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Terceravia vol destinar la taxa turística a formació

Diari Andorra - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:21am
El conseller general del grup parlamentari de terceravia Joan Carles Camp proposa que part de la taxa turística es destini a la professionalització i la formació del sector.
Categorie: Andorra

Duo pleads guilty to killing Professor Mars

Kaieteur News - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:20am
Kaieteur News – Timothy Paul Chance and Andre Benjamin on Tuesday changed their pleas and admitted to killing Professor Pariedeau Mars, called Perry, in 2016. Earlier this month, Chance and Benjamin were arraigned in the Demerara High Court, before Justice Sandil Kissoon, when they pleaded not guilty to the charge which states that on May […]
Categorie: Guyana

Onofhängegkeet vu russescher Energie: Claude Turmes fuerdert EU-wäit 120 km/h op den Autobunnen an 2 Deeg Homeoffice

RTL LU - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:20am
D'EU soll méi onofhängeg vu russescher Energie ginn. D'Kommissiounscheffin Ursula Von der Leyen huet e Mëttwoch entspriechend Pläng op den Dësch geluecht.
Categorie: Lussemburgo

Peeping Tom on the Stabroek News

Kaieteur News - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:20am
Kaieteur News – I quote from the Peeping Tom article of Monday, May 16, 2022: “The Stabroek News has written a nasty editorial describing as vulgar a recent fundraising event purportedly organised by the Office of the First Lady. The reason for this characterisation is because the editorialist felt that the cover charge for the […]
Categorie: Guyana

Trini Marín visita la diputació de Barcelona

Diari Andorra - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:20am
La titular d’Administracions Públiques i Participació Ciutadana, Trini Marín, es va reunir ahir amb la vicepresidenta quarta de la diputació de Barcelona, Núria Parlón, en el marc de la visita que fa aquesta setmana a la capital catalana.
Categorie: Andorra

СОНИНЫ АРЫН НҮҮР: Хайрлагдсан хүүхэд хамгийн зөв төлөвшилтэй, сайхан сэтгэлтэн болдог юм шүү

DNN - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:20am

Хүүхдийн зуугийн гудамжинд шөнийн 03:00 цагт залуухан бүсгүй уйлан сууна. Царай зүс, өмсөж зүүсэн хувцаснаас нь боломжийн амьдралтай гэж шууд уншигдав. Ноолууран хүрэмнийх нь зүүн талын хормой хөндлөн чигтээ хүү татагджээ. Халдлагад өртсөн байх вий хэмээн эмээж түүн рүү дөхөн эвээр асуулаа. Урдаас цөхөрсөн харцаар цоо ширтэн том, том нулимс унагаснаа “Утсаараа ганц яриулчих тэгэх үү. Би зөрж өнгөрсөн хүмүүсээс гуйсан боловч бүгд татгалзах юм” хэмээн эхэр татав. Гар утасныхаа түгжээг тайлаад бүсгүйд өгтөл хэн нэгэн рүү залгаад “Би байна аа. Намайг эндээс ирээд аваач. Тэр миний хэтэвч, утас, машины болон гэрийн түлхүүрийг аваад намайг ийм болгочихоод орхиод явчихлаа” гэв. Хэн ...

Categorie: Mongolia

The Education Cash Grant again

Kaieteur News - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:19am
Kaieteur News – The education cash grant has once again become the subject of the tit-for-tat between the PPP/C and its nemesis, the PNCR. The latter is contending that the PPP/C originally planned for a one-off cash grant and that it was never the intention for it to be an annual payment. The PPP/C had […]
Categorie: Guyana

Tallers i teatre contra la discriminació

Diari Andorra - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:19am
La iniciativa impulsada per dotze alumnes de l’escola andorrana de batxillerat amb taules rodones, xerrades, tallers, música, l’obra de teatre Sex Education i un escape room va servir per celebrar ahir la Jornada contra la discriminació de gènere, que es va fer coincidir amb el Dia internacional contra la LGTBI-fòbia.
Categorie: Andorra

DIKLIĆU NUŠIĆEVA NAGRADA: Odlučeno ko će dobiti priznanje za životno delo festivala u Smederevu

