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CentOS 7 - Networking Support • Re: Error when staring network

Actually earlier today I accidentally deleted the ifcfg-enp0s31f6 file. I recreate it manually and confirmed the UUID is correct.
Definition of a connection is stored in a file. On default setup (when package NetworkManager-config-server is not installed) the NetworkManager does automatically create a connection for every interface (that daes not already have a defined connection). These automatic connections are written to files only if they are explicitly modified.

In other words, if you had rebooted after the deletion, you should have gotten a proper DHCP-based connection for enp0s31f6.

To "recreate manually", you could/should have ran:


nmcli con add type ethernet con-name enp0s31f6 ifname enp0s31f6
That would have written correct values into right file. (For more, see man nmcli-examples and man nmcli.)

The UUID is actually insignificant; it is not used anywhere unless referred to by other connections (e.g. with bridges, bonds, vlans).
The UUID has to be unique (among connections) and valid, but that's about it.

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