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Il sistema operativo AlmaLinux è un sistema operativo Linux open source, guidato dalla comunità, che colma il vuoto lasciato dall'interruzione della versione stabile di CentOS Linux. AlmaLinux OS è una distribuzione Enterprise Linux, ABI compatibile con RHEL®, guidata e costruita dalla comunità. In qualità di sistema operativo autonomo e completamente gratuito, AlmaLinux OS gode di $ 1 milione di sponsorizzazione annuale da CloudLinux Inc. e del supporto di oltre 25 altri sponsor. Gli sforzi di sviluppo in corso sono governati dai membri della comunità. La fondazione AlmaLinuxOS è un'organizzazione no-profit 501(c)(6) creata a beneficio della community AlmaLinuxOS.

Tipo Sistema Operativo

AlmaLinux Beta Release Update

Throughout the last few weeks, the team at CloudLinux has worked tirelessly to gear our internal infrastructure to meet the needs of launching a free, open, public Linux distro that’s driven by the community. We’ve committed to AlmaLinux OS, and we see the associated responsibilities in a serious light. While we are preparing the new distro for launch within the next month, we are also putting in place the structures that will ensure continuity for AlmaLinux OS - and that ensures community involvement.

Introducing AlmaLinux Beta: A Community-Driven Replacement for CentOS

CloudLinux is proud to announce the release of AlmaLinux OS Beta. We’ve collected community feedback and built our new beta release around what you would expect from an enterprise-level Linux distribution. AlmaLinux OS is a completely free 1:1 binary compatible fork of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8, inspired by the community and built by the engineers and talent behind CloudLinux. Visit this link to download Beta images.With the Beta release deployed, we’d like to ask the community to be involved and provide feedback.

AlmaLinux Beta Release: Live Q&A Webinar

On Monday, February 1st, AlmaLinux OS went live! Our public Beta version is now available to everyone, and we anticipate your active participation in testing! To facilitate the communication and address the questions you might have after the first round of tests, we are hosting a live QA webinar with AlmaLinux OS Community on February 10 at 5 PM (UTC) / 9 AM (PST). We are excited to share the results of the past month with you - the first AlmaLinux OS Beta release is live.

AlmaLinux OS 8.3 RC Release Notes

Thanks to the community feedback, we worked on the bugs and fixed most of them. By all accounts, the beta release was pretty stable already, so the Release Candidate was the likely choice (instead of another beta). Thank you to everyone who tested and reported issues at, or sent suggestions/mirror offers to Right now we have 24 mirrors, so there should be one close to you, wherever you live.

Participate In The #wearealmalinux Campaign And Win a T-shirt

The stable release of the AlmaLinux OS is just a couple of weeks away. The first stable release is a significant milestone for the Open Source community and the world at large. We intend to celebrate our team’s achievement, the achievement of the community, and the achievement of the Open Source movement at large.In the last four months, we - the mind of AlmaLinux OS - did our part in preparing the infrastructure for a stable release.

Live Launch Of The First AlmaLinux OS Stable Release

Watch the live stream Recording! To celebrate the launch of the stable release of AlmaLinux OS, we hosted an event showcasing the team, the community, and the goals we’ve achieved on March 30th, 2021. There were surprises and swag! SurpriseWATCH THE LIVE STREAM RECORDING After a little more than three very intense months in development, we are incredibly proud to present AlmaLinux OS’s stable version to our wonderful community. Thanks to your suggestions and feedback, we tailored the release to meet specific needs while keeping it stable and secure for everyone to rely on as an enterprise platform.

AlmaLinux OS Stable Release is live!

We are very happy to announce that today we are releasing the first AlmaLinux OS stable version. That’s right, you can go right ahead and download the stable version and use it everywhere you need a stable, reliable, Linux distribution. For some time now we also have the conversion script in our GitHub repository, so you can also convert your system to AlmaLinux OS stable using it if you don’t feel like reinstalling from scratch.

AlmaLinux OS 8.4 Beta Now Available!

8.3? Pah! Old news. Say “Hello” to the newest distro on the block. AlmaLinux OS 8.4 Beta for all your testing needs. Now with Secure Boot goodness baked right in. This Is The Future The Future Is Here GIF - ThisIsTheFuture TheFutureIsHere YouAreLookingAtTheFuture GIFsBeta Release Following the tremendously successful release of the 8.3 Stable release on March 30th the AlmaLinux Community is proud to announce the availability of AlmaLinux OS 8.

AlmaLinux OS 8.3-Stable AWS AMI Available Now

Ahhh, another weekend laden with more tasty AlmaLinux goodness. The AlmaLinux OS Foundation is proud to announce the general availability of our 8.3-Stable AWS Machine Image. Available now on the AWS Marketplace for all your production workload needs. Contribute! Join us on our GitHub, Wiki and IRC Channel where our community is currently coordinating efforts. There’s lots to do so come on by. Help squash some bugs by reporting them on the Bug Tracker or post something on our AlmaLinux Community on Reddit.

AlmaLinux OS 8.4 Stable Now Available

Hey, what are you doing for Memorial Day? Heading out of town? Having a few friends over (that used to be a thing once upon a time)? How about having yourself a good old fashioned installfest? That’s right! The AlmaLinux OS Foundation is proud to announce the release of AlmaLinux OS 8.4 Stable. Available now on a mirror near you! Download a fresh copy and then join us to talk about it.

AlmaLinux OS 8.4 ARM Beta Release

WWWW YEAAAAHHHH!!! We’re back at it again! Two releases in a week? “You must be crazy,” they said. Yup. We are. Crazy about the community and crazy about ARM. Aren’t you glad you ducked out of work early today? Beta Release The AlmaLinux OS Foundation is proud to announce AlmaLinux OS 8.4 Beta for ARM. We know you must be super stoked, and we are too, but we do need to remind everyone that this is a BETA release and should not be used for production installations.