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On the couch with Lisanne Lazarus

Tabloid Newspapers - Sab, 21/05/2022 - 12:00pm
Lisanne Lazarus

The South Coast Weekly Gazette sat on the couch with Amanzimtoti resident, Lisanne Lazarus who has made it to the top 30 in the Miss SA 2022 beauty pageant. The beauty with brains queen is a former Miss eThekwini and has won various pageants. She works as a content marketing manager for a financial services corporate. She is also a content curator.

South Coast Weekly Gazette(SCWG):Tell us a bit about yourself?

Lisanne Lazarus(LN): I’m a 26-year-old content marketing manager for a financial services corporate and a content curator.

SCWG: Why did you decide to enter Miss South Africa 2022 and why do you deserve to win this title?

LN: I entered Miss South Africa because I am not ready to give up on my dreams and my passion. My upbringing was one that was close-knit and conservative which came with its own expectations. As a seasoned 26-year-old, I’ve navigated life and embraced its disappointments, challenges and heartbreak to rise above it and emerge stronger. I want to share with South Africans that no story is too small, no adversity should be overlooked, that they are represented and that even someone like me, who hopes to stand on the Miss South Africa stage, can relate to them too. I’m ready to face my power and embrace my future. It is time to dust myself off and show South Africa that if you truly believe in your dreams and passion then nothing and no one should stop you from picking your head up and meeting that finish line. It is time to redefine what it means to be a woman.

SCWG: What, according to you, is the most important part of a beauty pageant?

LN: Beauty pageants are a way to celebrate women for who they are more than what we see on the outside, for the qualities that they possess, the stories that they will tell and for the people that they will represent and inspire.The most important part of a beauty pageant is representation, because a pageant is a stage for other women and young girls to feel seen and heard.

SCWG:What qualities should a woman possess to make a notable difference in the world?

LN: She should be compassionate, determined and kind. We underestimate the impact we can make in a person’s life by just being a kinder to them.

SCWG:Tell us about your family?

LN: I grew up in a typical Indian close-knit family where everyone knows everything that you’re doing. My mom and dad are extremely present and supportive of all my dreams. I’m one for four children and have an older sister and a younger sister and brother.

SCWG:How are you playing your part in your community and in South Africa?

LN: I helped found an NPO in the form of a physical crèche and safe haven. The LindoKuhle Crèche caters for children between the ages of three months and five years who reside in a disadvantaged community, close to where I spent most of my childhood. I’m a volunteer at the Kids’ Haven in Benoni as well as an active donor and volunteer for our church outreach programmes.

SCWG: What’s the best thing about living in the town/province you are representing?

LN: I’m so lucky to have grown up in Durban where we have the best weather, where you’ll find unmatched curry and a vast diversity in languages and cultures.

SCWG: What do you love about South Africa?

LN: The Covid-19 and the recent natural disaster in KZN has taught me how resilient we really are as a nation. We are people who can come together in the toughest times and show our support, put our hands together and make sure that we rebuild our country. We truly are a people that live the spirit of Ubuntu.

SCWG:Describe yourself in three words?

LN: Compassionate. Deliberate. Determined.

SCWG: What makes you unique?

LN: My ability to start and hold a conversation with anyone and make them feel heard and valued. I believe that it is my purpose to make sure that whoever comes into contact with me, will leave our conversation having learnt something or feel inspired.

SCWG:How do you define success?

LN: Success to me is just taking active steps in the right direction that gets you closer to achieving your goals or dreams. Entering Miss South Africa again this year and just having the courage to post my video online is something I consider a success for me.

SCWG: What is your biggest fear?

LN: Apart from a deadly animal eating me alive, I don’t have any fears. When I entered Miss South Africa this year, I overcame my fear of failure. I no longer allow fear to hold me back from truly experiencing all that life and God has in store for me.

SCWG: How has failure helped you in your achievements?

LN: I no longer look at failure the way I used to. “Never failure, always a lesson”, is what I like to say. When I don’t get the outcome I’d hoped for, I reflect back on the journey as an opportunity to learn. I make sure that I take my learnings and put them into practice to grow my character and then I dust myself off and go back for my dreams but even stronger the next time. In many ways I’m grateful for the times that I’ve failed because it was also moments of growth.

SCWG: What superhero would you like to be and why?

LN: Spiderman, but as a woman. He is one of the greatest super heroes of all time that really embraced his emotions and showed the world what courage and compassion looks like.

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Enjoy afternoon picnic vibes at Pop Opera concert

Tabloid Newspapers - Sab, 21/05/2022 - 11:00am
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In an effort to support and rebuild the art industry, the Samuels Group is taking the Pop Opera Concert to Glenwood High School Dixon’s Field on Sunday, 22 May at 3pm.

The concert titled ‘Al fresco afternoon Autumn Concert’ hosted by Siza Foundation, the proactive CSI hub of Samuels Group will let concert goers enjoy the afternoon picnic vibes on the lawns while enjoying music.

Samuels Group’s Darin Samuels said: “People will enjoy  a glorious autumn afternoon outside in the company of virtually a hundred musicians.  The KZN Philharmonic Orchestra, with soloists Natalie Rungan and Njabulo Nzuza, and the KZN Youth Wind Band; at the Glenwood High School Dixon’s Field. While the weather is so glorious we wanted to enjoy a music-filled afternoon and capitalise on the glorious autumn days. We want to be outdoors, with special people and engage – both with friends and with music. We have all missed concerts and events, so decided to host a really special family-friendly musical afternoon.”

Samuels added that all funds will go to the school as the concert is a fundraiser.

“The idea is for the people to bring along a picnic and blankets and enjoy a lazy alfresco musical afternoon in Glenwood. Two acts are on the programme, the KZN Youth Wind Band and the mighty KZN Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of resident conductor, Lykele Temmingh. Soloists are Natalie Rungan and Njabulo Nzuza. The orchestra will be performing a programme of light classics; catchy pop; hits from the musicals and some jazz fusion. One of South Africa’s premier youth ensembles, the KZN Youth Wind Band is made up of young musicians between the ages of 13 and 27, many from previously disadvantage backgrounds. It is considered one of South Africa’s finest symphonic concert bands. Conducted by Russell Scott, the band has a varied repertoire of classic symphonic band pieces, as well as swing, pop, and film music, not to mention a fantastic real South African repertoire!,” added Samuels.

For more information contact, Laiken on 067-411-1647.

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 UKZN’s JOMBA! Contemporary Experience presents Masihambisane Dialogues

Tabloid Newspapers - Sab, 21/05/2022 - 10:00am
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The University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts, and the JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience presents their second annual edition of the JOMBA! MASIHAMBISANE DIALOGUES #2, a free three-day online dance colloquium on YouTube  which runs from Wednesday, 25 to Friday, 27 May.

