Bulawayo Suburbs To Go For Four Days Without Water

New Zimbabwe - Lun, 10/01/2022 - 06:32

By Bulawayo Correspondent

THE BULAWAYO City Council has announced a four-day water supply disconnection for some low-density suburbs in the city starting this Sunday.

The city’s town clerk, Christopher Dube said the move had been necessitated by routine maintenance work on the water pipeline which supplies the affected suburbs.

“The City of Bulawayo would like to advise members of the public that there will be interruption on water supplies to areas fed by Tuli reservoir from Sunday, 9 January 2022 at 3 pm to Wednesday, 12 January 2022 at 3 pm,” he said.

“This interruption will allow for the inspection of cracks and soundness of the clear water reservoir at Ncema that feeds into the Tuli reservoir.”

Dube added the affected suburbs include Esigodini, Imbizo, Matshemuhlope, Parklands,  Kumalo, Sunninghill, Riverside and Waterford.

He also apologised to the affected residents.

“Bulawayo City Council wishes to apologise to its valued consumers for the inconvenience likely to be caused and assures the affected residents that supplies will be restored once the treatment and subsequent pumping resumes at Ncema Water Works.”

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Violence Rocks New Zanu PF Mash West PCC

New Zimbabwe - Lun, 10/01/2022 - 06:20

By James Muonwa, Mashonaland West Correspondent

VIOLENCE dominated the new Zanu PF provincial joint council of the main wing, women’s and youth leagues’ inaugural meeting held in Chinhoyi Saturday.

The meeting was meant to officially hand over the reins of power to newly-elected chairpersons of the three-party organs voted during recent shambolic elections characterised by rigging allegations.

Mashonaland West Provincial Minister, Mary Mliswa-Chikoka won the chairmanship ahead of Information Deputy Minister Kindness Paradza, former Zanu PF Mashonaland West youth league leader Vengai Musengi and ex-Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) chief executive Happison Muchechetere.

In the women’s league polls, Constance Shamu came out victorious, while Tapiwa Masenda clinched the chairperson post of the youth league.

However, an ill-fated Indaba held at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) gym hall started off later than scheduled, before violence broke out just as proceedings were about to start.

This was after Mliswa-Chikoka had instructed party security and police officers to allow only listed “winners” from the recent elections and bar the rest of party members.

Timothy Masviba from Chegutu district, who later on had his car tyres deflated by opponents, sparked the chaos insisting all participants of the polls, losers included, were eligible to attend the meeting.

Haggling and mudslinging ensued for close to 20 minutes as security details struggled to fend off resistance from Masviba and hordes of other members who wanted to bulldoze into the venue.

Guest-of-honour at the function, Ambassador Zenzo Nsimbi, who was standing in for Politburo secretary for security Lovemore Matuke, watched helplessly from the top table as the melee ensued.

A visibly agitated Mliswa-Chikoka had to personally intervene to cool down tempers after it became apparent the meeting would not proceed and ordered police to close the door.

The meeting went ahead amid numerous complaints about the list of winners, the highlight being an objection by Agriculture Deputy Minister Vangelis Haritatos questioning the ‘ghost’ identity of one Jessie Banda, who was listed as having won in Muzvezve constituency.

Haritatos said: “With all due respect, on the list of winners that you have just read out, there is a character called Jessie Banda who is said to have won in Muzvezve. We don’t know a person called Jessie Banda and where they come from. We recently convened a meeting of chairpersons from Muzvezve and no one said they knew this Jessie Banda, we are baffled where that name came from, it needs to be replaced by someone identifiable we know won in the elections,” he said.

The chaos continued during the allocation of other posts that constitute the provincial executive membership, with Mliswa-Chikoka taking the flak for trying to impose her preferred candidates.

One Tsitsi of Kadoma district, who had been elected as the women’s league commissar, had her joy cut short after Rosemary Goteka was unilaterally thrust into the position as Mliswa-Chikoka flexed her muscle altering the line-up.

Tsitsi did not take it lightly causing a scene as she remonstrated against her shunting to a less influential post of information secretary.

The chaotic meeting ended late at night way after some members from far away districts had left.

The appointees to the Zanu PF Mashonaland West main board are; Tavengwa Mukhuhlani (vice-chairperson), Misheck Nyarubero (administration secretary), Gilbert Chibayamagora (finance), John Yotam (commissariat), Alexio Mutyambizi (security), Vangelis Haritatos (transport), Godknows Murambiwa (information), among others.

The PCC, which will transform into an elections directorate, is reportedly set to meet soon to endorse or nullify the appointments as well as deliberate on complaints from the just-ended provincial polls, particularly from Chakari and Makonde districts.


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‘They Want To Remove Us And Take The Rock’: Mutoko Villagers

New Zimbabwe - Lun, 10/01/2022 - 06:04

The Guardian

AS COMPANIES extract wealth, villagers say they see little benefit and are instead exploited in quarries, live in homes damaged by blasts and are unable to farm polluted land

A convoy of trucks laden with huge black granite rocks trundles along the dusty pathway as a group of villagers look on grimly.

