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  • Deux camps militaires auraient été repris des forces du général Haftar, selon l'information rapportée vendredi par les forces du Gouvernement de Tripoli.  Les forces du général Haftar perdent deux camps militaires dont Yarmouk Les forces du gouvernement libyen soutenu par l'ONU ont confirmé vendredi avoir repris deux camps militaires. Il s'agit de ceux de Yarmouk e...
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  • The carnival is over. A good time was had by those who desired it. It’s now time to return to other socio-economic issues. I offer the following unsolicited advice to Philip J. Pierre, leader of the House opposition and of the St. Lucia Labour Party. I trust it is received as a beacon of hope. He has toiled long and hard in the political vineyard of this country. Few can offer friendly disinterested advice, because many fear being accused of supporting a desperate, losing cause.

    The writer explains to now Opposition Leader, Philip J Pierre (pictured), that although they have had differences with regards to the Saint Lucia Labour Party, he is still willing to offer solid advice and explain the reasons why the writer  himself left the SLP. 

    My credentials include his help when I contested the Castries East seat in the mid-1970s. I know, Philip, you share my concerns and understand the reasons we put country first. We both erred when we deviated from this noble principle. I have made the correction; it’s now your turn.

    I am painfully aware of the difficult road you have travelled ever since you threw your hat in the political ring. Unlike many others whom we can both name, our early involvement in politics was a high-wire trapeze act without the safety net of the amateur performer. Indeed, any political departure from the party was difficult to contemplate as we both persevered in a life-or-death situation in which few had dared to stand up against the might of John Compton. Ours was not a task for the fainthearted. Some described us as political upstarts. But that was fair wind considering the storms that were to come. 

    Still, there were early differences between us, which we did not emphasize. I perceived at an early age that the only visionary in Compton’s camp of the ‘70s that coincided with my own, was Hunter J. Francois. Henry Giraudy was not cut for the rough and tumble of elective politics, and Compton was driven mostly by British colonial aid. I believed that, given the opportunity, I would out-perform these men. That was the reason politics needed people like you (and me) and why we canvassed to help our country socially and economically. I campaigned hard, but never begged anyone for votes or deviated from the process of enlightening the electorate. 

    I was confident that we, along with Hilary Modeste and a few other young progressives, should have formed the nucleus of a new SLP, casting out the opportunists and the moneychangers from our midst. The sweat and toil that you and I put in politics deserved more than the sad disaster of 1979-82. My most difficult moment was standing on the Castries market steps alone, amidst boos and jeers from the massive crowd. I did it to save the SLP because no one else dared. I proved that night that I would rather die on my feet than submit to the fakery and self-interest that threatened to strangle the SLP. I also proved that I could no longer support the ambitions of the “big brother” or the weaknesses of the political leader.   

    Today, 38 years and some eight general elections later, I am still around
    to offer advice, even unsolicited. Standing alone on the Castries market steps has qualified me to make this offer to you because I proved that the SLP (and party politics) was worth saving. Such independent political stance is never easy, but by grace I’m still standing! You have now arrived at a point where you must pause and take a firm decision how to proceed, and with whom. 

    You must decide what patriots will help you cross the Rubicon. Your job as leader of the opposition and SLP demands a visionary, focused and respectful articulation of the alternative country you wish to build and how you intend to do it. Will it be an all-inclusive and strongly united country, or will it be as divided as you found it? It has been said that in a multi-party democracy a government—any government—needs a strong opposition to perform optimally. It also affords the electorate a clear choice between contending political, social and economic visions of the country. Criticisms of the government must therefore be thoughtful, measured and hit the mark. Constant attacks on one man will not cut it.

    You now have to stand firm and not be used by novices or failed leaders. Do not allow every Tom, Dick and Harry to join the SLP and push you around as if you were some idiot who never studied at a renowned university. You must take a couple of weeks or more off island to meditate and review what I have written here. In the process, confide in those people whose only interest is the progress of Saint Lucia.  

    Stop your party ignoramuses from talking nonsense about “that white prime minister”. There is nothing some party hacks would like more than to be embraced by some white man (or woman) for pay. Every time an SLP hack says he or she does not want a white man as prime minister, ask yourself what has sixty-plus years of adult suffrage revealed. Since George Charles in the 1950s and Allan Louisy’s brief spell, what do you see? Cenac, Pilgrim, Compton, Anthony . . .  Some people make it appear that any difference of opinion within a party spells division and doom. But isn’t it better to cleanse the party and have the bloodletting before general elections, not after? It’s not hard to do if one believes that the country always comes first. Politics must aim to serve the country, not self. Your campaign must therefore be an offer to help people—all the people!  

