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Repository changes

Following the related Arch migration announcement, our repository structure has changed accordingly. The [gremlins] repository has split into [system-gremlins] and [world-gremlins]; likewise, the [goblins] repository has split into [system-goblins] and [world-goblins]. The [galaxy] repository is in the process of merging into [world].

How are end users affected?
Those who don't use testing ([-gremlins]) and staging ([-goblins]) repositories won't see any difference; those who do, will have to enable [system-gremlins] and [world-gremlins] manually. The updated /etc/pacman.conf will roll out of [system-gremlins] once our new layout and updated developer tools are sufficiently tested.

The unused repositories will remain active, but empty, until the transition is complete. In general, most users shouldn't notice much except for a short period of diminished updates, as packaging has frozen for the duration of the migration. Please report any issues at our forum.