Every day more than 60 trucks take granite for export, along this rugged road through Nyamakope village in the district of Mutoko, 90 miles east of Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare.

The air reverberates with blasts and heavy machinery noises as the mountain above the village is slowly reduced, slab by slab. Quarrying has been happening here since the 1980s.

Mutoko stone is sought after for its lustre. It is a popular material for tombstones. An extension to the Danish royal library in Copenhagen, known as the Black Diamond, is clad in Mutoko granite.

The Buja people who live here say that as mining companies extract wealth from the mountain, they leave behind a trail of damaged roads and bridges, hazardous pollutants and dirty air. Cracks can be seen on houses and blast debris is everywhere.

Now 50 families in the village have been told by a Chinese mining company that they will have to leave their homes and land. People in four other villages in the district fear they will also lose their ancestral lands.

Two families, including an 82-year-old villager and his wife, have already been relocated by Jinding mining company, which wants to build a polishing plant.

“The 82-year-old man collapsed when he heard the news because he never anticipated it. He was later resuscitated at the hospital. This is how bad things are here,” says Claudine Mupereri*, 38.

She says the man was told his house was within the area licensed to the mining company by the government. Zimbabwe’s Communal Areas Act gives the president power to decide the use of an area that makes up 40% of the country’s land, home to about 70% of the population.

“These companies do not respect communities. If the government does not protect us, then where will we get the protection we need?” says Mupereri.

Two other families were given $2,500 (£1,840) to rebuild their homes, but community leaders say this is insufficient.

“There is uncertainty around this village. Right now, we do not have anyone willing to help us because our councillor does not want to help us. Anyone who dares to speak out is threatened. Whether they remove us or not, we are already scared to speak out,” says Anesu Nyamuzuwe*.

The 40-year-old father of four fears losing five hectares (12 acres) of land, his only source of income.

“I have a good farm with fertile soil. My farming always meets my household requirements. I had built a good home and I am close to Mutoko centre, so I am not sure if I will ever get such a piece of land again,” he says.

“What is more important, investors or the villagers? We should have the right to reject these people from entering our community.”

Jinding mining company in China could not be reached for comment.

A manager and interpreter at the company’s plant in Mutoko says families who live within the 500 hectares the company is licensed to mine will be relocated, but adds: “the people who are giving out the claims [to mining companies] have a problem. Why are they giving them [companies] so much land? This land is almost 500 hectares, I am sure they already know that people live in this place.”

Zimbabwe has enjoyed a close relationship with China for decades. But the bond between the two countries solidified when western states imposed economic sanctions on Robert Mugabe’s government.

As credit and investments dried up, China stepped in.

In 2018, Zimbabwe-Chinese relations were elevated from “all-weather friends” to strategic partners, paving the way for Chinese investors to pour money into the country, particularly in the extractive industries, where they have been accused of paying little attention to environmental damage by environmental and human rights activists.

Those living near granite mines say companies are failing to restore the land after extraction. Open pits are left uncovered, endangering children and wildlife.

Zimbabwe’s government has been accused of turning a blind eye to complaints because, critics say, it doesn’t want to anger its biggest investor.

Mineworkers speak of poor working conditions. At another mine in Mutoko, workers give accounts of beatings and poor pay.

“Imagine going to work every day for over 12 hours and getting $50 at the end of it all. When I get home I am tired. My home knows no peace,” one worker tells the Guardian.

“My friend was beaten with a steel rod and another 17-year-old boy had his arm broken after coming to work late. He was given $250 as compensation after villagers complained.”

In 2020, two workers were shot and wounded in Gweru, central Zimbabwe, allegedly by a Chinese miner after a quarrel over salaries.

Evelyn Kutyauripo, a paralegal with the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (Zela), who has been rallying villagers in Mutoko to resist evictions, says local officials need to protect people.

“I blame the headmen and the councillors because they are working with the Chinese. They should stand with the community,” she says, adding that companies were taking from communities and not helping them develop.

“They are not developing anything in the community. They should have a strong corporate social responsibility because they are killing our environment. We are suffering, our houses are cracking and there is pollution. The government should come to see what is happening.”

Another Chinese mining company, Shanghau Haoying Mining Investments, is also causing unease among Nyamaropa villagers.

Last year, the company was reportedly given a government licence to mine granite on tracts of land belonging to local people.

“I hear they want to remove us so that they take the rock, which is underneath, but the people do not want to. They will have to use guns to remove us here,” says Gladman Murape*, 34.

Shanghau could not be reached for comment.

Richard Ncube, a legal officer at Zela, says people in Mutoko were “extremely worried” about evictions. “The major challenge is they are living in the dark, and they are not sure what is going to happen.”

He said people were too scared to challenge the company. “We have gathered that most of the communities [in Mutoko] are afraid to come forward and take these matters to court due to intimidation and fear of being victimised,” says Ncube.

Attempts to challenge the mining companies elsewhere in Zimbabwe have had mixed results.

In November, Heijin mining company lost its mining licence in Murehwa, a district about 55 miles from Harare, after local leaders complained to the government that the company planned to evict locals.

