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  • 4 ay önce boşandığı eşi dövdü, eski kayınpederi tüfekle öldürdü
    İzmir'in Dikili ilçesinde, eski eşi Ertan K.'nin (21) dövdüğü 2 çocuk annesi Zümrüt Er (20), eski kayınpederi Özkan K. (45) tarafından pompalı tüfekle vurularak, öldürüldü. Cinayetle ilgili gözaltına alınan...Devamı için tıklayınız
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  • Two Pakistani army soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb attack in the country's northwest, Pakistani intelligence officials said as reported by AP.

    The bomb exploded when a security forces

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  • رصدت حلقة (2019/8/17) من نشرة الثامنة (نشرتكم) تفاعل رواد منصات التواصل الاجتماعي مع تغريدة وزير الدولة الإماراتي للشؤون الخارجية أنور قرقاش، الذي اعتبر أن قناة الجزيرة تبث أخبارا ملفقة.
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  • دمشق-سانا اختتمت اليوم فعاليات الدورة الثانية من مهرجان “الشام بتجمعنا” بحفل تخريج طلاب محو الأمية لتعليم الكبار من ذوي الإعاقة وذلك على مدرج المسرح الروماني بحديقة تشرين بعنوان “منحبكم حبونا” لفريق “لمة أمل” التطوعي. وتضمن الحفل تكريم الطلاب والمتطوعين في البرنامج وعرضا عن الخدمات التي يقدمها الفريق والفئات المستفيدة منها والحرف التي أنتجها المتدربون إضافة …
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  • Naţionala masculină de baschet a României a învins categoric echipa Ciprului, cu scorul de 89-63 (27-18, 21-12, 21-19, 20-14), sâmbătă, în Sala Olimpia din Ploieşti, în Grupa F a precalificărilor FIBA EuroBasket 2021. Tricolorii au obţinut a treia victorie consecutivă în grupă şi sunt la un singur pas de calificarea în faza următoare. Bogdan Popa, 22 puncte, 2 recuperări, 2 pase decisive, a fost cel mai bun om al echipei antrenate de Tudor Costescu. Pentru echipa României au mai jucat Lucas Tohătan 3 p, Giordan Watson 12 p, 1 rec, 6 pd, Mirel Dragoste 2 p, 2 rec, 4 pd, Iulian Orbeanu 6 p, 3 rec, 1 pd, Tudor Gheorghe 1 rec, 5 pd, Radu Paliciuc 16 p, 1 rec, Bobe Nicolescu 12 p, 3 rec, Radu Vîrnă 3 p, 4 pd, Alex Olah 3 rec, 2 pd, Emanuel Căţe 13 p, 15 rec, 3 pd, Bogdan Ţîbîrnă. La oaspeţi au evoluat Christos Loizides 8 p, 4 rec, 1 pd, Aristidis Christou, Simon Michail 19 p, 1 rec, 1 pd, Stefanos Iliadis 5 p, 3 rec, 1 pd, Michalis Koumis 9 rec, Georgios Tretiakov, Christos Panayiotou 1 rec, Pavlos Stavrinides 3 p, 6 rec, 1 pd, Panagiotis Markou 16 p, 8 rec, Christopher Razis 12 p, 4 rec, 7 pd. România ocupă primul loc, cu 6 puncte, urmată de Slovacia, 5 puncte, Cipru, 4 puncte. Ultimul meci din grupă, Slovacia - România, va avea loc pe 21 august, la Bratislava. Câştigătoarea grupei se va califica în faza următoare a competiţiei. România a câştigat în tur cu 85-68. AGERPRES (AS-editor: Mihai Ţenea, editor online: Daniela Juncu)
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  • THERE were more than 28,500 divorce cases in the last year involving custody of a pet, so you might want to be prepared.

    The upsetting issue was thrust into the public eye last year when Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong split, with a battle over Labrador Hurley before they agreed on joint custody.

