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Exciting things @ peppermintOS HQ

Dear Peppermint Community,
Here at peppermintOS new and exciting things are in the pipeline. Behind the scenes we have a committed team, with a
strong vision for the future.
however; we can’t do it without your support
We are always looking for new members to help out in whatever way you can. Come visit our forum and say ‘hello’ we won’t
bite! :-)

Anyhow …

You want to know about the news.. here @peppermintHQ

A community edition of peppermintOS is being worked on, as we write. This will be a one off special edition of
peppermint which we shall call: Peppermint Classic it will be based on Debian for now unless there is an interest in a NON-SysD build. Will be both 64 bit and 32 bit, And if it proves popular, who knows it might become a more regular thing?

cLASSIC Desktop
  • As you know; we now have a Debian/Devuan – Minimal Base ISO available in both 32/64bit versions. Here
    And we also have a gnome flashback build for those who want a bit of the old.
  • we are looking to do a peppermint Server build for business
    These are all our long term goals…so the more interest we can get and the more people involved the better”
    One of our pep devs
  • Later this month we will release the Pep Mini ISO This really gives control to the user.
    • This will be a network install using the Debian installer
  • Devuan / Debian based – 32/64 bit – (Devuan will give the user the ability to select the init system)
  • The Desktops are similar to the main-line but we did add in mostly vanilla desktops. (more control to end user)

that’s all folks
Keep pepperminting and thank you so much for your continued support!