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CentOS 7 - Networking Support • Re: After firewall-config is installed, it cannot be run, prompting (firewall-config:2222): Gtk-WARNING **:

Windows does not have "X11 server". (There have been some X11 implementations for Windows, but not from MS -- AFAIK.)
The GUI is thus not readily available. Focus on the CLI options.

The basic ideology of RHEL is that you can install server and run about a decade. That does not mean "no updates".
That means, "security and feature updates do not break the system". That has hold for most of the bits, most of the time.
Some system components remain compatible beyond the major version, to other major version(s).

Furthermore, the 3.10.0-1160.el7 was the first kernel of the current (and last) point update. All the updates released
since have been security (or critical bug) fixes. No feature changes. If some application "breaks" due to those, then
it was buggy to begin with. (It is never a bad idea to have backups.)
Well, configuring the GUI display environment is really troublesome. I have given up trying firewall-config.

Another question: for the newly installed CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-2009 system, that is, CentOS 7.9, after the installation and deployment is completed, is it necessary to run yum update to upgrade the system?

Statistics: Posted by RedChimae — 2023/09/09 07:10:40