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CentOS 7 - Hardware Support • Re: CentOS 7.8 on DELL R740XD

Few years ago the team that installed the CentOS (currently 7.3) recall having a nightmare installing the OS and it was not a seamless process
I was wondering if you guys can recall if installing CentOS 7.8 minimal will have any issues with DELL R740XD, any HBA drivers etc...
I've seen install on R740XD (and other R*40 series) in 2019, so CentOS version must have been 7.6 or 7.7. No "incidents", IIRC.

RHEL 7 is currently in "Maintenance Support 2" and should have ELS* after that: ... es/errata/
RHEL 7.7 was the last with EUS; RHEL 7.8 had none and ELS is for the 7.9: ... -linux-7-6

*ELS: Extended Life-cycle Support

We have limitation by Vertica specific DB version limited to CentOS 7.8
These are always "fun"/bizarre. RHEL has multiple levels of compatibility: ... patibility
Therefore, most applications should be ok with many RHEL (point) releases.
On the other hand, a commercial vendor obviously does not desire liability (but has some for versions that they have thoroughly tested).
It is cheaper to test with only one, short-lived version?

Thanks for the update...

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