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Sparky unstable repo deactivated

Due to misunderstanding of purpose of Sparky ‘unstable’ repo by many Sparky users, specially new ones, the Sparky unstable repo have been deactivated.

Sparky unstable repo features Sparky builds of Linux kernel only, but some of you can think that packages from Sparky unstable repo in Sparky stable, oldstable or testing line can damage your systems. I already received a few messages about that.

They can’t, cause there are only kernel packages only, as I said before…

Anyway, the Sparky kernel related packages moved to Sparky ‘core’ repo now.
Update of ‘sparky-apt-unstable’ 20230802 package disables the unstable repo.
You can also safely uninstall the ‘sparky-apt-unstable’ package.

Sparky APTus 20230802 of the Sparky 6,7 and 8 does not reconfigure the unstable repo during Sparky’s Linux kernel installation any more.