Atlante - notizie dal mondo in tempo reale e lingua originale

Raccontare il mondo o leggere il mondo? La domanda non è superflua perché “conoscere” è – sovente – conoscenza scritta da altri (e non controllatia. “Leggere il mondo” vuol dire, invece, monitorare (facendo la tara di quel che si racconta) il racconto.

HOP FROG, in questo contesto, offre un nuovo servizio (naturalmente gratuito) che si innesta su quello che i maggiori Media mondiali scrivono, raccontano e su cui si legge (e si interpreta) la quotidianità. Il “motore” parte da Salerno. Un’opportunità, pertanto, per coloro che vengono a Salerno (per turismo, lavoro ed altro) ma anche per studenti (per esempio i molti Erasmus risiedenti a Salerno) ricercatori, docenti, studiosi, imprenditori etc.

Atlante, dunque, come “lente specifica” (ma non deformante) per chi da Salerno (ma non solo, naturalmente) vuole restare “al centro del fiume”. Nel flusso della quotidianità senza abituarvisi.

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  • Eine Gay-Pride-Parade in Tel Aviv am 28. Juni.

    Dass eine bekannte Lebensmittelfirma ein Hilfstelefon unterstützt, das sich speziell an arabische LGBT-Personen richtet, hat heftige Reaktionen unter Israels Arabern hervorgerufen.

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  • Sretnu se dvojica, pa jedan kaže, ajd malo da filozofiramo. Važi! Veruješ li ti u Boga?
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  • CANLI | Ankaragücü - Galatasaray
    Süper Lig'in 32. haftasında Galatasaray, deplasmanda Ankaragücü'ne konuk oluyor. İlk 2 şansını yitiren sarı-kırmızılı takım, ligi üçüncü sırada bitirmek için kalan 3 haftadaki maçlarını kazanmak istiyor....Devamı için tıklayınız
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  • Nevada Democrats Aim to Block Nellis Bombing Range Expansion
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  • Lunedì, 13 Luglio, 2020 - 01:13
  • KATE Wright has been inundated with offers to make a TV show charting her pregnancy with her first child to husband Rio Ferdinand.

    After revealing she was expecting their baby last month in a video that was posted online, it sparked a bidding frenzy among production companies.

    InstagramKate Wright has been inundated with offers to make a TV show charting the pregnancy of her first child with Rio Ferdinand[/caption]

    Kate married Rio in 2019, four years after he tragically lost his first wife, Rebecca, to breast cancer when she was just 34 years old.

    The footballer’s bid to rebuild his life, and that of his three children, has already been the subject of two acclaimed documentaries.

    And now the public are fascinated by the latest chapter in the Ferdinand family’s story.

    A TV insider said: “Kate is in huge demand and she’s had production companies begging her to come on board.

    InstagramThe announcement of her pregnancy has sparked a bidding frenzy among production companies[/caption]

    “Her team are sorting out meetings to see what would work best for Kate.

    “ITV and TLC are interested in getting the rights to her show.

    Now she’s pregnant, Kate wants to focus even more on health and wellbeing so any TV show she signed up for would be focused on that. Of course Rio would be up for appearing too.”

    The TV pundit and former footballer made BBC1 documentary Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum And Dad, in 2017, which looked at the challenges of coping with the family’s bereavement.

    xkateferdinand/InstagramKate and Rio revealed the news in a touching video last month[/caption]

    It was followed up by another BBC1 documentary, Rio And Kate: Becoming A Stepfamily.

    Kate is also being offered six-figure sums to produce another health and fitness book for pregnant mums — just like her.

    Publishers know that she’s so relatable, the finished product would sell like hot cakes.

    I think Rio had better get used to having a wife who’s now as famous as he is.

    The married couple previously gave fans insight into their lives with their BBC doc Becoming A Stepfamily YoutubeAn insider says Kate will want the new show to focus on her health and wellbeing journey during pregnancy[/caption] Must watch

    WHAT? Coronation Street: Weddings, ITV, 8.30pm.