    Ant McPartlin faced a custody battle with ex-wife Lisa Armstrong over their dog HarleyIan Whittaker - The Sun Ant McPartlin was involved in a custody battle with ex-wife Lisa Armstrong over their dog Harley[/caption]

    In the past three years, there has been a 24 per cent rise in requests for family lawyers to draw up “pet-nup” agreements.

    Ownership of a pet is decided by who is listed as owner, while pet owners tend to believe it is who is the primary care-giver.

    Pets are legally viewed as property and the courts can decide whether a pet should be shared or even sold, leaving the owners to split the money.

    Direct Line Pet Insurance found 88 per cent of owners make pets a priority over access to pension funds, while 30 per cent of pets are seen as more important than savings or investments and 12 per cent of warring couples fought for them more keenly than their CHILDREN.

    Lisa and Ant eventually agreed to have joint custody over the LabradorDan Charity - The Sun Lisa and Ant eventually agreed to have joint custody over the Labrador[/caption]

    In the event of a break-up, owners say they would consider several options when deciding what happens to their pet.

    This ranges from setting up a financial agreement (53 per cent) to shared custody (47 per cent) and 25 per cent admitted taking pets to a shelter or rescue, 17 per cent admitted selling them and more than one in six (16 per cent) would even consider having their pet put down.

    Vanessa Lloyd Platt produced the world’s first pet-nup for animal welfare charity Blue Cross (bluecross. because of the number of pets handed in following divorce.

    She told Paws & Claws: “I cannot stress enough the importance of these, especially where children are involved. We deal with more and more heartbreaking situations that could have been avoided.

    “The pet-nuptial is more in demand now than ever. The focus of this is to plan for what should occur if a relationship breaks down — living arrangements for the pet, how it is fed, exercised and cared for. Also, consideration for insurance, illness and holidays.” provides tailor-made nutritional food for provides tailor-made nutritional food for pets MOST READ IN MONEY BARGAIN HUNTER 'Glitch hunter' saves £1,000 a year by hunting out pricing errors TOY JOY Mum bags £150 worth of toys for £20 in the B&M sale SWEET DEAL Tesco slashes Quality Street and Roses prices so you can stock up for Christmas PIZZA PARTY How to get a free Domino's pizza worth £10 TOWERING INTERNAL Drab grey brick fort in Suffolk hides an incredible secret inside CHECK YOUR CHANGE Do you have a 50p worth up to £590? We reveal the most valuable coins

    Four pets a week arrive at Blue Cross because of a broken home.

    The charity has found that women are more likely to keep a pet after a break-up, with most arguments being over cats and dogs but also birds, rabbits, fish, horses and reptiles.

    Alyson Jones of Blue Cross, said: “Pets are not just material goods, they are often at the heart of our home lives. So it is a good idea to agree on your pet’s future in advance to make a difficult situation easier.”

    Stars of the week

    ADORABLE assistance dogs Alice and May help their owner Sophie Thomas manage two severe conditions that mean her joints can dislocate and her heart rate can suddenly rise, making her pass out.

    Alice can smell when Sophie is going to pass out and warn her. May knows when Sophie’s blood sugar is low.

    They have been named pet best friends by Petplan because they bark and lick her to wake her and sit on Sophie’s limbs to steady them during any spasms.

    Sophie, 21, from Hants, said: “They have turned my life around.”

    Pet vet

    PETRA LIEVERS, from Newport, has a five-year-old spaniel called Coco.

    She says: “He used to love bounding around but for the past two months hasn’t even wanted to go on a walk. She’s eating, going to the toilet in the garden and seems absolutely fine – she just doesn’t want to walk.”

    Sometimes back or neck pain can stop a dog wanting to go for a walkAlamy Sometimes back or neck pain can stop a dog wanting to go for a walk[/caption]

    Sean says: “That’s a bit strange. Normally spaniels are bags of energy.

    “I wonder if Coco could be in pain. Sometimes back or neck pain can really hold a dog back and seem to alter their personality. Otherwise, it could be the hot weather, a hormonal issue or something else underlying that’s making her feel unwell.

