18 arrested for alleged lockdown violation

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Thirteen women and five men are set to appear in the Magistrate’s Court in Makhanda on 26 October. Arrested on 24 July in Joza, the 18 Makhanda residents were charged in terms of the Disaster Management Act.

Papers served on them indicate they should pay a R100 admission of guilt fine.

“If paid [this]will have the effect of a conviction and will go against their names as a previous conviction in terms of Act 51 of 1977,” said Naran Dullabh, the attorney set to represent the group in court.

The matter has since been postponed to 26 October, when the 18 are expected to appear in the Magistrate’s Court in Makhanda.

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Four arrested on torture, murder charges

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Following an alleged mob justice attack, four suspects aged between 34-46 were arrested and charged for the torture and murder of a 19-year-old man in Makhanda on Monday, 14 September 2020.

Three suspects appeared in court on 17 September and were released on R500 bail.

The fourth suspect, aged 34, was expected to appear in court today.

Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant-General Liziwe Ntshinga condemned acts in which people take the law into their own hands.

“No one should torture or kill another one and all crime suspects should be reported to police so that justice can take its course,” Ntshinga said.

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Truck booking systems extended at Port of Durban

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Transnet National Ports Authority at the Port of Durban says the introduction of an off-site truck staffing facility this month by a private bulk terminal in the Island View Precinct is showing a positive impact in alleviating truck congestion in the Bayhead Precinct and surrounding roads.

This month, Transnet also extended its own truck booking system to the Durban Multi-purpose Terminal (MPT), the third Transnet terminal to come on board after Durban Container Terminal Pier 2 and Pier. The Durban MPT booking system enables transporters to book delivery slots 48 hours in advance or cancel a booking two hours prior to the time slot, while the private bulk terminal’s truck staging facility at the Old Durban Airport south of Durban requires trucks to be pre-processed before calling at the port.

Truck appointment systems are being implemented to alleviate truck congestion in roads surrounding the port and are among the initiatives being spearheaded by the Port of Durban Decongestion Task Team.

General manager at the Port of Durban Moshe Motlohi said, “There have been positive results since the activation of the interim staging facility at the airport. For week ending 4 September we had no queues and access to the facility and hit rate for the booked slots have improved.”

He said that the bulk staging facility accommodates between 90 – 100 trucks at any given time and no bulk tipper truck will be permitted directly into the terminal or port precinct without a booking reference for each day and a sticker on the windscreen. “Each customer will be allocated a number of trucks per day as per the terminal’s operations and shipping plan.This process will allow the terminal to call in trucks in manageable batches helping to alleviate the congestion on Bayhead Road. This initiative combined with the recently launched booking system, will help with volume smoothing into the port,” Motlohi said.

In recent weeks TNPA, through forums including the Port of Durban Decongestion Task Team and the port’s daily virtual operations meeting with all stakeholders, escalated calls for all businesses in the port to revise their protocols around giving early warnings of any business disruptions. This would ensure that others who might be affected by the after-effects of such disruptions can be alerted.

Mahloti said that a joint planning meeting was also held with businesses in the Cutler Complex on Thursday, 20 August at which the management of the complex committed to getting their users to implement their own booking system.

“In the next three months, we hope to have 80 percent of the port having adopted a truck booking system. With regards to collaboration there is a lot of work still to be done in this space but through our collaborative approach with stakeholders, I remain optimistic while working on the TNPA port’s over-arching booking system. We hope that, ultimately, we will realise the benefit of having a broader booking system where trucks will be regulated in this fashion.”

He thanked law enforcement agencies within the port, including eThekwini Metro, SAPS and private security, for their efforts. “They must be commended for their sterling job in ensuring that trucks destined for terminals affected by operational disruptions, remain compliant with traffic laws. Law and order are essential in the port.”
Durban Container Terminal Pier 2 has also deployed more straddle carriers into operation to improve handling at the terminal and to help reduce vessel and truck terminal dwell times.

“The deployment of efficient and reliable fleet together with the mandatory appointment system will result in better port efficiencies,” said Motlohi.

