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Duo up for selling US$30 million Mugabe movie for US$1

New Zimbabwe - 10 ore 29 min fa

By Paul Katanda

TWO Harare men appeared in court answering to piracy allegations after they sold a movie titled Mugabe 2020 worth US$30 million for US$1.

Cliff Marufu (35) and Blessing Nhamo (36) appeared before Harare Magistrate Tafadzwa Mhiti charged with possession, selling or displaying for sale infringed copy of literary work.

They were remanded to June 14 2022.

The film is alleged to be owned by a company called Eastgate Films which is being represented by Cosmas Mukwenya.

It is alleged that the owner visited Marufu’s workplace on May 24 2022 in company of two police officers.

”The trio told Marufu that they were in need of a film titled Mugabe 2020 and he told them that he was in possession of such a film at a price of US$1 for 3 movies,” said prosecutor Thomas Chanakira.

The other cop, Sergeant Chinhiya then paid the money and Marufu copied the movie to a blank flash.

When he finished copying the movie, he was arrested for possessing and selling a film he did not create.

The police officers took his Dell laptop, external drive, two cables and a Samsung S7 Edge cellphone which they intend to submit as exhibits.

He then led the police officers to Nhamo whom he claimed to be the one who gave him the film.

The two were then arrested.

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Man calls time on marriage after being denied conjugal rights

New Zimbabwe - 10 ore 31 min fa

By Staff Reporter

A SEX starved man, Kostanteno Ngandu, domiciled in United Kingdom has called it quits with his wife for denying him conjugal rights.

He has filed for divorce at the Harare High court divorcing his wife Emmah Zvamaziva Ngandu nee Mashingaidze, saying she has starved him for several months.

“The parties have not had normal and regular sexual relationship consistent with a normal marriage. The parties go for months without having sexual intercourse and this has led to the breakdown of the marriage,” wrote Ngandu’s lawyers.

They added, The parties lost love and affection for each other.

“The parties are no longer compatible and have irreconcilable differences.”

High Court judge Justice Neville Wamambo granted the divorce.

According to court papers, the couple was married in 1989  and were blessed with two children.

Their first born is now an adult.

The parties agreed that Emmah will  get all their household property at their house in Budiriro and a Chrysler Grand Voyager.

Their Budiriro house will be put into their family Trust for the benefit of their two children.

Ngandu also offered to pay US$300 per month as maintenance for their minor son and also settle US$10 000 annual fees for his minor son.

He also has been awarded their  rural home in Musana and reasonable access to his minor son.

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Adulterous man pays for girlfriend’s divorce  

New Zimbabwe - 10 ore 32 min fa

By Mary Taruvinga  

AN adulterous Harare man has been ordered to pay ZW$100 000 adultery damages following a successful lawsuit by the husband of a woman he snatched away.

Dambudzo Oliver Munyebvu was ordered to pay the damages by High Court judge Justice Justice Amy Tsanga after he was sued by Talent Musvibe.

Musvibe had mounted the lawsuit stating that he wants to use the money to divorce his wife.

The case has had twist and turns after it emerged that Munyebvu’s first encounter with Musvibe’s was forced but the abuse later developed into an adulterous affair.

The rape case was never reported and although it confirmed by the lower court, the abuse was not entertained because it was not before the courts.

Musvibe had claimed ZW$150 000 in a claim he filed at the Magistrates court and an order was granted in his favour.

However, Munyebvu appealed at the High Court claiming that the couple fabricated a case against him in a bid to extort money.

Tsanga however dismissed the assertion saying no report was made to the police to this effect.

The aggrieved Musvibe submitted that he sought an award of ZW$150 000 as he wanted to use that money to institute divorce proceedings.

He also accused the court of erring by finding the evidence of his wife that she was raped to be credible.

Musvibe said she never disclosed the alleged rape to him at any time or report the matter to the police.

Justice Tsanga vindicated the woman as a credible witness given the sensitive nature of rape and what the victims go through.

“The failure to report does not mean that a witness is not credible since there are many reasons why rape victims do not report such as fear of losing the marriage,” read the Judgement.

However, she dismissed Musvibe’s wife’s witness statement before the court as lacking merit.

