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CentOS 7 - General Support • Re: How to upgrade CentOS 7.5 to exactly CentOS 7.9, instead of the latest?

The 7.9 is the latest (and last) point update of el7. In other words, if you set ver to "7.9", then you do get same as with the default ("7"), i.e the "latest".

You do ask: "How to avoid installing fixes for security vulnerabilities?"
Is that a healthy question?

You could rephrase: "How to install the package versions that were initially published for CentOS 7.9?",
but it still smells like "I don't want security".

You have to explain, why you want the "worst 7.9" instead of the "best 7.9".

Statistics: Posted by jlehtone — 2023/09/08 06:59:11