    In closing I recommend that you and your experts discuss Sir Arthur Lewis’s The Theory of Economic Growth and Economic Development with Unlimited Supplies of Labour. While you’re at it, decide whether it makes sense to establish industries (job creation) even though their costs of production may greatly exceed their monetary cost of imports. 

    You may also wish to discuss whether, with the high cost of road construction, lands bounded by public roads (and feeder roads) that are vacant, and not in production, ought to be taxed. Finally, try and envision a new agenda with reputable people that put country before self. If you cannot do this, then you must decide soon, the best time to call that George.       

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  • ÖLEN HAYVANLAR TESPİT EDİLİP, GÖMÜLÜYOR Düzce Valiliği'nden Esmahanım ve Uğurlu köyünde ölen hayvanların yarattığı koku ile ilgili açıklama yapıldı. Açıklamada şöyle denildi: "20 Temmuz tarihinden bu yana Esmahanım, Dilaver...
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  • World 5000 Meters World Champion, Hellen Obiri, maintained her dominance in the race, after clocking 14 minutes 18.37 second to win the 10th Leg of the 2019 Diamond League season in London, England.

    Compatriot Agnes Tirop came in 2nd in a race that saw eight of the top 10 slots taken by Kenyan athletes.

    After a disappointing performance in the 3rd outing of the 2019 Diamond League Season in Stockholm, Sweden, that saw her slip and give up the lead, finishing 12th in the process, World Champion Hellen Obiri once again reclaimed her glory, after winning the 5000 Meters race in London, England.

    Obiri clocked a time of 14 minutes 18.37 seconds, ahead of compatriot Agnes Tirop who beat Dutch Sifan Hassan to the 2nd spot in a time of 14 minutes 24.24 seconds, with the latter clocking a time of 14 minutes 22.34 seconds.

    The race saw eight Kenyans finish among the top ten, with Margaret Kipkemboi and Caroline Kipkirui finishing 4th and 5th respectively. The season continues on the 18th of August in Birmingham.

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  • Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale in action. Photo: Reuters

    MADRID: Forward Gareth Bale’s tenure with Real Madrid could come to an end in a matter of days after manager Zinedine Zidane said the club were working on offloading the Welsh international.

    Bale, 30, has won four Champions League titles since joining Madrid from Tottenham Hotspur in 2013 for a then world record 100 million euros ($112.20 million) but struggled to hold down his place in the starting side last season.

    Amid suggestions that competition will only increase next season after the arrival of Belgian Eden Hazard, Bale was left out of Saturday’s 3-1 defeat by Bayern Munich in a pre-season clash in Houston.

    “He wasn’t included in the squad because the club is working on his departure… that’s why he didn’t play,” Zidane told a news conference.

    “We’ll have to see if it goes through tomorrow, if it does then all the better. Let’s hope, for everyone’s sake, that it happens soon.”

    Zidane’s comments drew a stinging reply from Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett, who labelled the Frenchman “a disgrace.”

    “Zidane is a disgrace to speak like that about someone who has done so much for Real,” Barnett was quoted as saying by ESPN.

    “If and when Gareth goes it will be because it is in the best interest of Gareth and nothing to do with Zidane pushing.”

    Bale was criticised by the Spanish media last season after failing to fill the void left by Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure to Juventus as Madrid came third in La Liga last season, 19 points behind champions Barcelona.

    Zidane, however, said there was nothing personal in his decision to deem Bale surplus to requirements.

    “There comes a time when things are done because they need to be done. I’ve not got anything against him,” Zidane added.

    “We have to make decisions and change things, that’s all there is to it. I don’t know if this will happen in 24 or 48 hours… it’s for the best for everyone.”

    Bale’s high wages — reported by British media to be 600,000 pounds ($749,880) per week — mean few clubs would be capable of signing him permanently.

    Barnett last month ruled out chances of him leaving on loan saying he was happy to stay amid reports linking him with Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Spurs.


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  • České basketbalové reprezentace se v pondělí dozví jména soupeřů pro kvalifikaci o postup na mistrovství Evropy v roce 2021. Zatímco muži mají před losem v Mnichově díky pořadatelství místo na šampionátu jisté, ženy si budou muset start na turnaji vybojovat.
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  • RACING needs to move with the times.

