Grassroots loyalists think this Brexit deal is a sell-out. That’s why tensions are running so high | Henry Patterson

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Among working-class Northern Irish unionists there is little support for the plan the DUP was forced to reject

There has been much talk of late about Irish “border communities” being threatened by a hard border. But not about border unionist communities, which by and large have been ignored by visiting camera teams and have a completely different narrative, while talk of a hard border has a less negative ring in their ears.

The reason is simple and it is summed up by the common use of two terms by border unionists to describe the IRA campaign and the role that they see the Irish Republic to have played during the Troubles: “ethnic cleansing” and “safe haven”.

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Weary unionists fear Johnson’s Brexit deal will strike at heart of their identity

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In Lisburn, once the home of the Ulster Defence Regiment, there was confusion about the DUP’s role in a dramatic week

Lisburn’s Britishness is etched in stone and bronze, its town centre dotted with plaques, monuments and statues to those who built the empire and served the United Kingdom.

General John Nicholson towers over Market Square, cutlass in one hand, pistol in the other, the plinth declaring he fell mortally wounded “in the hour of victory” during the 1857 Indian mutiny.

We’re tired of listening to Brexit. I still want to leave the EU but not if it means weakening our union with Britain

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IRA ‘planned to knock out electricity in south-east England’

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Former gun runner claims republicans plotted to bomb London power supply in 1990s

The IRA planned to attack power stations in south-east England in the final years of its terror bombing campaign, a former member has claimed.

The plan is alleged to have been made in the mid-1990s, shortly before the Belfast Agreement peace accord.

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