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CentOS 7 - Networking Support • Re: Using Zones in Firewalld to Block Outbound Access

You could run that systemctl daemon-reload as the output suggests.

The firewalld.service seems to be masked, so everything should be ok.

I do agree with Trevor that complete removal of FirewallD is the most clean option.

The removal of firewall* on CentOS 7 system probably removes:
firewall-applet, firewall-config, firewalld, firewalld-filesystem
and packages that require those, e.g.
anaconda-core, anaconda-gui, anaconda-tui, initial-setup, initial-setup-gui

The anaconda and initial-setup were used only on initial install of the system, so it should be ok to remove the firewalld.
Unless in your system some more important packages would get removed ...
Thank you for your support.

Statistics: Posted by yildizabdullah — 2023/09/14 18:03:41