    Other sports are embracing new technology – football has VAR, cricket has DRS and tennis has Hawkeye – so why are we not doing the same?


    The argument for the introduction of sectionals has long been proposed by many vocal racing journalists and enthusiasts, but plenty remain against it.

    Thankfully, the Levy Board appears to have seen the light – earlier this week it was announced sectional timing and tracking data would be available at every racing fixture by 2021.

    Racing has a habit of making false promises, but this one looks more than achievable.

    Naysayers are concerned the hefty chunk it will take out of the Levy Board’s purse is more trouble than it’s worth, but I couldn’t disagree more.

    Sectionals are vital for racing’s future. 

    The days of the paper formbook will be gone in a few years, and with online data providing the large majority of information for punters and public, analysing a horse’s speed at each section of a race will become a crucial facet of form-study for race-readers and bookmakers alike.

    Raffle Prize broke the 6f record at Newmarket – with sectional information we can see how her energy was distributedPA:Press Association

    Unfortunately, in the great scheme of things, sectionals have been largely swept under the carpet.

    Many racing experts I’ve spoken to are aware of their existence, and aware somewhat of their importance, but don’t have nearly as much of a grasp on them as they should.

    Whether this is due to their being downplayed in the media, I wouldn’t care to say, but awareness of their value has certainly been lacking among the racing public.

    For those who don’t know, sectionals, in their purest form, provide timings for a horse racing between two or more different ‘sections’.

    Usually, the section of a race in which most value can be gleaned is the final two or three furlongs, though earlier sections can also be crucial.

    PA:Press Association

    Think about a canoe slalom at the Olympics, or a ski slalom, or a Tour De France time-trial – in each event splits are provided to give you an indication who is losing or gaining time at a particular point.

    It’s a similar story with sectional timings – you can dissect each horse’s time within a certain race and analyse its splits to determine whether or not it would have finished closer to the winner, or further away.

    Or, indeed, if the horse has won, you can establish how its speed was used in a more efficient way than its competitors.

    Assessing where a horse has conserved or wasted energy and understanding whether a horse is using its optimum speed at the right time are forms of race-reading that have hitherto been unavailable. Of course, In the UK race-times have been used for years, but that’s only the end time as a whole – the timing of different parts of a horse’s race is a relatively novel concept. Surely we should be embracing such an intricate and fascinating way of studying a horse race?

    In-running comments and visual evidence have been and always will be the first port of call. But for those more adventurous, the cost of sectionals is most definitely worth it.

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  • Estas son las noticias más destacadas que marcan la jornada de este sábado 20 de julio

    Museo de los Niños reabre sus puertas tras una semana inoperativo

    “¡Feliz día del niño!”

    El emblemático Museo de los Niños, que estuvo cerrado siete días por un hurto de 300 metros del cableado que dejó a más de la mitad de sus instalaciones a oscuras, anunció que este domingo reabre sus puertas “gracias a que Corpoelec (Corporación Eléctrica Nacional) restituyó los cables de alta tensión sustraídos el domingo 14 de julio, lo que dejó al museo completamente inoperativo durante una semana”.

    FELIZ DIA DEL NIÑO! Los esperamos en SU Museo, gracias a Corpoelec que restituyo los cables de alta tension sustraidos el domingo 14 de julio, lo que dejo al Museo completamente inoperativo durante una semana.

    — Museo de los Niños (@museitocaracas) July 21, 2019

    “Con inmensa alegría comunicamos que las peticiones de los amigos del Museo de los Niños fueron oídas, y Corpoelec trabajó hoy (sábado 20 de julio) para restituir los cables a fin de que los niños puedan disfrutar del Día del Niño en SU Museo”, informó por Twitter.

    FMI y el Banco Mundial buscan una renovación 75 años después de su fundación

    El Banco Mundial y el FMI deben continuar con su reinvención para superar las nuevas crisis, como los “migrantes climáticos”, y adaptarse a fenómenos como la eclosión de las monedas virtuales. Las dos instituciones financieras nacieron durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, el 22 de julio de 1944, por iniciativa de 44 países para evitar una nueva crisis como la de 1929.