“The court below found on a scale of probabilities that the respondent’s (Musvibe) version was more credible and that the respondent’s wife’s explanation as to how the relationship started was lucid.

“According to the court, her statement that the first sexual encounter with the appellant was rape did not affect her credibility.

“The magistrate found the issue to be beside the point as the real issue before the court was whether or not adultery had subsequently occurred,” ruled Justice Tsanga.

“The claim for adultery damages falls under two main heads, namely loss of consortium (right each spouse has to the companionship) which could include loss of love, companionship, sexual privileges and assistance in good and bad times which a spouse is entitled to expect and consequent mental distress.

“The second head for claiming is contumelia (injury, hurt, insult and indignity that occurs to an innocent spouse) encompassing the infringement of privacy, dignity and reputation.

“The main element under which damages are awarded is loss of consortium which in this case there had been found to be no loss of consortium,” said the judge.

Tsanga said the loss is regarded as less where the respondent has condoned the adultery and the marriage still subsists.

In this regard she slashed the claimed amount.

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Grace Mugabe drags former accountant to court over US$42k fraud 

New Zimbabwe - 10 ore 33 min fa

By Paul Katanda

FORMER First Lady Grace Mugabe’s accountant was Thursday hauled to court answering to US$42 636 fraud.

Jabulani Cornerstone Dumbura (37) an employee at Grace Mugabe Foundation and manager at Highfield farm in Norton appeared before magistrate Yeukai Dzuda who granted him ZW$30 000 bail.

He will be back in court on June 30, 2022 for routine remand.

It is alleged that Dumbura stole money from his employer through auctions carried out by Ruby Auction when funds were supposed to go to Gushungo Holdings Private Limited.

Sometime in April 2022, informant Collins Matongo a police officer was assigned by the former First Lady to assist in monitoring activities at Highfield Farm where Dumbura was stationed.

It was established that from March 21, 2022 to April 14, 2022 Dumbura received US$11 045 from other staff members who had bought goods from the auction, and he failed to surrender the money to Gushungo Holdings.

Dumbura allegedly converted all that money to his own use.

He also allegedly stole three motor vehicles namely a Triton, two Nissan NP200 and a motor bike.

The court also heard that on April 28, 2022, Dumbura allegedly stole a water pump valued at US$3 000 from the auction yard at Highfield farm.

He then transported the pump to one Mutanga in Damofalls and covered his tracks by purporting that the pump had gone for repairs.

From a period extending from April 8, 2022 to May 11, 2022 Dumbura allegedly received US$17 991 from beef sales and converted it to own use.

Anesu Chirenje represented the State.

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PRAZ boss efforts to be reinstated flops

New Zimbabwe - 10 ore 34 min fa

By Mary Taruvinga

THE High Court has trashed an application by former Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) chief executive officer (CEO), Nyasha Chizu, challenging his dismissal.

High Court judge, Justice Owen Tagu, dismissed his application with costs for lacking merit.

Chizu was employed by PRAZ in 2012 and rose through the ranks to become the regulator’s CEO in August 2018.

On July 7, 2020, he was put on a forced 30-day leave.

This was repeated on two different occasions before he was fired on October 23 of the same year.

Chizu then sued his former employer, also citing the public service minister, Paul Mavima and Attorney General, Prince Machaya, as respondents.

He complained that he was unconstitutionally dismissed and wanted the termination to be declared null and void.

Tagu ruled that his arguments had no merit.

“The gist of the applicant is that he was not given the chance to make an address before he was dismissed.

“If that is so, he should have cited the Administrative Justice Act. That is where this cause of action lies.

“I therefore uphold the first respondent’s (PRAZ) first point in limine (as a preliminary matter).

“The first respondent’s right to have terminated the applicant’s contract of employment on notice was created by common law and not by statute. The Labour Act simply regulated the existence of common law right, otherwise conferred on the first respondent by common law.”

“I agree with the first respondent that the practical import of the applicant’s failure to do so, is that the relief sought is incompetent and ineffective as it does not strike at the source of the alleged unconstitutional infringement.

“I will therefore uphold the first respondent’s third point in limine,” said the judge.