The year’s dialogues themed “Dancing Archives” are aimed supporting the growth of scholarship and dialogue as it affects the evolving development of dance, physical performance and its relationship to history, memory and our current society, these 2022 dialogues take the theme of “Dancing Archives”.

UKZN’s chair of the Colloquium Steering Committee and lecturer, Dr Lliane Loots, said: “The purpose of these dialogues is to stimulate robust discussions and debates over ideas of how embodied dance archivists (artists, scholars and curators) can be agents of change in how they create and think about an archive. We want to look at how and what is remembered, and  this specifically in decentring capitalist, heteronormative, able-bodied patriarchy within the frames of, amongst other ideas, decoloniality and postcoloniality.”

Loots also said that this year’s dialogues will see keynote speakers such as Nadine Mackenzie from Unmute Dance Company, and she is joined, over the three days of the colloquium, by artists like Gregory Maqoma, Sonia Radebe, David April and Vincent Mantsoe. Continental voices, specifically looking at the role of dance festivals in re-making African archives, include Quito Tembe (Mozambique) and Adedayo Liadi (Nigeria).

“The dialogues also welcome a range of local and international young and established dance and performance scholars who will be sharing their works and ideas on this digital platform in carefully curated sessions. The final outcome of the dialogues will be an edited collection of papers (both written and digital) that will freely be available in the JOMBA! Masihambisane archives to read and watch,” she said.

The international editorial and steering committee include Dr Mbongeni Mtshali (UCT), Prof Yvette Hutchison (University of Warwick, UK), Clare Craighead (DUT), Dr Sarahlegh Castelyn (University of East London, UK), Dr Lliane Loots (UKZN), Gift Marovatsanga (UniZul), David April (UP) and Thobile Maphanga (UKZN).The JOMBA! Masihambisane  2022 dialogues will be live-streamed on 25, 26 and 27 May to the JOMBA! YouTube Chanel and can be accessed free of charge:

There will also be a closed Zoom IP for direct participants and for those who wish to apply to join and be present in the Dialogues room.

To apply for direct access and to be present in the digital ‘room’ contact Thobile Maphanga on

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KZNFC to shine the spotlight on female filmmakers at Cannes

Tabloid Newspapers - Sab, 21/05/2022 - 9:00am
The official poster of Valley of a Thousand Hills which is all set to feature in this years festival

The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission (KZNFC) is all set participate at the Cannes Film Festival, taking place in France from 17 May to the 27 May at the Pavilion Afriques, a platform which creates a unique venue for movie and trade promotion while outlining the diversity of African cinema.

In accordance with its mandate of developing and growing the KZN film industry, the KZNFC will be aiming to promote local content, maintain and build relationships with key industry players through business to business meetings, identify opportunities for the sale and distribution of content, as well as participate in industry panels. The KZN Film Commission issued an open call to the industry inviting emerging filmmakers to form part of KZNFC delegation.

Written and directed by Bonita Sithebe, The Valley of a Thousand Hills tells a story of a young woman from a conservative village, who must choose between living a lie to stay the perfect Zulu daughter or risk death for true love. Nosipho has a secret. A loving daughter held up as an example in her community, with a domineering father who has chosen a potential husband for her, but her soul mate and one true love is a woman. The film is produced by Philane Sithebe and stars Mandisa Vilakazi and Sbongokuhle Nkosi.

God’s Work produced by rising star Sithabile Mkhize tells a story of four homeless friends who are caught between escaping their hardships and being swallowed up in the process. The film is a profound and satirical exploration of the human beings that exist on the margins of society. Written and directed by Michael James, God’s Work is produced by Sithabile Mkhize with Toni Monty as the executive producer.

Jackie Motsepe, KZN Film Commission’s Chief Operations Officer said: “As per our strategic goals of empowering the youth and woman in the industry in the telling of their stories, Sithebe and Mkhize’s projects stood out, and we are confident that they will achieve the objectives they have set in attending the festival.”

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Narrow win for OC against Tigers

Grocott's Mail - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 9:54pm


Last weekend, Old Collegians (OC) travelled to Port Alfred to take on host Ndlambe Tigers and came home with a narrow 14-10 win. The fixture was part of the EPRU Sedru Regional League.

With the win, the Makhanda side moved up to the second position on the overall log and fought very hard for their win. The game was played in a good spirit, and the physicality was the order of the day.

The home side’s big and powerful forwards didn’t make it easy for OC and came hard at them the whole day. Tigers’ forwards were very physical and put pressure on the visitors.

OC made too many unforced errors, were overeager with the ball in hand and lost many scoring opportunities close to the try line. Vuyelwethu Faku was the try scorer for Tigers in the first half, while Ruwhal Jansen slotted a conversion and penalty to give Tigers a firm 10-0 lead at halftime.

Entering the second half 0-10 down, OC needed to regroup and play to their strengths. They came back strongly and reduced the deficit when the strongly-built and hard runner Siyamthanda Wambi scored a fine try to narrow matters.

Tigers continued to compete by using their bigger forwards but couldn’t convert the momentum into points. OC played well in patches but were still making silly mistakes and were over-excited close to the try line.

Speedster Vuyelwethu Bam scored another for OC, while Siyabonga Mahapi slotted the conversion as the score read 14-10 in favour of OC.

Tigers came hard at OC in the final minutes of the game, but a solid defensive effort prevented them from adding the winner. OC held on for dear life to claim a narrow 14-10 win.

Khanyisa Solomon, the front ranker, earned the Grocott’s Mail Man of the Match after his solid performance. He was steady at scrum time, effective on defence and took the ball over the advantage line on numerous occasions.

OC manager Lungisa Buns Memani believed his team didn’t play to their full potential, although ending the game as winners. “We made too many mistakes when we were supposed to score Points. We were selfish on attack. It wasn’t a difficult game, but we made it difficult for ourselves.

“We came back strong after trailing 0-10 and pulled ourselves together in the second half. We can’t be over-excited in a game – we must slow it down and come back. Our focus is now Kowie this weekend, and we can’t take them lightly. But we are confident we will go down and upset them in their backyard,” he said.

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Klipfontein beat St Mark’s to go on top

Grocott's Mail - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 9:23pm


Klipfontein United 1st XV are the new EPRU Sedru Regional League log leaders after securing a 26-5 bonus-point win over St Mark’s Alicedale on Saturday in Klipfontein.

St Mark’s dominance in the first half saw them take a narrow 5-0 lead at halftime.

For the first time since the start of the competition, St Mark’s lost their spot at the top of the log to Klipfontein, who are now the new log leaders. St Mark’s now move to third position with OC second.

St Mark’s travelled to Klipfontein – a hard nut to crack in their backyard. They are also still unbeaten and played some impressive rugby with their young side. St Mark’s came into the fixture in desperate search of a win after being unlucky to narrowly lose to OC a fortnight ago.

United kept St Mark’s in their half for the first quarter of the first half. St Mark’s tried everything they could, but the Klipfontein defence Klipfontein forced some errors to keep them off the try line. Klipfontein secured three penalties in the first half, but the kicker missed all of them.

