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 Concerns grew for Joshua Hensley after officers found his pirate-ship style paddleboard near a pier

    Martedì, 17 Settembre, 2019 - 16:31
  • GIRL SCOUT Jodie Chesney was stabbed to death in front of her boyfriend by a drugs gang trying to earn respect in a “pathetic” turf war, a court heard today.

    Jodie, 17, had been playing music and smoking cannabis with friends near a playground at Harold Hill, Romford, on March 1 when she was knifed in the back.

    Jodie Chesney, 17, was stabbed to death in the park in Havering, London, while sitting on a park bench with her boyfriendJodie Chesney, 17, was stabbed to death in the park in Havering, LondonFacebook

    Manuel Petrovic, 20, Svenson Ong-a-kwie, 19, and two youths, aged 16 and 17, who cannot be named for legal reasons, deny her murder.

    At around 9.20pm her boyfriend, Eddie Coyle, spotted two figures coming out of the darkness noiselessly towards them.

    He saw the taller of the pair swing his right arm at Jodie’s back, the Old Bailey heard.

    Jodie screamed and collapsed to the ground as the two figures ran off into the darkness, jurors were told.

    Using a mobile phone as a torch, Jodie’s friends could see she had suffered a deep wound to her back which bled heavily.

    A local resident heard her screams and came to help as Jodie’s friends became “hysterical”, jurors heard.

    By the time an ambulance arrived, she showed no signs of life and was pronounced dead en route to hospital at the front of a petrol station.


    Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC told jurors that none of Jodie’s friends had any idea who was responsible for the “terrible and cowardly” attack.

    Following national publicity, police got a “breakthrough” when a witness reported two males getting into a stationary black Vauxhall Corsa.

    Mr Aylett said but for the “chance sighting” Jodie’s murder might have gone unsolved.

    A couple of hours after the killing, a black Corsa registered to Petrovic was found abandoned about two miles away, he said.

    Following his arrest, Petrovic admitted driving to Harold Hill with a friend and two others who had gone into the park to collect money and drugs.

    He denied knowing the pair were armed beforehand, the court heard.

    Investigators identified Petrovic’s friend and the two others through CCTV footage and mobile phone data, jurors heard.


    Mr Aylett said Jodie was a “beautiful, well liked, fun” young woman who had nothing to do with drug dealing and was unlikely to have been the intended target.

    He told jurors: “The drug-dealing world is one of turf wars, rivalries and pathetic claims for ‘respect’.

    “And when drug dealers fall out, they do not take their problems to the police. Instead, they take matters into their own hands, prepared to use serious violence in order to prove whatever point it is that they wish to make.

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    “The prosecution allege that all four defendants had gone together in Petrovic’s car to Harold Hill in order to mete out violence – and not as Petrovic has claimed, to collect money and drugs.

    “If the prosecution are right in saying that Jodie Chesney was an entirely blameless individual who got caught up in some quarrel between drug dealers, then her murder was the terrible but predictable consequence of an all-too casual approach to the carrying – and using – of knives.”

    The defendants, all allegedly involved in drug dealing, deny murder.

    The trial continues.

    Jodie’s dad, Peter, arrives at the Old Bailey today Jodie’s sister Lucy, arrives for the start of the murder trial Jodie’s mum Joanne, outside the Old Bailey today – the court was told the schoolgirl was an ‘entirely blameless’ victim Jodie was remembered by friends as an angel Jodie Chesney was just 17-years-old when she was knifed to death on Friday nightJodie Chesney was just 17 years old when she was knifed to death


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  • Oulun käräjäoikeudessa käsiteltiin vuonna 1992 syntyneen ulkomaalaisen miehen tekemiä seksuaalirikoksia. Uhri oli alle 16-vuotias. Oulun käräjäoikeus tuomitsi tiistaina Hussein Al-Shiblawi -nimisen miehen kahden vuoden ja kymmenen kuukauden ehdottomaan vankeuteen kahdesta raiskauksesta ja lapsen seksuaalisesta hyväksikäytöstä. Miehen uhri oli alle 16-vuotias tyttö. Tuomittu on syntynyt vuonna 1992.
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  • ExxonMobil informó este lunes que realizó un descubrimiento de petróleo en el Bloque Stabroek frente a la costa de Guyana en el pozo Tripletail-1 en el área de Turbot. El descubrimiento se suma al recurso recuperable estimado previamente anunciado de más de 6 mil millones de barriles equivalentes de petróleo en el Bloque Stabroek.

