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Biological Institute to begin testing vaccine on humans after holidays

1 ora 6 min fa

The Biological Institute will begin testing their coronavirus vaccine &#111n humans after the Tishrei holidays, it was agreed at the end of a meeting of Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Institute Director Prof. Shmuel Shapira.
During Ganz's visit to the Institute today, the Minister was presented with progress in developing a vaccine and antibody to COVID-19.
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Suspected kidnapping attempt in Samaria

1 ora 9 min fa
PA driver forces young Jewish woman into car at Revava Junction and drives off, after which she jumps from the car to save herself.
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80-year-old woman attacked, stabbed in Bat Yam; condition mild

1 ora 21 min fa

An 80-year-old woman was attacked and stabbed in the city of Bat Yam. She is in light condition.
Rescue forces gave her first aid treatment.
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Report: Israel in talks ahead of corona vaccine trial on humans

1 ora 23 min fa

Israel is in talks with a number of countries ahead of a trial of the coronavirus vaccine &#111n humans, Kan News reported.
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Edu. Ministry site found referring teachers to missionary site

1 ora 34 min fa
Teachers who entered the Education Ministry site for updates &#111n new enrichment materials shocked after being referred to a missionary site.
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Haredi faction heads to discuss budget crisis

1 ora 35 min fa

The heads of the haredi factions will meet in Bnei Brak at 2:00 PM to discuss the budget crisis and attempts to prevent elections.
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Prof Gamzo 'wants more partnership instead of closure, restrictions'

1 ora 55 min fa

Coronavirus coordinator Prof. Roni Gamzo addressed the question of the need to impose a closure.
"After consulting with all the experts in Israel, the direction is currently to wait with drastic measures of restrictions. Everyone understood that we want to reduce the coefficient of infection even further and maintain it over time. It requires a lot of concentration from all of us. Instead of closure and restrictions from above, I want more partnership and order from below," Gamzo said at a press conference he assembled.
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COVID-19: Defense Minister's bureau to publish 'significant statement'

1 ora 59 min fa

Defense Minister Benny Gantz toured the Biological Institute in Ness Ziona today to follow efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine.
At the end of the tour, his office announced that a 'significant statement' would be published later in the day.
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French President lands in Lebanon

2 ore 6 min fa

French President Emmanuel Macron visited Lebanon and landed in the capital Beirut. Upon arrival he tweeted in Arabic: "Lebanon is not alone."
This, two days after the explosion at a port in the city where more than 150 people were killed and more than 5,000 injured.
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Minister Ofir Akunis: 'Netanyahu passed 15 budgets; Gantz, zero'

2 ore 19 min fa
Minister Ofir Akunis: 'Netanyahu passed 15 budgets; Gantz, zero'
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One severely injured in accident near Gedera Interchange

2 ore 57 min fa

A 30-year-old male was seriously injured in an accident between a car and motorcycle &#111n Route 7 from Gedera Interchange in the direction of Ashdod.
MDA paramedics treated him and evacuated him to Assuta Hospital in Ashdod.
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Beirut explosion detected at seismic stations all over country

2 ore 59 min fa

Researchers at the Seismology Division at the Geological Survey say that the explosion at the port of Beirut was detected at seismic stations throughout the country.
The released energy is equivalent to an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.5.
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Tel Aviv gesture met with hostility in Lebanon

3 ore 13 min fa

"We will light Tel Aviv with our missiles," writes Lebanese user after Tel Aviv city hall lit up with colors of Lebanese flag.
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Ancient structure discovered at archaeological camp in Oz veGaon

3 ore 36 min fa
Experts estimate place served as industrial area for nearby village for producing olive oil and wine from area trees and vineyards.
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Rashida Tlaib victory in primary contest

3 ore 46 min fa

The first-term Michigan congresswoman widened her margin of victory against a Democratic opponent who first challenged her in 2018, reports New York Times.
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Bagels and Beverly Hills

3 ore 57 min fa
Sorry guys, the commandments of the Torah were given to be performed in the Land of Israel.
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Iran: 'Fingers of Zionist entity hiding behind Beirut disaster'

4 ore 21 sec fa

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi claims the "fingers of the Zionist entity are hiding behind the Beirut disaster".
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Prof. Zeev Rothstein: Public wants to keep law, but they're exhausted

4 ore 35 min fa

Hadassah Hospitals Director Prof. Zeev Rothstein responded to an IDF Home Front Command survey according to which &#111nly 17% of Israelis understand coronavirus restrictions.
"The public wants to keep the law, but they're exhausted. Everything you described in percentages I see is happening &#111n the ground. Public dissatisfaction and the crisis of trust are high-level," Rothstein said in an interview with 103FM.
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US, Israel pledge cooperation on biodiversity conservation

4 ore 36 min fa
MOU promotes future cooperation &#111n biodiversity conservation, protected areas and the protection of cultural and historical heritage.
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Four Kinneret beaches closed for water pollution

5 ore 2 min fa

Four Kinneret beaches: Ginosar, Reket, Briniki, and Tzinbari were banned for bathing until further notice.
This, due to abnormal water test results.
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