The visitors’ powerful forwards dominated up front both in the scrums and lineouts and gave their side momentum. St Mark’s finally made it to the line of Klipfontein a minute before halftime, with a try by Cole Kirkwood securing a 5-0 lead at the break.

The second half saw the home side playing to their speedy backs. Within two minutes, Denver Hitzeroth (hooker) scored from a lineout move converted by David Kleinhans (outside centre), allowing Klipfontein to take a 7-5 lead.

Momentum switched hands, and Klipfontein’s confidence allowed Braden Jacobs (7) to score a try under poles after a few phases. The Speedster of United Dylon Graaff scored another runaway try with ten minutes to spare. United’s discipline pulled them through, forcing the St Mark’s defence to open a space for Cornelius Scheepers (prop) to break the line and offload to substitute Franklin Meyers for the game’s final try. This afforded United a bonus point in their six-game unbeaten streak. Final Score: 26-5.

Klipfontein in green against St Mark’s in yellow and blue.


Tries: Denver Hitzeroth, Braden Jacobs, Dylan Graaff, Franklin Meyers

Conversations: David Kleinhans (3)

The Grocott’s Mail Sports Man of the Match award went to Fabian Van Rensburg centre of Klipfontein who was outstanding on the park, putting in a solid performance on the day. He broke the line on a few occasions, offloaded brilliantly, put in some big hits and gained the advantage line.

St Mark’s coach Edward Botha was not entirely happy with his team’s performance on the day but believed his boys could turn the tables. “We lock horns against a formidable Klipfontein side, but St Mark’s were the better side on the day. Our boys came out guns blazing as we led 5-0 in the first half, but unfortunately luck wasn’t on our side.

“Our forward pack drove them upfront, and our defensive lines were good, but we couldn’t capitalize. Our lineouts and scrums were outstanding but we have to focus on our next game at home to build momentum as we believe we can turn the tables around this coming weekend. Once again, congrats to Klipfontein on the win.”


  1. Klipfontein United – 28 (6)
  2. Old Collegians – 24 (7)
  3. St Mark’s Alicedale – 21 (6)
  4. Kowie United – 20 (7)
  5. Rhodes – 19 (4)
  6. Rosebuds – 17 (6)
  7. Swallows – 8 (8)
  8. Ndlambe Tigers – 6 (6)
  9. Wanderers – 0 (6)


  1. Klipfontein vs Rosebuds
  2. St Marks vs Tigers
  3. Kowie vs OC
  4. Rhodes vs Wanderers (W/O)
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Fuelling the long dreams of youth

Grocott's Mail - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 8:45pm

By ESTHER RAMANI, Joza Youth Hub Open Day coordinator

The dreams of youth are long, long dreams.

But, some young people must navigate so many obstacles even to get a glimmer of their dreams. That is why the Joza Youth Hub came into being: to provide an enhanced academic and extracurricular life to children in Joza and its surrounds.

We offer after-school programmes from an inadequate building attached to the Makana Municipality’s Housing Department. We battle with all the issues confronting a volunteer, non-profit organisation: lack of a conducive space, dearth of resources, precarious funding, and very few human beings who can commit to an uninterrupted and reliable source of care and presence.

So, it was no easy undertaking for us to organise an event such as our annual Open Day, which we held this year on Saturday, May 14. Our last one was in April 2019, and with the advent of Covid, businesses in Makhanda have taken a hard knock, and we could not receive the kinds of support we have had in the past. Still, we had a fabulous day, with a record turnout of people who created an electric vibe with the help of music and dancing by the young ones.

Several competitions drew out the enthusiasm of our young people: reading and spelling in English and isiXhosa (organised by the Reading club), computer literacy (planned by Awarenet) and simultaneous chess (Chess Club).

The Toy Library organised exciting activities for the little ones, such as Lego brick building, puzzles, face painting, and colouring. Books were sold at R1 each, and parents were eager to buy books for their children.

The open mic attracted singers and poets, who regaled the audience with their creative pieces. Two traffic police officers ran an informal workshop on road safety for the youngest participants in the Junior Traffic Centre.

The karate demonstration was a huge treat for the audience, performed for the first time at the Hub. And a staple at our Open Day has always been brilliant performances by the Access Music Project.

The karate demonstration at the Joza Youth Hub Open Day.

All these activities were coordinated with lively commentary and interactions by our two emcees, Zukhanye Nyeka and Thanduxolo Royi.

But let these pictures tell the story!

Simultaneous chess with Andrew Martin of Amazwi. Onlookers enjoying the chess moves. Communal colouring of a picture. Cupcakes donated by Mahalia. Making decorations for the Open Day. Kids enjoy their painted faces at the Toy Library. Food packets donated by oppidan students. At the Junior Traffic Centre at the Joza Youth Hub. A parent reading to a child at the Reading Club desk. At the entrance to the Joza Reading and Chess Club. Ward 2 Councillor Rami Xonxa purchases cupcakes.

The volunteers at the Hub drove the planning of Open Day with much energy and enthusiasm, and every one of them deserves thanks for their contribution!

A big shout out to our ward councillor Rami Xonxa and the seven members of the ward committee who graced the occasion. Many sincere thanks to people who made cash donations, notably Monika Gaybba and Orrin Snelgar, and donations in kind from Mahalia Martin, the Oppidan students, Country Fresh and Suzi-Q.  

Cathy Gush and Nadeema Jogee made book donations to the Reading Club. The raffle table was a huge attraction, and for this, we thank Panda’s, Wimpy, Red Café, Revelations and the Pothole and Donkey. The winners walked away with fantastic meal vouchers. Andrew Martin of Amazwi donated chess sets as prizes for the top girl and boy players.

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Hard-fought win for Alex against PJ

Grocott's Mail - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 8:32pm


Both Alex and PJ came out guns blazing, entertaining the sizeable local crowd at the Wentzel Park Sports Ground. The game was physical and played at a high tempo from the outset.

PJ’s scrumming was outstanding throughout the game, and they dominated affairs upfront. Their scrum put them on the front foot and gave them much-needed momentum that saw Sinethemba Bruintjies scoring a try. Captain Yayen Sias converted to provide PJ with a 7-0 lead.

Alex replied with two tries in the form of Eljean Cannon to take his side to a 10-5 lead at the break.

The second half was equally competitive as PJ continued to attack, but they lost the ball in crucial moments. Alex’s defences stood firm and prevented the visitors from scoring. Silly mistakes from PJ on attack due to overeagerness whilst Alex took their chances.

The home side scored again after a mistake from PJ winger Ahlemihle Prence resulted in Alex scoring the only try in the second half. PJ was very unlucky not to score more points, but full credit to Alex, who defended well, especially at the death when PJ was attacking relentlessly. The final score saw Alex winning 15-7 in a titanic battle.