    “Este descubrimiento ayuda a informar aún más el desarrollo del área de Turbot”, dijo Mike Cousins, vicepresidente senior de exploración y nuevas empresas en ExxonMobil. “Junto con nuestros socios, ExxonMobil está implementando capacidades líderes en la industria para identificar proyectos que se pueden desarrollar de manera eficiente y rentable”.

    Más información: Comerciantes aseguran que la vuelta a clases “se dolarizó”

    Las actividades de exploración y desarrollo están avanzando en otras partes del Bloque Stabroek en la costa de Guyana. La perforadora Stena Carron actualmente está perforando el pozo Ranger-2 y al finalizar realizará una prueba de pozo en Yellowtail-1. El buque de perforación Noble Bob Douglas está completando actualmente las operaciones de perforación de desarrollo para el proyecto Fase 1 de Liza. ExxonMobil agregará un cuarto buque de perforación, el Noble Don Taylor, en octubre de 2019 a medida que continúa la optimización de los planes de perforación en función de los resultados de los pozos y el estudio continuo de la cuenca.

    El desarrollo de la Fase 1 de Liza está programado para comenzar a principios de 2020 y producirá hasta 120.000 barriles de petróleo por día utilizando la unidad de almacenamiento y descarga de producción flotante (FPSO) Liza Destiny, que llegó a Guyana el 29 de agosto de 2019.

    Más información: Señalan que PDVSA “bien manejada” podría ser más rentable que la estatal petrolera de Arabia Saudí

    ExxonMobil aprobó la financiación para el desarrollo de la Fase 2 de Liza después de recibir las aprobaciones gubernamentales y reguladoras en mayo de 2019. Se espera que comience a mediados de 2022, el proyecto planea usar el FPSO de Liza Unity para producir hasta 220.000 barriles de petróleo por día. A la espera de las aprobaciones del gobierno, un tercer desarrollo, el inicio de Payara podría ser tan temprano como 2023 y la producción alcanzaría un estimado de 220.000 barriles de petróleo por día.

    El Stabroek Block tiene 6.6 millones de acres (26,800 kilómetros cuadrados). Esso Exploration and Production, filial de ExxonMobil, Guyana Limited es el operador y tiene una participación del 45 por ciento en el Bloque Stabroek. Hess Guyana Exploration Ltd. tiene una participación del 30 por ciento y CNOOC Petroleum Guyana Limited, una subsidiaria de propiedad total de CNOOC Limited, tiene una participación del 25%.

    Con información de La Patilla

    Forma parte de nuestro canal en Telegram y mantente informado del acontecer político y económico de Venezuela

     Source: Descifrado

    La entrada ExxonMobil anuncia el decimocuarto descubrimiento de petróleo en el Bloque Stabroek de Guyana se publicó primero en Descifrado.

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  • Agjencioni për Financim në Kosovë (AFK) ka organizuar sot aksion vullnetar të dhurimit të gjakut, aksion ky që tanimë është bërë tradicional pasi është organizuar për të katërtin vit me radhë.
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  • Комплекс способен днем ​​и ночью поражать современные самолеты, вертолеты, крылатые ракеты и беспилотники
    Martedì, 17 Settembre, 2019 - 15:28
  • JORHAT, Sept 17 - The murder of a youth reportedly by a bootlegger for opposing Illicit liquor trade at Rai Bahadur Lane locality in the heart of the town on Monday night triggered a massive protest today with a large number of people including women coming out on the streets to protest against the killing.
    Martedì, 17 Settembre, 2019 - 14:37
  • Dem US-Paketdienstleister FedEx macht die Konjunkturabkühlung und der Handelsstreit zwischen den USA und China zu schaffen. Der Konzern gab nach US-Börsenschluss in New York einen Gewinnrückgang im ersten Quartal von rund 11 Prozent auf 745 Millionen Dollar bekannt.
    Mercoledì, 18 Settembre, 2019 - 00:24
  • Justice Igna Stretch reserved judgment in the long-awaited showdown between the Unemployed People’s Movement and Makana Municipality in the High Court in Makhanda on Thursday 12 September. In three intense and tightly managed sessions on one day, with only two short breaks, the Judge heard arguments on the Unemployed People’s Movement’s application for the Makana Council to be dissolved and for the municipality to be put under full administration.

