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CentOS 7 - Networking Support • Re: After firewall-config is installed, it cannot be run, prompting (firewall-config:2222): Gtk-WARNING **:


(...:2222): Gtk-WARNING **: 21:29:44.848: cannot open display: 
I did just log into virtual console (i.e. non-GUI) with regular account, and tried to run 'gedit', and did get that same error.
GUI applications talk to a window manager -- X11 or Wayland server -- that does the drawing.

If I have a GUI session, then there is server. I can there start a terminal (in GUI window) and within terminal start GUI applications -- they detect the server.
I can also start 'ssh' within terminal, connect to remote machine, and tell ssh to tunnel X11. Applications run on the remote machine can then
use the X11 server of my local computer. Program runs elsewhere, but I see its window on my screen / GUI session. ... _firewalls does describe also the use of firewall-cmd.

There is also package rhel-system-roles is the extras repo that has Ansible role for configuring firewall in more declarative manner. Pro: no need to learn about FirewallD; con: have to learn a bit about Ansible.

PS. I've seen fresh born piglets. Really cute after a short while. Can't say the same about "made by people, for the people" FirewallD -- although ideas in it are ok.

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