Farm Attack in Weenan – Pregnant Mother Murdered

Tabloid Newspapers - Dom, 05/07/2020 - 21:06

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A 26-year-old pregnant mother of two children was brutally killed at Ayoobs Farm, near Weenen Combined School last night, 4 July. Police told the Ladysmith Herald, that three unknown armed men, wearing face masks, gained entry through the kitchen door, which was not locked at the time.

The suspects came across the father in the kitchen and pointed a knife at him, demanding money. A struggle ensued between the three armed men and the father, when the mother and children rushed from the room into the kitchen. The mother was taken to the bathroom by one of the suspects, where her throat was slit with a knife.  The suspects then fled empty handed. The children aged 4 and 8 were not harmed. The father who had sustained injuries during the attack was rushed to the hospital.

The Weenen farming community is riddled with shock and disbelief. “Weenen is a tiny community and everyone is like family,” said one of the residents, who wished to stay anonymous. The resident said that the family also own a business in Weenen and is known by all in the small community.

“We, the DA in KwaZulu-Natal are shocked and appalled by the brutal murder that took place in Weenen. More especially because of the tragic loss of an unborn innocent child,” said Chris Pappas, DA spokesperson on Agriculture and Rural Development in KZN.

Pappas said that the brutality of farm attacks as well as the vulnerability of farming and rural citizens should be a top priority for this government. “However, in true form they deny, ignore and do not care about the tragedies unfolding in our farming and rural communities,” he said.

“There are two fundamental issues that South Africans must contend with. Why does the President of the country remain silent and continue to deny that farm murders are happening? And why have these attacks/murders not been classified as hate crimes?” asked Pappas.

This is the second attack on a farm in the northern area, with a Colenso farmer that was also attacked, last week.

Police are investigating a case of murder. A close family friend told the Ladysmith Herald, that “this is such a tragedy that words cannot describe”. No arrests have been made yet.

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