    WHY? Jason Manford narrates another look back at the soap’s greatest moments, which this week focuses on the dramatic, tragic and sometimes hilarious weddings.

    Jolly Molly is in the lolly

    STYLISH Love Island star Molly Smith shows why she was snapped up to collaborate with fashion line, I Saw It First.

    She donned the chic outfit for a night out celebrating the six-figure deal for her Along Came Molly range with boyfriend Callum Jones and co-stars Paige Turley and Finn Tapp.

    BackGridMolly Smith looked chic as she celebrated her six-figure deal with fashion line, I Saw It First[/caption]

    Remarkably, all four left the Dakota Hotel restaurant and bar in Manchester, hand in hand without the usual late night drunken bust-up.

    Let’s hope Molly’s new business partnership lasts longer than most of the relationships in the villa.

    Splash NewsShe enjoyed a night out in Manchester with boyfriend Callum Jones[/caption] Splash NewsThe pair also hung out with co-stars Paige Turley and Finn Tapp[/caption] Strictly a mix-up

    JAKE Wood thought fellow Strictly Come Dancing star Stacey Dooley was pregnant by her boyfriend Kevin Clifton.

    On the EastEnders star’s Pound for Pound podcast, she revealed how he jumped to the wrong conclusion as she texted him saying that she was on a maternity ward.

    GettyIn an awkward mix-up, Jake Wood thought his fellow Strictly star was pregnant [/caption] Rex FeaturesStacey Dooley, who is dating Kevin Clifton, said Jake jumped to the wrong conclusion when she told him she was on a maternity ward[/caption]

    In fact, Stacey was filming a Panorama documentary, due to be broadcast next month, which focuses on medical staff in Bradford delivering babies during the Covid-19 crisis.

    Stacey said: “I am not pregnant . . . not that I know of.”


    LORRAINE Kelly has announced that, from today, she will be broadcasting her ITV show from her own studio.

    Coronavirus restrictions forced her to relocate to the Good Morning Britain studio four months ago.

    Power up Spicy tribute

    TWENTY-FIVE years of the Spice Girls will be explored in a Channel 4 documentary about the group.

    Girl Powered: The Spice Girls will air next year to coincide with the landmark anniversary of Posh, Ginger, Baby, Scary and Sporty releasing debut single Wannabe.

    GettyUpcoming Channel 4 doc Girl Powered: The Spice Girls will delve into the band’s fortunes and their continuing rallying cry for feminism[/caption]

    It will delve into hundreds of hours of archive footage as they look at how the Fab Five were born in the ladette culture of the Nineties.

    It traces the band’s fortunes and their continuing rallying cry for feminism, right up to the announcement of their world tour in the age of the #MeToo movement.

    The documentary is made by 72 Films who last year aired the revelatory look back at the life of Big Brother legend Jade Goody, who died in 2009 from cervical cancer.

    Lesson in courage

    WHILE most of us sat out Covid-19 in the comfort of our homes, student paramedics volunteered to help combat the pandemic.

    New Channel 4 documentary Paramedics: Britain’s Lifesavers, which starts tomorrow night, follows the West Midlands service as they sent out 550 ambulances a day during the peak of the crisis.

    Channel 4Paramedics: Britain’s Lifesavers followed volunteers like Sam as they battled the coronavirus [/caption]

    One of the 178 student volunteers was Sam, who admitted he never quite felt safe.

    Most read in Bizarre outta here Piers Morgan quits UK saying he's a 'washed up celeb' - but it's only for summer KATIE AGONY Katie Price 'fearing the worst' as Harvey in intensive care with 42C fever HARVEY A&E DASH Katie Price's son Harvey in intensive care after temperature soared to 42C HAVE A BUTCHERS Inside EastEnders star Maisie Smith's family home with quirky loft bedroom ENTANGLEMENT? Jada Pinkett Smith fans convinced Will Smith hinted at Margot Robbie affair POSH BASH Beckhams pull out all the stops and share sweet snaps for Harper's ninth birthday

    He said: “The risk is always there. Not making sure your PPE is right causes people to contract the virus – and you end up taking it back home to your family.”

