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CentOS 7 - General Support • Re: INFO: task xfs-data/sdb:1615 blocked for more than 120 seconds.

Decoded, that lot basically means "we waited for 2 whole minutes to get a response to an I/O we did to /dev/sdb and now I give up".

It means your /dev/sdb disk is not responding in a timely manner, possibly because it's massively overloaded, posssibly because it's failing and has hardware problems.

I also see mention of falcon_lsm_pinned* a lot in the stacktrace which appears to be part of a third party kernel module "Crowdstrike Falcon Sensor". That is not something that CentOS provides and since it's mentioned a lot in the stacktrace is a possible cause.

Statistics: Posted by TrevorH — 2023/09/05 10:20:25