In 2020, Zela was involved in the successful fight to overturn licences to mine coal in Hwange national park, the country’s largest national park, home to 40,000 elephants. Following protests, the government banned mining in all its national parks.

However, in September, hundreds of people in Chikomba district, 80 miles south of the capital, were evicted from their ancestral homes to make way for a $1bn iron and steel mining project.

The Zimbabwe government says it has not received any reports of abuse of workers in Chinese-owned mines, but it did encourage workers to report any incidents.

Deputy mines minister, Polite Kambamura, urged villagers to approach the ministry if they had problems.

“We haven’t heard of any Chinese company which has relocated people in Mutoko. If villagers are not happy, they may approach our provincial mining office in Marondera or come directly to the ministry,” he says.

“We understand that if ever there is a company that wants to relocate the people, they should engage the community, to buy that social licence from the community.”

Kambamura adds that an environmental impact assessment – to ensure the environmental, social, economic and cultural issues related to any mining project are considered before it begins – must also be conducted by the company and should address any concerns.

The Chinese embassy in Zimbabwe did not respond to numerous requests for comment. Mutoko leaders were also approached for comment.

Names have been changed

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‘Vote For People-Centred Parties’: ED

New Zimbabwe - Lun, 10/01/2022 - 05:46

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged voters to vote for local council and parliamentary representatives who have the interests of the people at heart in the coming by-elections.

Speaking during a clean-up campaign in Kwekwe, last Friday Mnangagwa urged the electorate to vote in representatives who will prioritise service delivery.

“As we prepare for the by-elections, which will be held on 26 March I call upon our people to vote into office political parties and individuals who are committed to wholeheartedly serving the people and improving their quality of life,” Mnangagwa said.

Zimbabwe will hold by-elections in March following mass recalls of parliamentarians and councillors by MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora who was scoring political goals with his nemesis MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.

Meanwhile, turning to the clean-up campaign Mnangagwa said his administration was going to coordinate outcomes of the national clean-up programmes.

“So that it becomes an avenue to accelerate the promotion of recycling initiatives in line with targets set in the National Development Strategy 1.

“Over and above this I invite increased financial material infrastructure and technological investments in the recycling industry which is taking shape,” he said.

He urged local authorities to create an enabling environment which, supports sustainable solid waste management and refuse collection modalities.

“I urge local authorities to play their part for the programme to be a success. This must include providing residents with access to basic infrastructure such as refuse bins and the establishment of waste transfer institutions which, promote recycling such as waste management committees.

“The current status quo whereby, refuse and waste within our communities and towns is going uncollected for months on end is not acceptable,” he said.

Mnangagwa said it is disheartening that investment proposals for the conversion of waste energy, presented to some local authorities had not been approved for years.

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‘Mat North’s Cleanliness Attracting Investment’: Mohadi

New Zimbabwe - Lun, 10/01/2022 - 05:45

By Matabeleland North Correspondent

LUPANE: Former Vice President Kembo Mohadi says Matabeleland North province is favoured by the government because of its cleanliness which helps attract investment.

Speaking in the provincial capital, Lupane Friday, Mohadi who led a clean-up exercise in the provincial capital urged other provinces
to emulate Matabeleland North in maintaining cleanliness.

“Matabeleland North is the hub to some of Zimbabwe’s most beautiful sites for tourism and commercial activities. Even the most cultural of our people are found here. Even the Big Five (wild animals) are found here. That is how rich this province is,” said Mohadi.

He said a clean environment is a fountain of life and prosperity.

“Matabeleland North is attracting a lion’s share of investments
because you are generally a clean province.

“Nobody can invest in a dirty country. Nobody will travel to a dirty country for holiday making. I doubt. Even those who are dirty, naturally crave a clean environment,” Mohadi, who is now Zanu PF Vice President, said while addressing the local community and government officials.

The national clean-up was launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2018.

Mohadi said the clean-up campaign was part of an inspiring history of the country.

“At the very early stages of his leadership, our (Zanu PF) First Secretary (Mnangagwa) was very clear about the relationship between a clean environment and economic transformation.

“He thus initiated a vigorous clean-up campaign only to be slowed down by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. In his foresight, the president realised that without a clean environment there would be no real economy or politics to talk
about,” he said.

Matabeleland North Provincial Minister Richard Moyo said the province was clean because it had been participating in the
national clean-up since its launch.

“I am proud to highlight that a number of centres in the province have graduated in terms of cleanliness. As the tourism hub of Zimbabwe we are fully committed to the province to grow the cleanliness agenda as we drive our beloved country towards Vision 2030,” he said.

“It remains the mandate of each and one of us to make sure that our surroundings are ever clean.”

Environment Deputy Minister Barbara Rwodzi said the focus should be on promoting recycling and improving management of solid waste to promote a clean, safe and healthy environment.

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 Ex-MDC MP Khumalo Dies

New Zimbabwe - Lun, 10/01/2022 - 05:43

By Bulawayo Correspondent

MDC founder member and former MP Jefret Bafana Khumalo died Wednesday last week at his Riverside home in Bulawayo following a short illness.

He was 83.