TNPA has also revealed that the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between TNPA and eThekwini Municipality was signed this month, paving the way for construction of a second port access road to Bayhead and Island View. The Port of Durban Decongestion Task Team involves a broad range of private and public sector organisations involved in the port.

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Look beyond shelters, says gender activist

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By Lillian Roberts
In dealing with gender-based violence, it’s vital to support women’s independence and education, says former manager of the SADC Gender Programme Nomkhitha Gysman. Grocott’s Mail student reporter Lillian Roberts interviewed her as the Uyinene Mrwetyana Foundation marked the anniversary of Uyinene’s death with the question, “What has changed?”

August 24 marked a year since Uyinene Mrwetyana was murdered at the Clareinch Post Office in Cape Town. Her death sparked nationwide protests.

The Uyinene Foundation said 2018/2019 crime statistics showed a woman was murdered every three hours in South Africa. In many cases rape was unreported, and the number of women who had suffered at the hands of men was far higher than reported statistics.

“Investigation capacity in the SA Police Services remains poor. Directors of Public Prosecutions offices are unacceptably understaffed and under-skilled. Without the certainty of effective investigation, arrest, prosecution and harsh sentences, there can be no remedying these systemic problems,” the Foundation said.

The Emergency Response Action Plan (ERAP) April 2020 report presents the progress made between October 2019 and March 2020.

“In many cases there has been progress made, in other instances, none,” the Foundation said. “While the Foundation recognises that the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown may have affected the implementation of the plan, the pandemic has also exacerbated the urgency of intervention. Statistics suggest an increase in domestic and other forms of GBV during this time.”

The Presidency is amending three Bills to combat gender-based violence. The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act, among other changes, makes public the sex offenders registry. The Criminal and Related Matters Amendment Bill 2020 will restrict the granting of bail to perpetrators of gender-based violence and femicide and increases the offences for which minimum sentences must be imposed. The Domestic Violence Act 116 of 1998 has been broadened to cover engagements and dating, in customary relationships as well as actual or perceived romantic, intimate or sexual relationships.

Gysman had a hand drafting an earlier version of the Sex Offenders Act and she says it requires responsive systems and people.

“All these laws depend on how they are implemented,” she said.

As important was addressing the underlying causes of gender-based violence.

“As long as the government is unable to cater to women, appreciate the work women do and regard it as work in the first place, things will not change,” said Gysman. “Women are characterised as not working – yet they are the first to wake and the last to sleep. They are categorised as unemployed, yet they meet the needs of the entire family.”

Gysman asks, beyond interim shelters, what other structures are there for victims to fall back on.

“The government doesn’t have a plan. Gender-based violence should not be addressed by one department or the government alone, but should involve the Department of Social Development, Department of Justice, Small Business Owners, and so on,” Gysman said. “The “underlying, contributing factors to gender-based violence are not looked at sufficiently.”

“Beyond shelters, we need to make a historical connection, as we have had a distinctly violent history.”

“South Africa has many laws within its liberal constitution,” Gysman said. There will be another law tomorrow. The problem is how the laws are implemented and how the budget is allocated.”

“We need to go back to these laws and look at their track record, look at what else we can do,” she said.

“We don’t go to the core of issues. We come from a violent history of colonisation. Apartheid was a ruthless, violent regime. There has been what one could say is the mentality of survival of the fittest.”

In the context of violence generally, gender-based violence was exacerbated.

Gysman said it was important to look at the day of Uyinene’s death as a constant reminder.

“He saw a young woman with softness, sophistication, culture, respect. She saw an old man, and not seeing his cruelty. He victimised a girl who showed him respect and trust. That man was once a boy, then he grew up, and that is a key part of it – how do men come to believe they can get away with it?”

Gysman says it is important to document and learn from women’s stories.

The Uyinene Mrwetyana Foundation’s statement said, “We are calling on all South Africans to arise and speak out against this despicable crime and all forms of injustices against women… We speak out to … hold our government accountable for its plans to end the scourge of gender-based violence and femicide in South Africa.”

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Two arrested for sexual assault

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Police seized a knuckle duster knife.

Two men were arrested for sexual assault with a second charge of being in possession of a dangerous weapon after the suspects forcefully fondled a 20-year-old woman, opposite a local hospital recently.

