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European Jewish Congress holds annual executive meeting

Gio, 30/06/2022 - 5:37am
EJC executive meeting in Brussels confronts multiple challenges faced by Jews in Europe.
Categorie: Israele

FCC urges Googles and Apple to remove TikTok from app stores

Gio, 30/06/2022 - 4:58am
FCC commissioner cites national security concerns in calling &#111n tech giants to no longer support TikTok app.
Categorie: Israele

Why I offered a 50,000 shekel reward

Gio, 30/06/2022 - 4:15am
Maybe you will be the &#111ne who returns a missing Israeli teenager to the arms of his family.
Categorie: Israele

Ukraine cuts ties with Syria for recognizing breakaway regions

Gio, 30/06/2022 - 4:05am
Syria set to recognize the “independence and sovereignty” of Luhansk and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.
Categorie: Israele

Indirect US-Iran talks in Doha fail to achieve breakthrough

Gio, 30/06/2022 - 3:17am
Nuclear deal discussions between US and Iranian envoys with EU intermediary end without signs of progress.
Categorie: Israele

Team Russia will not compete in Tel Aviv Maccabiah Games

Gio, 30/06/2022 - 2:10am
Russian, Belarusian teams exit 21st Maccabiah Games, but Russians and Belarusians who made aliyah will be part of "Olim" team.
Categorie: Israele

Jewish lawyer to serve as France’s first female speaker

Gio, 30/06/2022 - 1:15am
The granddaughter of Jews who fled Eastern Europe in the 1930s, Yael Braun-Pivet is the new speaker of France's National Assembly.
Categorie: Israele

The Loss of Human Sensitivity and the Countdown to Redemption

Gio, 30/06/2022 - 1:07am
From Generation to Generation: Divine Purpose and Timing in the Course of Human Events.
Categorie: Israele

New ADL program will help synagogues address antisemitism

Gio, 30/06/2022 - 12:38am
"Kulanu: Synagogues in Action Against Antisemitism" will support synagogues in addressing antisemitism.
Categorie: Israele

Spanish university creates chair for combating antisemitism

Mer, 29/06/2022 - 11:49pm
Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain and University of Madrid launch chair for prevention of antisemitism.
Categorie: Israele

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announces retirement

Mer, 29/06/2022 - 11:21pm
Second longest Supreme Court service justice will officially leave the court &#111n Thursday.
Categorie: Israele

Barkai Prize awarded for resilience through religious leadership

Mer, 29/06/2022 - 10:53pm
Barkai Awards Ceremony held in Modi'in, during which awards were given for Rabbi of the year, Gabay of the year and Community of the Year.
Categorie: Israele

Bennett steps down: I will remain a loyal soldier of Israel

Mer, 29/06/2022 - 10:28pm
Outgoing PM preaches message of unity as he announces he will not run in the upcoming elections.
Categorie: Israele

Earthquake in Beit She'an

Mer, 29/06/2022 - 10:03pm

A magnitude 3.1 earthquake occurred about 13 km northeast of Beit She'an. No casualties or damage were reported.
Categorie: Israele

David Weiss Halivni, pioneering Talmudist, dies at 94

Mer, 29/06/2022 - 10:02pm
Rabbi who championed 'source-critical approach' to the Talmud and former dead of the Union for Traditional Judaism passes away.
Categorie: Israele

Political spectrum split on Bennett's departure

Mer, 29/06/2022 - 9:53pm
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's departure speech drew varied reactions from the rest of Israel's political echelon.
Categorie: Israele

Poll: Netanyahu bloc achieves Knesset majority with Shaked

Mer, 29/06/2022 - 9:28pm
New survey finds Yamina under Shaked would win 5 seats, which would give the Netanyahu bloc 63 seats if she joins it.
Categorie: Israele

Knesset dissolution delayed by a day

Mer, 29/06/2022 - 9:09pm

The vote to dissolve the Knesset will be read and voted &#111n a second and third time tomorrow morning. Yair Lapid will take over as prime minister at midnight between Thursday and Friday.
Categorie: Israele

Teachers suspend strike tomorrow

Mer, 29/06/2022 - 8:19pm

The teachers' union has announced that all classes will take place normally tomorrow throughout Israel.
Categorie: Israele

UN suspends 6 teachers who called for murder of Jews

Mer, 29/06/2022 - 7:52pm
UN Watch calls for UNRWA teachers who advocate the murder of Jews to be fired instead of merely placed &#111n administrative leave.
Categorie: Israele