Alex head coach Enrico Williams is entirely not happy with his team’s discipline despite the win. “I am happy with the win, but there is a lot of hard work ahead. We need to keep our discipline and play the ball, not the man. Back to the drawing board for us as we are playing Templeton this weekend and a score we need to settle against them.”

Photo: Daniels MEDIA Photo: Daniels MEDIA Photo: Daniels MEDIA
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Parents stressed out over lack of scholar transport

Grocott's Mail - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 5:06pm

The Makhanda-based Legal Resources Centre (LRC) has extended the Department of Basic Education deadline to arrange scholar transport for 129 Makhanda and Fort Beaufort learners and submit a plan for the provision of scholar transport to all learners in need in the Eastern Cape. JOY HINYIKIWILE spoke to two Manley Flats mothers about the impact of the disruptions in scholar transport provision on their daily struggle to get their children to Makhanda schools.

Noluvuyo Ndolo and Linda Peter from Manley Flats say sending their children to school has been difficult. They pay about R700 per child every month to ensure that their children attend school.

Ndolo has three school-going children – one in Grade 11 at Nyaluza Secondary School, another in Grade 7 at Kutliso Daniels and the third in Grade 5 at George Dickerson Primary. A community member helps transport the children to school for a fee on his way to work at 6 am and can only transport them back home when he knocks off at 5 pm.

Ndolo says the situation is hard to manage. She has to wake up very early to prepare enough food for the children to have something to eat during the day. When the children return home from school, they still have to wash their school uniforms and make sure they are ready for the next day. When she does not have money to pay for their transport, the children cannot go to school.

Noluvuyo Ndolo

Peter has a son who goes to George Dickerson and is experiencing the same difficulties as Ndolo. She says 16 children in her neighbourhood also struggle to get to school. The children go to TEM Mrwetyana, Nyaluza, Khutliso Daniels, Nombulelo, St Mary’s and George Dickerson. The government is not providing them with scholar transport.

“This issue is not easy for us because we come from different backgrounds. Some of us are not working. We have to use our SASSA grants to pay for the transport,” Peter said.

Linda Peter Deadline extension for DBE over scholar transport

The LRC initially gave the DBE until Friday, 13 May, to organise scholar transport for Makhanda and Fort Beaufort learners. They have struggled to get to school due to disruptions in scholar transport provision. It had also given the department until Thursday, 19 May, to provide a plan to provide transport to all learners who qualify for scholar transport in the Eastern Cape.

According to Ona Xolo, LRC’s leading attorney on the matter, the Department of Basic Education sent an email on 13 May requesting a seven-day indulgence while gathering information from all provinces.

The LRC granted an extension to the DBE, which now has until 24 May to provide scholar transport to all the named learners in the LRC’s letter and provide them with an adequate report on the provision of scholar transport for the coming terms, Xolo said.

The LRC represents concerned parents of public school learners whose children are not receiving scholar transport and the Khula Community Development Project (Khula). This Peddie-based community-based organisation ensures that children from poor communities attend school daily. It wrote a letter to Minister Angie Motshekga about the failure of the Eastern Cape departments of education (ECDE) and transport (ECDT) to provide scholar transport to learners in need.

The organisation argues that the lack of scholar transport prevents learners in need from attending school, infringing upon the children’s right to basic education. The Department of Basic Education needs to regulate the provision of scholar transport across all nine provinces and ensure that all learners who qualify are provided with scholar transport.

Please read our article on the LRC’s letter to Minister Angie Motshekga.

The LRC has given the department until 31 May to confirm that draft regulations will be published for comment within four months and adopted before the end of 2022. “If we do not receive this written undertaking by 31 May 2022, we hold instructions to approach the courts for appropriate relief,” the letter stated.

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There are ‘loads of lots’ at the Food4Futures auction

Grocott's Mail - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 4:22pm


Food4Futures’ (F4F) first Loads of Lots auction has been open online since 14 May and will culminate in a live auction at 6 pm on Saturday, 28 May at the Amazwi South African Museum of Literature.

“We want to generate lots of money to buy food for people in need,” Food4Futures founder and manager Mary Birt said.

Food4Futures (F4F) is a registered non-profit organization aimed at alleviating hunger and addressing other areas of need for disadvantaged families in Makhanda.

With its move online, F4F hopes to attract buyers both locally and globally. The online facility helps bidders to view, and bid on, items before the live auction.

“A few people have already registered as on-line buyers and we hope the number will increase in the next few days. 

Various intriguing items will be auctioned, and the organization is waiting for more items to arrive. “We have artworks, lots of wine, getaways, books, golf lessons, a buffet warmer, and much more,” she said.

“They are from different donors such as local photographers, friends, artists,” Birt said.

Some of the items to be auctioned. Photo: Likhapha Thaathaa Assorted premium wines will be auctioned. Photo: Food4Futures website

In addition to its efforts in food security, F4F also assists people in contacting SASSA and other government departments by offering advice and sometimes writing letters on their behalf. They help pay for identity card applications for those who cannot afford them.

The Parking4Parcels project sells ticket booklets to motorists, who pass them on to car guards or anyone approaching for food or money in exchange for food parcels.

“We also collect blankets, clothes, shoes, sanitary towels for girls, and underwear,” she said.

Parking4Parcel tickets. Photo: Likhapha Thaathaa
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Businesses partner with muni on ambitious pothole busting project

Grocott's Mail - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 4:09pm


Makana Municipality has expressed its gratitude to local businesses who have taken it upon themselves to repair potholes in Makhanda.

In an official statement, Executive Mayor Yandiswa Vara thanked the local Pick n Pay, Makana Caltex garage and others for offering to work with the municipality to repair potholes in various streets.

Pick n Pay business partner Jon Campbell approached the municipality last month to discuss the possibility of a partnership to repair potholes around Makhanda. Meetings between Makana Municipality, Pick n Pay and Caltex lead to the start of the work on 10 May.

“Makana LM and the two businesses have since signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) detailing the terms and conditions of the collaboration,” Vara said. “The two businesses have undertaken to voluntarily repair potholes on roads that have been agreed upon by all parties.”

The municipality has agreed to make available these roads from time to time for this work. Vara said the parties have decided that the personnel to be used will be chosen, transported and trained by Pick n Pay and Makana Caltex. Any other businesses that decided to assist or support this programme would abide by the terms and conditions of the MOU.

“The determined workers began patching potholes at the African and Allen Streets intersection. We welcome this exemplary gesture, which has attracted the interest of various local businesses. The repairs will continue for as long as funding is available, and due to the expensive nature of the work, only smaller potholes will be repaired,” Vara said.

Several local businesses have already come forward to support the initiative. These include Buco Hardware, Vox Fibre and RentAll. The material used to do the work was purchased from a local businessman, Andrew Kirk, who volunteered his time to show the labourers how to repair the potholes properly.