    Después de 75 años de su fundación en el complejo hotelero Bretton Woods, en el noreste de Estados Unidos, ambas instituciones enfrentan críticas por haber fallado a la hora de prevenir crisis y por empeorar las situaciones de los pueblos que tenían que haber ayudado.

    Pese a que pueda decirse que estas críticas no son del todo ciertas, tanto el FMI como el Banco Mundial han intentado forjarse una nueva imagen en los últimos años, poniendo el énfasis en que cuando se implementen sus programas, los más vulnerables estarán protegidos.

    Ambas organizaciones enfrentan también el desafío de ayudar a África en una transición que requiere una inversión en infraestructura cuantiosa y una creación de empleo para hacer frente al crecimiento de población en la región.

    El desafío “es enorme”, dijo el presidente del Banco Mundial, David Malpass, en una entrevista a la AFP.

    La nave Soyuz arriba a la Estación Espacial

    En el 50 aniversario de la llegada a la Luna, la nave rusa Soyuz MS-13 se acopló este sábado, seis horas y 20 minutos después de despegar desde el cosmódromo de Baikonur (Kazajistán), a la Estación Espacial Internacional (EEI), en una misión que homenajeó al Apolo 11 y que busca seguir allanando el camino hacia un nuevo rumbo: Marte.

    Venezolanos en Argentina pueden denunciar a Maduro por violaciones a DDHH

    El Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos de Argentina, mediante una resolución firmada por el ministro Germán Garavano, convocó a los venezolanos a dar sus testimonios e información que consideren útil sobre las posibles violaciones a los derechos humanos que hayan recibido por parte del gobierno de Nicolás Maduro, esto tras el informe sobre la situación de los derechos humanos en Venezuela que la Alta Comisionada de las Naciones Unidas para los DDHH, Michelle Bachelet, presentó el 5 de julio en Ginebra, en el que concluye que Maduro ha cometido “numerosas violaciones de los derechos humanos”

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  • LOVE Island 2019 cast members have just over a week until one lucky couple will win the big whopping £50,000 prize.

    Being in a “couple” is essential if they hope to be crowned the champions, so here’s a look at who’s with who, following the latest recoupling…

    Tommy and Molly have proved to be the strongest couple in the villaITV When is the next recoupling on Love Island?

    An exact date for the next recoupling has not yet been revealed by ITV2.

    Given the recent recoupling took place on Friday, July 19, 2019, it is fair to assume fans may have to wait a while for the next one.

    The girls got to chose which guy they wanted to couple up with following the arrival of three new Islanders.

    As there were equal numbers of female contestants to male cast members no one was sent home in episode 41.

    Anna is back with JordanAnna is back with Jordan Who are the Love Island 2019 couples? Anna and Jordan

    After having to come to terms with the fact that she clearly didn’t share a close connection with basketball hunk Ovie Soko, Anna Vakili went back to her previous partner Jordan Hames.

    When she returned from Casa Amor, it wasn’t long before the Kim Kardashian wannabe realised she had made a mistake by coupling up with Ovie, which was a decision that consequently left Jordan single.

    After several discussions in the main villa, however, the two worked out their differences and noted that they both missed being with each other.

    So during the latest recoupling, Anna decided to get her man back, and that’s exactly what she did.

    The couple were then treated to the hideaway where viewers think that they had sex.

    Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury in the hot tub in the HideawayMolly-Mae and Tommy in the hot tub in the HideawayITV Tommy and Molly-Mae

    Despite his disdain of “shapes”, Tommy Fury found himself in a triangle.

    Maura Higgins and Molly Mae Hague vied for his attention, but despite the Irish grid girl’s best efforts, it was Molly that he decided to couple up with.

    The boxer then chose her again during the next recoupling.

    Then the couple proved they were stronger than ever when they didn’t stray when she went to Casa Amor and became an official couple when she returned to the main villa.

    They are now officially girlfriend and boyfriend and have both dropped the L-bomb.

    The doting couple decided to stay together following the latest recoupling on July 19.

    Anton was happily coupled up with Tamer Hassan's daughter BelleAnton was happily coupled up with Tamer Hassan’s daughter Belle Anton and Belle

    After being unlucky in love throughout his time on Love Island, Anton Danyluk FINALLY coupled up for the right reasons.

    He was with Lucie Donlan as friends so that she could stay in the competition.

    However, he then found love with Belle Hassan and she decided to couple up with him again even after he gave his phone number to a checkout girl before kissing Anna in a game.

