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  • CAIRO - 15 July 2019: An Egyptian security delegation arrived in Kuwait on Monday three days after the arrest of eight Egyptian fugitives convicted of supporting and financing militant operations in Egypt by the Kuwaiti Security Apparatus.

    The detection of the cell affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood - which is outlawed in Egypt - is a result of the interrogation of terrorist Hisham Ashmawi carried out by the Libyan and Egyptian authorities, who was handed over to Egypt earlier this year, a source revealed.

    The Kuwaiti authorities are still conducting investigations to unveil the accomplices of the cell members and if they are foreigners or natives.

    Collective escape of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members in Kuwait
    Around 300 Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members fled from Kuwait in the last period, sources stated to “Al-Qabas” Kuwaiti newspaper.

    The fugitive members headed to Turkey, Australia, Britain, and another Arab country in fear of extradition due to their conviction in several cases in their homeland.

    The collective escape occurred before the Kuwaiti’s Ministry of Interior’s announcement on Friday 12th of July that it had arrested eight members of a Muslim Brotherhood cell. Those were sentenced to prison terms in Egypt for committing terror attacks, including the assassination of the Egyptian Attorney General, Advisor Hisham Barakat in 2015.

    Ibrahim Rabie, a former brotherhood leader, affirmed that there is a state of fear and anxiety among the group members abroad, due to the great anticipation in handovers to leaders internationally, which consecutively leads to a confusion within the terrorist group externally.

    The Muslim Brotherhood, also known as the Society of Muslim Brothers, are a transnational Sunni Islamist organization founded in Egypt by Islamic scholar and school teacher, Hassan Al Banna in 1928. In April, 2018, Egyptian Prime Minister Sharif Ismail issued a law to regulate the procedures of custody, administration and disposal of the Muslim Brotherhood’s funds as a means of control due to its terrorist operations in Egypt.
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  • சென்னை: நடிகர் திலகம் சிவாஜி கணேசனின் 18-வது நினைவு தினம் இன்று அனுசரிக்கப்படுகிறது. சென்னை அடையாறில் உள்ள மணிமண்டபத்தில் பிரபுவின் மகன் விக்ரம் பிரபு மலர் தூவி மரியாதை செலுத்தினார்.

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  • De Nederlandse vierspanners hebben op het CHIO van Aken voor de twaalfde achtereenvolgende keer de landenwedstrijd gewonnen.
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  • BRATISLAVA - Novým poslancom Národnej rady SR sa na najbližšej schôdzi pléna stane Marek Mitterpák. Do poslaneckého kresla zasadne po tom, čo poslanec Miroslav Číž odišiel do Európskeho parlamentu, a tým prišiel o mandát v tom národnom. O zmenách informujú na webovej stránke NR SR.
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  •  Briten-Marine warnte Iraner vor Angriff auf Öltanker im Golf Vor der Festsetzung des britischen Öl-Tankers „Stena Impero“ hatten die Iranischen Revolutionsgarden Kontakt mit der britischen Marine.
    Foto: / AP Photo / dpa
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  • Atacantul galez Gareth Bale trebuie să părăsească cât mai rapid Real Madrid, a declarat antrenorul francez Zinedine Zidane după primul meci amical cu Bayern Munchen (1-3), disputat la Houston în International Champions Cup. Zidane a rulat 22 de jucători în meciul cu campioana Germaniei, 11 în prima repriză şi 11 în a doua, în timp ce Bale a urmărit jocul din tribună. Întrebat de ce Bale nu a intrat pe teren, Zidane a explicat că Real Madrid pregăteşte transferul galezului: ''Nu este nimic personal. Vine un moment când trebuie făcute aceste lucruri. Nu am nimic contra lui Bale. Dar dacă în 24 sau 48 de ore situaţia se va schimba, va fi bine pentru toată lumea. Real Madrid negociază cu cluburile unde ar putea juca. Dacă Bale pleacă mâine, va fi mai bine pentru toţi, inclusiv pentru el''. Gareth Bale a fost transferat la Real Madrid de la Tottenham pentru 100 milioane euro în 2013, dar nu s-a integrat perfect în echipa madrilenă, în pofida unor goluri memorabile din Liga Campionilor. Contractul lui cu Real expiră în 2022. AGERPRES/(AS/autor: Teodor Ciobanu, editor online: Ada Vîlceanu)
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  • MANILA, Philippines -- The Duterte administration should not reject the initiated independent investigation of the United Nations (UN) body into drug-related killings as this could be "denying the people from the truth," an official from the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) said.   "When you deny investigations such as this, ang problem natin is you deny people of the truth... when the government doesn't also show willingness to be investigated and to be open about their data ultimately... ang apektado is our capacity to deliver justice din e," Marc Siapno, officer-in-charge of CHR, told in an interview.   After almost three years since President Rodrig...

    Keep on reading: ‘Denying int’l probe into Duterte drug war is denying people of truth’ — CHR
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  • Three men were injured this afternoon after a boat capsized off Gozo, the police said Sunday.

    The accident took place in the stretch of sea between Xlendi and Dwejra at 5.15pm.

    The Armed Forces of Malta was called for assistance to rescue the three men who were on the boat.

    The men, all aged 29 and who reside in Xewkija, Luqa and Siggiewi, were lifted onto an AFM dinghy and taken to the Gozo General Hospital for treatment.

    The man from Xewkija was found to be suffering from serious injuries.

    Magistrate Paul Coppini is leading an inquiry.

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  • 1 KİŞİNİN DAHA CESEDİ BULUNDU Düzce'nin Akçakoca ilçesinde selde kaybolan 1 kişinin daha cansız bedeni bulundu. Arama kurtarma ekipleri, Esmahanım köyüne yaklaşık 4 kilometre uzaklıkta Uğurlu köyü Kıran Deresi ve Melen Çayı'nın...
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  • Große Helden, kleine Monster und normale Alltagsheroen: Contern feiert an diesem Wochenende zum 26. Mal das „Festival international de la bande dessiné“.
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  • نماینده روسیه در سازمان‌های بین‌المللی مستقر در وین، در زمینه اصرار مقام‌های آمریکایی درباره اینکه «ایران حق غنی‌سازی اورانیوم ندارد»، گفت که این اصرار نشاندهنده انکارگرایی حقوقی یا جهالت است.
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  • SK Innovation said Friday that two of its subsidiaries, SK Energy and SK Trading International, have acquired a combined 35 percent stake in Best Oil Co., the second-largest oil retailer in Myanmar. The two companies spent about 150 billion won ($127.7 million) to hold 17.5 percent of BOC’s shares each. BOC has market share of 17 percent in Myanmar’s oil retail market.The deal was aimed at securing stable exports and a trading destination, and making inroads into the foreign ret
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  • معاون سیاسی دفتر عقیدتی سیاسی فرماندهی معظم کل قوا گفت: توقیف نفت کش انگلیسی و زدن پهپاد آمریکایی نشان داد اراده و توان لازم را داریم و فقط تهدید نمی‌کنیم و در مواقع لزوم اقدام هم می‌کنیم.
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