Lagon Street Jam carded for February 25th

Dominica News Online - 52 min 39 sec fa
One of the highlights for the Carnival season, the Lagoon Street Jam is set for February 25th. The Swinging Stars-organized event that carnival and calypso lovers all look forward to, is being staged every year since the early 1980’s. Peter...
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DEAR BELLA: I don’t want to stay in the same house with my brother’s mistress

Dominica News Online - 2 ore 54 min fa
Bella, My Brother is coming home for carnival with a woman who isn’t his wife and my mom is allowing them to stay in our Christian home. He lives in Houston and his wife is in medical school and he...
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IN PICTURES (update): ‘FAMALAY’ video shoot in Dominica

Dominica News Online - 3 ore 24 min fa
Shooting has started gathering at Cabrits in Portsmouth for a section of the video for the smash hit bouyon-soca track Famalay. The video stars Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin and Skinny Fabulous are now on location as well as dance crews,...
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Top IMF official discusses economic development, climate change and derisking with PM Skerrit

Dominica News Online - 3 ore 56 min fa
Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Tao Zhang visited Dominica recently and among matters discussed with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit were economic developments in the country, climate change and derisking. In a statement issued afterwards, Zhang commended...
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Dominican Martial Arts Academy holds ‘successful’ grading ceremony

Dominica News Online - 5 ore 24 min fa
Head of the Universal Martial Arts Academy (UMA), Sensei Shannah Robin has described the academy’s recent karate grading ceremony as successful. The activity was held at the academy located on 4 Federation Drive in Goodwill. “The grading was very successful and the energy was...
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Tonge calls on stakeholders to capitalize on tourism opportunities

Dominica News Online - 6 ore 4 min fa
Tourism Minister, Senator Robert Tonge has called on stakeholders in Dominica to use the Secret Bay Residences (SBR) as a model that one can emulate. He was speaking during a signing ceremony between the Government of Dominica and Secret Bay SBR held...
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Enjoying A Picture–perfect Dominica Sunset

Dominica weekly - Gio, 11/08/2016 - 12:29

Yesterday ended with one of the most picture-perfect sunsets I have seen in a while. I was driving home when I just had to stop and try to get a shot of this tranquil sunset.

But the only way I could capture the moment was with my Samsung Galaxy s3 cell phone. Surprisingly, the pictures came out better than I’d expected – kudos to my S3! What better way to end your day.

picture perfect sunset in Dominica

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Things To Do In Dominica: Indian River Tour

Dominica weekly - Mer, 10/08/2016 - 13:59

There are maybe a hundred different things you can do in Dominica; especially if you’re looking for an adventure vacation. And not the typical Caribbean Vacations advertised on television, where you lounge on a beach chair for the entire day – drinking tropical cocktails.

And if that’s your of the perfect Caribbean Vacation – then Dominica can offer that too. But, if you’re a someone who likes a little adventure, and you’re big of Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies – then an Indian River Tour is a must do. Some of the scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest were filmed at Indian River.

When you do decide to take the Indian River Tour, just be sure to hire an experienced guide that is able to describe the many types of wildlife and plant life along the swampy river bank. Enjoy!

Indian River tours in Dominica

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5 Stunning Features That Will Compel You To Dive Into Dominica

Dominica weekly - Lun, 08/08/2016 - 14:02

Dominica is an island of nature with incredible features. Its location on the eastern Caribbean Sea makes it ideal for exploring the wonderful scenery. The terrain is spectacular with a large area covered in rain forest, waterfalls, streams, and rivers.

This gives this area an impressive capture of nature. The bottom of the sea is just as beautiful as the land above. The western shores experience calm waters that make it ideal for beginners to dive in.

If you want to experience the thrill and amazement of the outdoors, then you should dive into Dominica Island. You get the chance to discover beauty through an excursion to the deeper waters.

Here are some of the many stunning features that will compel you to dive into Dominica Island. These include:

Gorgeous Creatures

Dominica Island features an underworld that is full of magical exploration and adventures. The world underneath will give you a mixture of excitement and amusement. You will encounter beautiful creatures such as seahorses, flying gurnards, Creole wrasse, and many other incredible beings. Most of these creatures are rarely seen in other Caribbean diving sites except in Dominica. The existence of enormous coral reefs and sponge harbors other rare creatures such as golden crinoids, Caribbean reef squid, sea urchins, and sea snakes. All these add up to the exceptional inhabitants of Dominica Island.

A glimpse of what it would look like swimming through the Swiss Cheese Tube Dive


Undersea volcanoes give Dominica Island an impressive underwater landscape. The lava flow from these volcanoes forms craters, vertical walls, and gulfs. These geothermal occurrences give the water below a rise in temperature making it warm. The seabed is entirely warm, and you can feel it through touch. You may also swim through these vents and caves formed by volcanoes.


The submarine topography gives a reflection of the landscape above the ground. Features such as canyons and cliffs go deeper below to offer a good stage for diving. Additional pinnacles, boulder fields, and craters also offer a good point of a breathtaking dive.

Dive Fest

The Dominica Water Association hosts an annual dive fest in early July. This is an amazing chance to enjoy diving and other marvelous events in Dominica. Some of the major events include special dive packages, whale watching, snorkeling picnics, photography, and many others. You also get the chance to interact with other divers from across the world.

Plenty of Dive Sites

Dominica Island contain many unique and attractive dive sites. These sites include Soufriere Pinnacle in the southern part of L’Abym, Point Break in the northern tip of the Island, Whale shark reef in the south of Great Savanne, and many others. This gives you an opportunity to experience a range of dive experiences in different regions. These sites also have dive operators to help you with your dive guide and safety.

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