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Unidentified men tailing, harassing Mnangagwa challenger, Musengezi 

New Zimbabwe - 10 ore 36 min fa

By Staff Reporter 

SYBETH Musengezi, the Zanu PF activist challenging President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ascent to party and national leadership, has said he is being tailed and harassed by unidentified people.

Musengezi, who spent a week in custody after his arrest on charges he fraudulently acquired Zanu PF membership in 2012, said some of the people were spending days parked by his home.

He shared details on Twitter, having been silent since his release on Friday 20.

Since my arrest & “Profiling”, unidentified people have been coming as they please at my house pretending to be making enquiries, some just park and sit by the roadside anytime they want. If anything suspicious or bad happens at my house it is definitely Mnangagwa’s people

— Sybeth Musengezi (@MusengeziSybeth) May 26, 2022

“Wasn’t feeling too well after my release last week, but I am good now. Many thanks to all who stood with me before, during and after my arrest for a ‘bogus charge’ at the instigation of Mnangagwa’s henchmen. Thanks for the solidarity and heartwarming messages. Ngazviende mberi,” Musengezi said.

“They put me in jail, threatened, intimidated, inhumanely treated and harassed me and those close to me so as to break my spirit and force me into submission, but that’s not gonna happen. Mnangagwa has to respect us. This country belongs to us all, not him and his associates alone

They wanted my current physical address and as much information as they could get on me through the so called “profiling” so they can put me under surveillance, follow, harass or raid me anytime they want.

Since my arrest and “profiling”, unidentified people have been coming as they please at my house,  pretending to be making inquiries. Some just park and sit by the roadside anytime they want. If anything suspicious or bad happens at my house, it is definitely Mnangagwa’s people.”

Wasn’t feeling too well after my release last week but am good now.
Many thanks to all who stood with me before, during and after my arrest for a ‘bogus charge’ at the instigation of Mnangagwa’s henchmen. Thanks for the solidarity and heartwarming messages. Ngazviende mberi

— Sybeth Musengezi (@MusengeziSybeth) May 26, 2022

In his High Court application, filed last year, Musengezi argued Mnangagwa was improperly elected as Zanu PF first secretary after the 2017 coup which toppled his predecessor, Robert Mugabe.

His lawyer, Doug Coltart, told reporters that the state’s case against Musengezi was aimed at denying him the right to challenge Mnangagwa by depriving him of his party membership and locus standi.

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Anti-riot police officers swarm Bulawayo, Masvingo as government moves to quash potential demonstrations 

New Zimbabwe - 10 ore 36 min fa

By Bulawayo Correspondent 

BULAWAYO was Thursday teeming with armed anti-riot police officers, stationed at “strategic” points within the city, as government moved in ahead of planned civil servants’ protests set for Friday.

The same situation was evident in Masvingo where the paramilitary unit was deployed Wednesday.

Civil servants under the Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZCPSTU) banner, disgruntled by government’s refusal to pay them in US dollars, Tuesday decided they will be marching and petitioning the labour and public service ministries.

Police mounted roadblocks on some major roads leading into Bulawayo’s central business district (CBD), stopped vehicles, and searched them for what one of them said were “dangerous weapons.”

Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) president, Mqondisi Moyo, said they were worried by government’s decision to intimidate citizens, yet it could solve issues being raised.

“As Mthwakazi, we are really concerned about this government’s unnecessary show of force to unarmed citizens.

“Instead of addressing the deteriorating economic situation in the country, the government of Zimbabwe is busy intimidating our people.,” said Moyo.

Teachers, represented by the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ), have also indicated their intention to join protests, calling for reinstatement of their US dollar salaries as of October 2018.

They will be joining the rest of the civil service on June 1.

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) provincial spokesperson, Swithern Chiroodza, said they had received information the heavy police presence was a result of misleading information the state had received that the opposition outfit was planning demonstrations.

He said government’s prompt deployment of anti-riot officers was testament that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime was a continuation of late predecessor Robert Mugabe’s police state.

“There is a heavy and intimidating deployment of anti-riot police officers in Bulawayo and Masvingo. We learn from rumours that the deployment is meant to counter a CCC demonstration,” said Chiroodza.