“I believe that this is the beginning of a great partnership. We want to express our deepest appreciation to all the businesses who have offered their support to this wonderful initiative,” the mayor said. “This is a true illustration of what we can do when working together to resolve our problems.”

Meanwhile, Campbell commended the municipality for their immediate committed support. “The roads in our CBD are deteriorating, especially after the rain, and the Municipality has challenges with funding repairs,” Campbell said.

“We are starting an initiative of soliciting businesses in town to get together with us [with the Mayor’s support ]and repair the potholes on a non-political basis, working together with the municipality for the collective benefit of all. A healthy CBD breeds a healthy environment for business growth and the resultant increase in employment opportunities.”

Campbell said this project would be ongoing, with the work being done on Tuesdays from 10 am – 4 pm. They have already done Allen street and Cradock road.

Campbell said the cold tar mix costs R85 per 25kg bag, and the sealant slurry costs R330 per 20L – a 25kg bag covers one medium-sized pothole. Together with the stone to line the base of the pothole, materials cost about R4000 per day.

Vox Telecom was one of the first businesses to get involved. Campbell said Vox Telecom had purchased much of the equipment necessary and started with 25 bags of cold tar. They also made their staff available to assist.

Campbell said Buco had also come on board by assisting with equipment and safety wear, and Rentall allows the team to use their cutter and compactor at no charge. He said other businesses had pledged their support.

“We have hired some of our casual workers hourly, and our management team and the Vox activation teams do most of the work,” Campbell said.

It is a total of about 15 people, including pointsmen guiding traffic. PnP, Makana Caltex and Vox carry the financial costs at this stage.

“The objective other than to fix potholes is to unite the local businesses and the muni to work together for the collective benefit of all road users.

“Yolandi from Dold and Stone will control a trust account. Anyone who would like to contribute can do so via her offices, and she will use the money to buy raw materials. Any businesses that want to assist with the repair work can join us at any stage. They are also welcome to advertise their involvement in supporting their local community,” Campbell added.

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Stealing the sunshine

Grocott's Mail - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 3:57pm


Just 46 of the 6000 solar-powered geysers donated to Makana in 2019 by the Department of Energy and the Central Energy Fund are in a state to be installed.

The remaining 5954 geysers worth at least R33.9-million were mysteriously stolen from the Indoor Sports Centre or rendered inoperable because essential copper and brass parts were stolen from their ‘packs’.

The shocking news was disclosed in a Makana Infrastructure Development Portfolio Committee meeting on Wednesday, 18 May.

Ward 4 Councillor Geoff Embling said there had been no sign of a break-in at the Indoor Sports. How the removal of whole units and parts of 5954 geysers escaped detection is a “complete mystery”, Embling said.

Embling said the brazen theft of critical infrastructure earmarked for Makhanda’s most vulnerable communities would be investigated by the Hawks.

Commentators on the Ward 4 Service Delivery WhatsApp group speculated that in the absence of any signs of forced entry, the robbery must have been an ‘inside job’ or executed by ‘an expert lock picker’.

The cheapest solar geysers Grocott’s Mail could find advertised online retailed for R5695 a unit.

A generic solar heater which retails for R5695 online.

5954 solar geysers x R5695 = R33.9-million.

At the time of writing, the municipality had not answered questions about the debacle.

It is unclear whether the geysers and their parts were stolen at once or if it was a progressive theft due to poor security and management.

Has the municipality taken steps to secure what is left? Do they have a case number from the SAPS? How long had the geysers been stored? And when were they supposed to have been installed?

The geysers were donated to Makana by the Department of Energy in 2019 as part of the Solar Water Heater programme. Makana was one of 19 municipalities nationally, and one of three in the Eastern Cape earmarked to benefit from the pilot programme.

The SA Bureau of Standards-certified units were made by 12 selected South African manufacturing companies. Each geyser came with a five-year warranty which becomes effective upon installation. A total of 184 installer assistants were due to be appointed in 2019 to fit the geysers.

As part of the 30 per cent benefit for local SMMEs, the trainees were expected to open their own companies and given training on how to maintain the geysers.

Through the UIF fund, the Department of Labour was to be used for this training. Two Social Facilitation Assistants were also to be contracted for the project’s duration. An Energy-Water SETA-accredited Certificated Qualification was to have been awarded to the installer assistants upon completion of the training.

A technical feasibility assessment service provider was appointed. Their role was to do three things:

  • To assess the suitability of the roof structure on which the geysers will be installed;
  • To test the water quality and reliability of supply;
  • To determine the socio-economic status of the target beneficiaries.

The service provider had also developed a web-based data management system. Information was to have been captured live on-site through a GIS system and transmitted to the department with all the beneficiary information.

In addition to identifying beneficiaries, Makana Municipality was expected to lead community consultation and engagement.

It appears that none of this was done.

Meanwhile, in May 2021, the Citizen reported that Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Gwede Mantashe described the national solar water-heating programme as “disastrous” after close to R300 million was spent on solar geyser storage after they had been delivered to municipalities.

Mantashe admitted the project had been wracked with corruption. A year ago, just 7000 of the 87000 solar geysers were installed, and about R290 million had been spent on keeping them in storage.

“The most honourable thing to do about solar geysers is to admit this is a disaster,” Mantashe said at the time. “They (the geysers) were put there (in storage) – nothing was done, and I think that storage money was a slush fund.”

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Opportunities for arts and craft SMMEs

Grocott's Mail - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 3:48pm
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Star College to host International soccer tournament

Tabloid Newspapers - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 3:00pm
#tdi_1 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item1 { background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; } #tdi_1 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item2 { background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; } 1 of 2 Back row right, coach E Ndlovu, Nhanhleni Hlophe,Yuvarn Chavda, Uday Archary Pillay, Sriya Rici Govender, Jash Jaydon Naidoo, Tanaka Gabriel Muchopa, parent assistant, front row left :Philani Mteshane, Bhavik Harilal, Kowin Padayachee, Ethan Moodley, Vayur Sookrajh, Saiush Sookdeo Star College under 11 division

More than 300 junior and senior primary school learners from Star College will participate in an international soccer tournament on Saturday. The tournament will be hosted at the Westville headquarters of Star College at 20 Kinloch Ave, Westville North, from 8am.

All Star Colleges in the different provinces and neighbouring countries, will participate in the matches for the Under 11 and Under 13 divisions. Mozambique will arrive in Durban with three teams.

Teams from the other provinces are Star College Pretoria, Star Sybrand Park and Star Bridgetown from Cape Town, as well as Nizamye Mayfair and Nizamye Midrand from Gauteng, as well as Nizamye Port Elizabeth.

Retired professional soccer coach, Clive Barker’s referees will officiate in the matches.

An added attraction will be the presence of VIP soccer stars, who were soccer legends in their heydays. Among them are, Patson Banda, Strini Naicker, Selvanathan Reddy, Faizel Ebrahim, and Daya Maistry.

