Kenyans mark Mashujaa Day across the country

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As Kenyans Sunday celebrated Mashujaa day, Kiambu County Acting Governor James Karanja Nyoro has said that the county will turn areas that were used by Mau Mau fighters into Cultural Centers.

Kiambu County Commissioner Wilson Wanyanga called upon the County Government and stakeholders to address cases of suicide that have become rampant in the County.

Kisii county security committee has assured candidates and education stakeholders that it will deliver credible national examinations kicking off next week.

Meanwhile, Uasin Gishu County Commissioner, Abdirizack Jaldesa said no unauthorized person will be allowed anywhere near an examination centres during the forthcoming Kenya certificate of primary education, KCPE and Kenya Certificate of Secondary examinations.

In the meantime, leaders in Busia County have urged locals living along river banks to move to higher grounds with immediate effect in a bid to avert more deaths following flooding that has been caused by ongoing heavy rains.

County Commissioner Jacob Narengo said that the downpour is becoming disastrous. He called upon the disaster management department to respond swiftly and ensure that no families live along river banks.

Elsewhere, residents living along river Tana in Garissa County have been advised to move to higher and safer grounds. Area county commissioner Meru Mwangi said that the residents in those areas should start moving out before the floods maroon their houses.

In Mandera, residents have been asked to shun senseless killings of innocent members of the public. And Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis recognized athletes from Baringo among them the recent Chicago marathon winner Lawrence Cherono who he termed as a hero.

In Taita Taveta county, Governor Granton Samboja promised major development changes in less than one year.

In Samburu county leaders raised concern over increased insecurity especially in Baragoi.  Area women rep appealed to the government to bring lasting solution. Area commissioner assured that the government will deal with the criminals.

Kirinyaga leaders clashed on Sunday during the Mashujaa day celebrations over the Sh.15 billion proposed KEMRI project in Mwea constituency. Mwea MP Kabinga Wachira said the county should unconditionally release the tittle to the 100 acre land to KEMRI  so that  the project kicks off.

Finally, Kisumu county is set to rename Kisumu ring road Baby Pendo road in honor of the infant that was clobbered to death by police.



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Uhuru leads Mashujaa fete, urges Kenyans to be everyday heroes

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President Uhuru Kenyatta Sunday challenged Kenyans to be everyday heroes in all they do.

He said that the country is on a journey that requires each and everyone. He emphasized on the need for a positive mind-set for a better tomorrow.

The President spoke when he led Kenyans in celebrating this year’s Mashujaa Day at the iconic Mama Ngina Waterfront in Mombasa.

“Kenya is at a pivotal stage in her progress. The actions and decisions that each Kenyan makes in the present day, will determine whether our Nation will achieve the Kenyan dream as articulated under the Kenya Vision 2030, and presently focuses through the Big Four Agenda,” said President Kenyatta.

During the Mashujaa celebrations, Eliud Kipchoge, the heroic Kenyan athlete who became the first person to ever run the 42 kilometers marathon in less than two hours, was awarded the Elder of the Golden Heart (EGH) medal by the President.

The President said Mashujaa Day is a day to collectively honour all those who participated in the struggle for independence as well as those who positively contributed towards the development of post-independence Kenya.

He reminded Kenyans that civic duty is heroism for everyone. “ Be a hero in all that you do, in every waking moment, in every action and in every word”. The President acknowledged that there is a hero in every Kenyan and that is proven continuously by the achievements of Kenyans on the international stage.

“In each of us lies the seeds of greatness, of heroism.  Every Kenyan should plant that seed in the fertile soils of Integrity, water it with hard work and commitment to duty, grow it only in the direction of the light of truth and justice, and reap from the tree only those fruits that have been borne from our rightful efforts,” said the President.

The Head of State said Kenyans should continue celebrating their diversity because it has been a source of strength for the nation.