Novosti - Serbia - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:18am

LAUREAT ovogodišnje nagrade za životno delo glumcu-komičaru pozorišnog festivala "Nušićevi dani" koji se, po 39. put održavaju u Smederevu od 18. do 26. maja je dramski umetnik Bogdan Diklić.
Categorie: Serbia

Port of Colombo: CASA commends the commitment of SLPA and other terminal operators

Colombo Page - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:18am
May 18, Colombo: In a letter to the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Dr Prasantha Jayamanna, the Ceylon Shipping Agents Association (CASA) commended the Sri Lanka Ports Authority and other Terminal Operators for their prompt responses to the normalization of operations and services at the Port of Colombo.
Categorie: Sri Lanka

López pregunta pel retard dels pagaments a empreses

Diari Andorra - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:17am
El grup parlamentari socialdemòcrata va entrar ahir tres preguntes orals sobre l’estat dels pagaments de l’executiu a proveïdors, els impagaments de crèdits tous i la devolució parcial sobre l’impost d’hidrocarburs.
Categorie: Andorra

Prediccions del zodíac

Diari Andorra - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:17am
Categorie: Andorra

Sri Lankan protesters include Tamil victims in war memorial

Nepal News - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:17am

Sri Lankan protesters lit flames and offered prayers Wednesday remembering thousands — including ethnic Tamil civilians — killed in the final stages of the country’s decadeslong civil war, in the first-ever event where mostly majority ethnic Sinhalese openly memorialized the minority group.

Protesters gathered outside the president’s office floated flowers in the nearby sea and prayed for all those who died in the 26-year civil war, including Tamil civilians, Tamil rebels and government soldiers.

While grand state events have been held almost every year since the war ended in 2009 to remember and celebrate the soldiers, this is the first time an event that also remembers Tamils is being held by mostly Sinhalese in the country’s capital, Colombo.

“I am a Sinhalese by birth. Today we held a memorial for all those who were killed 13 years ago, Sinhala, Muslim, Hindu and everybody as a result of state terrorism and terrorism by non-state groups,” said Sumeera Gunasekara, a social media activist who participated in the event.

“There are still those who are grieving because of these events and as a Sinhalese I have a right to share in their grief, because I believe in the religion of humanity more than any other.”

Actress Kaushalya Fernando said she came to remember the victims of a war created and mishandled by politicians.

“The significance of this place is that we are not here as different ethnic groups but as Sri Lankans.”

The protesters also shared rice porridge, the only food the people could have in the final stages of the fighting because of heavy blockade of supplies.

Tamil Tiger rebels fought to create an independent state for ethnic minority Tamils, who are mostly Hindus.

The civil war killed 100,000 people according to conservative United Nations estimates. The actual number is believed to be much higher. According to a U.N. experts panel report, at least 40,000 Tamil civilians were killed in the final months of the fighting alone.

Since Sri Lankan troops defeated the Tamil Tiger rebels in 2009, Sri Lankan authorities had widely prohibited Tamils from publicly remembering their family members and have denied allegations that Tamil civilians were killed.

Sinhalese, mostly Buddhist, make up nearly 75% of Sri Lanka’s 22 million people. Tamils, mostly Hindu, are 15%.

Sri Lankans have been protesting for more than a month demanding the resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, holding him responsible for the country’s worst economic crisis in recent memory.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa played a key role as a top defense strategist to his brother, former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is credited with leading a military campaign to defeat the rebels.

The two leaders were hailed as heroes by the Sinhalese but allegations of mishandling the economy and corruption has led to their fall from grace.

Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned as prime minister last week amid violent protests and Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been staying in his fortified residence for more than a month. He has been forced to take a backseat, having appointed a new prime minister to handle the economy.

Sri Lanka, near bankruptcy, announced that it is suspending up to $7 billion of foreign loan payments due to be repaid this year because of a foreign currency crisis. The country must repay $25 billion as foreign debt by 2026 out of a total $51 billion.

