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CentOS 7 - Hardware Support • Re: CentOS 7.8 on DELL R740XD

Don't use 7.8 when 7.9 is available. 7.9 is the latest and last release of CentOS 7 and came out at the end of 2020 so it's already going on for 3 years old so there is no excuse for not using the latest. It's more likely to work than earlier releases as it will contain the latest drivers etc. I'd actually recommend using the latest iso too as it's been updated since the 2020 release ... 207-02.iso

I've installed CentOS 7 on numerous Dell PowerEdge servers and it's usually easy. Make sure that in your iDRAC you have the remove console set to HTML5 mode and not the default of eHTML5 as I found that did not work for me.

It does only have about 10 months of life left though so you might want to reconsider what it is that you are installing and whether to find something with more life left.
Thank you the reply,

We have limitation by Vertica specific DB version limited to CentOS 7.8 but I'm sure it will work on 7.9 as well
Moving to RHEL will be considered later on this year but we can't jump into it before we test the setup
I will definitely recommend on latest 7.9 ISO

Thanks for the tip with HTML5

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