“As a Nation of Mashujaa and in keeping with the teaching of St. Francis of Assisi: Let each one of us commit to being an instrument of peace, to sow love amidst hatred, to give hope where there is despair, to banish the darkness of our world with the light of our good words and actions,” said the President.

The President affirmed the Government’s commitment  to greater fidelity to principles, values and aspirations that informed the struggle for independence; and all the positive development of post-independence Kenya.

“We commit to providing each and every Kenyan with the enabling environment, to be all that they can be; and to bring out the Shujaa in each and every Kenyan,” said President Kenyatta.

The President said Eliud Kipchoge, has similarly proven to the world that no human effort is futile and that we can achieve what has never been achieved before.

“Eliud Kipchoge remains the Greatest of our Time. Our duty is to emulate this enviable level of discipline and determination in our pursuit for a better Kenya for all. His latest conquest will be a constant reminder that we can achieve the very best, as individuals, and as a Nation,” said the President.

The President also congratulated Brigid Kosgei who broke the world Marathon record for women a few days after Kipchoge’s heroic feat.

“Kenya today is the global custodian of both men and women World Record Marathon titles,” said President Kenyatta.

The Head of State said the Kenyan story continues to be one of greatness, heroism, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, through unwavering commitment and an indomitable spirit.

He applauded Kenyans of different professions including athletes, journalists, magistrates, fire-fighters, investigators, actors, musicians, teachers, doctors, nurses and all others who play roles in the country’s well being.

The President reminded Kenyans of the all adage that charity begins at home, saying that every patriot should start his acts of heroism at the family level.

“Most importantly, a Shujaa understands that the family is the basic and fundamental unit of Kenyan society, and their acts of heroism begin at home, by being a role model and effective father, mother, son, daughter or guardian,” said the President.

He said heroism continues to guide Kenya and that is  the reason that led to the historic ‘Handshake’ to bridge political divides.

The President applauded the contributions of the coast region into the country’s wellbeing saying that its sons and daughters have played a big role in Kenya’s progress.

He said his Administration has invested huge sums of funds in development projects in the coast region

As part of the celebrations, the Kenya Navy, the Kenya Coast Guard and the Kenya Airforce staged spectacular drills in the Likoni channel which Mama Ngina Drive overlooks.

Deputy President William Ruto said Kenya has undergone huge transformations under President Kenyatta’s Administration.

“For seven years, we have seen tremendous investment in infrastructure, we have build the Standard Gauge Railway, roads and connected million to electricity. You are a hero as well because you have led this great transformation of our country,” said the Deputy President.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali John also spoke at the function.


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The forgotten heroes

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It was pomp and color as the country marked the 2019 Mashujaa Day, celebrating the country’s heroes and heroines who played a critical role in defining Kenya’s success story.

But amid the celebrations, some families of those who dedicated their lives to changing the course of Kenya’s history say they are yet to benefit from the fruits of self rule.

One such man is Samson Muindi Mbingu, a son to former freedom icon Muindi Mbingu. Samson in his old age, is nursing two broken legs. He has been this way for several months as the family is struggling to get enough money to meet his medical needs.

An unfortunate story of a heroes’ son who remembers too well how his father sacrificed his prime years in the struggle for Kenya’s independence.

The late Muindi Mbingu was a close friend of the country’s founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, a friendship that saw them and several others midwife the country’s independence .

Muindi Mbingu’s home hosted several strategic meetings where plans to have a free Kenya were crafted, his third born Samson, was too young to understand what would later become Kenya’s great freedom story.

Muindi Mbingu is remembered for the famous 1938 Kamba destocking controversy where he helped the Kamba people to stop the mandatory seizure of livestock by the colonial government.

He was accused by the colonial government of associating with the Mau Mau Revolution and was later arrested and detained for seven years in Lamu, before his brutal murder in 1953.

After his death, life took a different turn for his family who say they have been struggling to make ends meet.