There’s a full day’s programme with opening ceremony and matches starting at 8am and a concert in the evening, with the awards ceremony at 5pm. Entry is free and there will be lots of food and other attractions available. There will also be lots of fun and games for the kids.

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Dr RD Naidoo Drive is a ‘ticking time bomb’, say residents

Tabloid Newspapers - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 1:00pm
#tdi_2 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item1 { background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; } #tdi_2 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item2 { background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; } #tdi_2 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item3 { background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; } #tdi_2 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item4 { background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; } #tdi_2 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item5 { background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; } #tdi_2 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item6 { background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; } 1 of 6 The section of Dr RD Naidoo Drive which has partly caved in following the devastating KZN floods in April The section of Dr RD Naidoo Drive which has partly caved in following the devastating KZN floods in April The section of Dr RD Naidoo Drive which has partly caved in following the devastating KZN floods in April The section of Dr RD Naidoo Drive which has partly caved in following the devastating KZN floods in April The section of Dr RD Naidoo Drive which has partly caved in following the devastating KZN floods in April The section of Dr RD Naidoo Drive which has partly caved in following the devastating KZN floods in April

Residents and ratepayers in Asherville have raised concerns over the state of Dr RD Naidu Drive following the recent floods which left devastation in many Durban areas. One of the road’s lanes is now unusable with traffic having to be diverted onto the oncoming lane and pedestrians being left with no sidewalk on which to walk.

Dr Anie Singh, Chairperson of the Asherville Ratepayers’ Association (ARA), said: “The recent catastrophic floods that have wreaked havoc over KwaZulu-Natal has not ceased to impact the lives of the people in the province. While many people attempt to pick up the pieces, there are still many areas where residents have been forced to deal with no water or intermittent periods of water due to the damaged infrastructure.”

Dr Singh said that while climate change and the failure of the municipality to maintain ageing infrastructure have been quoted as some of the reasons for the extensive damage in the area, she indicated that one also has to carefully consider the terrain on which the eThekwini area is located.

“As a coastal metropolis, the geology of the region has been a significant factor that has contributed to a number of landslides in the area. The recent devastation in the Asherville area is no exception. As a result of the unprecedented rains, the sloping gradient and the combined effect of the washing away of soil have resulted in many roads also being impacted. RD Naidoo Drive, an extremely busy road that services road-users who reside both within and outside of the Asherville area, has partly caved in due to the velocity of the rains which swept through the area during the floods of 9 to 11 April,” she said.

Dr Singh added that the resultant effect is that concrete blocks have been haphazardly arranged on the road to force road-users to use a section of the road.

“While attempts have been made to invoke Metro, through the councillor of the ward, to mainly divert the traffic away from the affected area, it would seem that this has not proven to be very effective. The municipality is not providing any clarity as to when it was going to commence with a constructive upgrade of the area, residents are forced to be subjected to a perilous situation. Residents fear that with the pressure build-up on the section of the road which road-users are compelled to use, there is a very real possibility that the entire road could collapse. To avert further tragedies in the area, the ARA has requested that residents are mindful of the imminent danger and try to use alternate routes to get to their destination, which it is conceded, might not to be possible at all times,” said Dr Singh.

Nishal Ramlall, an ARA representative and concerned resident who resides in the vicinity, has raised the point that after part of the road was washed away, it is now more dangerous since the streetlights are not even working.

“This is a serious problem as it impairs visibility, mainly at night when the concrete blocks which have been laid out to control traffic might only become visible when it is too late to avoid an accident. It is therefore maintained that until such time that a plan is presented to the ARA by the municipality as to when the anticipated upgrade is to be effected, a concerted effort needs to be put into place to divert traffic away from the affected area so as to avoid any further disasters. For now, sadly, it seems like it is a case of a ticking time bomb,” said Ramlall.

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Ayaphela amaphupho kuDStv Premeirship

Tabloid Newspapers - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 12:00pm
Akawaziwa mbhantshi kujiya emdlalwemi womkhaya ozokuba phakathi kwaMaZulu FC neGolden Arrows ngoMgqibelo eMoses Mabhida, Stadium, eThekwini, ngo-3 ntambama.-Isithombe: AmaZulu FC

KUSUKELA kulempelasonto, kuyaphela ukuqagela ngamaqembu okulindeleke ukuthi azifake ku-Top 8, azodlala emidlalweni yeCAF kanye nokulindeleke ukuthi liyozingela onogwaja ngesizini yeDStv Premiership 2022/2023.

Njengoba kuzoba nemidlalo ezoqala kulempelasonto yomhlaka Meyi 21 kuze kube uJuni 1, alikho iqembu okusekucacile ngalo ukuthi lizodliwa yizembe noma lizokwazi ukulala isibili ku-log yeDStv Premiership. IMamelodi Sundowns seyidlalela ukugcina icala kulemidlalo yokugcina ngoba vele seyisithathile isicoco seligi kuphela nje sekusele ukuthi kwenziwe ngokusemthethweni.

Imidlalo yakamuva nje yamaqembu ikhombisile ukuthi kunzima ukuqagula ukuthi yiliphi iqembu elizosonga isizini ngokulala isibili noma elizokwazi ukuthi lizibekisele indawo ku-top 8, ingasaphathwa ke eyeqembu eliyozingela onogwaja.

Uma ubheka i-log yeDStv Premiership ikhomba ukuthi phakathi kweSwallows kanye neBaroka FC kufanele kube nelilodwa elizophuma liyozingela onogwaja, bese kuthi elinye lidlale kuma-playoff.

Iqembu okufanele lilale isibili kulindeleke ukuthi liphume phakathi kwe-Kaizer Chiefs, Royal AM kanye neCape Town City. Kumaqembu asemzabalazweni wokuthi okungenani agcine ebalwa ku-top 8, azophuma phakathi kweStellenbosch, AmaZulu FC, Orlando Pirates, SuperSport United kanye neGolden Arrows.

NgoMgqibelo kulindeleke ukuthi kube nguwafa wafa phakathi kweMamelodi Sundowns neRoyal AM emdlalweni ozokuba seChatsworth Stadium, ngo-3 ntambama. ISundowns izodlala lomdlalo nje ibuya esibhaxwini sika-3-0 ishaywa yiStellenbosch e-Absa Tuks Stadium. Ngakolunye uhlangothi i-Royal AM izimisele ngokubuyisa izinduku zika-2-1 kuSundowns ezithole emdlalweni weNedbank Cup.

Ngawo uMgqibelo kuzobe kungongaphansi nongaphezulu emdlalweni womkhaya ozokuba phakathi kweLamontville Golden Arrows kanye naMaZulu FC, eMoses Mabhida Stadium, eThekwini, ngo-3 ntambama. Akwaziwa ukuthi iyozala nkomoni phakathi kweKaizer Chiefs kanye neSwallows eFNB Stadium, ngo-3 ntambama. IChiefs izodlala lomdlalo nje kubonakala kusalokoza inhlansi yethemba lokuwina ngemuva komphumela wangeledlule.