It has led to limited imports with no gasoline in filling stations. Other fuel, cooking gas, medicine and foods are in short supply, forcing people to stay in long lines to buy the limited stocks.

Categorie: Nepal

Patricio Parodi y Rafael Cardozo: Así fue su curiosa reacción ante sensual baile de jóvenes durante casting

Perù 21 - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:16am

Patricio Parodi y Rafael Cardozo protagonizaron un curioso momento durante el casting nacional que “Esto es Guerra” inició en Tarapoto, esto luego que bellas jovencitas los pusieran en aprietos con un atrevido baile.

Las guapas participantes realizaron una sensual coreografía frente a los capitanes de los “Guerreros” y “Combatientes” como parte del proceso de selección del nuevo integrante del reality.

El ‘Pato’ Parodi y el modelo brasileño no fueron ajenos a los encantos de las jovencitas, quienes dieron lo mejor de sí al bailar reggaetón.

MIRA: Óscar Valdés sobre los Consejos de Ministros Descentralizados: “Está desnaturalizando lo que es un Consejo de Ministros”

La pareja de Luciana Fuster tuvo que taparse los ojos, mientras que Rafael Cardozo no paraba de hacer gestos de asombro ante los atrevidos movimientos de las competidoras.

Johanna San Miguel tuvo que aclararle a las participantes que ambos eran personas comprometidas, sin embargo, destacó la actitud que tuvieron todas para intentar pasar a la siguiente etapa de la convocatoria.


Melissa Paredes reconoció que pensó en dejar a Anthony Aranda tras ampay que protagonizaron

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Yoon Marks Anniversary of Gwangju Democratic Uprising

The Chosun Ilbo - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:15am
President Yoon Suk-yeol attended a ceremony on Wednesday commemorating the May 18, 1980 Democratic Uprising in the southwestern city of Gwangju.The new centrist president, who ran on the platform of the conservative People Power Party, delivered a message of unity.In a rare move for conservatives, w...
Categorie: Corea del Sud

Row over “blocking entrance” leaves three wounded

Kaieteur News - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:15am
Kaieteur News – “Blocking an entrance” with a car on Monday reportedly triggered a confrontation which has left three men injured – one critical with multiple stab wounds, a second nursing chop wounds and a third with a wounded right hand. The wounded men have been identified as Kennedy Barky, 34, a taxi driver, Gordon […]
Categorie: Guyana

Świdniczanka – Motor II i Lublinianka – Stal Kraśnik, czyli środa z hitami w Hummel IV lidze

Dziennik Wschodni - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:15am

Czas na szóstą serię gier. W grupie mistrzowskiej szykuje nam się środa hitów. Pierwsza Lublinianka gra z trzecią Stalą Kraśnik (godz. 17). Druga Świdniczanka podejmuje czwarty Motor II Lublin (14), a na dodatek zmierzą się jeszcze drużyny numer pięć i sześć, czyli Huragan Międzyrzec Podlaski i Kryształ Werbkowice (17.30).
Categorie: Polonia

Romániába vezet Novák Katalin második külföldi útja, de úgy tűnik, állami szinten inkább senki nem fogadja

Népszava - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:15am

Vele is marad az unortodox diplomáciai modell.

Categorie: Ungheria

Ha elfogadják az olajembargót: munkahelyek tízezrei kerülhetnek veszélybe

Borsonline - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:15am
Még nem született döntés az Oroszország elleni olajembargóról, de Brüsszel az orosz gázvásárlások leállításának terveit is előrevetítette. Az energiahordozók ára máris rekordokat dönt, arról pedig csak találgatások vannak, hogy a tényleges embargó kinek fog jobban fájni, az oroszoknak vagy az uniós államoknak.
Categorie: Ungheria

KOLIKO SRBA ŽIVI U HRVATSKOJ Ovo su procene rezultata novog popisa i pokazuju DVA NEGATIVNA TRENDA

Blic online - Mer, 18/05/2022 - 6:15am

Državni zavod za statistiku trebao bi sredinom godine, da objavi rezultate prošlogodišnjeg popisa stanovništva koji se odnose na etničku i versku strukturu populacije Hrvatske.

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