    “For your own peace of mind, and to try discover what’s wrong, I’d highly recommend a full physical check over with your vet.”

    PENNY ASHTON, from Bakewell, Derbys, has a two-year-old French bulldog who is adored by the family – especially her son Sam, seven.

    She says: “Every night, Dexter sleeps in bed with Sam. Is there anything wrong with this? He’s a clean dog, we wash the sheets regularly and Sam loves him, but is it OK?”

    As long as the child and dog are both healthy and have good hygiene, there's no reason for them not to sleep in the same bedGetty - Contributor As long as the child and dog are both healthy and have good hygiene, there’s no reason for them not to sleep in the same bed[/caption]

    Sean says: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this as long as Sam and Dexter are both healthy and you keep good hygiene.

    “With kids younger than five or six, I’d worry a little more about leaving them unsupervised with a dog, as they may annoy or pester a dog, possibly making them fearful or anxious. But if Sam is responsible and looks after Dexter well, I can’t see a big issue.

    “In fact, studies have shown that children growing up close to pets in the household can have fewer health conditions, such as asthma and eczema, than children in households without pets. One final bit of advice – always make sure Dexter’s flea and worming treatments are up to date.”

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  • El presidente de la República saludó a las Fuerzas Armadas y dijo que son un referente de la institucionalidad que promueve el Gobierno.
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  • A police patrol yesterday claimed it lost control of the pickup in the vicinity of the 1763 Monument yesterday morning, while chasing suspicious characters. This was the scene.
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  • Autorităţile evaluează, în prezent, cele trei oferte depuse pentru execuţia lucrărilor de reabilitare a Drumului Naţional 28B, Târgu Frumos - Botoşani, o investiţie în valoare estimată de 268,6 milioane lei, fără TVA, informează Compania Naţională de Administrare a Infrastructurii Rutiere printr-un comunicat remis sâmbătă AGERPRES. Potrivit CNAIR, reabilitarea şi modernizarea DN 28B, în lungime de 71,512 km, are finanţare de la Bugetul de Stat, iar după finalizarea procedurilor de obţinere a finanţării din fonduri UE, aceste lucrări vor fi finanţate din fonduri europene nerambursabile. "În prezent, cele trei oferte depuse la data de 01.06.2019 sunt în procedura de evaluare. Durata contractului este de 29 luni, din care 5 luni perioada de proiectare şi 24 luni perioada de execuţie. De asemenea, perioada de garanţie a lucrărilor este de 5 ani şi poate fi majorată de ofertanţi până la un maxim de 8 ani", precizează CNAIR. AGERPRES/(AS - editor: Andreea Marinescu, editor online: Daniela Juncu)
    Sabato, 17 Agosto, 2019 - 18:45
  • Temas relacionados con el uso de las nuevas tecnologías para fomentar una cultura solidaria, crítica del capitalismo y descolonizadora del uso de las TIC, que a la vez presenta de manera implícita y creativa la propuesta de Cuba para insertarse en la llamada Sociedad de la Información

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  • NEVER MIND curiosity, The Crown star Jason Watkins has revealed it was actually a letter from the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art that ultimately killed his cat.

    The actor said he accidentally landed on his cat after literally “jumping for joy” on finding out he’d won a place at the coveted school.

    Jason revealed the tragic story, calling it a ‘fabulous and worst’ moment in his lifeWARNING: Use of this copyright image is subject to the terms of use of BBC Pictures' Digit Jason is set to star alongside Olivia Colman in the third series of The CrownAlamy

    Jason, 52, has been a familiar face on our TV screens for many years with roles in Being Human, Line of Duty and Doctor Who.

    Speaking ahead of season three of the award-winning show, Jason, who is set to portray Prime Minister Harold Wilson, divulged the “bizarre” story in a recent interview.

    “When I got my acceptance letter from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, I was playing a lot of ­football at the time and I jumped in the air with delight and landed on my cat and killed it,” he told the Mirror Online.

