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CentOS 7 - Networking Support • Re: After firewall-config is installed, it cannot be run, prompting (firewall-config:2222): Gtk-WARNING **:

First off, start by running yum update as the initial install is from 2020 and is thus 3 years out of date to start with.

The issue otherwise is not specific to firewall-config, it's to do with root not being allowed to use the local desktop display or that it is not running. If you are root then the user that owns the desktop needs to allow root to display on it. If you do not have a GUI - which most servers do not - then firewall-config is the wrong tool and you should be using firewall-cmd instead. That's the cli-only firewalld config tool.

Or alternatively, firewalld is a bloated pig of a product that should have been strangled at birth, use iptables or nftables direct.

Statistics: Posted by TrevorH — 2023/09/07 10:49:20