    Greg and Amber paired up in the latest recouplingGreg and Amber paired up in the latest recouplingITV Amber and Greg

    Amber certainly needed a lot of time to make up her mind whether she was going to give Michael another chance or continue with newcomer Greg.

    Given that the Irish rugby player had treated her with nothing but respect – on top of the fact that he’s obsessed with her – it would have been crazy for Amber not to pick Greg, right?

    Well, the beauty therapist certainly didn’t disappoint fans with her choice.

    And though Michael said he expected Amber not to pick him, while he was waiting for an official answer from his former Island partner during the showdown, he actually became teary-eyed, which seemed to show that he was gutted by Amber’s final call.

    Curtis and Maura finally coupled upCurtis and Maura finally coupled up Maura and Curtis

    After Curtis made it known to Francesca that he wanted to move forward with Maura instead, it was no brainer that the Irish grid girl was going to couple up with Amy’s former half-boyfriend.

    The two have been getting along splendidly in the villa, showing signs that there definitely could be a genuine connection between the two.

    But now that they are officially a couple, it will be interesting to see how well they cope being paired up and whether or not it will change anything between them.

    India got the man she’s been wanting all alongITV India and Ovie

    India had been gushing about Ovie ever since she made her arrival, so the fact that she ended up choosing him as the guy she wanted to couple up with wasn’t all that shocking.

    Fans had also taken into consideration that the doting couple went on two dates together, with both occasions going smooth.

    It wasn’t long before Ovie went in for his first kiss with India, which somewhat sealed the deal for the glamour model, having previously entertained Chris’ shenanigans before realising he just wasn’t her ideal man.

     Francesca made a hilarious recoupling speech about MichaelFrancesca made a hilarious recoupling speech about Michael Francesca and Michael

    Given that Francesca was the last female Islander to pick who she wanted to couple up with, she didn’t really have much of a choice given that Michael was the only person still standing.

    While viewers wondered whether the brunette could have just remained single, she joked about needing a few tips when it comes to finding love in the villa, because the firefighter was clearly the expert.

    There definitely didn’t seem to be any sort of connection between Francesca and Michael, so you can expect both of them to recouple very soon.

     Harley is looking forward in seeing where things go with ChrisHarley is looking forward in seeing where things go with Chris Harley and Chris

    Though she initially had her eyes on Ovie, Harley didn’t really have much of a choice when it came to picking any other guy in the villa.

    Given that most girls already knew who they were going to pick (or who they wanted to recouple with), the blonde bombshell was intrigued to see where things would go if she was to partner with Chris.

    So far, the two have shared an endless amount of banter together, so there’s definitely some kind of connection between the two, but since Chris was really pushing to get with India – who turned him down for Ovie – will their relationship last?

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  • Horoscop Berbec. Iubirea vine ca un fel de balsam după o perioadă grea. Poate tocmai ai trecut printr-o despărţire sau un eveniment trist care a lăsat urme în inima ta şi nu mai crezi că poate să vină ceva bun...
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  • طهران- "القدس" دوت كوم- استقبل كمال خرازي رئيس المجلس الاستراتيجي للعلاقات الخارجية في إيران، اليوم الأحد، صالح العاروري نائب رئيس المكتب السياسي لحركة حماس، ووفد الحركة الذي وصل ظهر أمس إلى طهران.
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  • The Nationals MP says free nuclear power could be offered to residents within sight of a reactor to help build support for the controversial technology.
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  • Som första skandinav att få en masterexamen i kinesisk kampsport, lärare sedan 20 år tillbaka och...
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  • Mura se je izkazala s pohvale vredno gesto.

    Več na

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  • La primera jornada del juicio del procés, el pasado 12 de febrero, quedó marcada por una imagen de enorme calado político y simbólico: la de Oriol Junqueras y los otros 11 acusados sentados en el banquillo. Cuatro filas de bancos colocados en el centro de la sala en los que se pudo ver en público a los nueve presos preventivos por primera vez desde que entraron en la cárcel. La imagen se repitió al día siguiente, pero, a partir de la tercera sesión, el tribunal accedió a la petición de las defensas de que los acusados pudieran sentarse con sus abogados. El banquillo quedó medio vacío, y esa posibilidad, la de que los procesados sigan la vista oral junto a sus letrados, que hasta ahora era excepcional, ha empezado a extenderse en juicios cotidianos.

    Seguir leyendo.

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