In an effort to turn the tide against crime especially violence against women, Sergeant Govender and Constable Vanda’oh acted immediately after a case of sexual assault was reported at Chatsworth SAPS. Within one hour of the crime being committed, the two suspects aged 22 and 24 were arrested.

Captain Cheryl Pillay, communications officer of Chatsworth SAPS, said that the incident occurred on 30 August at about 10pm. She said that the family members had parked their vehicle opposite a local hospital when the 20-year-old female victim got out to purchase a meal from a nearby tuckshop.

“While awaiting her meal, two suspects armed with a knife began fondling her in an inappropriate way. A relative who came to her assistance was assaulted when he attempted to rescue her.
The victims managed to free themselves and proceeded to the police station to report this case. The description of the suspects assisted police in zoning into the location where the suspects were last seen resulting in the arrests,” Pillay said.

The suspects were found in possession of a knuckle duster knife which is believed to have been used during the commission of the offence. The station commander of Chatsworth SAPS, Brigadier Kevin James applauded the swift actions from the members resulting in the apprehension of the suspects.
He said: “Police will work around the clock to ensure that criminals who commit crimes against defenceless women are arrested and placed before the Department of Justice. Police advise residents to park their vehicles in well-lit areas. Women and children are easy targets for criminals therefore ensure that you walk in groups remaining aware of your surroundings at all times.”

Report suspicious vehicles or persons to Chatsworth SAPS on 031 451 4267 alternatively call Police Emergency Service Centres on 10111.

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Alicedale water treatment plant upgrade complete

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Raw water inlet works. Photo: Anele Mjekula

Makana Municipality is happy to announce that the refurbishment of the Alicedale water treatment plant has been completed. The refurbishment of the plant was undertaken to enable the water treatment works (WTW) to operate and provide adequate capacity for current demand and provision of future demand and to further meet and comply with the drinking water quality standards.

Water was historically supplied to Alicedale town from the Alicedale Dam (New Year’s Dam) situated north-east of the town, by pumping water to the treatment works. Due to the current severe drought experienced in the region, the water level of this dam has recently depleted to a mere 7.48% of its capacity. It is a critical concern that Alicedale may soon run out of water.

Upgraded Flocculation Dosing System. Photo: Anele Mjekula

Additional water supply initiatives were investigated. The supply of ground water to the water treatment works from an existing operational borehole, located on the private Burchell’s farm, was identified as the most economical alternative to augment the water supply to Alicedale. Part of the work done included converting the chlorine dosing facility to gas; constructing a new reservoir for the new housing development; structurally modifying the main town reservoir; new recycling backwash pipework; and concrete crack and leak durability treatment.

This also includes refurbishing and equipping a new borehole and a rising main to supply water to the treatment works inlet.

Entrance to WTW compacted before paving was done. Photo: Supplied

Before the project, the Alicedale Water Treatment Works and bulk water infrastructure were in a bad state of disrepair and did not meet Department of Water and Sanitation standards. It was performing under capacity during the summer peak periods. The plant was upgraded to 2.2 Ml/day capacity to cater for the current demand and future developments. The WTW and  bulk water infrastructure were refurbished, upgraded and modernised.

Concrete being pumped for the Footings of the Concrete Dwarf walls. Photo Supplied.

The flocculation channels, settling tanks, some clarifiers and storage reservoirs, pipework and several valves were leaking severely, and were repaired. The sand filters were cleaned, and a new chlorination system was installed. The main clean water reservoir received a new roof. A new storage reservoir was constructed for the township development. All valves, pumps, electrical supply and bulk water meters were refurbished.

Speaking at the launch on Thursday 3 September 2020, Infrastructure and Engineering Services Portfolio Chairperson Councillor Ramie Xonxa said the provision of water to the communities remains an important priority. “Water is life and therefore we need to make sure that all communities have access to it. It is therefore important for the community to own this facility and protect it against vandalism because vandalism is a serious challenge.” * Issued by the Makana Communications Office
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Read the 17 September edition of the eThekwini Times Online

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Read the 17 September edition of the eThekwini Times Online

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