Omunye umdlalo ozokuba ngawo uMgqibelo uzokuba phakathi kweMarumo Gallants neSekhukhune United, ePeter Mokaba Stadium, ngo-3 ntambama. Akwaziwa mbhantshi kujiya emdlalweni ozokuba phakathi kweStellenbosch nomkhaya, iCape Town City ozokuba seDanie Craven Stadium ngawo uMgqibelo, ngo-3 ntambama.

Imidlalo yeDStv Premiership:

NgoMgqibelo: Royal AM vs Mamelodi Sundowns (Chatsworth Stadium, Chatsworth, 3pm); Marumo Gallants FC vs  Sekhukhune United, Peter Mokaba Stadium, Polokwane, 3pm); AmaZulu vs  Golden Arrows (Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban, 3pm); Chippa United vs TS Galaxy (Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth, 3pm); Kaizer Chiefs vs Swallows (FNB Stadium, Johannesburg, 3pm);

Maritzburg Utd vs Baroka FC, (Harry Gwala Stadium, Pietermaritzburg, 3pm);

Stellenbosch vs Cape Town City FC (Danie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch, 3pm)

NgoLwesithathu (Meyi 25): Orlando Pirates  vs  Maritzburg Utd (Orlando Stadium, Soweto,19:30)

NgeSonto (Meyi 29): Royal AM vs Orlando Pirates, Chatsworth Stadium, 15:00, Chatsworth)

 NgoLwesithathu (Juni 1): SuperSport Utd vs Orlando Pirates (Lucas Masterpieces Moripe Stadium, Pretoria, 19:30)

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Humanitarian, Zohra Ismail Sooliman, obtains Masters in Social Science

Tabloid Newspapers - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 12:00pm
Imtiaz Sooliman and his wife, Zohra Ismail Sooliman, sharing a proud moment at her graduation

Humanitarian organisation co-founder and women empowerment activist, Zohra Ismail Sooliman, was recently honoured at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s graduation ceremony for her achievement of a Masters in Social Science which she obtained following her research on the experiences of Muslim women in polygamous marriages in Durban and its surrounds.

Despite her and her husband’s, Imtiaz Sooliman, commitment to providing relief where it’s needed the most, Ismail Sooliman has also been an advocate for women in dependence and education, continuously encouraging women to pursue their talents and abilities. “We must use our abilities and skills to contribute to the communities we come from to make a difference in their lives,” she said.

Ismail Sooliman has been at the forefront of the Gift of the Givers foundation alongside her husband since it was founded in 1992; also raising her children, four daughters and son, and in the early stages of her marriage had to be the anchor of her family while her husband flew to war zones to deliver aid to those who needed it the most.

She said that after seeing women in polygamous marriages distraught and broken by their husbands taking on a second or subsequent wife, she started a counselling service called the Gift of the Givers Care-line Counselling Service which offers women face-to-face counselling free of charge. This service has grown immensely and is also available telephonically.

“I hoped that by gathering the experience of women who are in such situations for my masters research, I could create awareness in society, particularly amongst men and religious leaders. People will understand and be compassionate towards women who are going through such relationships. It will provide education to them and the communities they come from,” she said.

She advised learners in school and students in university to work hard, be disciplined, determined and keep focused on the end goal. She said she is grateful to her support system of family, friends, work colleagues and her supervisor. Ismail Sooliman plans to continue her work with Gift of the Givers and encourages the public to do and be good, always. Attending her graduation was her husband and daughter who are very proud of Ismail Sooliman’s achievement.

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Citizens triumph over seven weeks of municipal neglect

Grocott's Mail - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 12:00pm


The Scotts Farm area (including Wylde and Trotter streets and Ghost Town) has had to endure seven weeks without running water.

The root cause was a leak in the pipeline under a building on Wylde Street. It needed rerouting as the houses built on the street had been extended over the piping system and yarded off due to inadequate town planning.

The rerouting process took less than a week and yet has only this week been repaired, restoring the water to taps. Scotts Farm residents expressed their displeasure with the Ward 4 Service Delivery WhatsApp group. One resident said, “This is a result of incompetence and failure of service delivery. The community should come together and start educating themselves on what is owed to them.”

Plumbing works on Wylde street. Photo: Zimkita Linyana The feeder pipe leaked under this building. Zimkita Linyana

Some weeks ago, one Ward 4 suggested a fundraiser in response to the emergency in the local WhatsApp group, and the neighbourhood happily chipped in to buy a water tank.

Residents in the group were quick to point out that this was the Makana Municipality’s responsibility. But, the muni failed to provide community tanks during the seven-week ‘drought’. Instead, water trucks were brought in intermittently.

Active Scotts Farm resident Scheepo Scheepers noted: “Some pensioner will be short of a loaf of bread because he/she needs to pay someone to go fetch water from this tank”.

Another said it was “abundantly clear that we cannot rely on the municipality” and suggested a ward-based system to assist the neighbourhood.

Schools in the area have had to send children home as water tanks ran dry. The municipal water tanker was inconsistent – one resident said that “the tanker was not around for three days”.

Scheepers, a member of the local neighbourhood watch, said he was very grateful for the Ward  4 tank donation but felt that active citizenship and strong communal bonds were lacking in Scotts farm. “This tank represents the weakness of our community – we accepted this gesture of ‘goodwill and relief’ instead of petitioning together and making due demands to the municipality as a collective.”

He said the high number of inadequately educated people in the community is one of the reasons why people don’t feel empowered to “stand together and sign petitions demanding basic service delivery”.

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Municipal leaders update on issues facing the city after floods

Tabloid Newspapers - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 11:40am
#tdi_3 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item1 { background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; } #tdi_3 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item2 { background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; } #tdi_3 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item3 { background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; } #tdi_3 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item4 { background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; } 1 of 4

The City of eThekwini came under heavy criticism at the full council meeting on Wednesday, 18 May, when opposition parties voiced their anger at the municipality for failing to provide a report and an update to councillors and residents on their response to the ongoing disaster and relief efforts following the devastating floods in April.

Municipal Speaker, Councillor Thabani Nyawose, gave the update on the response of the city to the humanitarian crisis that has affected a total of 28 854 adults and 12 494 children within eThekwini. He said currently, a total of 84 places are being used as shelters to house flood victims in 78 wards of eThekwini, after the torrential downpour caused an estimated R5 billion in damages.

“There are a number of displaced individuals who are currently being sheltered in community halls, churches, and schools. They are also receiving hot meals, food pack/vouchers, blankets and getting assistance with the reissuing of Identification Documents, lost during the floods. A total of 9 442 people are currently receiving this aid,” said Cllr Nyawose.