    The risk wasn’t just imagined – out of 1,012 West Midlands ambulance workers, 376 tested positive for coronavirus.

    I’m glad their hard work is being acknowledged in this documentary.

    • HENRY Cavill “thrives” on The Witcher’s mixed reviews
    • Piers Morgan says he’s “washed up and knackered”

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  • أحد أهداف فكرة توزيع الغاز بموجب البطاقة الذكية تجاوز الزحمة في توزيع الغاز وعدم إضاعة وقت المواطنين وعدم إرهاقهم وتعطيلهم عن أشغالهم ولكن ما ليس مفهوماً هو وجود الزحمة على استلام أسطوانة الغاز من المعتمد بعد ورود الرسالة من ( تكامل) بسبب مزاجية مندوب التوزيع.
    المواطن (ه.ش.ر) من سكان مدينة جرمانا بريف دمشق قال: الموزع لم يبدأ توزيع الغاز على المواطنين إلا بعد الساعة العاشرة صباحاً، علماً أنني أتيت إلى المركز منذ الثامنة صباحاً وكان جالساً يشرب قهوته ويتفرج علينا بينما نحن أصبحنا نقف بالعشرات على الدور ننتظره، وأضاف: أليست هناك أشغال وأعمال للمواطنين! أليس هناك أناس موظفون وهل نعطل نهارنا من أجل تبديل أسطوانة غاز؟!.
    وتساءل: لماذا لا يبدأ توزيع الغاز منذ الثامنة صباحاً حتى يذهب كل منا إلى عمله ومن لا يستطيع أن يأتي باكراً فليأتِ بعد الظهيرة وهكذا.
    عضو المكتب التنفيذي في محافظة ريف دمشق لقطاع النفظ وتوزيع المحروقات ميشيل كراز أوضح لـ«تشرين» أنه يفترض أن يبدأ التوزيع منذ الثامنة صباحاً وحتى الثامنة مساء لمن جاء دورهم في الحصول على أسطوانة غاز، مضيفاً أنه من مصلحة أي معتمد لتوزيع الغاز أن ينتهي من توزيع الكمية (حوالي 300 أسطوانة في كل حمل) خلال 24 ساعة حتى يتسنى له التسجيل على دور جديد لحمل جديد.
    وجواباً عن سؤالنا بخصوص الإجراءات التي تتخذها المحافظة لمن لا يلتزم بتوزيع الغاز خلال الدوام المحدد من المعتمدين قال كراز: نوجه له أولاً ملاحظة وإذا لم يلتزم هناك إجراءات أخرى قد تصل إلى سحب الترخيص منه، مؤكداً أن المحافظة تقوم بتجميد الترخيص إذا تبين أن هناك ضبطاً تموينياً محالاً إلى القضاء لمعتمد يبدل أسطوانة الغاز بـ 3000 ليرة أي كان هناك تجاوز على التسعيرة ريثما يبت القضاء بالأمر.

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  • Даже отсутствие лишних килограммов — ещё не показатель отменного здоровья.
    Domenica, 12 Luglio, 2020 - 23:08
  • Harga timah hanya Rp 60.000, perekonomian masyarakat pun turun, aktivitas jual beli di pasar tidak lagi ramai seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya
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  • More than 400 customers have been hit with hefty penalties for failing to properly list the drivers of their vehicle under ICBC's new rules. Read More
    Domenica, 12 Luglio, 2020 - 23:18
  • A $9m loan from the Government and councils will protect up to 200 jobs, Winston Peters says.
    Lunedì, 13 Luglio, 2020 - 01:55
  • Følg utbruddet av det nye koronaviruset globalt.
    Domenica, 12 Luglio, 2020 - 17:29
  • Michael Gove insisted it is crucial to 'fire up the economic engines' again as the country emerges from lockdown.
    Domenica, 12 Luglio, 2020 - 17:05