Even with a street in Nairobi named after him and a statue standing tall in Machakos County to honor Muindi Mbingu for playing a critical role in the attainment of the country’s independence, the family says they have little to show for it.








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Eliud Kipchoge feted with highest award in Kenya

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Kenyan marathoner Eliud Kipchoge who made history by becoming the first human to break the two-hour marathon barrier has been feted with highest award during this year’s Mashujaa celebrations held at the Mama Ngina Waterfront grounds in Mombasa County.

President Uhuru Kenyatta honoured the legend with the highest award – Elder of the Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya for his epic achievement.

Kipchoge was among dignitaries who graced the occasion.

What are these presidential awards conferred to distinguished Kenyans by a sitting Head of State?

Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya

The highest of these awards is the Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya which is divided into three categories depending on their seniority. The most senior is the Chief of the Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya (C.G.H.) which is mostly awarded to Presidents.

Apart from sitting Kenyan Presidents, other notable figures who have previously been given the honour include Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, his Liberian counterpart Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Agha Khan IV among others.

Elder of the Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya (E.G.H.) which is awarded to among others the Deputy President, Speakers of Parliament, Cabinet Secretaries, the First Lady, the wife of the Deputy President, Head of Public Service and the Kenya Defence Forces’ (KDF) Chief of Staff.

The last in this category is the Moran of the Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya (M.G.H.) whose recipients include senior KDF commanders and the Inspector General of Police.

Burning Spear

The second highest category of the awards is the Order of the Burning Spear which is equally divided into the Chief of the Order of the Burning Spear (C.B.S.), Elder of the Order of the Burning Spear (E.B.S.) and Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear (M.B.S.).

Grand Warrior

The other presidential orders in terms of seniority include; the Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya, the Distinguished Conduct Order, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star of Kenya, Head of State’s Commendation and the Uhodari Medal.

These commendations are given to recipients on the advice of the National Honours and Awards Committee in the Office of the President.

According to the National Honours Act, those who merit the decoration include; a person who exhibits exemplary qualities, or achievements of heroism, patriotism or leadership, one who has made an exemplary contribution to the country in the economic, scientific, academic, sports, journalism, business, security or other fields.

Others to be considered are a State officer or public officer who has made an exemplary contribution to the betterment of the national or county governments, the executive, the judiciary, the legislature and a person who has otherwise brought honour, glory or pride to the nation.


— Amb. Monica Juma (@Diplomacy_Kenya) October 20, 2019

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Kenyans treated to a rare show by Kenya Navy

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Kenyans were Sunday treated to a first of its kind naval sail-past by the Kenya Navy Ships during this year’s Mashujaa day celebrations held at the Mama Ngina waterfront in Mombasa county.

The leading ship (Flag ship) conducted a 21-Gun salute for the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces President Uhuru Kenyatta at the Likoni Channel.

The other ships that took part in the Sail Past designed a special formation in which all the ships and sailors saluted to the head of state.

Sail past is a naval tradition that started about 200 years ago, in which naval ships in a fleet salute the Admiral or the Commander-in-Chief.


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Kibra mini poll contestants intensify campaigns

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Candidates in the forthcoming Kibra by-election have intensified their campaigns ahead of the November 7th date.

Jubilee candidate McDonald Mariga stepped up his bid Saturday engaging in a door-to-door campaign targeting women groups.

With over 100,000 voters expected to vote in the November 7th  mini-poll that will put one of the 24 candidates on Kibra’s legislative seat, Jubilee’s McDonald Mariga knows it shall not be a mean feat.

Mariga took his campaigns to the women in Kibra through door to door campaigns. He met different women groups in Lindi, Makina and Laini Saba wards promising a better life for the constituents.

Mariga also taking focus on sports development saying as a product of sports he is keen to ensure the youth get as much opportunities in sports as he did.

The Kibra parliamentary seat fell vacant following the death of former Member of Parliament Ken Okoth, who succumbed to cancer.

