Govt. renews Ogle lease seven years in advance

Kaieteur News - 34 min 27 sec fa
The Government of Guyana has renewed a lease to the Ogle Airport Inc. (OAC) for a period of 50 years. The renewal was published in the August 3, 2019 edition of The Official Gazette. In the 2001 Master Lease, the total surveyed area covers 441.1 acres. In pg. 2488, item #66 of the August 3, […]
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Disappearance of cocaine, whisky smuggling, and shooting of 15-year-old…

Kaieteur News - 35 min 11 sec fa
Former SWAT, Narcotics Branch Heads, Cadet officer demoted In a major decision, the Police Service Commission has ordered the demotion of former SWAT Unit Commander, Motie Dookie; former head of the Force’s Narcotics Branch Wayne De Harte; and Cadet Officer Franz Paul. All three ranks were implicated in incidents ranging from the smuggling of whiskey, […]
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Cops accused of acting as enforcers for airport touts

Kaieteur News - 36 min 11 sec fa
In recent weeks, operations at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) at Timehri have come under the microscope with the arrivals of Haitians. While it has been ascertained, now, that the vast majority of the almost 9,000 Haitians have left for Brazil, there were concerns over the security side of things at the airport. Police […]
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You get free chocolate from Tullow but you mudda got to pay

Kaieteur News - 37 min 23 sec fa
These days people only hearing, “Don’t do dat.” And de closer dem go to de Brazilian border, dat is all dem hearing. At first, dem couldn’t understand. Some who had a wicked mind start to imagine all kind of things. Things get worse when dem hear Winston Felix voice when he seh, “Give me one […]
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Jagdeo achieves political power by creating confusion- Aubrey Norton

Kaieteur News - 51 min 27 sec fa
Executive member of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), Aubrey Norton, is calling out the Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo on his claims that the Coalition Government is illegal. “The government is not illegal. The opposition leader is in a place where he hopes to get powers at all cost. The government is clear […]
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Man files personal injury lawsuit

Kaieteur News - 52 min 6 sec fa
A man has filed a lawsuit against Hemnaj Kissoon and Amid Mohamed, listed jointly and severally as the defendant, alleging personal injury. The claimant Sayed Khan, has filed the litigation at the High Court in Demerara and it comes up for hearing on Wednesday, August 21 before Justice Damone Younge. According to a notice published […]
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A new way to wash:

Kaieteur News - 53 min 37 sec fa
A police patrol yesterday claimed it lost control of the pickup in the vicinity of the 1763 Monument yesterday morning, while chasing suspicious characters. This was the scene.
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Mid-Year Report highlights shortage of trained teachers in some regions

Kaieteur News - 54 min 21 sec fa
The 2019 Mid-Year report presented by Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan, indicated that there is a shortage of trained teachers in some regions of Guyana’s educational sector. According to the report, there were 3,781 teachers delivering primary education during the 2017/2018 academic year. Of this number, 78 percent were trained, similar to the previous academic […]
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Streetlights for Crabwood Creek

Kaieteur News - 55 min 2 sec fa
The streets of Crabwood Creek in Region Six will soon be brightly lit following the installment of several streetlights. This was the commitment made by Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, for what he says will be to improve security in the community. The pledge was made to the residents during a meeting at the […]
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Support to boost economic projects in indigenous communities

Kaieteur News - 57 min 28 sec fa
The Cassava Flour Processing Facility in Kwebanna Village, Moruca sub-district, Barima-Waini, Region One has received the nod from the Government Analyst Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD) for ensuring the facility is built to international standards. Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Valerie Garrido-Lowe recently led a team to Kwebanna Village, which included Ms. […]
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Black Bush Polder farmers are happy with Government commitment

Kaieteur News - 58 min 14 sec fa
Residents of Black Polder, Corentyne Berbice, especially farmers of Yakusari South, are happy after they were given certain commitments by APNU/ AFC government of a reduction of the rental paid for land. The Fourth Polder in the Black Bush Polder area is home to hundreds of persons, most of whom are farmers. The commitments were […]
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Repositioning Guyana for sustainable development

Kaieteur News - 58 min 46 sec fa
By Rawle Lucas Future of the country This writer wishes to make it clear from the outset that this article is not intended to denigrate anyone. The objective is to provide readers and other Guyanese with a context in which to judge the performance of those leading the country or wishing to lead it. Where […]
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The courts are not the corner shops

Kaieteur News - 59 min 49 sec fa
The local courts used to be a place held on a pedestal: there but not really there; a realm shrouded in grandness and held in reserve for when things go wrong, and there is nowhere else to go to for, sometimes, desperate relief, for truth and justice, for the majesty of the law in its […]
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Kaieteur News - 1 ora 1 min fa
PAT DIAL Last week, the news media carried the report of a small child in the North West District who had died from a scorpion sting. Several people die each year from bites by venomous snakes but such deaths are rarely reported in the media. Some statistics have however been kept by the Health Authorities […]
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Kaieteur News - 1 ora 2 min fa
In a couple of weeks, school will reopen, and as always, we are in the moment when parents and guardians purchase school supplies and school uniforms. Whether imported or locally manufactured, these products must conform to basic labeling requirements. In addition, careful attention should be placed on the quality of these products so that students […]
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They told us not to come, but I came, and now I am ready to vote tomorrow

Kaieteur News - 1 ora 2 min fa
I have spent the last few weeks on the campaign trail with the WPA, which has decided to visit communities to begin to rally disgruntled voters back to the Coalition. It has been an interesting experience—coming face to face with loyal but dissatisfied voters is quite a challenge. As one of the major speakers at […]
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Mr. Jagdeo’s unwillingness to come to the table is not progressive politics

Kaieteur News - 1 ora 3 min fa
The acting Chief Justice has since ruled, reiterating the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ)’s position, that it is not within the court’s remit to tell GECOM, a constitutional independent body, when to hold an election. This should not have come as a surprise to anyone who read the original ruling. It should be no surprise […]
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In three days, 130 persons charged for traffic offences

Kaieteur News - 1 ora 4 min fa
Many drivers are charged everyday when they are caught disobeying the traffic laws. While some drivers are aware of the traffic laws, they choose not to follow the traffic rules that are put in place to govern society. During a survey done at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts focusing on the traffic court, which works on […]
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Caribbean consequences of Trump’s new immigration rules

Kaieteur News - 1 ora 5 min fa
U.S. President Donald Trump’s new rule on immigration and nationality, published on Monday, August 12, is not different from the rules applied by Caribbean countries. It seeks to prohibit persons from migrating to the U.S. if they would become a charge upon the State, and it denies qualification for permanent residence status of such persons […]
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Opposition-led town council at Corriverton stymieing progress – -Govt ministers hears ─ residents complain of no co-operation among councillors

Kaieteur News - 1 ora 5 min fa
Government ministers who recently visited the town of Corriverton, Berbice, heard of complaints of progress being stymied in the town. Businessman Faaiz Mursaline and APNU Councillor, Anil Sugrim, shared similar views of the opposition councillors blatantly opting not to facilitate development in the town. Corriverton, located on the upper Corentyne Coast, is one of three […]
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