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CentOS 7 - Hardware Support • Re: Centos 7 Network ethernet card not detected

Sure, you can install some supported network card and get it working. I'd suggest that you look at cards that have been around for a while as the same restrictions will apply - too new and the drivers in CentOS 7 will not support it. I've had success with Intel e1000e based cards but I have servers with Broadcom 5719/5720 cards - pick something that existed prior to 2019 and you stand a good chance.

That still will not help you in June 2024 when CentOS 7 dies though. At that point you will need to be doing it all again and I would question if it is worth the effort for such a short time period. Better to put effort into installing something with more of a future - I've skipped RHEL8 and its clones and gone straight to RHEL9 and the rebuilds of that: Rocky, Alma, OEL.

Statistics: Posted by TrevorH — 2023/08/26 16:12:54