The MDC Alliance Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Swithern Chirowodza confirmed Khumalo’s death.

“I confirm the death of one of our longest-serving elders in the party, Jefret Khumalo. His death was just sudden. As a party, we would like to convey our condolences to his family. If all things were equal, Khumalo was supposed to be declared a national hero because he fought for the liberation of this country,” Chirowodza said in an interview with Newzimbabwe.com.

The late Khumalo will be buried Tuesday in Bulawayo.

Khumalo was born in 1938. Before joining politics, he worked in the furniture-making industry where he was involved in trade unionism.

During the liberation war, Khumalo and other youths used to supply freedom fighters with clothes and shoes which led to his imprisonment in 1973.

He was detained at Whawha Detention Camp in Gweru with his friends, Norma Zikhali, Sidney Malunga, and others. On his release from prison, Khumalo went to England to join his wife.

When he returned to Zimbabwe in 1981, he joined ZAPU and worked closely with the late Vice President John Nkomo, and Malunga.

Khumalo worked as a district education officer for Tsholotsho during the 1980s before joining the government as a labour officer at Mhlahlandlela government offices in Bulawayo.

He later left the government and joined Radar Metal as a labour officer. He joined the MDC when it was formed in 1999. In 2000, he was elected the party’s Mpopoma/Pelandaba constituency MP.

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Clean Bill For Warriors In Final Covid-19 Tests

New Zimbabwe - Lun, 10/01/2022 - 05:33

By Sports Reporter

THE Warriors have been handed a huge morale booster ahead of their Africa Cup of Nations Group B opening clash against Senegal Monday after all the players tested negative in the mandatory pre-match Covid-19 tests conducted Saturday.

ZIFA confirmed the good news in a statement.

“There were no positive cases recorded from Covid-19 PCR tests conducted on the Zimbabwe players yesterday (Saturday),” ZIFA said.

“All 22 Warriors are available for our match against Senegal tomorrow (Monday) at 2 pm [GMT+1] (3 pm Zimbabwe time). Jordan Zemura is out of this one. He is still expected to join the team once he is cleared to travel.”

With the exception of the unavailability of England-based rising star Zemura, who is set to miss the opening match after a delayed arrival in Cameroon, all the other 22 players in camp will be available for selection.

The clean bill of health in the Warriors camp is in stark contrast to the dire situation in the Senegal camp after three of their key players tested Covid-19 positive during the tests conducted Sunday.

Senegal, Africa’s top-ranked team, delayed their departure for the tournament by a day earlier this week after three players and six staff members returned positive tests.

The squad left without the three players who were placed in quarantine.

CAF has said teams will have to play their matches even if they only have 11 players available. An outfield player must go in goal if there is no recognised goalkeeper.

Any team that is unable to fulfill a fixture will forfeit the match 2-0.

CAF officials said in “exceptional cases” the tournament organisers “will take the appropriate decision”.

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Cops Hunt For Musengezi For Questioning Mnangagwa’s Leadership Legitimacy

New Zimbabwe - Dom, 09/01/2022 - 18:55


POLICE in Zimbabwe are looking for Sybeth Musengezi, who filed a High Court application seeking an order for the removal of President Emmerson Mnangagwa from the post of Zanu PF first secretary, claiming that he was not properly elected in 2017.

Musengezi’s lawyers, Ncube Attorneys, have written a letter to the officer-in-charge of the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s Harare Central Law and Order Section, informing him that Nqobani Sithole will be representing him in this case after unknown people visited his in-laws looking for the ruling party activist.

The letter reads in part, “We have been advised by our client that your offices made a visit to our client’s in-laws in Budiriro, Harare, on the 5th of January, 2022, and indicated that they were looking for our client over some undisclosed allegations. The officers were led by Detective Assistant Inspector Nyazama.

“Our client is obviously worried about such a visit taking into consideration that there is a pending matter where he has approached the High Court of Zimbabwe over the legitimacy of the incumbent president who doubles up as the president of Zanu PF and it’s 1st secretary.”

In the letter dated January 7, 2022, the attorneys also indicated that “it is in the light of this background that we are being retained to enquire into the nature of the visit, in particular, whether there are any criminal allegations, so that we arrange that our Sithole who is in Bulawayo accompanies client on the pre-agreed date as to ensure that his legal rights are duly observed in whatever process is intended.”

Musengezi’s lawyers also want the police to inform them about the purpose of their visit to his in-laws’ house in Harare.

“From the above, we request that you favour us with information regarding your visit and that you advise if we need to avail our client, and if so, when and where. Our Mr. Sithole would be amenable to travel from Bulawayo to Harare to attend to client’s matter on any of these dates: the 26th January 2022, 27th January 2022 and the 28th January, 2022.”

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi was unreachable for comment as he was not responding to calls on his mobile phone. VOA Zimbabwe Service was also unable to reach Mnangagwa’s lawyers for comment.

Mnangagwa lawyers are allegedly pressing Musengezi to withdraw the High Court application in which he is challenging the legitimacy of the president’s leadership of the ruling Zanu PF party.

The lawyers say they will sue Musengezi’s attorneys if they don’t withdraw the case. They have also claimed that he is not a ruling party member.

