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CentOS 7 - General Support • Upgrading from 6.10

Wanted to write in the CentOS6 groups, but they are now read only as no one should use them any longer.

Well... we use them, and we would like to use the CentOS installations that we have for so long as we can. They run in a VMware esx 7 environment.

I guess that it would be best to run CentOS7 as this is supported officially on ESX7 and ESX8 (CentOS 6 and 8 only supported "Legacy")

I know CentOS 7 has end of life 2024... but being able to run CentOS for one more year is ok.

Now to the issue. I read different reg. upgrading from 6 to 7... most says this is not possible at all... others has guidelines on how to actually do it... but it does not work for me.

Has anyone successfully upgraded frem 6.10 to 7 in anyway - and if so: how?

Regards, Lars.

Statistics: Posted by lbon — 2023/08/17 13:57:13