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CentOS 7 - General Support • Re: Convert2RHEL

Does RHEL support Convert2RHEL of CentOS minimal?
I don't know answer to that, but have to note that the "minimal" usually refers to "Minimal Install", which is a yum Environment Group:


$ yum -q group info "Minimal Install"Environment Group: Minimal Install Environment-Id: minimal Description: Basic functionality. Mandatory Groups:    core Optional Groups:   +debugging
CentOS 7 has only one yum group in Minimal Install, the 'core' that is:


$ yum -q group info coreGroup: Core Group-Id: core Description: Smallest possible installation. Mandatory Packages:    audit    basesystem    bash    btrfs-progs    coreutils    cronie    curl    dhclient    e2fsprogs    filesystem    firewalld    glibc    hostname    initscripts    iproute    iprutils    iptables    iputils    irqbalance    kbd    kexec-tools    less    man-db    ncurses    openssh-clients    openssh-server    parted    passwd    plymouth    policycoreutils    procps-ng    rootfiles    rpm    rsyslog    selinux-policy-targeted    setup    shadow-utils    sudo    systemd    tar    tuned    util-linux    vim-minimal    xfsprogs    yum Default Packages:    NetworkManager    NetworkManager-team    NetworkManager-tui    aic94xx-firmware    alsa-firmware    biosdevname    dracut-config-rescue    ivtv-firmware    iwl100-firmware    iwl1000-firmware    iwl105-firmware    iwl135-firmware    iwl2000-firmware    iwl2030-firmware    iwl3160-firmware    iwl3945-firmware    iwl4965-firmware    iwl5000-firmware    iwl5150-firmware    iwl6000-firmware    iwl6000g2a-firmware    iwl6000g2b-firmware    iwl6050-firmware    iwl7260-firmware    kernel-tools    libsysfs    linux-firmware    lshw    microcode_ctl    postfix    sg3_utils    sg3_utils-libs
One may have chosen additional groups during install and one can have both installed and removed packages after install.
These days I always install system with "minimal" and then run Ansible playbook to make it full GUI Workstation (or something else).

Thinking of conversion, the less system has -- particularly third-party packages and customizations -- the easier it is to replace the bits and pieces that have to be replaced. Therefore, a minimal system should be the easiest to convert.

Statistics: Posted by jlehtone — 2023/08/20 08:45:49