But Musengezi holds a current Zanu PF membership card. He argues that Mnangagwa was not properly elected when the party’s Central Committee held a meeting in 2017, a few days before the late former President Robert Mugabe was toppled in a de facto military coup.


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90 000 Zim Border Jumpers Arrested In SA, Deported

New Zimbabwe - Dom, 09/01/2022 - 18:26


OUR warnings to South Africa about Zimbabwe’s economic and political crisis were ignored.

So say Zimbabwe labour unions, civic society groups and human rights activists.

And now this has resulted in thousands of Zimbabweans flocking into neighbouring South Africa and Botswana in search of jobs and better lives.

More than 89,000 illegal immigrants have already been arrested or deported.

“We have been talking about these issues as labour, as human rights activists that SADC and AU have to take a progressive and practical position on Zimbabwe crisis, we have got a crisis. SADC has to resolve this crisis before it degenerates and now it has degenerated. So SADC, South Africa and other Africa countries have to agree that Zimbabwe has got crisis,” said Peter Mutasa, former president Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions.

Peter adds that this is a regional humanitarian crisis and deportation is not a solution.

“This problem has now caused humanitarian crisis it is not enough for South Africans to just push Zimbabweans back where they cannot get livelihoods and to where they can starve, 61 percent in here are food insecure so all those people are looking for food,” said Peter

Political analysts say illegal immigrants flocking into South Africa is confirmation that the Emmerson Mnangagwa government has failed.

“That’s a symptomatic of the failure to govern ZanuPF government in Zimbabwe, it has been failing to provide Zimbabweans with jobs. Jobs are basic needs of Zimbabweans, so that they can earn their legitimate lives. There no jobs in Zimbabwe this is why you are witnessing colonies of Zimbabweans crossing the Limpopo,” said political analyst, Wurayayi Zembe.

The Zimbabwe government has remained mum over this latest mass exodus of citizens seeking to survi

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Pastor T Freddy’s Lawyers Question Alleged Rape Victim’s Audio Tape

New Zimbabwe - Dom, 09/01/2022 - 14:27

By Staff Reporter

PASTOR Tapiwa Freddy’s lawyers have challenged the admissibility of a recording played in court as evidence implicating their client.

When T Freddy’s trial commenced on Thursday, the state played a recording between him and Makuti after visiting her aunt who wanted to understand the nature of the relationship between the pastor and the broadcaster.

In the recording, Makuti accused T Freddy of raping her.

But T Freddy’s lead lawyer Everson Chatambudza argued that the hour long recording was inadmissible as it did not meet requirements of the law to be tendered as evidence.

He argued that the recording was not in its original form as the phone which recorded it was not the one used to play it in court.

He said an expert witness should have come to court to certify that the recording was not tempered with.

Magistrate Gloria Takundwa, however allowed the recording to be tendered as evidence for the purpose of the trial.

She also ruled the court would consider the weight of the recording when making its deliberations and also call the police officer who extracted it from Makuti’s phone to testify.

Under cross examination Chatambudza queried why Makuti had denied in court that she had a consensual relationship with T Freddy when in the recording she told her aunt she planned having sex with the pastor a year after the passing on of her husband as per tradition.

“Well, when I said that to her I was trying to say we were courting but not dating.It was a courtship and not a relationship,” Makuti responded.

Chatambudza asked Makuti why she had told her aunt that she loved T Freddy very much.

“I never said that I loved him very much.I just recall saying I used to love and respect him that is all,” replied the radio presenter.

T Freddy’s lawyer questioned why she did not leave her bedroom when she saw the pastor lying on her bed on the November 2020 night she claimed she was raped, despite alleging he always pestered her about having sex with her since October the same year.

“I thought T Freddy had understood that I was not ready for sex because he seemed understanding whenever I rejected him that is why I never thought of leaving the room,” she replied.

Asked why she did not tell the police that T Freddy had a pistol on that night, Makuti said the pastor never used it to threaten her, so she saw no need to include it in her statement.

“There are a lot of things you said here in court, but left out in your statement to the police which is material information, why were you concealing information from the same people who are suppose to investigate your case?” Chatambudza asked.

Makuti answered “I can not possibly say everything to the police, if I said everything the statement would have been too long,infact there are other things I wanted to tell the court but restrained myself because of time.”

At the close of his cross examination for the day, Chatambudza played a recording between T Freddy and Makuti where the pastor confronted the radio presenter on her claims that every time they had sex she would bleed the following day and would have scars on her thighs.

In the recording, Makuti is heard saying : “I am sorry about that statement where I said I always bleed and have scars on my thighs whenever we have sex, I did that out of spite and wanted to hurt you,”

When asked to comment on that, Makuti said T Freddy invited her to his car in the presence of his lawyer and bodyguard and forced her to make the recorded apology.

The trial shall continues on January 13 with Chatambudza set to further question for Makuti.

T Freddy is being accused of raping the radio presenter twice on different occasions as well as physically assaulting her at Moja Shopping Centre.