“This information is false but helpful in demonstrating the priorities of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Lacoste government.

“Mnangagwa calls his post November 2017 government the new dispensation, while basically it is a continuation of Robert Mugabe’s police state. It would be better for police to help communities.

They should deploy more police officers to communities throughout the country for the protection of valuable infrastructure and citizens’ lives and property.”

Zimbabweans are currently reeling under an economic crisis that threatens to take them back to the 2008 era where basic goods and services were in short supply, and where they were available were highly priced and out of reach of many.

Already, the country’s inflation rate has topped world rankings, according to renowned economist, Professor Steve Hanke. Civil servants’ salaries, which are being paid in the Zimbabwe dollar, are near worthless and government is not yet talking of hiking them.

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Jumbo states push for sale of ivory stockpiles

The Chronicle - ZW - 13 ore 30 min fa
Leonard Ncube and Robin Muchetu in Hwange THE African Elephant Conference ended in Hwange yesterday with range states reiterating calls to be allowed to sell ivory stockpiles so that they can fully benefit from their conservation efforts. Topical at the four-day conference of range states, countries that are home to elephants, was involvement of communities […]
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Drone pilot lives her dream at children’s hospital

The Chronicle - ZW - 13 ore 30 min fa
Mashudu Netsianda, Senior Reporter SINCE her days as an undergraduate at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma in the United States, drones have captivated Ms Rachel Ngwarai’s imagination. The endless possibilities that have been unlocked by this one platform and the opportunity to push its boundaries even further is what motivated her to become a drone […]
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COMMENT: Rural industrialisation must produce raw materials

The Chronicle - ZW - 13 ore 31 min fa
COMMUNITIES are now enjoying the fruits of initiatives by the Second Republic to improve livelihoods in all parts of the country guided by President Mnangagwa’s philosophy that no one and no place will be left behind in the nation’s developmental trajectory. Yesterday we carried a story on Mpofu villagers in Lupane who are reaping huge […]
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Re-opening of vandalised shops restores 300 jobs

The Chronicle - ZW - 13 ore 31 min fa
Nqobile Bhebhe, Senior Business Reporter A TOTAL of 300 jobs have been restored in Bulawayo following the re-opening of seven out of 14 retail shops that were vandalised and looted by protesters in January 2019. These have been renovated and re-opened through funding support from the Government as well as partnership input from Bulawayo businessman, […]
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Treat for art lovers

The Chronicle - ZW - 13 ore 32 min fa
Angela Sibanda, Showbiz Reporter It was an event to remember for the Nkulumane community as they were the epicentre of the official launch of the Culture Week Bulawayo and Africa Day celebrations on Tuesday. Art lovers were given a treat of diverse cultural dance and music at Nkulumane Hall as the city joined the rest […]
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Zimbabwe’s gift to the world withstands harsh conditions

The Chronicle - ZW - 13 ore 32 min fa
Patrick Chitumba, Midlands Bureau Chief In the early 1940s, on the banks of Tuli River in Gwanda, a government agriculture advisor Len Harvey started work to develop an indigenous cattle breed that could withstand harsh conditions, including recurrent droughts. His life’s work gave the country the world famous Tuli breed that has become a distinct […]
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Luphahla to take charge against ZPC

The Chronicle - ZW - 13 ore 32 min fa
Innocent Kurira, Sports Reporter HIGHLANDERS are adamant that caretaker coach Joel Luphahla will bark instructions from the bench when they face ZPC Kariba in a Castle Lager Premier Soccer League match at Nyamhunga Stadium tomorrow despite him not possessing a Caf A coaching badge as required by the Fifa club licensing. Under the Fifa club […]
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Call to scale up intra-regional trade

The Chronicle - ZW - 13 ore 32 min fa
Sikhulekelani Moyo, Business Reporter AFRICAN countries have been urged to open up their borders to scale up intra-regional trade and enhance economic integration. The call comes at a time when most countries have embraced the historic African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Agreement, which came into force early last year. Speaking during a hybrid Kenya […]
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Communities bear the brunt of elephant population