The campaigns are expected to end on November 4th, 48 hours before the polls. Mariga, late MP Ken Okoth’s Brother Bernard ‘Imran’ Okoth who will be contesting the seat on an Orange Democratic Movement party ticket and Eliud Owalo who will be flying the Amani national congress flag are seen as the front runners in the race that has attracted 24 candidates.

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Rescue operations underway in Lodwar following floods

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Rescue operations have been on going in Lodwar town following floods that swept low-lying areas of the town.

A joint team of County Disaster Management department, the Kenya Maritime Authority, Medical officials from the Lodwar County Referral Hospital (LCRH) and a host of humanitarian organizations including the Kenya Red Cross have been carrying out rescue operations in Lodwar town following floods that swept low-lying areas of the town.

Several families were marooned after River Turkwel burst its banks.

Various entities had to move in to rescue people stuck in the water caused by the deluge. People living in low lying areas were asked to move to higher ground as the short rains got underway.

Another river that has caused flooding in the county is River Kawalase along the Lodwar- Lokichoggio road that is located a kilometre away from Lodwar town.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological department has said most parts of the country are expected to receive rainfall Sunday.

Strong south easterly winds of 25 knots and above expected over Isiolo and southern parts of Marsabit counties.

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Mashujaa Day: Sporting talents that made us proud

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As Kenyans celebrate Mashujaa Day this Sunday, the day is preserved to remember and honour all those who contributed towards the struggle for Kenya’s independence.

Previously known as Kenyatta Day, the name was changed to Mashujaa Day after the promulgation of the new constitution in 2010.

This year’s Mashujaa Day will be celebrated in Mombasa at the Mama Ngina Waterfront Park and President Uhuru Kenyatta will be expected to preside over the event.

Over the past year, our sportsmen and women have produced one of the finest moments we have witnessed and made us proud as a country.

Our Mashujaa Day special we will look into the exemplary achievements from our athletes and national teams who went the extra mile in their respective fields.

  1. Eliud Kipchoge

He has been described as the greatest marathoner of all time. Last week, Kipchoge became the first human being to run a marathon race under 2 hours after clocking 1hr 59 minutes and 40 seconds at the ‘Ineos 1.59 challenge’ in Vienna, Austria.

Kipchoge, who holds the official marathon world record of 2:01:39, set in Berlin, Germany in 2018- missed out by 25 seconds in a previous attempt at the Italian Grand Prix circuit at Monza in 2017.

The world marathon record holder has been named among 11 nominees for IAAF Male World Athlete of the Year.

  1. Brigid Kosgei

Brigid Kosgei shattered a 16-year-old world record in the women’s marathon by 81 seconds, winning the Chicago Marathon in 2:14:04 on Sunday.

The 25-year-old recorded a time of two hours 14 minutes 04 seconds, easily inside Radcliffe’s mark of 2:15:25 set at the London Marathon in 2003.

Brigid who has her eyes focused on 2020 Olympics has also been nominated for the IAAF Female World Athlete of the year.

  1. Harambee Stars 

Harambee Stars qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nations 2019 was one the greatest sporting accomplishment for the country.

Led by Tottenham Hotspurs player and Stars captain Victor Wanyama, before a home crowd, Harambee Stars thrashed Ethiopia 3-0 to qualify for the continental showpiece after a 15-year absence.

Although the national team did not make it past the group stages it was indeed a proud moment for the country.

former head coach Sébastien Migné and striker Ogada Olunga at the Pre match press conference
  1. National Men’s Basketball team

In July, the Morans made history after they reached the finals of the FIBA AfroCan tournament which was held in Bamako, Mali.

The team which went to Bamako as the lowest-ranked side bagged silver in inaugural Africa basketball event after losing to DR Congo by 81 points to 62 in the final played.

  1. National Women’s Rugby team

The national women’s rugby sevens team, Kenya Lionesses team, though they narrowly lost to South Africa 15-14 qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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