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I Will Fight On, Declares Makomborero Haruzivishe

New Zimbabwe - Dom, 09/01/2022 - 05:28

By Thandiwe Garusa

MDC Alliance activist Makomborero Haruzivishe says he will not be deterred by the state’s political persecution and has vowed to continue fighting against civil and political injustice.

Addressing party supporters and activists who had come to welcome him from prison Saturday, Haruzivishe said he will not stop fighting for freedom.

Haruzivishe had spent ten months and 22 days in prison on several criminal charges.

“As long as they continue charging us on flimsy charges we will not be deterred and prison is just prison, people go in and go out and even if it means that I will go back again I will as long as we get our rights and freedoms,” Haruzivishe said.

“We know that it is not an easy road and great sacrifices will be made, others have made bigger sacrifices, others have paid the ultimate price, we can talk of Itai Dzamara and all those victims of ferret,” he added.

“The charges I got in here for are constitutionally guaranteed freedom of assembly and freedom of expression and they try to criminalize that, it is awkward but only serves to strengthen me more that they wanted to scare me away and we are the people in charge and victory is certain.”

“State capture is a reality, getting into prison for this prolonged period enabled me to see that we have a bigger fight that what we imagined especially within our justice system we have a bigger fight, and we have to pull up our socks and be more radical in terms of educating the masses for them to know the problem that we have which chiefly emanates from military capture.”

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UK: Luton boss proud of Muskwe’s AFCON call for Zimbabwe but admits timing isn’t ‘ideal’

New Zimbabwe - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 19:09


Although proud to see another of his Hatters squad gaining international recognition, Luton boss Nathan Jones admitted that forward Admiral Muskwe’s call-up to the Zimbabwe squad for the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations isn’t ‘ideal.’

The 23-year-old, who was born in Harare, moving to this country at the age of three, flew out to Cameroon in the week to join up with his fellow team-mates for the tournament that starts tomorrow.

It had been due to be played in June and July 2021, but with the weather in Cameron declared ‘unfavourable’ at that time of year, the competition was moved to January, meaning a number of English clubs, particularly in the Premier League, are without some of their star talents.

With Zimbabwe side playing in their third successive finals, Muskwe is relishing his chance to be involved, although it does mean he will miss a number of Luton matches.

The forward won’t feature in the FA Cup third round clash against Harrogate Town tomorrow, plus Championship encounters with AFC Bournemouth, Reading and more than likely Sheffield United too.

If Zimbabwe reach the last 16, Muskwe could also be away when Town host Bristol City, while should they make it all the way to the final, he wouldn’t return until after the trip to Peterborough United in early February, potentially missing the home game with Barnsley too.

Speaking his attacker’s involvement, Jones said: “It’s difficult as I know there’s been a lot said about the Africa Cup of Nations and we’re very proud of our internationals, it’s just not ideal.

“We’re very proud of Ade, when he signed, we knew that he had a proud Zimbabwean heritage.

“His father works there and I had a big conversation with his dad prior to him signing, as, with the greatest respect, a lot of African families, their dad’s a big influence.

“So we know that his dad is very proud, and we just hope that he does really well, comes back injury free.

“A lot gets mixed up and misconstrued, and it’s probably the least ideal time to have a tournament, but that’s not to say we’re not proud of the internationals.

“But when you go and potentially, they could miss five, six, seven games, that’s a hindrance and that’s why managers sometimes speak out against it.

“I’m sure most managers are proud of their players when they’re internationals, we are here.

“It’s just the timing of the tournament isn’t ideal if you are a Premier League or Championship manager, because you can potentially lose some of your best players and at a time when fixtures are coming thick and fast.”

Muskwe who moved to Luton for an undisclosed fee from Leicester City in the summer has had a stop-start beginning to his Town career.

With the signing completed late in pre-season, it meant he took a while to get up to speed, also suffering a hamstring injury at Blackburn Rovers which has limited the forward to 13 Championship appearances and just four starts.

Prior to Christmas, Muskwe came off the bench to grab an assist in the 3-0 win at Blackpool and then started the following 1-1 draw with Fulham, impressing with his direct approach against the promotion favourites

However, with four games cancelled due to Covid outbreaks, it means Muskwe won’t get the chance to showcase his ability in an orange shirt for a while, although he did declare Town fans would see the best of him when returning to Kenilworth Road after the tournament.

On his start to life as a Luton player, Jones added: “It’s been the story of his time here really as he came in late in pre-season, picked up a few little things, then it was Covid, so he’s never had the continuity.

“Now he’s training, he’s been doing fantastically well, played in the last two games and then we have four games called off, so he hasn’t been able to play in those.

“Then, he goes away so it’s been a real stop-start time for him, which is not ideal.”

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SA: Police Intercept Vehicle With 14 Illegal Migrants From Zimbabwe

New Zimbabwe - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 18:59


Gauteng Police stopped a bakkie with 14 illegal immigrants, mostly women, from Zimbabwe to Gauteng.

The illegal immigrants alleged that they each paid the driver R1500 to transport them to Johannesburg.

The driver was also arrested for bribery after he offered the law enforcement certain amount for them to be allowed to go through Operation O Kae Molao.