The city also acknowledged the humanitarian support provided by agencies and faith based organisations such as the Gift of the Givers, Doctors Without Borders, Motsepe Foundation, SANDF, ABSA Water Tankers, Sasol, Shell, Tonga Hullet Group, ISUZU SA and Rainbow Chicken. Nyawose said through the Motsepe Foundation they have been able to process the burial of 129 people. A total of 390, so far, were lost in eThekwini with a further 60 people still missing.

Nyawose said that due to the impact of the floods, the city’s budget needed to be re-prioritised in order to respond to the urgent and critical disaster damages. “The 2022/23 budget had to be re-prioritised in response to infrastructural damage. The proposed budget borrowings will have to be increased by R500 million for capital. The proposed operating expenditure budget will also have to be increased by R150 million. As funding is identified non-critical infrastructure damage will be accommodated,” said the Speaker.

An excess of 100 power stations were severely affected by the floods. Water supply has also been heavily affected, the north region of eThekwini remains to be the hardest hit with only a 5% improvement. The inner and outer west saw a jump from 45% to 70% and 72% improvement respectively. The central parts of the municipality saw an improvement from 45% to 72% while the south jumped from a mere 15% to 75%.

“Repairs are underway in areas with an interrupted water supply. The heavy rains also severely damaged the water treatment plant in oThongathi. Major repairs in this area are expected to take a few months at an estimated cost of R30m. As an interim solution, the Municipality has intensified the provision of additional water tankers, and more static tanks will be added to the current 42.  The municipality is currently reconfiguring the existing system for the new pipeline to receive water at Tongaat South Reservoir. There are also boreholes established by Gift of the Givers and a donated package plant from Amatis. The public is cautioned that water from boreholes and package plant is not for consumption, but rather for other uses such as toilets and washing.”

However, the delay in reporting on the impact of the disaster did not sit well with opposition parties who called out the municipality for failing to respond timeously to the crisis and shying away from holding council meetings. The Democratic Alliance caucus leader, Councillor Nicole Graham, said the city has been through a very devastating time and stressed that the municipality needs to have a proper assessment.

“We need to assess where we are and how we got here. Not just the disaster but we must look at the capacity response by the city. It is important to have such meetings because the exco is tasked with a big task to oversee the programmes in the city so it is really sad to see that these meeting are not prioritised.”

Councillor Pillay of the DLC raised the issue of reliefs and said: “As much as the flood reliefs are important, the city needs to continue improving the infrastructure and not hide behind the flood reliefs. Parks and roads are deteriorating.”

Councillor Hlengwa of the APF said the municipality needs to find ways to relocate people to safe and proper housing. “The land issue is a huge problem, displaced people from informal settlements must not go back to where they were staying. If you take people to the damaged in formal settlements that they were staying in, what if it floods again?”

IFP Councillor, Mdu Nkosi, said that they welcome the report but the city needs to understand the importance of meeting regularly to deal with outstanding matters. “The issue of dismissing people needs to stop, right now there is no time to politicise the matters affecting the residents. All issues must be addressed accordingly. Also, the council must not take people back to the informal settlements but rather house them in the council and municipal buildings that are not occupied. You cannot take people out of the informal settlements only to give them wood and corrugated iron to go back to the settlements where they got flooded,” said Cllr Nkosi.

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Community wants safe and permanent housing for flood victims

Tabloid Newspapers - Gio, 19/05/2022 - 11:00am
Formal residents of Reservoir Hills stopping the team which was sent out with a grader to clear the piece of land allocated for a transit camp

By Bongekile Gumede

Following a controversial plan by the municipality to build a transit camp for displaced flood victims in Reservoir Hills who are currently being housed in a school, residents signed a petition to prevent construction after the municipality sent out a team to clear the piece of land so temporary structures can be built. However, the residents, both formal and informal, feel that the proposed site is not safe for any construction as per a geological report they received.

EThekwini Municipality planned to use a piece of land between Pemilton Avenue and Shannon Drive to temporarily house 40 families whose homes were washed away in the floods, leaving them homeless and living in a temporary transit camp. This came as a surprise to many Reservoir Hills residents who were not approached for public comments or approval of these plans. Residents only realised that something was happening when they saw the site being cleared not far away from the Shree Mariamman Temple.

It is alleged that the municipality sent out a land clearing machine and a team which was tasked to clear the land for the camp to be constructed. This was stopped by some of the residents who felt that consultations needed to be done before any clearing is authorised. The residents also feared that the historic temple would be demolished in the process.

A meeting was then called by the Reservoir Hills Ratepayers’ Association which was attended by members of the community including the informal residents living in the area, those who were displaced and officials from eThekwini. Following the meeting the residents agreed that they would sign a petition opposing the destruction of the temple and the construction of the camp as they feared that most transit camps end up developing into permanent residencies, which would create an even bigger problem in the community, which already is surrounded by informal settlements.

The petition written by the residents listed a number of grievances and reasons why they do not want the transit camp to be constructed:

1. The New Germany Road informal settlement which was supposed to be a transit camp is now a home to multiple informal settlers.

2. The addition of a new informal settlement will add to the four which already surround Shannon Drive.

3. The inconvenience of the camp, as it would pose as a danger to the multitudes already living there, in terms of health and safety.

The petition stated that the area earmarked for the transit camp was not conducive to people being temporarily housed and that it would pose a danger to those already staying there because their health and safety would be compromised.

After the floods, the families were housed at Pemary Ridge Primary School and were recently moved to Truro Hall in Westville. Some of the residents said communication between the residents and the municipality is vital and that it is time that informal residents fight for proper housing rather than allowing the municipality to place them on a land without providing proper homes for them.

Alicia Kissoon, Democratic Alliance Councillor in Ward 23 – which covers Reservoir Hills – said she is doing all that is in her power to find a solution that will be suitable for both the informal and formal residents. Following a meeting held at the Pinetown Civic Centre on Thursday, 12 May, Kissoon said a steering committee was elected with the option to add other members to the committee. She said the ratepayers were adamant that they want proper housing for the affected informal residents to give them back their dignity. Both informal and formal residents agreed that the proposed land needs to be approved by geologists before any construction is done on the site.

“The meeting was held to bring all the stakeholders together. They all agreed that urgent but permanent housing is priority. The current situation of residents being housed in the hall is extremely difficult for them and needs to be urgently addressed. I can say that all the parties are working together to find a solution for all the residents,” said Cllr Kissoon.

Lance Govender, who is part of the steering committee chosen at the meeting on Thursday, said: “We as the residents of Reservoir Hills are one and we are not allowing anyone or anything to divide us anymore. We have all agreed that permanent housing is priority and that government must stop housing people on flood plains with the promise of permanent housing. The current situation of our residents housed at the hall is extremely difficult and needs to be urgently addressed. The municipality’s answer is another transit camp, which is unacceptable. We have given them suggestions and a geological report which shows how unstable and dangerous the proposed land is. They have still not proposed any alternate land, however, we as the residents will work together and find a suitable land. We do not want our community to be traumatised anymore.”

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