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CentOS 7 - General Support • Re: Reduce disk size virtual machine

Oh, well, if it's just data and not the boot drive or anything critical like that then, yes, you can probably do what you want fairly easily. Attach the new disk, partition and format it then mount it to a new location and copy the files from one to the other. You could use cp or rsync to do the copy. Once it is copied, umount the original, amend /etc/fstab to point to the new device to mount, do a systemctl daemon-reload as soon as possible after amending fstab or systemd will try to remount the old one for you! Then do a mount -a to check that it mounts correctly. You may need to run restorecon -RFv against it to set the selinux contexts on all the files correctly.

Statistics: Posted by TrevorH — 2023/08/30 14:34:19