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Nora e Giulio, famiglia nella vita e compagni nell’arte

Vaticano News - Ven, 24/06/2022 - 8:30am

Incontro con l’attore Giulio Scarpati, il “medico in famiglia” volto del beato Livatino, di don Di Liegro e don Zeno Santini, e la moglie, da 36 anni, Nora Venturini, regista, sceneggiatrice e romanziera di successo con i gialli della tassista detective Debora Camilli. “Condividere delle passioni – ci dicono – è un arricchimento che rende sempre vivo il nostro rapporto”. Il loro legame con il fondatore della Caritas romana Di Liegro

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New York, la Corte Suprema decide: nessuna licenza per portare un'arma in pubblico

Vaticano News - Ven, 24/06/2022 - 8:12am

La sentenza arriva mentre Washington discute per una legge sulla limitazione dell'uso delle armi anche in seguito alle recenti stragi in Texas, California e New York. Il Presidente Joe Biden si dice profondamente deluso per una decisione che "contraddice sia il buonsenso che la Costituzione"

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Pope Francis receives in audience the new lieutenant of the Order of Malta

ZENIT – English - Ven, 24/06/2022 - 2:53am

(ZENIT Noticias / Ciudad del Vaticano, 23.06.2022).- The Lieutenant of the Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Fra’ John Dunlap, was received in audience this morning in the Vatican by Pope Francis. The meeting – following the tradition – took place on the eve of the feast of St. John the Baptist, patron saint of the Order of Malta.

Characterized by great cordiality, the meeting was an opportunity to illustrate to the Holy Father the Order of Malta’s main activities in the spiritual, humanitarian and diplomatic fields over the past year.

In the foreground were the interventions to help thousands of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war. This aid includes medical and social assistance, the distribution of meals and medicines as well as first aid goods, transport and accompaniment services, reception points located in various locations in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Pope Francis listened attentively, urging the Order to continue along the path of commitment to the victims of war and the many conflicts that inflame the planet. Also in the talks were the Order’s medical and social activities in the Middle East.

The Order’s constitutional reform was also addressed during the talks. The Pope encouraged the Lieutenant of the Grand Master to work to find the broadest possible consensus on the changes that must strengthen and unite the Order of Malta.

Fra’ John Dunlap presented the Holy Father with a silver medal that the Order of Malta has dedicated to its commitment in the Ukraine. The medal depicts some displaced people and in the background one of the relief posts run at the borders by the Order of Malta’s volunteers. Pope Francis said he was very touched by the gift and in turn gave the Lieutenant of the Grand Master the collection of his encyclicals and a bronze work depicting St. Martin offering his cloak to the beggar.

At the end of the audience Pope Francis received the Sovereign Council and the Order of Malta’s Ambassador to the Holy See Antonio Zanardi Landi.

Before being received by Pope Francis, Fra’ John Dunlap had talks with Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin.

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Seminarian in Hospital Bed with Terminal Cancer Is Ordained Priest

ZENIT – English - Ven, 24/06/2022 - 12:41am

Written by: Lym Kym

(ZENIT News / Manila, 22.06.2022).- A seminarian of the Pakse diocese in Laos was ordained priest in a hospital bed in the capital of the Philippines. His name is Khamsan Mim, who was studying Theology at the Adamson University in Manila. In May of 2022, when the date of his graduation was approaching, he felt pain in his back and had difficulty walking. After several medical examinations, he was told he had bone marrow cancer and was, in fact, in the terminal stage. 

Given his circumstance, the seminarian was given the dispensation to accelerate his priestly ordination, which took place in the hospital room where he is staying. In fact, the whole Rite of Ordination was held with him in bed. 

According to Father Trieu Pham Minh, friend of the newly ordained priest, Father Khamsan Mim was imprisoned twice by the Government of Laos, his native country, for teaching the faith in the local parish. “The new priest’s vocation is a special vocation and is rare in his Diocese and in the Laos Church. However, considering God’s call, he wishes to bear fruit in another way, in keeping with God’s Holy Will, and in response to the desire to be a priest and to live a holy life of the Lord,” he added.

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“It Doesn’t Cross my Mind to Resign,” Says Pope to Brazilian Bishops

ZENIT – English - Ven, 24/06/2022 - 12:34am

Wrtitten by: Valentina di Giorgio


(ZENIT News / Vatican City, 22.06.2022).- June 2022 has been a month of speculations: one of them has to do with the Pope’s resignation. As the Editorial Director of ZENIT Agency’s analysis podcast commented: the Pope in a wheelchair, the convocation of a new Consistory for the creation of Cardinals, the cancellation of the trip to Africa and the confirmation of the journey to the place where Celestine V’s remains rest –a Pope who renounced being so–, triggered some the musings. 

What does the Holy Father think of all this? The Supreme Pontiff made it clear in his conversations with a group of Brazilian Bishops who are visiting the Vatican from June 20-24 for the usual ad Limina visit (a visit that all Bishops of the world make approximately every five years). It was the Archbishop of Porto Velho who was more specific, revealing what’s in the Pope’s head regarding all the speculation. “He has shown that he has many challenges, but what is going around in the press (the possibility of his resignation) doesn’t cross his mind. ‘I want to live my mission as long as God permits me,’ he said. And that’s all.” 

Another Brazilian Bishop added that he saw in the Pope, despite his fragility, “great strength and that gives us much strength.” 

There are 17 Brazilian Bishops visiting the Holy Father. They are from the north and northeast of Brazil, on the border with Venezuela and Guyana. In the majority, they are Bishops of territories with a significant indigenous presence. 

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