#sapsGP 14 illegal immigrants traveling from Zimbabwe to Gauteng were arrested by Gauteng police during operation #OkaeMolao. The driver was also arrested for bribery after he offered law enforcement officials an amount of money for them to be allowed to go through. ML pic.twitter.com/2Rlpsqg61e

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SA Gvt Extends Zimbabwean Exemption Permit By 12 Months

New Zimbabwe - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 11:37

By Times Live

THE South African government has extended the Zimbabwean exemption permit (ZEP) granted to Zimbabwean nationals to the end of this year.

This is despite home affairs minister Aaron Motsoaledi recently denying that the government would extend the grace period for Zimbabweans working in the country to migrate to other visas before the December 31 2021 deadline.

On Thursday the cabinet said it had decided to grant the grace period.

“During this period the holders of this permit should apply for other permits appropriate to their particular status or situation. This decision was motivated by our desire to ensure eligible Zimbabweans can regularise their stay in SA. We appeal to the holders of this permit to use the 12 months to regularise their status in SA.”

Motsoaledi signed off the extension two days before the deadline on December 29. It was published in a government notice on Friday.

It will essentially allow Zimbabweans a further 12 months (until December 31 2022) to obtain other visas to legally remain in SA.

Nearly 180 000 Zimbabweans hold the permit, first issued in 2009, which saw them excluded from requirements of the immigration and refugee acts.

Motsoaledi previously said the ZEP was put in place to deal with a large influx of Zimbabweans who came to SA in the democratic dispensation. The hope was that once the political situation under then president Robert Mugabe improved, many would return home.

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Gvt Scraps Mandatory Petrol Blending

New Zimbabwe - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 11:16

By Staff Reporter

THE Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) has scrapped the mandatory petrol blending directive introduced in 2011.

The introduction of mandatory blending came against the backdrop of fuel crises, and the need to promote local investments.

In a statement, Zera also announced a downward review of fuel prices.

“The public and operators are advised that the blending ratio has been reviewed from E10 to E0,” the statement read.

“Operators may sell the petroleum products below the prescribed prices depending on their trading advantages and should display prices in a prominent place as provided by the fuel pricing regulations.”

Zera pegged the new price for Diesel 50 in local currency at $149 55 per litre down from $150 31, while that of petrol is pegged at $152 87 from $154 56 in December last year.

In United States (US) dollars, the price of Diesel 50 remains pegged at US$1,38, while that of petrol (E0) is now pegged at US$1,41 down from US$1,42 per litre.

The latest review follows adjustments made early last month, when Zera slightly increased the prices of fuel, citing a general rise in fuel prices on the international market.

Recently, Zera extended the expiry dates of fuel procurement (import) licences to January 15 to ensure that there are no fuel supply disruptions in the country.

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Man Who Sued Mnangagwa Over Legitimacy Issue Claims He Got Night Visits By State Spooks

New Zimbabwe - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 11:12

By Newsday

ZANU PF activist Sybeth Musengezi, who recently challenged President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s legitimacy at the courts, has accused police of intimidating him ahead of the High Court ruling on the matter.

Musengezi is claiming that the police visited his relatives’ homestead in Budiriro, Harare, on Wednesday looking for him.

Musengezi’s lawyers Ncube Attorneys yesterday wrote to the police requesting them to disclose why they were looking for him.

In a letter dated January 7, 2021, addressed to the officer-in-charge, Harare Central Law and Order, the lawyers stated that the officers who visited Musengezi’s relatives were led by one Detective Assistant Inspector Nyazemba.

“Our client is obviously worried about such a visit taking into consideration  that there is a pending matter where he has approached the High Court over the legitimacy of the incumbent President, who doubles up as the president of Zanu PF and its first secretary,” the lawyers said.

“It is in the light of this background that we are being retained to enquire into the nature of the visit, in particular whether there are any criminal allegations, so that we arrange that our Mr Sithole, who is our Bulawayo client, on a pre-agreed date to ensure that his legal rights are duly observed in whatever process intended.”

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi professed ignorance of the matter.

“I am not aware of the alleged visit by the police,” Nyathi said.

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Ervine Retains Chevrons Captaincy Ahead Of Sri Lanka Tour

New Zimbabwe - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 05:25

By Sports Reporter

EXPERIENCED top order batsman Craig Ervine is set to continue as Zimbabwe cricket team stand-in captain for the upcoming three-match One Day International (ODI) series against Sri Lanka which gets underway on January 16.

The 36-year-old left-handed batsman took over the captaincy duties from Sean Williams ahead of the limited-overs tour to Ireland and Scotland in August-September last year.

He is set to continue in the leadership role after being entrusted with the responsibility to lead Zimbabwe once again after he captained the team for the upcoming series.

The games, which are part of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League, will be day-night affairs scheduled for January 16, 18 and 21 at the Pallekele International Cricket Stadium in Kandy.

Ervine leads a 15-man squad that includes the uncapped duo of opening batter Takudzwanashe Kaitano and wicketkeeper Clive Madande who have been rewarded for their form on the domestic scene.

