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NixOS 20.03 released

20.03 Markhor logo

Hey everyone, I am worldofpeace, one of the release managers for 20.03. As promised, the most glittered stable release is here: NixOS 20.03 “Markhor” ✨.

NixOS 20.03 Contributors

We had 1014 people contribute to NixOS 20.03 and 21597 contributions. Thank you soo much, each contribution is valued.

Top 10 ordered by commits

Rank Name Commits
1 Frederik Rietdijk 1573
2 worldofpeace 1273
3 Mario Rodas 1256
4 Maximilian Bosch 720
5 Jan Tojnar 491
6 Jonathan Ringer 477
7 Jörg Thalheim 414
8 Florian Klink 393
9 Will Dietz 373
10 volth 356

My Reflections and Closing

Being release manager for 20.03 has been a poignant moment for me in being part of NixOS. I had my goals that I set out before I was appointed, but I was really surprised how respected I am in the community. My primary goal was “work collaboratively with all participants in the NixOS project and being supportive of their efforts”. I feel I ✨ shine best in that dynamic in the project, so this really was perfect for me. I hope releasing NixOS has felt better for those involved. With the seeds I’ve planted it should continue to bloom this way.

I’d like to thank Samuel Leathers, my co-release manager, for his congruent effervescence and guidance; Graham Christensen for his organizational encouragement; and obviously every last person I got to work with. Thanks ✌️

In leisure, pause, and experimental grace. worldofpeace.