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August Edition of PCLinuxOS KDE available.

The August Edition of PCLinuxOS KDE is now available. (2.8 gig)

Kernel: 6.4.13
KDE Plasma: 5.27.7
KDE Frameworks: 5.109
KDE Applications: 23.08.0
LibreOffice 7.6.0
RPM: 4.18.1

* fixes for swap file creation
* fixed for home when remastering and excluding /home.
* Install help pdf file included on the desktop

New Configuration Apps added:
* Configure your Grub
* Install Nvidia Driver – Some with late model and newer Nvidia cards can select the Modesetting Boot option from the boot menu to get PCLinuxOS installed then run Install Nvidia Driver to install the proprietary driver.



If for some reason you are unable to boot with the 6.4.13 kernel you might try the KDE ISO with LTS 6.1.50 kernel located on our google drive (Limited Availability):