    Lawyers for the UPM, Wheeldon, Rushmere & Cole, in February 2019 filed papers on their behalf in the High Court in Makhanda calling for the dissolution of the Council and the appointment of an administrator in terms of Section 139(1)(c). The UPM has taken Makana Municipality to court for allegedly breaching its obligation to ensure the provision of services to the Makana community in a sustainable manner, promoting a safe and healthy environment, and managing its administration, budgeting and planning processes to serve the Makana community’s basic needs and promote social and economic development. The court documents cite sections 152 and 153 of the Constitution in this regard.

    Senior Counsel Izak Smuts with Gavin Brown and Thandwefika Mgidlana appeared for the UPM.

    For the UPM, Senior Counsel Izak Smuts was with Gavin Brown and Thandwefika Mgidlana, briefed by Wheeldon, Rushmere & Cole’s Brin Brody.

    The 15 respondents listed alongside Makana’s Mayor, Municipal Manager and Council in the UPM’s application include the Eastern Cape Premier and his executive, the MEC and Minister for Co-operative Governance, the South African Municipal Workers Union and South Africa’s President.

    From Cape Town was Senior Counsel Jan Heunis with Port Elizabeth Advocate Bevan Boswell JC, for respondents 1-4 (the Premier, the Provincial Legislature, the co-operative Governance MEC and the MEC for Economic Development). Whitesides are their Attorneys. The Premier’s legal adviser was in the gallery taking notes.

    Advocate Kameshni Pillay SC who appeared with Vuyo Obonah JC for the Minister of Co-operative Governance.

    The sixth respondent, the Minister for Co-operative Governance, was represented by Sandton advocates Kameshni Pillay SC and Vuyo Obonah with Whitesides as Attorneys.

    With Netteltons as Attorneys of Record, East London lawyers Smith Tabata briefed high-profile Cape Town lawyer Ismail Jamie SC with Thembelani Mayosi for respondents 8, 9, 10 and 14 (Makana, the Mayor, the Municipal Manager and the Makana Council).

    In the strange leveller that the courtroom is, the Mayor and the Municipal Manager, as well as councillors from both the DA and the ANC sat in the gallery elbow to elbow with members of the UPM during this potentially precedent setting case.

    Ayanda Kota of the UPM speaks to attorney Brin Brodie from Wheeldon Rushmere & Cole.

    May 2018 saw former Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Zweli Mkhize visit Makana Municipality as part of a tour of 87 local municipalities across the country identified as dysfunctional. In March 2019, he told Parliament many had turned the corner thanks to interventions through the Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency (MISA).

    In an Emperor’s New Clothes deposition, the UPM argued last week that they and other citizens had experienced no change, with or without interventions, and that a different kind of solution was needed.

    While none disputed the state of crisis the city was in, the respondents’ arguments were around three main points: whether the full administration under Section 139(1)(c) was the correct remedy; whether, in terms of South Africa’s Constitutional Separation of Powers the Judge was in fact entitled to make a ruling on how the State should act in this case; and interpretation of the various Acts governing local municipalities, and how they should interact with other state structures.

    Senior Counsel Jan Heunis (standing) with Port Elizabeth Advocate Bevan Boswell JC, who appeared for the Premier, the Provincial Legislature, the co-operative Governance MEC and the MEC for Economic Development.

    Both Heunis and Jamie went into great detail on laws governing local municipalities – various Sections of both the Constitution as well as the Municipal Systems Act and Municipal Finance Management Act – and their interpretation.

    In a gloves-off response that ended with demanding the applicants pay full costs, Heunis swooped on the UPM team’s mention of financial crisis in its founding affidavit. He argued that because all the municipality’s problems were as a results of a financial crisis, the UPM’s case should have been based on provincial intervention in terms of the Municipal Finances Management Act, rather than the Constitution’s Section 139(1)(c) dissolution and full administration.

    Short-term solution

    In an interesting twist, Heunis argued that the Finance Act intervention was in fact the correct remedy, because it effectively took over governance of the entity. A 139(1)(c) dissolution was a short-term solution because it would simply replace political players in local government instead of addressing administrative problems.

    Jamie focused on the Municipal Structures Act to argue about the definition of a municipality and its precise roles and functions. He like Heunis sought to restrict argument to Makana’s financial crisis.

    “While complaints are raised about a range of service delivery failures, these are attributed in main, if not solely, to the financial crisis plaguing the municipality,” Jamie said in his heads.

    Opening the arguments, Smuts said, “The UPM represents the poorest of the poor. Neglect and abuse affect everyone in this municipality, but the poorest of the poor have the least capacity to deal with it.”


