four quarters if needed,” Vogel said. “We came out in the second half with the mindset that … we’re going to use this game as a conditioner and really look to push our wind, and I gave those guys an extra quarter to get some work in.”

James finished the preseason averaging 14.8 points, 6.3 assists and four rebounds in just under 20 minutes in his four appearances. Davis averaged 13 points, 6.3 rebounds and 3.8 assists in just under 21 minutes per game.

Vogel said he might rest other players for Friday’s game, but that he had not yet decided.


Kyle Kuzma is officially under contract with the Lakers through the 2020-21 season as the team exercised its fourth-year option for the 24-year-old forward. The decision will net Kuzma $3.6 million next season, before he’s eligible for an extension to his rookie deal.

The second-leading scorer among the Lakers returning from last season, Kuzma has still not played in the preseason. Since being cleared for non-contact work on Monday, he’s been spotted after practice and before games doing one-on-one work with assistant Phil Handy.

“He’s just doing a lot of one-on-0 shooting with a coach … increasing his load and the intensity of his minutes potentially, just trying to work on progression,” Vogel said. “But it’s all still a no-contact thing.”

JaVale McGee is asked about the "possum" play that got him a wide open dunk last night — and laughs for the first 10 seconds of the clip.

Goes on to say he felt real pain in his knee, "but I sucked it up like the real man I am."

— Kyle Goon (@kylegoon) October 17, 2019

Read Mulvaney’s Conflicting Statements on Quid Pro Quo

NY Times - 8 ore 53 min fa
President Trump has claimed his interactions with Ukraine were not an exchange of aid for cooperation. His acting chief of staff may have undercut that — only to backtrack.