All-rounder Tino Mutombodzi, who last played for Zimbabwe during their tour of Bangladesh in March last year has returned to the national side.

Zimbabwe will leave for the tour this Saturday.

SQUAD: Ervine Craig (C), Burl Ryan, Chakabva Regis, Chatara Tendai, Jongwe Luke, Kaitano Takudzwanashe, Madande Clive, Madhevere Wessly, Masakadza Wellington, Mutombodzi Tinotenda, Muzarabani Blessing, Ngarava Richard, Raza Sikandar, Shumba Milton, Williams Sean.

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Chamisa Laments Zim, SA Migration Crisis

New Zimbabwe - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 05:22

By Thandiwe Garusa

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has lamented the ongoing migration crisis between Zimbabwe and South Africa saying his party would ensure there is a vibrant economy which will allow Zimbabweans to return home.

This comes as the South African government recently tightened its regulations and beefed up security to block undocumented Zimbabweans from flocking the country.

As a result, over 89 000 Zimbabwean illegal migrants have been intercepted and deported.

At least 11 Zimbabweans reportedly over the weekend in the Limpopo River while trying to illegally cross to South Africa.

“To all Zimbabweans living in South Africa we are concerned about you, your challenges and seized with your situation,” Chamisa said in a Twitter post.

“We have opened platforms of engagement. Ultimately, we must fix our homebase and that which has destroyed our beautiful and great country. The immigration crisis facing the region is as a result of too much diplomacy and too little action on rigging of elections, governance deficits and multiple rights violations,” he tweeted.

“In order to solve the immigration challenges we must end elections rigging and citizens repression,” he said.

An estimated three million Zimbabweans are said to be living in South Africa and only 250 000 were granted work permits in 2009 which have been renewed over the years.

However due to the rising unemployment rate in South Africa, its government decided that it will not renew the work permits after the expiry date 31 December 2021.

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Thieves Steal Chinhoyi Council Street Solar Lights, Panels

New Zimbabwe - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 05:12

By James Muonwa, Mashonaland West Correspondent

TWO alleged vandals were Friday arraigned before a Chinhoyi magistrate for stealing two street solar light bulbs and four panels worth US$1 400 belonging to Chinhoyi Municipality.

The pair of Larry January (18) and Paul Chinhengo (39), both of no fixed abode, appeared before magistrate Tamari Chibindi charged with theft as defined in Section 113 (i)(a)(b) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 09:23.

The duo pleaded guilty and was remanded in custody to Monday for sentencing.

Chinhoyi Municipality chief electrician, Abraham Pondo, is complainant in the matter.

The state case, led by prosecutor Clever Nyapfani was that on the night of January 3, 2022 accused persons, acting in connivance with two others who are still on the run, proceeded to the flyover near Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) and stole 4×150 watts solar panels and 2×100 watts solar light bulbs, which is property of the local authority.

The court heard that the following morning around 9am, Pondo discovered the offence before making a police report at Chinhoyi Central Police Station.

On January 5, police detectives got a tip off to the effect that January was in possession of 2×150 watts street solar panels and was searching for a buyer.

Acting on the information, cops arrested the teenager at Chinhoyi main rank in Gadzema township, leading to the recovery of 2×150 watts solar panels at a house still under construction in the light industrial area.

January implicated Chinhengo who was later nabbed leading to the recovery of another set of 2×150 watts solar panels and 2×100 watts light bulbs in a bush.

Complainant was summoned and positively identified the property as that of council.

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BCC Decommissions Athlone Cemetry

New Zimbabwe - Sab, 08/01/2022 - 05:11

By Bulawayo Correspondent

BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) has decommissioned one of its major cemeteries Athlone West Cemetery after burial space ran out.

They have subsequently commissioned a new burial place, Umvutcha Cemetery with a carrying capacity of 45 000 graves.

Umvutcha Cemetery was previously a private property.

The Athlone West Cemetery, a section of Athlone Cemetery, was opened in 2018 with space for 8 000 graves targeted to last four years.

In a statement Bulawayo Town Clerk Christopher Dube said the closure of the cemetery was necessitated by space exhaustion and he highlighted that a new Cemetery, Umvutcha, had been commissioned.

“The city of Bulawayo would like to inform the public and valuable stakeholders that burial space at Athlone West Cemetery has been exhausted. In view of the aforementioned, the cemetery will be decommissioned with effect from Friday 7 January 2022 with the subsequent commissioning of Umvutcha Cemetery,” Dube said.

Bulawayo Corporate Communications manager Nesisa Mpofu said the cemetery would remain open for second interments and burials in reserved graves.

“There will be no more regular burials conducted at Athlone West Cemetery. However the cemetery will remain open for second interments and burials in reserved graves,” she said.

“Burials at Athlone West Cemetery started in 2018. Projected graves were 8 000, which at current burials were within the projected four years.   The projected number of graves at Umvutcha is 45 000 and these should laid approximately 10 years barring any unforeseen circumstances like bed rock which has been a challenge at Athlone West,” she said.

The city has previously advocated for people to embrace cremation and grave sharing among family members as part of ways to conserve burial space, which is running out.

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