    “I am sorry about that. I know it’s bleak and sometimes people laugh and some are shocked.

    Award-winning actor Jason is TV favourite and has appeared in many hit showsRex Features Hes had a varied career in hit shows Being Human and Line of Duty most read in tv & showbiz NAUGHTY MEG Megan left mortified as her cheeky DMs to Demi are revealed on Celebs Go Dating mae-king it her own Inside Love Island star Molly-Mae’s incredible Manchester home AMBER ALERT Chloe Ferry sobs as she claims ex Sam slept with Amber Davies price is tight Katie Price shows off gruesome scars and stretched skin after new face lift NOT SHORE ABOUT IT Charlotte Crosby hints that she's fuming over Geordie Shore reunion she's kee-n Michelle Keegan shows off her tiny waist in a crop top as she hits the gym

    “It was a bizarre thing to happen. Poor thing. We buried him in the garden after. It was a weird day because it was a fabulous moment in my life and also the worst.”

    The BAFTA-winning series, which has captivated the attention of Netflix viewers, is set to return for a third series in November 2019.

    After Claire Foy’s critically acclaimed performance as Queen Elizabeth II, Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman will now take over as the monarch.

    Series three, set it the 70s, will show the moment when Prince Charles met Camilla Parker Bowles for the first time at a polo match, before leaving to join the Royal Navy.

    It will also document the breakdown of Princess Margaret’s marriage to Lord Snowdon.

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  • Author: article author: Daoud KuttabSun, 2019-08-18 00:21

    RAMALLAH: Relatives of a US congresswoman say they support her decision to decline Israel’s offer allowing her to visit them in the West Bank because the “right to travel should be provided to all without any conditions.”

    Rashida Tlaib said she would not see her family, even after Israel lifted a ban on her entry, because the government had imposed restrictions on her trip.

    “We totally understand her position and support her in her efforts. The right to travel should be provided to all without any conditions,” her uncle Bassam Tlaib told Arab News.

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  • A WOMAN plunged to her death from a cliff-top beauty spot in Australia while trying to take a selfie, it’s believed.

    The victim, 27, fell 30ft onto the rocks below at the Diamond Bay Reserve in Sydney on Saturday.

    A woman died plunging from a cliff at Diamond Bay Reserve in Syndey on Saturday

    News Corp Australia A rescue helicopter was dispatched but the woman, 27, died at the scene[/caption]

    It is known locally as a selfie hotspot because of its picturesque sea views.

    Witnesses told police that the woman, who has not yet been formally identified, had been taking pictures when she fell.

    Emergency services rushed to the scene at around 11:20am local time on Saturday.

    A rescue operation was launched – including a helicopter – but the woman was pronounced dead at the scene.


    The local Waverley Council has considered increasing ranger patrols, installing more CCTV and adding a viewing platform to avoid falls.

    A council motion read: “There is an ongoing and justifiable concern that visitors are irresponsibly endangering themselves and others by crossing over fencing and boundary lines and positioning themselves on the cliff ledge.”

    Diamond Bay residents have campaigned for action since April.

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    One neighbour told Australian newspaper the Telegraph: “There hasn’t been any sign of it slowing down. The only time it does is when it rains.”

    Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopters spokesman Stephen Leahy said: “Don’t jump over the fences, don’t ignore the signage.

    “It’s really easy just to take that one step too far for the perfect picture and then you’re in dire straits.”

    News Corp Australia Emergency services rushed to the scene at around 11:20am local time on Saturday[/caption]

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  • Lucho Cáceres encarna al profesor Toño, un imitador del ‘Cantante de los Cantantes’ que entabla una especial relación con él durante su legendaria visita a Lima, en 1986. El proyecto se llama El día de mi suerte y se estrenará en noviembre a través de Movistar Play.
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  • RIGA - India’s Vice President Venkaiah Naidu is scheduled to visit Latvia next Monday and Tuesday as part of his tour of the Baltic states......
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