    “There’s little in issue around the fact that this municipality amounts to a disaster,” Smuts said. “What is in dispute is what should be done about it.”

    Smuts emphasised that the problems in Makana Municipality were far greater than its financial crisis, and so the Province’s decision to implement a Section of the Municipal Finance Management Act as a remedy would not solve the municipality’s problems.

    “While a financial crisis does exist in the Makana Municipality, the uncontested evidence establishes thast the crises in municipal governance extend way beyond the financial,” Smuts argued for the UPM.

    In addition, he said, two successive interventions and turnaround strategies identical to that proposed by the Province had failed.

    Good governance

    Since 2015, Makana Municipality has twice been placed under partial administration.

    “The disaster we have now follows those interventions – which allowed the continued existence of Council while carrying on some form of administration.”

    Smuts said the obligation of the municipal Council was as an efficient frontline development agency, in terms of the Municipal Systems Act. He cited crises in finances, management of staff, municipal buildings, sewage spills, air pollution from the burning landfill, unsafe water, waste removal, roaming animals and inadequate firefighting capacity as among proof of a gross failure to honour this executive function.

    Unable to resist adding local colour, Smuts related crossing High Street to get to the Court earlier and avoiding a cow pat. That cow would not decide to return to its paddock on the basis there was a financial management plan now in place, he said.

    “The respondents do not prove anywhere that the crisis is just financial,” Smuts said. “The large number of crises is because of the municipality’s failure to adhere to principles of good governance.”

    A group of around 30 protesters who had marched to the High Court before the 9.30am start swelled to around 300, as members of the UPM joined residents outside the court. Earlier plans to stage a march across the city had been cancelled because of the volatile social climate. Explaining their decision to cancel a bigger march across the city, the UPM said the recent spate of gender based violence and xenophobic attacks had made the situation too volatile. Public Order Police from Port Elizabeth monitored the area.

    There were no fewer than four full sets of counsel in the High Court, all but the UPM’s flown in, plus their briefing attorneys. The Judge was surely aware of this and ran a tight ship with only two short breaks during a near-seven-hour marathon hearing, frequently asked the Senior Counsel for clarification and elaboration on points during their arguments. At one point she explained, “I need to understand what happened in the past and do my best to assist the municipality in future.”

    Judgment was reserved. Briefing Attorney Brin Brody afterwards said this could be anything from a week to three months. On Tuesday 17 September, he confirmed there had been no indication of when judgment would be delivered.

    On whether the Judge was entitled to make a ruling on intergovernmental interventions, Ismail Jamie SC said, “Given the nature of the discretion to be exercised, and the far-reaching effects of any intervention, on the constitutional scheme as well as the effect on the residents of a municipality, it is submitted that for a court to order an intervention, let alone decide what form of intervention… would amount to judicial overreach and a breach of the separation of powers principle.”

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  • SIA "Ceļu būves sabiedrībai "Igate"" kategoriski noliedz nelikumīgas darbības no uzņēmuma puses, un tam ir aizdomas, ka kādas personas ir ieinteresētas robežjoslas ierīkošanas kavēšanā, kā arī traucēt uzņēmuma veiksmīgu darbību, liecina "Igates" līdzpriekšsēdētāja Māra Peilāna teiktais preses konferencē.
    Martedì, 17 Settembre, 2019 - 14:00
  • UMH'nin yürüttüğü Burkan el-Gadab Operasyonu Enformasyon Merkezi, "Savaş suçlusu Hafter'i destekleyen BAE'ye ait İHA, Uluslararası Mitiga Havalimanı'nı hedef aldı" dedi.
    Martedì, 17 Settembre, 2019 - 20:19
  • Mathías entró a La Cantuta, Villarreal, del Callao y el sábado a San Marcos para seguir Matemáticas. Vive en El Agustino, estudia 8 horas al día y se alimenta con huevo sancochado, leche, avena, lentejas y frejoles.
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  • Debra Mackrell, 43, allegedly made 1,600 anonymous cals to her ex
    Martedì, 17 Settembre, 2019 - 18:15
  • V srpnu oslavil 85. narozeniny, do hereckého důchodu se však podle svých slov rozhodně nechystá. Populární francouzský herec, režisér - a v neposlední řadě také vinař - Pierre Richard navštívil tento týden Prahu. Jaký vztah má k českému vínu a jak se změnil obrázek roztržitého nešiky z filmových pláten?
    Martedì, 17 Settembre, 2019 - 13:04