The Chronicle - ZW - 13 ore 32 min fa
Leonard Ncube in Hwange INVOLVEMENT of communities that are affected by human-wildlife conflict in decision making has been taking centre stage during deliberations at the ongoing African Elephants conference in Hwange. Organisers saw it fit to host the four-day event in Hwange National Park, the home of more than 45 000 elephants, to rubberstamp the […]
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Schools with low vaccination uptake start recording Covid-19 cases

The Chronicle - ZW - 13 ore 32 min fa
Lumbidzani Dima, Chronicle Reporter BULAWAYO schools with low vaccination uptake by learners have started recording new Covid-19 cases as the country is also seeing a rise in the number of infections. The vaccination of learners in the 16-17 years age group started at the end of November last year while the 12-15-year-olds joined the rest […]
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Zimbabwe Eases Controls on Currency’s Official Exchange Rate

New Zimbabwe - Gio, 26/05/2022 - 5:12pm
  • Official rate moves closer to interbank rate, data show
  • Currency decline has helped drive inflation to more than 100%

By Bloomberg

ZIMBABWE is easing controls on the national currency’s official exchange rate, allowing it to converge with an interbank rate that the government has permitted businesses to use for commerce.

The currency now officially trades at ZW$290.88 per US dollar, according to data published Thursday on the central bank’s website, after starting the year at ZW$108.66 per greenback. The interbank rate is at ZW$296.68.

The government has used various strategies to try tame the local dollar’s decline, including a 10-day ban on bank lending. The depreciation has spurred inflation, which surged to 132% in May, the first time it has been above 100% in 10 months.

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa, in a May 7 televised address, said he expected the rates to converge “over time.”

The weekly auction run by the central bank since June 2020, has been criticized by business owners for being too tightly controlled – it depreciated minimally while parallel-market rates for US dollars surged. The unit changes hands at more than 400 to the dollar on the black market.

John Mangudya, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor didn’t immediately respond to a call to his mobile phone seeking comment.

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<p>By Soccer 24 WATFORD has announced

New Zimbabwe - Gio, 26/05/2022 - 5:06pm

By Soccer 24

WATFORD has announced the release of Jimiel Chikukwa just three months after the Zimbabwean striker rejoined the English Premier League (EPL) side.

The 19-year-old moved back to the Hornets after cutting short his six-month loan spell at Maidstone United in March, where he had limited game time, featuring in one game as a late substitute.

The young striker, who joined Watford Academy in September last year following his release at Leeds United, had been loaned out to allow him to get first-team experience.

He endured a frustrating return at Watford, and the club has decided to release him ahead of next season.

Chikukwa will leave the side with eighteen other players from the club’s U23s squad when their contracts expire in June.

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Zanu PF, CCC take political contest to football pitch, in peace building initiative

New Zimbabwe - Gio, 26/05/2022 - 4:53pm

By Darlington Gatsi 

ZANU PF and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) youths Wednesday took their fight onto the pitch at a political party youth sport festival organised by non-governmental organization (NGO), 4H Zimbabwe, as a way of promoting peace.

The festival saw opposing political parties, that included members of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) and MDC-T, battle it out in netball and soccer, among other sports.

The festival was hosted as part of 4H Zimbabwe’s Africa day celebrations.

CCC won the main event, the football final 2-0 against main political rivals Zanu PF .

“As political party youth assembly and association members, we are saying there is room for us to be united despite political party affiliation,” said Womberaiishe Nhende, who is CCC youth assembly deputy spokesperson.

“This event is key ahead of the coming election season, as it builds a spirit of tolerance among us.”

4H Zimbabwe recently held a dialogue session with the youths in Harare. The organisation’s executive director, John Muchenje, said they were happy political parties had given their attempt at unity and peace building a chance.

“We are happy they heeded to our call and accepted our invites for this sporting festival. We are using sport as a tool to promote peace and tolerance among youths as they constitute the greater proportion of the country’s population,” said Muchenje.

Taurai Kandishaya, a Zanu PF youth league executive member, said Zanu PF had for long been advocating for peace, hence their decision to heed the call.

“Our message as Zanu PF is simple, we always advocate for unity and peace in the country. No wonder we heeded 4H’s call.

“We urge all youths out there to work together and build our country.”

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